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We’ve all been there. You’re out and about, and you realize you forgot a file on your computer. Dangit! Or maybe someone at home calls and says “I can’t find this program on the computer!” Curses! If only there was a way to access your PC, easily, on the go from something you always have on you… like your phone.

Well, the folks over at LogMeIn realize that this is a huge desire of the people, and have created a version of their popular software for the Android platform. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the app for review, and would like to share what I found.

LogMeIn Ignition for Android Review

Review of SwiftKey Beta Keyboard for Android

Those of you without a physical keyboard on your phone (and maybe some of you with a physical keyboard) probably have the same problem that I do: anytime some new keyboard software comes out, you’ve got to give it a try, particularly if it’s free. For Android, you’ve got a few choices, including the stock Android keyboard, HTC’s keyboard if you have one of their phones, and Swype. Since last week, I’ve been using a newcomer to the on-screen keyboard scene called SwiftKey, which is currently in its beta form, and I’ve been extremely impressed, both with its results and its implementation.

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WaveSecure for Android Review

If you use your phone on the go, which everyone does, you might be interested in a nice program called WaveSecure. WaveSecure is a mobile security application that allows you to backup and lock down your device, keeping your information and data secure. When you first start the application you are prompted for your mobile number. The system will verify the number by a text message, and once completed you are registered on the system.

WaveSecure for Android Review

RipChord Deluxe for Android Review

Hendrix. Clapton. Vaughan. Vai. They all had to start somewhere, right? Well, with the help of RipChord, you and you Android phone could be well on your way to cranking out your very own “Texas Flood” or “Voodoo Chile”. While the app itself may not grant you the rights to become a rock n’ roll god (That’s what deals with the devil are for, right?), it is both an awesome teaching tool for anyone just starting out, and a wonderful reference for even the most seasoned professionals. I had a chance to review this app, courtesy of “Awesome Unlimited”, and would like you to take a small journey with me and my Android phone to The Crossroads.

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gPad for Android Review

One of the greatest joys of having an Android phone, for me, is discovering an app that fills a need that you didn’t even know you had.  When I first downloaded gPad — an app that allows you to remotely control various programs on your PC or Mac — I thought “Well this is neat.”  But the more I’ve used it, the more I’ve come to appreciate its value  and see how useful it will be in the future.

gPad allows you to connect to your computer either via USB or wifi after downloading a program to allow the phone to communicate with it.  There is software available for PC or Mac, and the download of the gPad app on the phone and the computer is free.  The free version is limited, but I’ll get to that in a bit…

gPad for Android Review

ManD5 for Android Review

If you have ever downloaded a file then I am sure that you have heard of MD5. MD5 is a hash key that is generated by a based on a specific file. When the file is created such as an archive you can use an MD5 hashing program to generate the MD5 key so that when others download that file they can verify that it is the correct and complete file that they wanted. Just as with a regular computer when you are downloading on your Android device you also want to be able to check and create MD5 hashes for verification.

A great little program created by the developers at DroidCore.net allows you to do just that. Called ManD5 this application that is available in the Android Market Place comes in two flavors. There is a free version that allows you to check the hash on a downloaded file only and a full version for $0.99 that will let you both check and create MD5 hashes for your files.

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PhoneWeaver for Android Review

We’ve all been there. You’re in a quiet meeting, and your phone goes off… forgot to silence it. You rise in the morning and your phone is dead… Google Maps with GPS was left in the background, killing your battery life. You wake your phone in the middle of the night to check the time and are instantly blinded… forgot to turn down the brightness. It’s quite annoying, no? These are smartphones… so shouldn’t they be smarter about what we want them to do?

Enter: PhoneWeaver.

I had the opportunity to test out PhoneWeaver over the past week or so, and I have to tell you… I love it. This app is a godsend for those who have ever wanted more intuitiveness from their phone.

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SlingPlayer Mobile Review

Do I love Seinfeld? Absolutely. Big Bang Theory? Without a doubt. Colbert Report and Daily Show? Yea, buddy. And now, thanks to the guys over at Sling Media, I, along with all the other Android users, never have to be without said shows again.

Let me start out by saying this: I don’t have a SlingBox. (SlingMedia allowed me to connect to one of theirs for this review) However, after having time to review the SlingPlayer app for Android and use it on a daily basis, I may consider getting one… after bumping up my cable subscription, that is. But, hey, who cares about MY needs? Let’s get to the good stuff!

SlingPlayer Mobile Review

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