Motorola Moto G headed for Boost Mobile according to leaked render

by Jeff Causey on
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When Motorola launched the Moto G, part of their goal was to put a capable smartphone in the hands of buyers not interested in the power of a top-tier smartphone. It makes sense then that Motorola would look for opportunities to place the device with carriers that target deal-hunting consumers. That appears to be the case with the latest press render that leaked according to Twitter tipster @evleaks who discovered an image of the Moto G sporting a wallpaper adorned with Boost Mobile logos.

Currently the Moto G is only available on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks thanks to its limitation to GSM. However, Verizon announced they would carry the Moto G on their prepaid network starting sometime in early 2014. Making the device available on Boost Mobile, which utilizes Sprint’s network, makes sense since Motorola is preparing a CDMA based version. This would also somewhat mirror the strategy Motorola used when it released the Moto X in offering exclusive Moto Maker capabilities to AT&T customers first with other carriers getting it at a later date.

source: @evleaks

HTC infographic explains full Android OS update process

by Aditya Thawardas on
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People are quick to blame Android carriers and manufacturers for not pushing out updates as soon as they are released for Google, but HTC wants us to know that there’s a lot more that goes into the process than we might think. HTC has released an infographic that shows all the individual stages of development, starting from when Google first provides the source code to the eventual OTA update that gets pushed out to customers’ devices.

In addition to the graphic, HTC has created a landing page that shows the current status of Android 4.4 for your HTC device. You can check out the infographic after the break.

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GoSmart Mobile partners with Facebook to offer unlimited Facebook access without data plan

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banner_facebookFor a long time, we’ve been able to get certain phones for free, provided we agree to a binding two-year contract. T-Mobile is taking free stuff to a new level this time, offering free data! Free data as long as you are trying to use Facebook, or Facebook services. That’s right, users of T-Mobile’s GoSmart prepaid plans (which don’t have data included in the first place), will be able to access Facebook through their browsers or through the app for free without having to pay for a separate data plan.

We haven’t really seen something like this before, and it’s interesting to see what kinds of deals could spring off of this in the future. You can check out the full press release past the break.

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T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 4.0 to be announced at CES on January 8th

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When T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted last week that it was time for the company’s next Uncarrier event, we figured CES would make a good venue. T-Mobile has not disappointed as they have announced Uncarrier 4.0 will be held on January 8th during CES. According to their promotional materials, “This one you aren’t gonna believe.” We have already heard one rumor that involves T-Mobile helping people move to the network by paying for early termination fees customers may owe with other carriers. Would doing that qualify as something unbelievable? What other changes do you think T-Mobile could make to the way people buy wireless service that would really shake up the industry?

Could Uncarrier 4 cover ETF for users switching to T-Mobile?

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A couple days ago T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted about Uncarrier 4, the next “release” planned as part of the company’s Uncarrier strategy that has slowly been unfolding before us. Although Legere used a few characters to take a shot at AT&T, he did nothing to give us any hint as to what T-Mobile might have planned for their next step in disrupting the mobile carrier landscape. One unidentified source claims Uncarrier 4 is an initiative called “houdini” that involves payoffs of early termination fees and hardware credits. » Read the rest

John Legere, dressed as Santa Claus, gives the other carriers coal for Christmas

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To send you off into the final weekend before Christmas, T-Mobile has posted a Vine that shows what AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are going to get for Christmas. One by one, the jolliest man in the world gives the aforementioned group coal! After he finishes dropping the coal into their stockings, he reveals himself. T-Mobile CEO John Legere pulls down his Santa beard and gives not a “ho ho ho,” but an evil “ha ha ha.” Now if only we knew what Uncarrier 4 is all about.

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Sprint not alone in wanting to buy T-Mobile, Dish eyeing bid next year

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It wouldn’t be that easy for Sprint to buy T-Mobile, right? According to Reuters, Dish Network may want in on the bidding war for the nation’s self-proclaimed ‘uncarrier’. Dish reportedly wants to expand its reach beyond the pay TV industry. They are so serious about buying T-Mobile that they spoke with its parent company, Deutsche Telekom AG. » Read the rest

DROID Maxx, Ultra, and Mini getting Android 4.4 KitKat starting today

by Robert Nazarian on
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We knew it was right around the corner since the soak test commenced last week, so it’s not a surprise that Verizon just announced that Android 4.4 KitKat is starting to roll for the DROID Maxx, Ultra, and Mini. Unless you are really lucky, don’t expect it to hit your device right away though. This is a staged rollout, so it could take up to a week or more. Of course, you can always check system updates in your settings, but contrary to popular believe, it won’t come any faster.

Another round of applause is in order for Motorola, who is really on the ball with KitKat.

source: @VZWnews

T-Mobile ready to hold another Uncarrier event, tweaks AT&T

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T-Mobile has been holding Uncarrier events to roll out changes in the way they compete in the wireless carrier market, like doing away with two-year contracts or eliminating international roaming charges. CEO John Legere has tweeted that Uncarrier 4 is coming up soon and will eliminate “another customer pain point.” No specific date is provided, but the sense of the tweet seems to be that it will be shortly after the new year starts. CES will be coming up in January, so that may be good time for T-Mobile to rollout something new.

As part of the tweet, Legere closed with “Happy New Year #Randall.” This is likely a reference to Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T, who made news last week with a talk about the future of wireless. In that presentation, Stephenson talked about carriers doing away with their traditional models. Although his points, made to an investor meeting, combined with AT&T’s recent plan updates might lead one to think AT&T is on to something new, they are largely chasing T-Mobile in terms of new business models and the press that goes with that.

What kind of changes would you like to see T-Mobile announce at Uncarrier 4?

source: @JohnLegere

Samsung Galaxy S 4, Note 3 getting KitKat at the end of January, according to French carrier

by Justin Herrick on
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According to French carrier SFR, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and Note 3 will be receiving the Android 4.4 KitKat update at the end of next month. This matches with a schedule that was leaked a few weeks ago. Considering the GS4 received Android 4.3 last month, it seems that Samsung is working at a decent pace to make sure its smartphone owners get the latest version of Android. So keep an eye out next month for the update.

Source: SFR (French)
Via: SamMobile