Miui Weather app for Android nice alternative for weather widget

Miui weather

Don’t like that tired old weather widget that came built into your Samsung Galaxy S?  Miss the nice weather widget you had on your old HTC, but haven’t found one that looks as good as it does work for your area?  Then maybe the custom Miui Weather app from xda member scott951 could be the one to install for you.

The widget comes with great animations, as well as support for most of the US and Europe. You’ll want to check by doing a search for your specific are’s apk file. If you like what you see above and want to check it out for yourself, you can download a working flashable zip on post number 140 at the thread here.

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Flow for Facebook Updated – Facebook for Android Alternative

I’m sure we can all agree that Facebook for Android (developed by Facebook) most times leaves something to be desired. Now I’ve seen this Flow for Facebook mentioned a few times in the past, just never took the time to install it, not even the free version. Call me a procastinator if you will. Well, today I decided to install it, and reason being, I came across much info on the app especially by way of an XDA thread I navigated to.  So the app was purchased, and I’m really enjoying it.

This article was intended to inform users of the application of the latest updates to Flow for Facebook, so here they are:


  • Completely rewrote the Image Downloading function. Now works perfectly.
  • Changed Image Zoom levels
  • Migration of Favorites on Database Changes
  • Ability to Search Facebook for Friends.Just press the Search button on your phone.
  • Sentence case for Status Textbox
  • Fix the display of Post Tags and Checkin tags Speed up refreshing Friends
  • New Preference to open News Feed on Application Launch


  • Fix for FC with News Feed Launch on certain Launchers

Installed it and gave it a run around the block, I’ll say that this is an app that anyone with regular visits to Facebook would want on their Android device. It will fill the void where the original Facebook Android app is lacking. So check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Download the pay version

Download the free (ad-supported) version

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ZDbox app toolbox can control everything on your Android


Ever want to know a little more information about different tasks on your Android than what comes ‘out-of-the-box’? That’s the way XDA member iKaola feels about it too, and so we have an app for Android called ZDbox, which essentially is a toolbox for your device which will give you deeper information on things like battery levels, whats left, Traffic data (used, remaining on data plan, data used by each app), as well as the following features;

Do not Disturb——
Set a time range to keep phone silent or offline automatically.
★silent mode
★airplane mode

App Lock——
Lock apps relate to personal privacy (apps like Gmail,messaging,etc)
★Really useful and interesting. Have a try?

Task Killer——
The faster the better!
★kill all running apps
★kill selected apps
★show the number of running apps and free memory

App Manager——
Internal phone storage want more free space!
★Batch Move
★Batch Uninstall

If you want to check it out, head over to XDA-Developers link below and download the .apk. Also, if you experience any issues with it on your device, please report it on the same thread.

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ESPN Pack Launches on Sprint ID Devices


Carriers are really heating things up when it comes to added offerings to its users. Sprint is cooking it even hotter by adding ESPN Pack to Sprint ID devices. Sprint ID is a service that downloads apps, widgets, wallpapers, ringtones and other content related to a person’s interest at the push of a button. The ESPN ID pack will allow fans to connect to their favorite teams and sports directly from their Android device’s home screen.

Users of the ESPN ID pack will have the following access and features;

  • ScoreCenter: Keep up with the latest scores and stats from 500 leagues around the world with the ESPN ScoreCenter app. With ScoreCenter, fans never miss another goal, run, or touchdown.
  • Video On Demand: Watch news and analysis from ESPN’s experts whenever and wherever.
  • ESPN Mobile TV: Catch the latest sports news and highlights, fan favorite studio shows, and more than 900 live events per year.
  • Fantasy Sports: Connect to ESPN Fantasy teams on the go. With one-tap Fantasy access, it’s never been easier to check on an injury, make a substitution or accept a trade.
  • ESPN Extras: Download wallpaper, ringtones, notifications and alarms from a variety of ESPN programs including SportsCenter, Pardon The Interruption, SportsNation and more.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for the Sports fan. This will look even nicer on the new Sprint EVO Shift 4G due to come out this week!

Fresh Gingerbread Clock Skins For Your Android Device, Courtesy Of XDA

One of the coolest things I’ve loved about Android from the beginning is the fact that the OS has always been diverse and flexible.  Your phone won’t feel outdated a year from now because there will always be some hack, app or skin to keep it up to date and in the game.  So it’s no surprise that the folks over at XDA bring us yet again, something “fresh”.  XDA member spirellilein has developed a variety of new gingerbread themed clock skins for your aesthetic pleasure and viewing.  There are six different skins for you to choose from so your phone will never again feel “bland in the hand”.  He’s even taking requests for colors, fonts and anything else you’re willing to send him.  So, head on over to XDA for the instructions on how to download the skins and let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

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Android Rant – Android OS vs Windows Phone 7 Customizing Screens

wp7 vs android

Let me state my point on this article right out of the gate, and give the marketing team over at Microsoft (or whoever they hired) props for the Windows Phone 7 “Really?” ads. Pure genius. I’ll save the theme of those commercials for another rant, because what you see in those ads really is what the mobile market has made of us humans…bumbling idiots with no ability to respect or properly communicate with each other. Like I said, genius!

