Google Street View goes for a camel ride


Google has released a new video highlighting their most recent “experiment” with their Google Maps product. For this latest attempt to bring some fun to Maps users, Google strapped a Street View camera on the back of a camel and set it off wandering through the Liwa Desert in the United Arab Emirates. The location is about 150 km (93 miles) south west of Abu Dhabi near the Persian Gulf coast.
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Google Now bests Siri and Cortana in voice search





According to a new study by digital Marketing consultant firm Stone Temple, Google Now‘s voice searches trump those of both Siri and Cortana. Stone Temple created some 3,086 different queries to compare all three of these search platform. Rather than being random each question was specifically designed to procure a full answer to the question asked. In those 3,086 queries Google Now returned twice as many enhanced results as the Apple voice assistant and three times that of Cortana, as you can see from the graph below

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HTC’s New EYE Experience to be released in coming months

HTC-EYE_029HTC had a big day for hardware today, specifically related to cameras. However, software has not been forgotten, so HTC will be releasing the EYE Experience camera experience in the coming months to the One (M8), One (M7), One Mini, Mini 2, One Max, and more. The new camera experience application will have features that range from useful to silly, like split capture functions and Face Fusion. The press release below offers more information:

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Chrome for Android update brings “additional Material Design”


Google is currently in the process of distributing a stability update for its official Chrome for Android client via the Play Store. In terms of added functionality, the upgrade brings a shed load of bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations, as well as “additional Material Design updates,” support for battery status and screen orientation APIs.

Hit the break for the full changelog.

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HTC’s Zoe exits beta and reaches version 1.0, update will be available on the Play Store

htc_zoe_beta_app_iconAlongside the Desire Eye, HTC announced some improvements to Zoe, the automatic photo-and-video-mashup app that ships on Sense devices. Today, Zoe is finally ditching its beta tag and moving up to version 1.0, and that’s bringing a few new features and some wider device compatibility.

Zoes can be made shorter now, which was something that was apparently highly requested while Zoe was in beta earlier this year. HTC has also added in social sharing into the app where users can share and collaborate with their photos and videos. Perhaps the biggest new addition, though, is that multiple devices can install the app, so it isn’t just limited to HTC’s own devices anymore.

The update won’t show up for everyone immediately, but keep an eye out for it if you’ve wanted to test out HTC’s software without buying one of their devices.

HTC announces “Eye Experience” with tons of new camera features


HTC already has one of the most feature-packed camera suites on the market, but today they are bringing it to new heights with a new camera software suite they’re calling the “Eye Experience”. Among new features include the ability to shoot photos from the front and rear cameras at the same time, an “auto-selfie” feature that takes the photo once the phone is held steady for a couple seconds and voice commands that allow you to start shooting automatically.
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Endomondo updates Android app to support Android Wear


Android Wear is still relatively new, but that isn’t stopping developers from adding support to their apps, and the developers of popular sports trainer app Endomondo are no different. Today’s update includes support for Android Wear (and the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S) as well as some new features for the Android app. After updating, Android Wear users can start a workout on their phone and then select the notification on their “Wear” device, or using Voice Activation they can simply say, “Start Endomondo”, or “Start a workout/bike ride/run etc”.

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Humble Bundle 9 hits the web today with six excellent games at launch


There’s no bundle like a Humble Bundle, and today marks the ninth installment in the Humble Bundle series, and in this writer’s opinion, easily one of the best since the Humble Bundle launched. For those new to the Humble Bundle, its a pay-what-you-want bundle of games with a twist: if you pay more than the average price, a second tier of games is added to the bundle, and as new games are added over the coming weeks, previous buyers will be given access to the new ones.
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HERE Maps available for select Samsung Galaxy devices


HERE Maps is here for Android… if you have have a Samsung device. The application is available through the Galaxy App Store and works only with select Galaxy devices approved by Samsung. It does much of what you expect from a maps app, but the offline mode is unique. HERE Maps can continue to utilize turn-by-turn driving or walking without an internet connection. It has more than one hundred maps ready to download for offline use. The web component of HERE Maps is useful, too, because of its ability to plan something and then have the information sent over to the app.

Hit the break for a video and the download link.

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New Microsoft Xim app lets groups view photos together


Microsoft has released a new app, Microsoft Xim, that combines a couple different features for users to enjoy photos as a group experience. Similar to features found on some Android platforms, one person can share a photo on their device to the screen of other users in a group in real time. The benefit of this is that users do not have to try to huddle around a single screen to look at a photo. Microsoft built the app so that only the person sharing an image needs Xim while all others can view the image using a browser. When done with a session, Xim pulls a Snapchat type move and deletes the image after a short period so no storage is consumed.
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