Google’s My Tracks App Gets Google Fit Integration


Google is not frequently known to have any of its apps out of sync with its other products, but surprisingly, the My Tracks app has been on the back-burner when it’s come to the Google Fit app. Many other apps, like Strava, have had Google Fit integration for a while now. That ends today as Google has finally introduced its two fitness apps to each other.
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SwiftKey Offers Branded Keyboards, Starting With “Frozen”


For the first time in forever, SwiftKey is offering branded keyboard themes. And based on market research that must have demonstrated that the bulk of SwiftKey users are young girls, the first themes to hit the market will be for Disney’s animated juggernaut Frozen. (Or it’s also likely that Disney Consumer Products dangled the metaphorical carrot in front of SwiftKey product developers.)

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UK Intelligence Agency Makes Exclusive Android Tablet App, Teaches Cryptography


The British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), a similar intelligence agency to the United States National Security Agency (NSA), has recently released an exclusive Android tablet app geared towards teaching the public some basics in cryptography and a spot of history involving cryptography. The app is mainly geared towards children, but the GCHQ states that it can be fun for people of all ages.
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Calendar Events Notifier App Will Pester You Until It’s Acknowledged


I can recall very specific calendar events that I missed because the notification disappeared on my phone. This problem happened more often when I got an Android Wear smartwatch because I flicked through my notifications too quickly.

Now, thanks to XDA developer Bartito, you can get bugged to death until you acknowledge that yes, you do have a doctor’s appointment today.
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Google Wallet surprising some users with $5 credit treats


Several Google Wallet users have started to report that they are finding $5 “treats” in the app when they open it. The surprises consist of gift cards to various vendors for “being a loyal Wallet user.” It is not clear how Google is selecting the users to receive the gifts as some indicate they have not been using Wallet and others are heavy users, even participating in a current promo to get a gift when you buy a gift.
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