Update-shaming may be latest tool from Google to keep Android up to date


The Android operating system dominates the global smartphone market, but in spite of that lead position, there are some frustrations that users put up with in using the platform. One concern is a lack of updates to the operating system being released by manufacturers and carriers for devices that are in the hands of consumers. This has been an issue Google has battled for years and it looks like they may be getting ready to deploy a new tool to aid end users by releasing public rankings and hoping this has a shaming effect on those parties who are lax in keeping up. Read more

Republic Wireless launches its new Clear Choice Plans, will no longer issue credits for unused data

Introducing Clear Choice Plans The Republic

Republic Wireless is shaking things up recently, first by adding a bunch of high-end handsets to its range, and today by changing up its plans. Remember when the carrier started giving you a credit for the data you didn’t use every month? Well, that promotion would appear to have been taken away with its newly announced “Clear Choice Plans” that are a little cheaper for the most part. Join us after the break for more details. Read more

Sprint finally appears ready to kill off 2-year contracts


Sprint has been on the fence for quite a bit of time whether or not to kill 2-year contracts. Other U.S. carriers have for the most part decided which direction to head in, whether that be keeping 2-year contracts, or going away with them totally in favor of monthly installment payments. A new report out of Android Central is making us believe that Sprint has come to a final conclusion, killing 2-year contracts for good.

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