Android for Work now available in the Play Store


Separating work from play has been annoying for many Android device owners. Not every hardware manufacturer bundles enterprise solutions on devices; therefore, Google has been forced to do some work of its own. Today, Android for Work has launched as an app available in the Play Store. The app “isolates and encrypts work data, including productivity, third-party, and internally developed applications.” The everyday, non-work stuff exists as usual while work-related items are heavily separated and protected. Android for Work places a small briefcase note on app icons to indicate that it is designated for work.

Android for Work is currently restricted to select partners.

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New Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides updates brings suggestion decisions and more


The Android apps for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are each seeing updates today that improves productivity. Now, users can choose to accept, reject, and comment on suggestions from others. The suggestion is then confirmed and implemented to the file. The mobile apps are also receiving more capabilities. Moving, resizing, and deleting charts can be done with the Sheets app and objects can be reordered with Slides. Slides also has received a speed boost when working with PowerPoint presentations.

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Google releases their own Handwriting Input app

handwrite input

Google released their Handwriting Input app, which is yet another way to enter text onto your device. If finger input, voice commands or even swype isn’t for you, then you can try this new method out by actually handwriting your letters and words. The app supports in upwards of 82 languages and I’m sure more will come in time. The cool thing about this is that it even registers emojis, so you can happily draw out those happy faces.

If you want more info on this new app, check out the source link below along with a direct link to its Play Store page!

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Google announces winning apps from their Google Fit Developer Challenge


Google has announced the winners of the Google Fit Developer Challenge that they launched last year. The challenge was designed to help encourage developers to look at the Google Fit platform and figure out unique, fun ways to get users active while using their Android devices. The challenge was launched with the support of adidas, Polar and Withings. Besides having their apps highlighted in Google Play, the winning developers will also be receiving some prizes from the sponsoring companies including: Read more

Samsung publishes the Galaxy S6 Experience app to the Play Store

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Experience-App (4)

You would have to have been living on the moon if you weren’t already aware of the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones, and even then, there’s a chance you might have seen something. In case you are unsure what the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets are all about, Samsung has published the Galaxy S6 Experience app to the Google Play Store for you to browse through.

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Kik Messenger updated with in-app browser and Material Design


Kik Messenger users, who now total more than two hundred million, can head to the Play Store and update their beloved messaging application. The latest version of the app removes the sidebar and replaces it with an in-app browser. Everything is now funneled into Kik Messenger rather than having to redirect users elsewhere. Kik Messenger also has a new look for users with Android 5.0 Lollipop devices. Within conversation, too, there are changes. Users have twenty-two chat bubble colors to choose from.

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