Quickapp – Quick Locale for Android lets you change languages fast


If you find that you need to change your language on your device more than most folks, you also may find it to be a much more timely task than it needs to be. XDA forum member DevJackey has made that task much easier by creating a customizable widget for your homescreen that launches right into your locale language settings area. Just one click, and your Android device is in a whole different language.

Here’s some of the features as described on XDA;

  • Launch the app from the App Drawer to instantly go to a list of languages. Click to change.
  • Widget Support! Create a widget on the Homescreen and preselect languages
  • One click to change language on widgets.
  • Able to launch full list of languages from Widget, if Full List was preselected.

Give the app a try, and if you find any bugs or issues, or even want to support this developer, head over to this application thread to get the app, and comment if necessary.

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First look at Protoxide: Death Race for Android [Video]

Herocraft is putting the final touches on a new 3D multiplayer racing game called Protoxide: Death Race. Herocraft already has a few Android titles, including Art of War 2, Farm Frenzy, Yumsters, and Robo 3: Gears of Love.

Protoxide: Death Race reminds me of  Sony’s Wipeout franchise that has been available on the Playstation. It features:

  • 4 single player modes
  • Wi-Fi multiplayer
  • 12 battle war-gliders each one with unique characteristics
  • Campaign with an exciting story
  • 16 outstanding tracks
  • 4 unique types of in-game locations
  • High-quality 3D graphics

Check out the gameplay video after the break

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Get Faster Speeds on the Samsung Galaxy S II using AT&T

speedtest sgs2

Yes, another Samsung Galaxy S II story even though most of us still have to wait it out to get one in these parts! It’s such a great device though, we can’t help it! Developers must feel the same way because here’s another hack you can do on a Galaxy S II using AT&T to get yourself some faster data speeds, if you’re lucky enough to have one now, or if you’re getting one when its available in the US or Canada.

XDA member locust43 found the correct settings to edit the APN settings which more or less govern the speeds on the device, making it easy for you to increase them. Back your APN up first in case you need to change back. You can follow the guide here.

It’s good to know these things before buying one right?

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CF-Bench app for Android may give more stable benchmark


CF-Bench for Android is a new tool you can use to give your device a solid benchmarking score and compare it to other Android devices. It’s very similar to Quadrant which is likely the most popular benchmarking utility for Android, however the developer of this application, XDA member Chainfire, claims that CF-Bench will give a much more stable score. The app supports multi-core processors as well as the option to test native or Java code.

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Save your Angry Birds Game Data – never lose your level again


This isn’t the first time someone has come up with a way to save your Angry Birds game data, as we’ve shown here, but it is another pea in the pod regardless, and people love to have options. That said, there are really only a couple of files that need to be backed up, so if you have your device rooted (it must be rooted) and you have a rooted file explorer like ES File Explorer, you should have no trouble with these backups.

  • First of all, use root explorer to go to
  • /data/data/com.rovio.angrybirds (use corresponding names for seasons and rio)/files
  • Copy these two files:
  • highscores.lua
  • settings.lua
  • Now you can go to same location on the target device and paste them; however, make sure you rename the original files first.
  • This step is the most important: fix the permission. Make sure both files have three read and write, and NO EXECUTE (X) because it will cause reboot when you run the game!!!
  • Done.

There are many other methods, like Titanium Backup for example, that many are satisfied with, however, there have been users who’ve reported tb not working, and thus having to start over in Angry Birds after flashing a new ROM….that sucks! So, save yourself hundreds of hours of gameplay and stress by using the method above. Thanks mingkee!

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Andro+ Call Backgrounder lets you ignore calls and continue what you were doing

Ever had a time when you were just about to knock down that final level on Angry Birds you’ve been struggling to grab 3 stars on, only to have a big display pop up that someone is trying to call you? All you want to do is get back to that game, cause you’re on a hot streak… Well, Andro+ Call Backgrounder may be just the app you need to quickly get back to the game without having to deny the incoming call, thus allowing it to keep ringing in the background so it goes away, or to voicemail at least.

