Spotify’s Discover Weekly now recommends new music based on your habits

Spotify new colorSpotify’s Discover Weekly will now recommend users new music to listen to based on their listening habits. The way it works is by building a two hour playlist based on not only your previous listening habits, but also other people’s. Every Monday the playlist will update bringing you all new tracks each week. The more music you listen to the better and better the new choice of music will be. You will also still be able to save songs you like or share them with friends.

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YouTube’s upcoming paid video streaming service already has licensing deals with 90% of viewership

YouTube_LogoGoogle is hard at work trying to roll all kinds of content into its YouTube streaming service. We already have Music Key, and a service dedicated to video game streaming is still in the pipeline. There are still rumors of an upcoming paid video streaming service to compete with Netflix and Amazon, though, and some new details have emerged about progress on that service today. Read more

Valiant Pixels makes its Moonshine icon pack open source


Developing an app of any kind takes a lot of time and money. And, to be successful, it normally takes upkeep after launch. Consumers are always looking for updated content that makes an app look and feel fresh. For Valiant Pixels, it has become time to move on from its Moonshine icon pack. Pedro Peguero Jr., the founder of the startup, announced today that Moonshine will be going open source, allowing Valiant Pixels to focus on new projects. Valiant Pixels will focus on design with logos, magazines, and, yes, even icons.

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HTC’s Under Armour-connected Grip fitness band is experiencing delays


Remember that fitness watch HTC unveiled alongside its HTC One M9 flagship back in March? Let me refresh your memory.

At Mobile World Congress, HTC unveiled a fitness watch with a partnership with Under Armour called “HTC Grip.” The HTC Grip had a design similar to the Nike FuelBand and was to be targeted towards athletes or just anyone who remains active. The device wasn’t going to have a dedicated heart rate sensor, but it did promise built-in GPS.

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Telltale Games’ fifth episode of its ‘Game of Thrones’ series coming on July 23


The fifth season of Game of Thrones came to an end last month and people are now left waiting until Spring 2016 for anything new. But that’s only for the television series. Telltale Games has a video game series of its own for the wildly popular franchise and the fifth episode is coming next week. On July 23, the developer will release A Nest of Vipers for Android devices.

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