Surprise Surprise, there will be a Galaxy S 5 gold edition

by Robert Nazarian on
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With Apple offering a gold version of the iPhone, as well as the upcoming All New One, it’s no surprise the Galaxy S 5 will as well. A Screenshot of Vodafone’s inventory system confirms it. Unfortunately we don’t know if this will be a limited edition for certain areas or if it will be a wide release.

Let’s not forget that Samsung also offered a couple of gold Galaxy S 4 variants, but not for many months after the initial launch. This time, it should be available right away. So is gold the new black?

source: GSMArena

Glove app now available in Google Play to help users find best wireless carrier

by Jeff Causey on
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With all of the wireless carriers battling for subscribers, many people may be tempted to give a new carrier a try. This could be for a variety of reasons, but probably anyone making a switch would like to know they will not regret a change due to poorer service compared to their current provider. Developer tawkon hopes to help with this situation with the release of the Glove app to help users find “a network that fits.” tawkon claims three out of four people could be getting better service than what they currently have. » Read the rest

Samsung posts KitKat kernel source for Sprint’s Galaxy Note 3

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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Yesterday, Samsung USA unveiled a list of US devices that will receive the Android 4.4 KitKat. The company has now posted the kernel source for Sprint’s Galaxy Note 3 on its open source page and the OTA update could arrive soon by tomorrow.

The kernel source which is sized at 892 MB should be of a great help to developers who want to create custom ROMs. It will help them create a more stable custom ROM based on the latest version of Android.

Samsung released the OTA for Sprint’s Galaxy S4 right after it released its kernel source so it’s a good sign that we will see the OTA for Sprint’s Galaxy Note 3 soon. Meanwhile, stay tuned for the latest update.

Source: Samsung Open Source

Samsung may launch the Galaxy S5 with a lower price than previous Galaxy S phones

by Jared Peters on
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Samsung_Galaxy_S_4_Front_Top_Samsung_Logo_Version_2_TAPremium smartphones typically come with a premium price tag. That’s been the norm for several years, with flagship devices costing upwards of $500 and $600 for unlocked models. The only manufacturer that seems to want to change that trend has been Motorola, offering some pretty great deals on unlocked Moto X phones, but no one else has followed suit. That may be changing when Samsung announces the Galaxy S5, according to a source close to development of the phone.

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US Cellular to release the KitKat update for Samsung Galaxy S4 on February 19, according to a leaked document

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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Sprint’s Galaxy S4 received the KitKat update last week and it seems that US Cellular is next in line to release the KitKat update for its Galaxy S4 as well, according to a leaked internal document for US Cellular. The update which they are calling a “Maintenance Release” will be available by tomorrow February 19.

However, not everyone will receive the KitKat over-the-air update on the launch day. Customers who meet a set of requirements will receive the update within 10 days after the official launch, and users will have to be on the latest approved software version. In addition, the update will remove MobiTiles and Daily Perks which means that users will have to re-download it from the Google Play Store. Here are the requirements mentioned in the leaked document : » Read the rest

HTC Desire 8 carriers and specs leak

by Justin Herrick on
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The HTC Desire 8 hasn’t been to shy as of late. We have seen a photo of the device (above) and a leaked screenshot came attached with a possible release date. Now the specifications and potential carrier information have trickled out, thanks to LlabTooFer. This 5.5-inch display will have a resolution of 720p. Powering the device is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2GHz with 1GB of RAM. Along with 8GB of memory is a microSD card slot. Bluetooth 4.0, now an expectation, is included. The user interface is HTC’s Sense 6.0 over Android 4.4.2. And like the upcoming HTC M8, the Desire 8 will have on-screen buttons. » Read the rest

Verizon’s Nexus 7 LTE update Binaries and Factory Image released

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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Earlier this week, the Nexus 7 LTE received an update that allows “full compatibility with Verizon’s 4G LTE network” . Google has now released a factory image and three binary files for it labeled as Android 4.4.2 build KVT49L .

The software image contains a new edition of the baseband radio, while the binary files bring more complete compatibility with various hardware components such as Audio and Sensors from Asus, NFC from  Broadcom and Graphics, Camera and other components by Qualcomm. The factory image lets you restore your Nexus 7 LTE back to the latest stock Android firmware. The factory image and binaries are most useful to developers who want to create a custom ROM for the Nexus 7. » Read the rest

Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE won’t receive Android 4.3 OTA, HTC is working on a manual update

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The HTC EVO 4G LTE has been out since mid-2012, but HTC and Sprint have been facing difficulties updating the device to Android 4.3. It was supposed to be available by the end of 2013, but it was re-scheduled for this month. However, it looks like HTC hasn’t forgot about this update yet.

Bad news for folks who own Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE. HTC posted a notice on Reddit yesterday that the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will not be available as an over-the-air (OTA) update for the device because of its memory limitations. However, HTC is working on a new process which will allow the more “technical customers” to update the device manually.

HTC hasn’t provided further details about the process but if you’re interested in updating your EVO 4G LTE to Android 4.3, you can sign up for the new process by shooting an email to HTC at

Source: HTC Reddit
Via: Phandroid

T-Mobile is changing its JUMP! plan to allow unlimited upgrades and include tablets as well

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A few days ago, we reported that T-Mobile would be changing its JUMP! plan to include tablets and unlimited upgrades. The rumor turned out to be true as T-Mobile officially announced that the change will take place starting on February 23.

After the change, JUMP will no longer restrict customers to 2 upgrades per year. Instead of requiring customers to wait up to six months before upgrading their phone, they can now upgrade whenever they want without any restriction. However, they will have to pay off at least 50% of the cost of the device to be eligible for an upgrade. In addition, customers can now purchase tablets with a JUMP plan.

This means that if you frequently upgrade your device, it will cost you more after the changes take place. The incentive behind this move by T-Mobile might be to stop a few customers who took advantage of the opportunity by frequently upgrading their device.

Source: The Verge


Picture of Verizon’s LG G Pad 8.3 leaks

by Justin Herrick on
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Confirming his tweet from a few weeks ago, @evleaks has posted an image of the LG G Pad 8.3 with Verizon branding. On the front is Verizon’s logo and official 4G LTE icon. On the backside is again the same set of Verizon ‘stamps.’ This is identical to the Verizon branding found on the LG G2.

By taking a look at the screen it seems like Verizon will have some bloatware added in. The Verizon Messaging app is present in the docking bay. While we don’t know when the LG G Pad 8.3 is heading to Big Red, it should be very soon as it has already passed through the FCC. » Read the rest