What’s Periscope? Twitter intros Go Live feature right from a Tweet


Twitter is getting into the live video craze with a brand new feature that will allow users to create and tweet live video footage directly from the Twitter mobile app. Facebook has been pushing its live video pretty hard, and the whole concept has gained a ton of steam over the past few months, so Twitter had to jump in eventually.

Except, Twitter basically already did this with Periscope. Since 2015.

Android users on Rogers in Canada will get RCS support very soon


Google’s plan for messaging on Android has been convoluted for years, but their latest push has been for RCS in standard messaging applications. You would think they’d want to roll things into Allo, but, you know.

Last month, Google turned on RCS in their Messenger application, starting their plan to standardize rich communication services for the entire world.

[TA Deals] Pick up some heavily discounted Windscribe VPN subscriptions


Windscribe is a fantastic VPN option for anyone that wants to secure their internet browsing history and habits. With that being said, it wouldn’t really be such a great option if it was just your standard VPN solution, so Windscribe goes a step further by also allowing you to get around some geoblocking restrictions from certain sites and services, as well as blocking ads from most sites. Not only does it improve your security, but it actively improves your browsing experience, too.

Gboard, the updated Google Keyboard, finally shows up for Android


Earlier this year Google released a new version of their keyboard app and in the process rebranded the app to Gboard. At the time the new app was part of a string of app updates pointing toward Google’s apps being more integrated and perhaps being a harbinger of the Google Assistant technology. One bad feature of the Gboard app was that it was only released for iOS devices. Half a year later and finally Android fans may be getting access to the super-powered keyboard as a leaked APK points to the update hitting later this week.

These are the most viewed ads of 2016 on YouTube


It’s been a wild year full of laughing, shouting, crying, and every other emotion-induced action you can think of. Many of them are noticeable in advertisements. When they click with you, they likely click with millions of others worldwide. That’s why viewership on YouTube for ads is as strong as it is. People from every part of the world can find and watch the ads everyone is talking about.

A list compiled by YouTube shows us the most viewed advertisements of 2016.

Conversational Actions for Google Assistant are now live for third-party services


It doesn’t matter what kind of platform you’re talking about, pretty much any developer ecosystem is DOA without third-party support. Android needs developers on the Play Store to thrive, just as much as Microsoft needs developers making games for the Xbox brand to survive. The next platform for Android is in the form of Google Assistant, and just like all its competitors, Assistant will only succeed if other developers board the ship.

Google rolling out Duo 5.0 with major video quality improvements


When Google released their brand new video chat app Duo this Fall, they aimed to provide an experience that was simple and could provide uninterrupted and good quality video and audio regardless of your location or connection strength. And with downloads on Android hovering around the 10 million mark, it shows that if nothing else Google has peaked the interest of a lot of users. A major update is starting to roll out now that will provide a number of benefits.

Join us after the break for the details.

Android Pay getting festive for the holidays, especially in the UK


Google has been seeing good success with their Android Pay framework and service since rolling it out last May. According to Google, it is especially popular in the UK and to help celebrate the progress, timed nicely with the holiday season, Android Pay users have some special features and opportunities they can take advantage of through the end of the year.