The emotion of this article is to highlight the marketing message that those same commercials are attempting to fool you with. That somehow, the main screen on a Windows Phone 7 device will magically save you time, thus keeping you up to date with your mobile life, allowing you more valuable time with things that ‘should’ matter, and thus… not ruin your relationships with family or friends.

I ask…how?

Clockr is a clean minimalistic clock widget

If you are looking for a simple, minimalistic clock design to grace the front of your clean Android interface then Clockr just might be the widget for you.  User Zehro, over at the XDA forums, couldn’t find a clock to match his style, so decided to make one himself.

As of now, there is little customization features, but the developer plans to add the ability to change colors and transparency in the next major release.  Hit up the source forum to see more screenshots from the developer and request features.  Clockr is free for download and requires Android 2.1 and above.

Market Link

[via xda-developers forum]

Typoclock is an attractive time & date widget

Yes my battery is almost dead, but that’s not the point. What we’re focusing on here is that pretty sweet looking time and date widget, TypoClock. Developed by semicuda over on the XDA forums, TypoClock only does one thing, and it does it very well. The options for the app are currently limited to 12 or 24 hour formatting and white or black text. However the widget looks so good (in my opinion anyway) that the short list of options probably won’t matter to you. Keep reading past the break for a QR code and download link.

Next Full Moon? Sundroid will tell you

Sundroid for Android

If you’re like me, this time of year can be painful to the eyes when driving due to the sunrise and sunset getting closer together. When I go to work, the sun is right in my eyes, when I go home, the sun is in my eyes…frustrating.

Sundroid is an app for Android devices that will use your GPS or Wi-Fi connection to locate your sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonfall each day as well as twilight times, lunar calendar and home screen widget (last 3 included in Premium paid app) This can be useful to track when a good time to drive may be, or just knowing when the next full moon is helping you avoid strange people in the streets.

The Sundroid app is free in the Android Market, or $2 for the Premium version.

Scan the QR below

Sunroid QR code

Android Market Link

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Google Voice App gets updated with new Widgets!

If you are a fan of Google Voice, you are gonna love this little addition.  Google just updated it’s Voice app with 2 new widgets to make call and voicemail message managing a little easier.

One is the Inbox widget which gives you a quick view to your recent voicemail messages and text messages.  Click on the message and it will bring you to your voicemail box.

The other one is a Settings widget.  It adds 4 quick hotkeys – one acts a quick link to open up the Google Voice app, the next one allows you to quickly compose free text messages, after that is a quick toggle to change which calls go through Google Voice, and the last, and probably the most useful, allows you to set DND so that calls to your Google number go straight to your Google voicemail.

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Leaked G2 ROM includes Google Voice widget

A couple of days ago the software for the upcoming T-Mobile G2 leaked into the wild. After some ambitious folks over at DroidDog managed to get the ROM operating on a Nexus One we see just what the Sense-free G2 will bring to the table. The ROM is loaded with just about every Google app and widget currently available as well as a Google Voice widget we have yet to see. The widget gives you one-click access to your inbox, message composition, GV settitngs, an on/off switch, and shows how much money is left in your GV account. News of this widget comes on the heels of the recent phone call integration into Gmail. It looks as if Google may be trying to take Google Voice to new levels in the near future. Coincidentally this news comes almost exactly one year after Google had to defend against claims that it was squashing VoIP services on Android. More pictures after the break.

LauncherPro Plus adds SMS widget

Users of the popular home replacement app LauncherPro Plus were treated to an SMS widget today, which came in the form of a Market  update.  This widget joins a growing list for LauncherPro, which includes a bookmarks, calendar and favorite contacts add-on  If you like this app, and would like to support the developer and gain some additional functionality, head on over to the LauncherPro site and get it for only $2.99.

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Multicon widget puts 4 icons in the space of one

If you’re the type of person that has a ton of shortcuts on your homescreen(s) for your apps, then this widget might just be for you. As you can see from the above screenshot, the Multicon widget puts four icons shortcuts in the space previously taken up by one shortcut icon. This is a great way for you to pack more shortcuts onto your screen, or just keep things a little more organized. The only downside I found (or I haven’t figured out how yet) is how to put less than four apps in the widget and not have the default spaceholders appear. But it’s a minor issue that I’m happy to deal with. But best of all? It’s ad-free and free to download as well.

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