T-Mobile’s next Uncarrier move might be called BingeOn for streaming video from services

Birmingham Alabama T-MobileWe’ve been hearing plenty of rumors about T-Mobile’s Uncarrier X move that’s set to be unveiled on November 10th, and we know it’s got something to do with video streaming. Now it looks like Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks on Twitter, has uncovered more details on exactly what that initiative entails. Read more

O2 Priority will give away 25,000 Star Wars themed Mini-Buddy speakers from November 5


While we wait with bated breath for December 17 to come around so we can finally see what JJ Abrams has achieved with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the merchandising campaign is well under way. While much of the associated merchandising will cost a pretty penny (the cynic in me understands why the film is being released in the holiday season), UK carrier, O2, has decided to give away 25,000 Star Wars themed Mini Buddy speakers via its Priority app from November 5.  Read more

Sprint’s new “Starter Unlimited” plan is not the unlimited you want


The problem with Sprint’s new Starter Unlimited Data Plan is that it’s not actually unlimited. The carrier will give customers 1GB of data on its 4G LTE network for $20 per month before knocking data speeds. Sprint’s madness doesn’t stop there, though, because the data speeds when exceeding 1GB are from its aged 2G network, a technology that debuted more than two decades ago. Then customers have to get Sprint’s unlimited talk and text services for an additional $20. So the total price for the total ripoff Starter Unlimited Data Plan is $40 per month.

What in the world would cause you to choose this plan?

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Un-carrier X to give T-Mobile customers huge benefits when streaming video


If Evan Blass is to be believed, T-Mobile will soon allow unlimited high speed data for customers watching content from select video streaming services. Blass tweeted this morning that Team Magenta’s Un-carrier X move will make it possible for customers to never worry about hurting their swift data speeds by streaming video from services like Netflix or HBO. The carrier intends to keep its network operating at full capacity so that video streaming isn’t hindered by buffering or poor image quality.

This benefit for T-Mobile customers would be similar to the existing perk of not having music streaming count against data speeds.

Source: Evan Blass (Twitter)