Ford Sync Destinations for Android pushes Google Maps to car


If you own a SYNC TD1 compatible Ford vehicle, and would like to have your Android send navigation to your car, The Ford SYNC Destinations app for Android will do just that. It pushes Google Maps from your Android to the car, with other features such as pick a destination, view real-time traffic updates, even check out congestion predictions based on weather, time of day, and holidays.

This app will turn off on your phone once the car exceeds 5mph, but who needs it anyway, the info is now on your SYNC display within the vehicle. The best part is it will help you plan travel based on potential roadblocks or traffic issues, which can save you a heap of time. The app is free and available today, but you need a Ford vehicle with SYNC to use it first. ;)

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Android Market Link

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Sporcle Launches on Android

Have a few hours to kill at the doctor’s office, or a boring car ride? Sporcle, a daily quiz application, has the answer for you. It offers endless amounts of updated trivia games and brings it right to the palm of your hand. Due to the daily updates of trivia, you will not have to spend time viewing the same trivia material over and overĀ again. The new Android Version of Sporcle is a paid app running $1.99 and is available on the market. Thanks to the preexisting webpage and fan-base, you can be sure that your two dollars will be well spent. Launching that application automatically presents you with the latest quizzes, and, using Facebook Connect, you will also be allowed to share your favorite quizzes – as well as see your friend’s favorites.

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Bubble Blast Holiday for Android is a Bejeweled-like puzzle game with a holiday twist

In terms of addictive and fun puzzle games, Bejeweled has always been at the top of my list. So, when I saw Bubble Blast Holiday, I figured now was a good time to lose a few hours of my life while also getting into the holiday spirit!

If you’ve played Bejeweled, you’ll immediately understand the concept of the game. If you haven’t, the idea is to arrange the falling objects (in this case, it’s Christmas themed objects like gifts and ornaments) in order of three or more of the same color combination. The more you can get at once, the more points you will ultimately score.

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Can’t wait for Madden NFL 11 for Android? Backbreaker Football will help fill the void

I don’t know about you guys (and gals), but I am eagerly awaiting the release of Madden NFL 11 for Android. To try and satisfy my mobile Football urge, I looked to Backbreaker Football, which is a bit different from the traditional football games you might be used to.

In Backbreaker Football, you get to experience what it’s like to be on the field as an offensive lineman while you try and complete a touchdown amidst waves of oncoming defensive tackles. The game uses your phone’s accelerometer to control your player; leaning the phone forward slightly makes you run, and tilting left and right will control where you go.

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Winter Dreams Live Wallpaper helps get you in the holiday spirit

If you’re a fan of live wallpapers, here’s one to help get you in the holiday/wintery spirit. Winter Dreams Live Wallpaper for Android is a simple but very attractive live wallpaper which features a giant white Christmas tree and large, falling snowflakes. Also, the background changes as you slide between screens, which is a nice touch.

There are no settings so you cannot change the size or rate of the snowfall, but I kind of like the default setting anyway. So, if live wallpapers are your thing and you’ve been looking for something for winter or the holidays, you should check out Winter Dreams Live Wallpaper by hitting up our source link below.

(note: requires Android 2.1 or higher)

Download: Winter Dreams Live Wallpaper (free)

Reveal App for Android Now Available in Market – Protects Against SMS Replicator


From the developers who brought you the unsafe feeling you might have after SMS Replicator came on the scene, DLP Mobile is bringing you protection, at a cost of $2.99 called Reveal. Reveal is an app that when installed on your device, will scan and tell you if you currently have the other DLP Mobile product “SMS Replicator” installed on your device, and offer to remove it (too bad it doesn’t tell you who the number is it was forwarding the texts too as well).

SMS Replicator was the app that brought much controversy after its release for privacy and security violations according to the agreement for Google’s Android Market for developers, and was quickly taken off the market by Google. This app should serve as some form of protection, but I personally think its ridiculous for users to spend an additional $2.99 to the same people who released an app that could compromise your system to begin with. In essence, you would be financially rewarding the developers for giving you this problem to begin with. How does that work?

I think this company should be handing this app out to anyone who had SMS Replicator installed on their device for free, seeing as the infecting app (SMS Replicator) was pulled due to violation of privacy clauses for apps on the market. I doubt they’ll make much money on this anyway, but I wouldn’t pay a penny for this app regardless, unless of course you’re a paranoid android.

If you are and need, you can scan the QR below.

reveal QR

Android Market Link

What do you think, should this app be free for all? would you pay for this if you think you MAY have been compromised by SMS replicator?

If you need more information, you can read the full Press Release below.

Live TV comes to Android Market from Dish and Sling

dishsling android

Want to watch your TV anywhere you want, when you want? Dish and Sling have teamed up to release an app that will do just that! Although the app is designed for 4.3 inch screens and up, there have been users who have installed it without trouble on smaller Android devices as well. You will need a Sling Adapter or a Sling enabled set-top box to get the streaming to work.

The app is available now in the Android Market.

Scan QR below

Android Market Link

Check out the full Press Release below for more details