Leaked G2 ROM includes Google Voice widget

A couple of days ago the software for the upcoming T-Mobile G2 leaked into the wild. After some ambitious folks over at DroidDog managed to get the ROM operating on a Nexus One we see just what the Sense-free G2 will bring to the table. The ROM is loaded with just about every Google app and widget currently available as well as a Google Voice widget we have yet to see. The widget gives you one-click access to your inbox, message composition, GV settitngs, an on/off switch, and shows how much money is left in your GV account. News of this widget comes on the heels of the recent phone call integration into Gmail. It looks as if Google may be trying to take Google Voice to new levels in the near future. Coincidentally this news comes almost exactly one year after Google had to defend against claims that it was squashing VoIP services on Android. More pictures after the break.

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LauncherPro Plus adds SMS widget

Users of the popular home replacement app LauncherPro Plus were treated to an SMS widget today, which came in the form of a Market  update.  This widget joins a growing list for LauncherPro, which includes a bookmarks, calendar and favorite contacts add-on  If you like this app, and would like to support the developer and gain some additional functionality, head on over to the LauncherPro site and get it for only $2.99.

[via DroidLife]

Multicon widget puts 4 icons in the space of one

If you’re the type of person that has a ton of shortcuts on your homescreen(s) for your apps, then this widget might just be for you. As you can see from the above screenshot, the Multicon widget puts four icons shortcuts in the space previously taken up by one shortcut icon. This is a great way for you to pack more shortcuts onto your screen, or just keep things a little more organized. The only downside I found (or I haven’t figured out how yet) is how to put less than four apps in the widget and not have the default spaceholders appear. But it’s a minor issue that I’m happy to deal with. But best of all? It’s ad-free and free to download as well.

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