Here’s a quote from the developer;

Andro+ Call Backgrounder provides you an important feature that Android System lacks!
CallBackgrounder lets you put in background an incoming call simply by pressing a button!
How many times you were watching a video, playing a game or reading email/website and an Incoming call disturbed your activity?
With CallBackgrounder you can return to the last app you were using by putting incoming call in background!
The caller will never notice about your action, the incoming call will continue in background and you will be free to carry on whatever you were doing and maybe later answer/reject.
You can find filters based on contacts and apps that let you ACTIVATE CallBackgrounder ONLY for some contacts or running apps.

If you want to give it a try, head to this link to download. You’re friends may thank you for not totally ignoring them.

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Settlers of Catan app coming to Android devices in June 2011

catan android

It was pushed in a facebook update on the Settlers of Catan page that they have been working on an official Android version of the game to launch by June this year. The details were scarce, but one could start to imagine how this could be a huge multiplayer mobile app real fast given the popularity not only of the game itself, but with the online gameplay as well. Really the only people that would get excited over this (including myself) are people who love playing this game…and there is an army of Catan players out there!

That said, a few questions come to mind. How mush will this game cost, or will it be free? Does it log you into your existing PlayCatan online account and render the screen for Android devices? Is it an entirely re-designed game tailored for use with touchscreen devices? We’ll have to wait and find out, but we’ll keep you posted.

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Layar 5.0 for Android available now – adds facebook and twitter sharing functionality

Layar is a popular app that makes looking for information around you fun and intuitive by providing an augmented reality browsing experience. There are over 2,000 layars to choose from now within the app, and they’ve recently added some animation to the 3D objects, as well as Twitter and facebook functionality for sharing those gems you may find in your travels.

The new version 5.0.1 will work on any Android OS version 1.5 and up and has the following additions in its release;

  • Layar 5.0.1 fixes a force close problem after installation of 5.0 and of course still includes our new features:
  • The ability to take screenshots in AR view and share them or layers with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Layer are no longer limited to static content. Now icons and 3D models can come alive with animation.
  • It’s easier to keep track of your favorite and most recently viewed layers with an improved and easier to use user interface.

It’s Free and available in the mrket now, or through our Talk Android App Section.

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Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 launched at CTIA 2011


Opera made good on their promises to launch their Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 apps at CTIA Tuesday. With Opera Mini 6, the user interface hasn’t seen much tweaking here except for the new dedicated ‘share’ button where you can share it to twitter, facebook or My Opera, as well as general speed improvements overall.  Opera Mobile 11 got a few enhancements of its own too, which include pinch to zoom, an updated UI and support for tablet devices.

So if you like Opera, you’ve got a few more reasons to keep using it after today’s announcements, the best being pinch to zoom support. Grab either new version of Opera by hitting the links below.

[Opera Mini 6 | Opera Mobile 11]

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HeLauncher All in one Launcher UI – one launcher to rule them all


Many have had the opportunity to use more than one Android device, and if you have, you’ve also noticed how different some of the Home screens and launchers can be between manufacturers.  Different UIs like HTC Sense UI to Motoblur, sure enough, they put they’re own flavor into every Android bite of dessert you want to try out.  If you haven’t had the chance to try out other UIs on different devices, don’t worry, we have a solution for you from XDA member HandlerExploit which brings the best of any Android launcher and puts it all into one little package called HeLauncher.

HeLauncher is the culmination of several launcher UIs, and brings them into one easy launcher that allows you to switch between the launcher that best suits your workflow any time you like without having to install several different ports that eat up your resources, making your Android very slow and unresponsive. Below explains it best from the developer;

HeLauncher is a free home replacement for Android. The home application is the center piece to the users entire Android experience. Device manufacturers like to modify the home application to give the user a different feel for their device, to make their specific device stand out against the crowd.

What makes this home replacement different is that all docks included in this app, have been ripped from home applications from the main manufacturers and blended into one home application.

So if you want to check it out, hit the application thread here, and please let them or us know in the comments on how it works on your device, good or bad.

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