UK, Facebook still at odds over WhatsApp privacy despite ‘pause’ in sharing


When Facebook acquired WhatsApp consumers were likely concerned about how their personal information may be shared between the apps. That fear was confirmed when the two platforms revealedĀ in August that some information, notably phone numbers, would be shared between WhatsApp and Facebook. That development did not sit well with the UK Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, or other regulatory bodies as well as consumers. In the UK, an investigation was launched and Commissioner Denham provided an update yesterday that was a mixture of good news and bad news. Read more

Every car is now a potential Android Auto


Over the past couple years Google has slowly been working to build out their Android Auto ecosystem. This includes developments to the user interface and perhaps more importantly, obtaining agreements from auto manufacturers to make Android Auto available as a user interface on the screens in new vehicles. Obviously there is one big shortcoming to these plans – all of the vehicles on the road that were produced before Android Auto was ever available. To get around that, Google announced today the ability to run Android Auto on any Android 5.0 or higher smartphone, meaning all vehicles could potentially have the system running as they scoot on down the road. Read more

LastPass modifies free plan to include multi-device access


LastPass announced a change to their product pricing strategy today making a significant change to the free plan that they offer. The last time LastPass updated their subscription plans was a little over a year ago when they modified the free plan so that users could sync passwords across all similar types of devices based on what they started with. To share across platforms though, users had to upgrade to a premium plan. LastPass will now focus on other features being attractive enough to drive people to upgrade to a paid subscription plan as multi-device, multi-platform access will now be part of the LastPass Free tier. Read more