Google takes to the web to support Louisville in AT&T lawsuit


When Google decided to get into the Internet access business by offering fiber connections, part of their motivation was to disrupt the market for Internet access. Google saw it as stagnant and offering a substandard product. Of course, Google does have a bit of a vested interest in consumers being able to access fast broadband Internet. It should be no surprise when a company like AT&T files a lawsuit like they did this week to slow down Google’s process. Although not the target of the lawsuit, Google has issued their support for Louisville. Read more

Bernie Sanders talks T-Mobile and unions


Even presidential candidates are weighing in on the reported problems T-Mobile is having with labor unions.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont), who, while on the campaign trail has repeatedly decried corporate power and its influence on American politics, had this to say:

“T-Mobile’s repeated labor law violations and anti-union activities are particularly troubling given the long history of its parent company in Germany of respecting worker rights. In my view, we have got to make it easier, not harder, for workers at T-Mobile to form a union and collectively bargain for better wages and benefits.”

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Two-year contracts are back at Sprint


Sprint’s stance on two-year contracts has been confusing for the last six months. It was back in August that the carrier was rumored to be doing away with two-year contracts, but it wasn’t until last month when Sprint officially (and quietly) ended offering them to customers.

Less than two months after dropping them, Sprint is once again offering two-year contracts.

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