Allo will get proper SMS support in a future version


Allo launched Tuesday night to much hype and excitement. Unfortunately, much of that excitement turned to disappointment as users figured out that Allo wouldn’t be able to replace their default text messaging app, largely because of the lack of any sort of text messaging support.

It’s not all bad news, though. It’s likely that Allo will get full SMS support in a future version, according to a hint from Allo’s co-lead Justin Uberti.

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Here’s what everyone is saying about Allo


Google launched its highly anticipated smart messaging service Allo last night, and it’s pretty much turned out to be a disaster from the start. The premise behind Allo is that Google Assistant will add seamless contextual information to conversations, but with Assistant only being a “Preview Edition” it certainly doesn’t work as intended. And since Assistant doesn’t work that well at all, all we really have is another glorified messaging app–it’s just like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and the list could go on forever.

Hit the break to find out what everyone is saying about Allo.

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Google backtracks on promise not to store Allo messages indefinitely


While we were given a heads-up as to when Google’s Allo messaging would begin rolling out, no one really expected it to become available to the masses in the small hours of the night. It did, though, and as is usual with new apps, people have been tearing into Allo, finding out all sorts of interesting things. Something that has been found out in the few hours since Allo officially launched is the change in Google’s stance of only storing messages transiently, and not indefinitely. Read more

Google beefs up Drive’s search function with natural language processing technology


Searching for files or folders on the cloud is usually only as good as the terms you are typing in, which means if you are incorrectly spelling a word, the results may not show what you are looking for. For Google Drive users at least, the act of searching for an item has just become a little easier thanks to Google integrating its search technology with it, enabling users to find files or document with greater speed and ease. Read more

Google Allo, the smart messaging platform, is rolling out worldwide


Google is rolling out its new messaging platform to Android and iOS devices worldwide after months of waiting by the public.

Allo, which was announced earlier this year at Google I/O 2016, is finally live. The company is positioning the platform as a “smart messaging app” that uses internal and external information to create meaningful conversations between people.

Speed, expression, intelligence, and privacy are the areas that Allo focues heavily on.

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