YouTube Music Key not playing nice with Google Play Music


Subscribers of Google Play Music have access to YouTube Music Key at no additional cost. So it makes sense that users put them to work to see which works better for them in different situations. However, be careful when switching between the two because one user reported on Reddit that Play Music will experience technical difficulties if the YouTube Music Key tab is left open on a web browser. Play Music would not work properly and notified the user that another person was on the account. In the end, the user said “PSA – close that tab.”

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Source: /r/Android

New Manual Camera app taps into new flexibility offered by Android Lollipop


When Google released Android Lollipop, one of the benefits was the virtual explosion of new APIs that app developers could tap into to bring new features to users. One of those new APIs is for the camera functions and provides the ability to tap into manual controls for camera hardware that supports the new options. This means Android photographers can get a little bit closer to having their smartphone replicate the features and capabilities of a more traditional DSLR. A new app from GD Software, Manual Camera, is the first one to hit Google Play that appears to take full advantage of the new API and available controls.
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Cyanogenmod 12 nightly builds now including the CM Theme Engine

cyanogenmod-12-cm12-android-lollipopOne of the coolest features that Cyanogenmod offers is a fully fleshed out theme engine built directly into the OS for your Android device. There are tons of available themes on the Play Store and the internet that can completely change the look of your phone on the fly, and it’s one of the biggest things that’s been missing from Cyanogenmod 12.
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[Chrome Dev Channel] Share your Chromebook or PC via Chrome Remote Desktop


In the newest iteration of Chrome’s Dev channel, you can now share remote access to your Chromebook or PC by using the new Share feature in the Chrome Remote Desktop app. This news was published by François Beaufort, a Google Chrome developer, on Google+ yesterday.

There’s no need to enable anything in chrome://flags, the feature is automatically available inside of the Chrome Remote Desktop app by clicking a large, green Share button. Easy enough!

You’ll need a few things to take advantage of this newest feature, though:
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Recruiter medals added to Google’s Ingress game


Google’s Niantic Labs is pushing out an update to its massive-multiplayer GPS game, Ingress, bringing recruiter medals to its players. As can be inferred, these medals are given to players for inviting new gamers to the battlefield.

Agents, the name given to players of Ingress, can access the Recruit tab from the OPS menu inside of the app, which will walk you through adding your recruits. They must be first time players, of course.

The medals you can earn from recruiting are as follows:
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[New Android Wear app] DressWatch matches your watch with your outfit


Not all watch faces available on an Android Wear device can be adjusted. For those that require a complete outfit with the watch included, there is DressWatch. The app matches a users watch face with the outfit they are wearing. It does so by grabbing two colors from an image uploaded or one already taken. The user can change the colors to their liking if they do not like what DressWatch has offered. Rather than hunting for a watch face and risking disappointment, DressWatch ensures a user can match.

Hit the break for the gallery and download links.

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Screen Mode app takes new angle on accessing your smartphone screen


One of the bigger annoyances all smartphone users deal with is getting access to the screen as quickly and easily as possible. Possibly in a perfect world, we might all leave our screens on all the time so a mere glance would reveal all we expect to see. In the real world though, that would lead to some very short periods of time in between battery charging. So, a variety of measures have been enacted to turn our screens off and only show limited notifications in an effort conserve battery life. However, that also means going through the trouble of turning a device back on to use it. The new Screen Mode app from XDA Senior Member Meko07 hopes to address this situation.
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