Google Maps ready to help Thanksgiving week


Google has been busy making some improvements and adding new features to Google Maps recently, like the ability to check out special store hours during the holiday season or find cheap gas or a detour. Combining Google Maps with data mined by the search giant’s computers from the last three years, Google is offering up some tips and insights for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Read more

Google Play’s minimum purchase price has been reduced in select countries


Nearly two hundred countries have access to Google Play, but no two countries are the same. Consumers and businesses differ from market-to-market. The Play Store, according to Google, is faced with “unique challenges and opportunities” in every market. Pricing is an area that is especially sensitive to change.

Google has decided that now is the time to reduce the minimum purchase price for apps and in-app purchases in seventeen countries.

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Google Play Movies & TV makes its way to LG Smart TVs


Own a smart television manufactured by LG? Now you can access a service that has thousands of movies and television shows in its catalog. LG announced today that Google Play Movies & TV is coming to LG Smart TVs in more than one hundred countries. Later this month, the company will allow owners of select LG Smart TVs in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia to access Google’s video streaming service.

Being that Play Movies & TV can be found across multiple platforms, you’ll be able to start watching something on your television and continue doing so on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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[UPDATE: Tasker is back] Tasker vanishes into thin air as it gets removed from the Play Store


Update: Tasker is back in the Play Store! Google gave Android Police a statement saying:

“We can confirm that Tasker is available again on Google Play. We worked very closely with the developer to resolve the situation and ensure that the app was in compliance with our policies.”

Rest of the story below.

Tasker has vanished into a puff of smoke, as it’s no longer available from the Play Store. In other words, those that don’t have the task management app installed or are trying to reinstall it are fresh out of luck.

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Nest’s 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat is Now Available in the UK for £199

Nest_Termostat_3rd_Gen_UK (1)

With the UK heading firmly into winter, it’s fair to say that people will be cranking up the central heating in trying to stay warm over the next couple of months. Keeping on top of energy usage can be irksome at the best of times, which is where something like Alphabet‘s Nest Thermostat can soon prove its value, the third generation of which is now available in the UK for £199. Read more