Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: Elecont Weather

As there is no shortage of weather applications in the Android Market today, there are few who offer the service in style, accompanying rich and stylish graphics with its application and widgets.  The app offers you weather in the form of hourly and daily updates ranging all the way up to a 10 day forecast as it pulls its data from trusted sources like Intellicast and Foreca.  With 130,000 locations around the world available at your fingertips, you’ll be in the know how for weather conditions no matter where you are and where you go.  In addition, the app supports a plethora of widget sizes for your home screen’s real estate  convenience as well as alerts and warnings for your local area.    The app touts to offer one of the most accurate forecasts around as it works in conjunction with your device’s GPS to pin point your precise location.  Furthermore, the app offers some extra added features like a world clock, barometer which trends daily air pressure, sunrise and sunset times for most major cities, moon phases as well as set and rise times, multiple location monitoring support and the ability to notify you of temp, moon phase and other conditions directly in your Android device’s notification bar.  And lastly, here’s one thing you don’t see often in a weather application:

As a final touch, the Elocont Weather app even includes earthquake information. No, it can’t predict earthquakes (yet), but it does list all the recent seismic activity in a given area (that you can adjust). Call up a detailed list of recent quakes–including size on the Richter scale, location, and exact time–and, with one touch, see them plotted on a map.

Ready for the download?  If you don’t currently have the Amazon App Store side  loaded onto your device you can grab it by going here and entering either your phone number or email address in the upper right hand corner where you’ll be able to obtain a download link.  Be sure to check off “unknown sources” in your system’s settings.  The application would normally run you $3.00 so take advantage of today’s free offer while it lasts. Hit the break to check out some more screen shots and to hit up the quick whopping almost 9 min video of the app in action.  

BeWeather Beta Adds Character And Design To Your Forecast [Courtesy of XDA]

Still looking for a good, sleek, crisp and streamlined UI in your next weather application?  Look no further.  Developer pfluger, a former Blackberry coder turned Android, has put together this little weather app for your convenience.  BeWeather for Android offers an aesthetically pleasing interface with forecasts ranging in appearance from 11 different widgets.  In addition, the app is ridiculously customizable all the way from its fonts to its icons and colors. Features like 7-day forecasts, location tracking and access to nearby weather stations are sure to make this app a hit. Check out the extensive list of features from the developer himself.  If you like what you see, you can head on over to the application thread and give it a go.  Feel free to provide as much feedback as you can to the developer so as to improve the application across multiple devices.  Enjoy!

Motorola Titanium RCD.00.02 update scheduled for next week

The Motorola Titanium is getting an update next week that will address a problem with trying to dial a number from a meeting entry in the Exchange calendar. Not a huge bug fix of any kind (unless you have to call someone from a meeting in Exchange of course) but with the Titanium having only been recently released, it’s nice to see Motorola on top of this and releasing an update in a very short time frame.

The updated software version is RCD.00.02 and should be available for update starting Monday.

[via androidcentral]

Simple To-Do List Widget: Moogly

It must be very difficult to create a no frills to-do list widget, because not many people have done it. I’ve tried a few here and there but they all seem to have a few issues that seem so simple to fix. Well, xda member ftgg99 has apparently had enough with that shenanigans. His simple app called Moogly seems to be perfect. All the needs checked, and no random issues that seem to plague so many other of these apps. There is a free lite version in the Market, and a full paid one. The original app thread can be found here.

[via xda]

Use Circle Battery Widget To Accurately Track Your Battery Life

If you want to keep better track of your battery life without squinting and straining your eyes peaking at the notification bar, we’ve got the solution for you.  How about a simple yet accurate and reliable widget?  Circle Battery Widget offers a great and easy way to glance at your device to see what your battery status is.  There are a number of customizations you can make with this application.  Choose from six different sizes to accommodate placement anywhere on your home screens, change the size of the widget along with its color to suit your mood.  Hit the break for the download and to check out some more screen shots of the application.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

The different sizes of the widget are:

1×1, 2×1, 1×2, 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 (useful for tablets).

Android Market Download Link

Get Your Smooth Animated HTC Sense Flip Clock No Matter What Device You’re Rocking

For those of you coveting that ever omnipresent HTC Sense UI Flip clock, we’ve got good news for you.  XDA member brainDead has provided a way for all non Sense devices to enjoy the smooth animation of the clock widget too.  The widget is smooth and sleek and will compliment any home screen on any device.  You can check out the full application thread and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.  Hit the break for some words from the developer himself.  

Calendar GOwidget For Android, Simple Yet Effective

The GO Launcher Dev Team continues to put out good, simple and effective widgets for their applications.  Their latest productivity application is a cool calendar widget for the home screen.  Calendar GOwidget is a simple way to view all of your day to day activities in a very simple and sleek interface.  It’s like having the full functionality of the calendar application without having to actually drill down into it.  You get a couple of different views with the app, month and agenda view.  To run this widget you’ll need the latest version of GO Launcher EX which you can find here.  For Calendar GOwidget, check it out on our popular apps database with a QR Code available or head on over to the Android Market.  Hit the break to check out more screenshots and don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.  

