Motorola Migrate update allows data transfer from non-smartphones

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Motorola has updated their Migrate application that makes transferring data from an old phone to a new Motorola phone incredibly easy. The biggest addition in this update is the inclusion of non-smartphones, so if you’re trying to get your contacts and text messages off of a flip phone onto a smartphone, this app can take care of it for you. The phone has to have Bluetooth support, but that shouldn’t be a problem in most cases.

All of the other features are still intact, including pulling information from other Android phones and iCloud accounts, but it still only works with a handful of Motorola devices. For the update, hit the link below.
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Firefox Beta for Android gets support for Chromecast, Roku streaming


A new update for the Firefox Beta app for Android is now available in the Google Play Store. The big new feature is the addition of support for casting the browser’s contents to a Chromecast or Roku device. Firefox had added the Chromecast support to their nightly builds a few weeks ago. Adding it to the beta channel gets the feature that much closer to being available in the production app.
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HomeTube app offers a kid-safe environment for YouTube videos

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Chris Lacy, developer of other fantastic apps including Action Launcher and Link Bubble, has released his newest app on the Play Store. The app is called HomeTube and is designed to create a kid-friendly environment for your children to browse YouTube videos without you having to keep an eye on what they’re looking at.

The app itself is a pretty simple concept. You can pick from different search terms on YouTube and HomeTube only displays that specific content. Kids will be able to quickly jump around between different videos based on the pre-selected content, so you won’t have to navigate around for them, either.
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Moto E and Moto G receive Home and Driving Mode from Contextual Services and Assist Apps Update


Motorola’s Assist and Contextual Services apps have been updated this morning to include Home and Driving modes on the Moto E and Moto G. Assist and Moto Voice are run by Contextual Services, so for those of you with the lower-level devices wanting the upper-level software features, this update is a must-have.

Once you update, you will notice that you can use Home mode and Driving mode. Home mode will read out messages when you’re at home for your convenience, and Driving mode will read messages out loud when you are driving and allow you to respond with speech-to-text.

So grab the update, test it out, and let us know what you think!

Contextual Services


Moto Voice takes over for Touchless Control in the Play Store


With the launch of the new Moto X, some of Motorola’s core services are getting renamed. Touchless Control is now Moto Voice and the change has already been reflected in the Play Store. The renaming also includes a new app icon and user interface changes. Moto Voice allows users to assign a launch phrase to the device to activate it. The voice assistant will also speak back with more functionality. The voice commands now support non-Motorola apps that right now include Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube. This update is what allows the new Moto X to work with the Moto 360 and Moto Hint.

Motorola has confirmed that existing devices, including last year’s Moto X and the DROID (2013) family, will receive all new software as long as the hardware allows.

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Google agrees to refund 19 million to consumers over in-app purchases


Google has reached a settlement with the FTC agreeing to fully refund consumers charged for their children’s in-app purchases. The decision is hardly a surprise, considering Apple reached the same agreement in January, and Amazon did the same in July. The issue arises from Google’s requiring a password for purchases every 30 minutes and “blurring the lines” between real money purchases and virtual ones. The FTC’s issue arises from a few lawsuits filed by parents looking for retribution after giving their children free reign over their devices.

Source: FTC

Angry Birds Stella available for download starting today


Today, the Angry Birds franchise takes a step into a new direction. In the Play Store and Amazon Appstore, Rovio’s new Angry Birds Stella is ready to be downloaded. Stella and her friends Dahlia, Poppy, Willow and Luca all set out to protect Golden Island as Bad Princess Gale and her pigs attempt to take control. Each of these characters have their own unique abilities to take advantage of across more than 120 levels.

Later this year, a plethora of Angry Birds Stella content will arrive. ToonsTV will carry a television series with thirteen episodes. This series will directly relate to this game. Books and other products from Hasbro will take things even further to merge digital and physical experiences.

Angry Birds Stella is completely free to play and enjoy, but there are in-app purchases to enhance the experience.

Hit the break for the gameplay trailer, gallery, and download links.

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