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PieMessage brings iMessage support to Android


One of the more popular apps in the iOS world is iMessage, Apple’s proprietary messaging platform. Although Apple has very recently started to look at expanding support for their apps outside of iOS, iMessage is unlikely to be close to the top of the list as it can be very effective at keeping people locked into Apple’s ecosystem. If you are an Android user and have a spare computer lying around running OS X that can function as a server, a new open source project called PieMessage may bring iMessage support to your Android device. Read more

Hulu has eyes set on new cable-style service


For the cord-cutters of the world, one of the big challenges has been getting around limitations on shows broadcast via traditional outlets and popular cable TV channels. Even when services like Netflix and Hulu were able to get access to some of this traditional programming, they often had to do so via a delay and sometimes through extra charges. Sources familiar with what Hulu has in the works indicate the online platform is planning to roll-out a new streaming service that would provide feeds of broadcast and cable TV channels placing them in competition with pay-TV providers and some other new entrants to the market on the digital, streaming side. Read more

YouTube plans changes to Content ID to keep money flowing during disputes


Earlier this year, YouTube started to take significant flak in the form of a protest called “Where’s The Fair Use?” The movement started in response to what critics say is a broken copyright challenge system implemented by YouTube called Content ID that fails to recognize legitimate uses of copyright material. YouTube finally acknowledged that they indeed had a problem on their hands and promised to work on addressing the issues. A new step has been taken in that process with YouTube’s announcement that they are going to modify their systems so that revenues will continue to accrue while videos are in the dispute process. Read more