Transfer Data to Your Android Phone With The Software Data Cable App, Free in the Android Market

Let me paint a quick scene for you. You have a file that you want to transfer over to your Android phone. You go into your laptop bag or backpack to get your trusty usb cable only to end up with zilch. We’ve all been there.  Well the free app Software Data Cable looks to rectify this situation by turning your phone into a networked storage device. This app allows you to browse the device from your computer cable free.

Once you install Software Data Cable, you will be able to connect and browse through your device’s files and folders from any computer just as long as you are connected to the same network. Point your browser to the phone’s IP address and you can see the entire contents of your phone. Not only that but you can move, copy and delete files as you please.

For those of you who are in a pinch and without your usb cable with a need to copy over a file to your device then this free app is for you. Hit the break below to get access to the market link and QR code. If you don’t know how to use the QR code you can check out our handy guide here. Afterwards you can check the app out from your mobile device and never have to worry about leaving a cable at home again! 

Google’s Drive Cloud Storage Service Nearing Launch

Step aside Dropbox. Google is close to launching its own cloud-storage service. Like its soon to be rival, Google’s Drive was created in response to the growth of internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets and media players.

Drive will take advantage of the rise in “cloud computing” by storing files like photos, documents and videos online. They will sit on Google’s servers and will be able to be accessed from any web-connected device. This will allow folks to easily share files with others. For example, if a person wanted to send an email containing a video shot from their smartphone, they could easily upload the video to through the Drive mobile app then email folks the link rather than the file itself.

Drive is one of a few recent attempts by the Search giant to gain lost ground from smaller internet start ups that are doing well in hot new areas. Others include their fledgling social network Google+, mobile article reading app Currents to take on Flipboard, and developed services that include buying business-reviews company Zagat to take on Yelp. 

Google Chrome Beta Released for Android, Finally!

Google has finally release its long-wanted Chrome browser for Android roughly a few minutes ago. In order to run the app you must have Android 4.0 installed. It’s in beta right now so expect a few bugs and while we haven’t had a chance to play with it yet you can expect a review from us here in the next few days or so. According to Google the Android version has the following features:

– Browse fast with accelerated page loading, scrolling, and zooming,
– Search and navigate directly from the omnibox,
– Open and switch between unlimited tabs in an easy-to-view stack,
– Sign in to Chrome to sync your bookmarks and view tabs you have open on your computer,
– Send pages from desktop Chrome to your smartphone or tablet with one click and read them on the go, even if you’re offline,
– Browse privately in Incognito mode,

You can check to see if it is available in your country by going here. Hit the break below to for the QR code, market link and marketing video. It is certainly a great day for Android users and Chrome fans everywhere! Again, look for our review of the app shortly. Enjoy!

Gameloft Live Brings Xbox Live Like Service Exclusively to Their Games

Gameloft has been known to create some pretty amazing mobile games. These games include Backstab, Order and Chaos, Modern Combat, N.O.V.A. and so on. Some folk would suggest that these games are inspired if not derived from some ever popular PC and console games that are quite popular themselves. Well it looks like Gameloft is taking the next step in emulating services by creating Gameloft Live.

Those familar with services like Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Games for Windows, Wii, and so on know that these companies attempt to make gaming more social with the creation of personal profiles with customizable avatars. It was only a matter of time that we would see this move head towards mobile shores. While yes Microsoft is bring Xbox Live to Android and iOS operating systems Gameloft is looking to create something distinctly mobile.

Gameloft told Nibletz that they will be releasing the program for Android users as a soft launch for the time being. Users will be able to create avatars, decorate living spaces and even go as far to purchase additional clothing for your avatar. Other features include:

London Bus Checker Gives You Live Locations of Buses, Never Miss or Wait for a Bus Again

While I am certainly not one to use this app, as I live in the USA, those in London that ride public transportation may find this app to be quite useful. As the company puts it, the UK’s best-selling travel app has made its way to Android phones and you can instantly know when your bus will be arriving at any of London’s 20,000 bus stops. You can get the lite version of Buschecker by Fat Attitude LTD. which offers you a 30 day free trial of it’s full features. Otherwise you’ll be paying about $1.95 for all its features. They include:


  • Live, updated countdown display of bus arrivals.
  • Real-time GPS map of nearest bus stops.
  • Full route maps for all London Bus Routes – see exactly where your bus goes.
  • Service information – diversions/closures/cancellations.
  • Home screen widget – live arrivals for your favourite stops.
  • Tap on bus numbers to filter the list: see screenshots.
  • Details bus stop information – routes/map location/direction.
  • Map/route number display – find the right bus to get you home!

