Facebook could make private sharing easier with ‘Moments’


Facebook knows it’s hard to share things with only a few select people, at least on their network. But they might have the answer with a product codenamed, “Moments.”

Moments is being tested right now with employees so it could be released soon. As it stands right now, the design is a grid with tiles representing close friends and/or family. All the user has to do is tap on a contact tile to quickly share something with just them. According to TechCrunch, the app looks a lot like the Cluster app.

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Motorola drops four new apps on the Play Store for 2014 Moto X

Moto_X_2014_Moto_Display_TAMotorola has released four new applications onto the Play Store for the release of the 2014 Moto X. Last year, Motorola separated several of their apps from the core software of the Moto X and uploaded them to the Play Store to allow quick updates without a complete OTA rollout. It was a successful strategy and we’ve seen other manufacturers do the same things with their newer devices.

These four new apps are Moto Actions, Moto Display, Motorola Sensor Services, and an app just called Moto. The Moto Actions app handles the gestures that Motorola has been showing off with their new device. It looks like it’ll give you an explanation of each gesture and let you toggle specific gestures on and off. The Moto Display app is the advanced version of Active Display from last year’s Moto X, and it is indeed separate from the Play Store listing for Active Display.
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Adobe’s EchoSign e-signature service brought over to Android


EchoSign is an electronic signature service that has been around for a few years, but it was not until today that Adobe released it as an Android app. Users can e-sign, send, and receive documents right from their mobile device with EchoSign. It works with documents from Google Drive, Box, Evernote, and Acrobat with presumably more support on the way. EchoSign is optimized for Android tablets and works with your choice of a finger or stylus to complete the e-signature.

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Google rolls out Google Play Services 6.1 update, packs multiple API enhancements


Google Play Services received an update today, bringing the software version up to 6.1. Nothing too wild here, but there are some updates to the Google Analytics API, Google Drive API and Google Fit API.

The update is slowly rolling out, so be patient. Unless you’re a developer, not much is relevant here, but some solid enhancements nonetheless.

Source: Android Developers Blog

Google rebrands Maps Engine to My Maps on mobile devices and desktop


While most users of Google Maps make use of the normal Google Maps product, whether on the desktop or on their mobile device, other users tap into Google’s Maps Engine product to create custom maps. Starting yesterday, Google started rolling out an update to the Maps Engine mobile app that included a change to the name of the app. It is now known as My Maps and even got a new logo. Today, the Google Maps team announced through their blog that My Maps, both the free Lite version and the paid Pro version, is also coming to the desktop. 
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Chromecast adds support for WATCH Disney Channel, Twitch, iHeartRadio, and DramaFever

Chromecast_dongle (1)Google is still hard at work building out Chromecast support, and today you’ll have four new options to cast to your television. Disney channel, Twitch, iHeartRadio, and DramaFever are all on board with casting support.

The WATCH Disney, WATCH Disney Jr. and WATCH Disney XD apps all support casting content on demand, and if you sign in through your television provider, you can even stream live content. Twitch has finally added Chromecast support, even though their deal with Google didn’t materialize. You’ll be able to watch any live streams from the Android or iOS apps, and they’re also supporting casting from a web browser.
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Shazam links to Google Play for listening and buying


Simplicity is a beautiful thing. And with Shazam updating its Android app, it gets even simpler to listen and buy a song. Shazam now links to Google Play to sample a track and then download it. Also, the app can redirect users to Google Play Music All Access in the event that they want to forgo an individual purchase and have endless streaming. This is in addition to the app already linking to Rdio, Beats Music, and Spotify.

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Get answers to your questions much faster in Chrome for Android with hidden experimental feature


By now you have noticed that whenever you start typing a query in Google, auto-suggestions appear below. If you’re using the Chrome app on Android (and you should be), you will also get answers in this auto-suggestion area meaning that you don’t even need to complete the search. You will have to enable a flag within your app since it’s not set by default, but trust me, it’s easy.

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