ustwo’s ‘Monument Valley’ to see free DLC this week


Monument Valley launched in 2014 and barely anyone expected the game to be so popular. Shortly after its launch, the game quickly achieved success both critically and commercially. It was enough for developer ustwo to invest in downloadable content following its initial release. Last year, Monument Valley players saw Ida’s Dream arrive as a level pack to benefit Product Red, a division of the ONE Campaign, and its fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. The only problem with Ida’s Dream, covered in red for the charity, was that ustwo never made it available for anyone outside of iOS.

That changes this week.

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Instagram’s Explore page and search functionality get redone


Instagram’s update that arrived this afternoon does not bring any sort of overhaul to the user interface but it does include a retake on the Explore page and the app’s search functionality. Instagram made these changes to its app because there are more than 70 million photos and videos shared on its service daily. People want to see what is happening nearby and around the world in real-time. The service now curates content in the Explore page for users.
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New WhatsApp update lets you conduct keyword search through your entire chat history


How many times have you mentally pressed Ctrl+F keys to find an important piece of information in your WhatsApp conversations. Well, it looks like that the Facebook-owned messaging app has decided to make things easier for you, albeit quite discreetly.

The new WhatsApp update for Android (version 2.12.34) that brought Material Design changes to the app wasn’t merely cosmetic. It now lets users perform keyword search through all their conversations.

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Google Translate processing over 100 billion words daily


Google has released a new video that is part of their “Be Together. Not the Same.” marketing strategy in which they showcase their Google Translate platform and app. In the course of the video it is revealed that Google is now processing over 100 billion words each day through Google Translate. According to Google, the most translated words they process include “How are you?”, “Thank you” and “I love you.” Besides the statistics regarding translation, the video also shows how the Word Lens integration in the Google Translate app on smartphones works to provide a real time image translation.

Hit the break to check out the video from the Android team and let us know in the comments how you use Google Translate.

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Foursquare brings Mayorships back via Swarm platform


Back when Foursquare split up their service to create a “new” Foursquare app and a new Swarm app, one of the features that was lost was the fun of claiming a mayorship. Mayorships were the way that Foursquare gamified their system to encourage check-ins at various locations. Although the app location has shifted, the idea of mayorships as originally implemented is back. Read more