Russia added to list of countries where Android Pay is available

Today Google announced Russia has become the 11th country where Android Pay is available for use. In their announcement, Google goes over all of the basics about Android Pay including things like how to use it with your device via NFC at a physical retailer or using the Android Pay button with online retailers. Like other countries, Android Pay also requires a participating bank for the source of funds and merchants need a participating payment processor. Like other countries, users can also add their loyalty cards to the app for easy access.

G Suite gets more customization tools including new App Maker

As Google I/O 2017 starts to wind down and fans plot their new developments or their next big purchase based on Google tech, the enterprise market got some welcome news about some tools Google will roll out for G Suite. G Suite is Google’s platform mainly intended for the enterprise that gives companies access to their own cloud version of many of Google’s consumer tools. G Suite makes apps like Gmail, Drive and others available to an enterprise as their own private version of the tools. The new tools and features Google is rolling out will help enterprises leverage G Suite to be much more useful and productive and continues their efforts to match some other offerings in the enterprise market.

NOISE on Android from ROLI revealed at Google I/O 2017

To many of the attendees at Google I/O 2017, some of the music that played after the keynote address was completed may have seemed like your typical filler. However, it was much more than that as it represented an unveiling of NOISE on Android from ROLI. NOISE is a modular music app that enables the creation of music by anyone who can learn the simple concepts included in the NOISE app itself or via other tools from ROLI like BLOCKS or Seaboard RISE (yes, they like all caps). For the Google I/O event music was provided by PARISI using a Google Pixel, although the app will also run on a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Google hoping new features from Google Payment API make purchases even easier

Despite what seems like a lot of upstream swimming over the last few years, Google has managed to turn Android Pay into one of the more popular and used mobile payment options available for users. In addition to continuing to add more cards and banks to the program, Google is also hoping to expand usage by making it easier to deploy in more situations. To that end, at Google I/O the company announced a new Google Payment API that will streamline checkout for customers and give retailers and sellers a new path to collect payments.

Google Play Protect is the new public-facing security package for Android

Security on Android is no longer the exaggerated problem it once was. The phones, tablets, smartwatches, and streaming devices powered by the platform are all safe and secure. We’ve known that for years to be honest. This week, however, Google made an effort to bring its care for security to the forefront. Google Play Protect is a “comprehensive security services” package for Android devices that’ll monitor behavior and protect your data.

Smart Reply being added to Gmail on Android and iOS

One of the themes, if there is one, that seems to be emerging from Google I/O 2017 is the expansion of existing Google technologies to a wider array of platforms. An example of that was the announcement today that the Smart Reply function that Google developed for their Inbox and Allo apps will be added to and supported in Gmail on both the Android and iOS operating systems.

Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, new LG phone to get Daydream support

Along with the announcement of a modified version of Daydream, called WorldSense, coming to a new standalone VR headset, Google also announced the expansion of the existing Daydream platform to some new flagship devices during Google I/O today. The devices slated to get support for Daydream include Samsung’s latest flagship offerings, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, as well as an unnamed LG smartphone. With the addition of the new devices, Google’s Daydream virtual reality platform will be supported on at least 11 different devices.

Actions on Google expanding beyond Google Home to Android and iOS

During the keynote address at Google I/O 2017 today, Google announced a major expansion of Actions on Google. The big, most immediate news related to the framework used to build voice activated apps is that support is being enabled through the Google Assistant on Android and iOS devices. Eventually the ability to use Actions on Google will expand to any and all platforms that the Google Assistant is able to operate on. Along with the expansion of availability, Google also announced Actions on Google will be able to support financial transactions.