Republic Wireless is welcoming you with a BYOP program


On Thursday, Republic Wireless announced a new Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program that welcomes outsiders to its service without having to purchase an in-house device. It’s just not an all-inclusive program, however, because you can’t simply take any phone and pair it with the carrier’s SIM cards for immediate use. Republic Wireless is starting this program with a small number of accepted devices.

Three UK expands its Feel at Home roaming program to cover most of Europe

Three_Retail_Store (1)

Traveling abroad takes a fair amount of planning, with a major question being how to send texts, make calls, and access mobile data without being charged an arm and leg by your carrier. Three UK has offered its “Feel at Home” program for a while now, allowing its users to roam networks in 18 countries freely without added expense. The UK carrier has now added a further 24 countries to the mix, making it a total of 42 countries covered.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 supports 4×4 MIMO (sort of)

note 7 4x4 MIMO

Reddit likes to snoop around when new phones launch, and according to a T-Mobile display phone, it looks like the Galaxy Note 7 might have some hidden tricks left to show everyone. A setting hidden away in the phone suggests that the new Note will support 4×4 MIMO for faster and more reliable network connections, assuming a carrier supports it. There are a few caveats there, obviously, but it’s good news on the surface.

T-Mobile wants to match Verizon’s network coverage in the next year


T-Mobile just made a very bold claim; the carrier plans on matching Verizon’s network availability and coverage over the next 12 months, and possibly even sooner. That sounds like a tough task, but T-Mobile has some serious momentum going for its network.

The Un-Carrier network is already considered one of the fastest networks available, especially compared to the congested networks of AT&T and Verizon. It’s always lagged behind on actual coverage, though, but that looks to be changing very soon.

Watch Verizon’s unboxing of the Galaxy Note 7 where a doodle comes to life


So, Samsung held an Unpacked event yesterday (which you can catch up on here) to launch the Galaxy Note 7 featuring a 5.7-inch curved QHD display, IP68 certification, an enhanced S-Pen, Iris scanner, as well as USB Type-C (Check out the handset’s full specifications here). One thing you can guarantee when a new handset is launched is outlandish unboxing videos. While some will race to produce videos showing the Note 7 being tortured, or unboxed in extreme surroundings, Verizon has chosen to go the cutesy route with its unboxing video and its live doodle. Join us after the break for the embedded video.

Where to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the U.S.

03_Galaxy Note7_black

Who is ready to place a pre-order for a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that was just announced by Samsung a short while ago? If you do want to be one of the first to get an order in for the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung, you will probably want to head over to your preferred carrier’s site. We have some information below on what the major carriers are planning, although they are still working to get some of their details up.

Verizon to start pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on August 3rd, launch on August 19th


We are less than a day away from Samsung’s big Unpacked event to launch the new Galaxy Note 7 and some other goodies. The short wait does not mean the rumors and leaks will come to a halt though as evidenced by the latest news to come out regarding the new flagship smartphone. Previous rumors suggested Samsung was shooting to start selling the Galaxy Note 7 as soon as the launch event came to a close. At least in the case of Verizon, they may not quite make that target but they will be close as the carrier is expected to open the pre-order process on August 3rd.

T-Mobile Tuesday goes comical with ‘Suicide Squad’


Later this week the DC Comics universe gets a new entry to join the Bat and the Man of Steel, although this time with a twist, when Suicide Squad opens in theaters. In conjunction with that, T-Mobile has tied in several of their prizes and giveaways for this week’s T-Mobile Tuesday with Suicide Squad, including a free opening day ticket to check out the latest DCU release.

T-Mobile’s Binge On finally hits 100 available services

T-Mobile Skywriting

Binge On launched about eight months ago, and since then it’s become one of T-Mobile’s staple features. John Legere is quick to promote and advertise the feature, and for good reason.

Most features like that are only as good as the services they offer, which is why it’s so important that T-Mobile get major players on board with the unlimited video streaming. Today Binge On has officially hit 100 partners, so it’s safe to say that getting video streaming sites to agree with T-Mobile has been pretty easy.

Verizon acquires Yahoo for $4.63 billion


When you think of the history of internet search, Google and Yahoo are probably two of the first three brands you think of from years gone by. Unlike Google, though, Yahoo hasn’t done too well for itself over the past few years. Despite spending year-after-year restructuring itself attempting to make itself more pertinent to the modern world, Yahoo simply hasn’t succeeded, posting a $440 million loss for the second quarter of 2016. In a further development, Verizon Communications has announced today that it is acquiring Yahoo’s core businesses for $4.83 billion.