Allo 9.0 update contains code for several unreleased features

Google started updating Allo to version 9.0 recently and those diving into the code for the app found evidence of several features that are not yet enabled. The assumption is that Google will eventually make these available to users, possibly by throwing a server-side switch, but this is not guaranteed. There have been instances in the past where code for a feature was present in one version and then disappeared in a subsequent update. The potential features include a backup mechanism for chats, a quick selfie mode, an incognito mode for group chats, and yes, a sticker pack.

LastPass fills users in on plans for Android O

With Android O being released to developers and an almost certain release to the public later this year, password manager app maker LastPass has been busy at work getting their platform ready for the upgrade. One of the new features coming to Android O that the LastPass developers are looking forward to is the new set of Autofill APIs. LastPass thinks the use of these APIs will help them increase security and expand the features available through their app when used on an Android device.