Hit the break below to get your free trial of what is considered one of the best apps for traveling by the likes of BBC Click, The Telegraph, Guardian Online, The Independent and Wired UK. While this app doesn’t work for me, I would certainly recommend anyone in or traveling to the UK in giving this a shot and letting us know what you think in the comment section below. Also if you’re interested you can check the video on it below. Enjoy!

Dolphin Partners With Evernote, Brings Two Plugins to Dolphin Browser

Photo Courtesy of Phandroid

Dolphin Browser is one of the better Android browsers out there and they look to add more functionality to an already function rich experience. They have announced a partnership with the folks at Evernote that adds two new plugins to their browser. Both Evernote and Skitch will be integrated and allow you to annotate web page screenshots and save them automatically to your account. Desktop web browsers already have this and it’s a good move to bring it to mobile browsers. This should certainly beef up their browser in regards to its competition with both Firefox and Opera browsers. If you haven’t already, hit the break below to get Dolphin and the two browser plugins. 

NBC Releases Its Own Android App, Full Episodes Coming Soon

The National Broadcasting Company or NBC for short has recently launched its own Android app that allows personalization and customization for regular viewers. The app will feature a whole slew of features that include video galleries, reviews, previews, and trivia games among other features. It even offers local listing support in its schedule line up so you won’t miss that episode of The Office you’ve been dying to see.

The NBC app will offer more personalized experiences for subscribed users as they can tailor make their NBC feeds and TV episodes. If you haven’t subscribed there is a handy feature built in that will allow you to do so in the app. As of right now, you cannot watch full episodes but NBC promises that you will be able to soon.

So with that hit the break below for the links and QR codes to obtain a copy of this app. Enjoy!

You Know that CyanogenMod Music App We Told You About? Well It’s Here

About three weeks back we told you that the CyanogenMod team would be bringing more customizations and gesture support to the stock Ice Cream Sandwich music player. We didn’t have an exact time frame for a release but with that you can’t rush creativity. Well even with that said, Andrew Neal brought the customized, beefed up music player to us in a very timely fashion. He brought to us a slew of touch gestures as well as even more added functionality to the app. As he puts it:

“The app comes with a degree of customization that you won’t find in any other Music app, or possibly, in any app. You can shop the Android Market for the currently playing song at the push of a button, share what track you’re listening to with all your social outlets, set your favorite song as ring tones, delete unwanted tracks, and search your music from anywhere in the app. “

With gestures you will be able to do things like flip your phone over to quickly play and pause music. The shake action is customizable and both of these features can run in the background allowing you to use them no matter what you’re doing on your phone. These features will come in handy if you ever need to quickly shut off your music.

While I have yet to play with the app fully, it looks to take the stock player to a whole new level. It isn’t in the market yet as Mr. Neal is figuring out what to call it but you can hit the break below to download the app or view the source. You can also get the template for the app to which should spur a host of templates down the road and the app will also be featured in CM9. Let us know what you think!

The CyanogenMod Team Wants You to Weigh, Do You Want a CM App Store for Rooted Apps?

I know what you’re thinking. Why the heck do we need yet another app store on our phones, what with Amazon, GetJar, and the Android Market and a slew of other apps that do this same thing. However, I think you’ll want to hear me out on this one because this proposes to be a different kind of app store. Here’s the back story.

Recently Koush, the man behind ClockworkMod Recovery and ROM Manager, came out with a tethering app that bypassed the need for a tethering plan and one that did so without the need for root access. While there are other apps that do the same thing, Koush is known for bringing us very good software. Well it wasn’t long before carriers banned the ability to access this app in the Android Market as they did with other tethering apps. It’s those moves done by carriers that spurred this article to begin with. So here’s the deal.

Samsung to Debut Airplay Rival, SwipeIt at CES

Well it appears the Samsung is continuing to take the fight to Apple with their newly made SwipeIt application. This app looks to take on Apple’s Airplay as a way to easily share your mobile content on your TV. Set to debut at CES, it will operate just as simply as Airplay. With one touch of a button, whatever your watching on your mobile device will show up on your TV.