K.I.S.S With “GO Weather Widget Skin Simple” For Android

Still looking for the right weather widget for your home screen?  Just want to keep it simple?  Look no further.  GO Weather Widget Skin Simple brings the “KISS” methodology directly to your smartphone.  With an LG weather widget look, you get everything you need all in one place.  The app does require that you have GO Weather v 1.9 or above to apply it, so if you don’t already have it, you can grab it here.  The themed widget offers a multitude of widget sizes and functionality such as up to date weather on a set city or your current location, accurate icons depicting current conditions, temperature, wind gauge and time of day.  The app definitely offers a nice and clean streamlined look for your expensive investment of a smartphone.  Ready to download it?  You can head on over to Talk Android’s popular apps database (QR code available) or you can snag it from the Android Market.  Hit the break for more screenshots and don’t forget to let us know what you think of the widget in the comments below.  

Write And Draw Notes On Your Home Screen With Whiteboard Pro For Android

Ever just want to save a note or comment on the home screen instantly without going into any application?  Check out Whiteboard Pro for Android.  The application allows you to write and draw nearly anything you want on any home screen available.  There are tons of customizations for you making writing and drawing notes a cinch.  In addition to drawing and writing, one can also speak notes in instances such as driving in a vehicle.  Need to share that note quick with someone?  Whiteboard Pro has got you covered.  The widget offers a number of different sizes (14) to accommodate any space on your home screen.  Check out the rest of the developers features after the break along with some screen shots and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  The app will run you 99 cents in the Android Market, but for a buck, you get a ton of unbeatable functionality.   Download links available after the break.  

View Google And Touchdown Exchange Calendars In Quick Agenda For Android

Some of my favorite apps to review are ones of productivity.  I’ll take anything from any developer if it’s going to make my life easier in the least slightest form.  Next up to make the productivity apps list is an agenda view widget that integrates content from both Google and Touchdown Exchange calendars along with a ton of other data sources.  The widget is extremely customizable and offers easy access to check out your events, tasks and even contact birthdays while on the fly.  The coolest aspect of the  application is that it can be launched as an app by tapping on the icon from your home screen or by applying the widget to one of your home screen desktops.  If you choose to use it as an app with an icon on the desktop, the widget functionality will not open up until you tap it, subsequently saving you a whole home screen of real estate.  Hit the break to check out another screenshot of the app and to view more info from the developer along with a full list of specs and tasks supported.  Download links are available after the break as well.  Feel free to let us know what you think of the functionality in the comments below.  

Read, Reply and Delete Text Messages Fast With Message GOWidget For Android

If you’re a Go Launcher user, then you might want to give Message GOWidget a try to compliment your new home screen replacement app.  Message GO Widget offers you a quick way to view messages in your inbox directly on the launcher screen.  If you’ve already downloaded the latet version of Go Launcher EX then get ready to quickly scroll to view messages, perform fast replies, quickly dial numbers  and delete messages all within one interface and without diving into your SMS application.  Widgets = convenience.  Ready to give it a try?  Head on over to our apps database for the download where you’ll also find a QR code available or check it out on the Android Market.  Hit the break for some more screenshots.  

Days Left Widget For Android Helps You Remember Dates That Matter Most

Here’s a nifty little widget for ya.  Days Left Widget is a simple count down application that can be used for tons of things, such as that special anniversary, holidays, vacations and even Google’s up and coming I/O conference which, at the time of this article just so happens to be in 3 days, eight hours and six seconds…5…4…3…2  But who’s counting?  Keep yourself out of the doghouse by never ever forgetting an important date again with this handy dandy application.  The app, of course, is very customizable, allowing you to choose from several different colors and also supports multiple overlays.  You can even choose from different widget sizes so you can see important information, reminding you what the count down is for.  Hit the break for more screen shots and then head on over to our apps database for the download where you can also find a QR code for you mobile folks.  Feel free to let us know what you think of the app in the comments below.  

Advanced Clock Widget For Android Spruces Up Your Home Screen

Are you a widget person?  Then you might want to give Advanced Clock Widget for Android a try.  The app gives your home screen a nice fresh look with an extremely configurable widget for added convenience.  The developer touts that this little widget is friendly on battery life, turning completely off when your device is asleep.  Features include a digital clock, customizable colors, several templates to choose from and a count down feature that shows you remaining battery life.  In addition, there is a world clock with support for multiple time zones, the availability of your current location and even sports an alarm clock.  The developer also promises that future releases will bring even more templates and other added features for pro users.  Head on over to our apps database to give the app a try.  There’s a QR code and more info from the developer available.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the app in the comments below.  Hit the break to check out some more screen shots.  

CNN brings its news to your Android phones

The recently released application for Android phones will bring CNN news to the mobile masses. You don’t like CNN? Don’t agree with its news reporting? Tough, it’ll be out there in the Android Market anyway incase you change your mind.. :)

This app will flood your mind by way of your eyes and ears with enormous amounts of breaking news, live videos, and CNN Radio. Check out the video after the break…

Beautiful Widgets Tablet Gets the Hands On Treatment

Anyone who is familiar with the Beautiful Widgets app knows that the widget application lives up to its moniker. What once started as a Sense clock-widget clone for non-Sense-based ROMs and phones has evolved into a widget set with ever growing functionality and customization. Its newest tablet-based beta iteration has been downloaded and used by our brothers in green over at Android Central, and they’ve taken the time to give us a video walk-through. Check it out after the break!