US carriers waiving fees for calls and texts to Turkey


In the wake of the attack at the Istanbul airport in Turkey, the big four US carriers have all announced that they’ll be waiving fees for calls and texts made to the country. That includes Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Most carriers are pretty quick to announce support during tragic events, whether that’s a terrorist attack or natural disaster, and this is no exception. Read more

Facebook videos may join T-Mobile’s Binge On


During the past year, Facebook has been working to get users to view more videos on their social platform. One of the roadblocks to that is a measure Facebook had to implement when they rolled out auto-play for videos to only do that when on Wi-Fi unless a user opts in to see all videos even on cellular connections. This was done to address concerns about the impact on data usage. To help get around this, Facebook is working to have the videos not count against data caps, at least on T-Mobile thanks to that carrier’s Binge On feature. Read more

LG G4 is AT&T’s first Android-powered WiFi calling device


Currently the only devices capable of WiFi calling on AT&T’s network are iPhones. Most newer iPhones are able to take advantage of the feature, bypassing AT&T’s network to make phone calls. It’s a useful feature if you’re trying to conserve minutes on a plan or are somewhere that the carrier just doesn’t have great coverage, but it’s been incredibly limited up to this point.

Fortunately for LG G4 users, we’ve got another device that’s officially on board with AT&T’s WiFi calling tech. Read more