Samsung started pushing this app to their internet connected TVs a week ago and the application made its way to the Android Market in quite a subtle manner a few days later. Unlike Airplay, where you have to have all Apple products in order for it to work, the MOVL developed app will work on any Android device.

So if you are rocking a Samsung SmartTV and have an Android device, not just a Samsung Android device, hit the break below to get a copy of the SwipeIt application. You will have to let us know how well it works and keep your dial locked here for any and all Android related news at CES. Stay tuned!

Microsoft to Bring Xbox Live App to Android (And iOS Too)

If you are one of the Xbox toting folk who wanted to have the ability to play Xbox Live on your smart phone you were very much limited to having a phone with Windows Phone 7 on it. I say were because yesterday Microsoft announced that it’s gaming app will be coming to both Android and iOS devices. While it has been available for iOS, users are only able to chat with friends, update their avatars or manage their achievements. They had mentioned this move before but Business Insider received conformation yesterday. a developer told them:

Add Extra Quick Controls and Load Desktop Sites Without Root Thanks to Browser Plus



One of the cool things about Ice Cream Sandwich is the fact that you can maximize your screen real estate while browsing the internet and still have functionality thanks to the quick controls. A quick check of the feature in the labs tab under settings and you are good to go. However if you are using it, what you see is what you get. You still have a browser that loads mobile sites with controls that cannot be customized. Don’t get me wrong I still think that the browser found in Android 4.0 is one heck of an upgrade versus any previous iteration but for me, not being able to customize the controls or load desktop versions of web sites goes against what Android is about. That is, being open, easily customizable, and amazingly quick.

Browser Plus looks to do just that while taking ICS’ browser to that next level, giving you both the ability to add extra settings in the quick controls and to render desktop web pages without having to root your device. You can change the browser User Agent String under settings in the advanced tab to do that. As far as I know this works on Android 4.0.1 and above with more devices running Ice Cream Sandwich slated to be compatible down the road; like the Nexus S. So for those of you wanting a little bit more customizability for your browsers can hit the break below to check out the market link or QR code, enjoy!

Official CES 2012 App Now Available in the Android Market

With CES a week away, folks are gearing up to see what the world of technology has in store for us. People at CEA are hoping to make your planning and visit a lot smoother with the Core-Apps developed official CES 2012 application. It will come with map access, lists of vendors and exhibits that will be there, scheduling tools and so on. If you are wanting to stay in the know as to what is going on with CES then this is the app for you. You can hit the break below to get your copy of the app. For those of you that aren’t able to go don’t worry we have you covered as we will be there live in person. So keep it here for all of your Android CES news!

Custom Controls and Themes Added to CyanogenMod 9’s Music Player

The other day we brought to you a preview of CM9’s brand new launcher, Trebuchet. Well today we bring you news regarding CyanogenMod’s take on the stock music player. While Ice Cream Sandwich‘s music player is no slouch, the Cyanogenmod team is slated to have a host of features on top of those already there. The folks over at The Verge, were able to wrangle out the details on the music player by one of CM9’s developers, Andrew Neal.

There is a whole slew of customizations and features that make the music player that much more awesome. There will be a custom shake action feature that you can set up to go to the next song or play/pause for example. They will work through out the OS and even while the screen is off. You will see custom  notification area controls with the ability to add or subtract controls to your heart’s content. There will be an ability to search the Android Market, set ringtones, and you will see swipe-gestures through out. It’s also planned for a full theme engine addition that will allow you to customize both the look and feel of the app. 

Siegecraft THD by Blowfish Studios Now Available, Optimized for Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 Devices

If you are looking for a new siege warefare game to play that is as addictive to play as it is gorgeous then look no further. Blowfish Studios has released their game Siegecraft THD optimized for Tegra devices. Don’t worry folks, those of you that don’t have a Tegra device can get a non-optimized version of it as well. This game features console like graphics and the ability to launch cows at enemies. You don’t actually have your own castle or land to defend, but rather, you’re a mercenary for hire that has the best siege army at your disposal. Various kingdoms will hire you to take out their enemies using various siege weapons.

If you have a Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 device you can see the following exclusive content: