Twitter battling security breaches impacting user accounts


Twitter has managed to keep their servers safe amidst reports of attempts to hack them to gain access to user accounts. However, the company has acknowledged that it appears attacks and breaches on other web sites may have put user accounts at risk. To combat this, Twitter has taken to locking some accounts over the past few days pending owner password resets and they have posted an entry on their site with information on the current situation and tips for users. Read more

NVIDIA SHIELD is getting Plex Media Server support in its next update


The NVIDIA SHIELD is probably the most capable Android TV device you can buy thanks to its powerful Tegra X1 processor and the optional 500GB model, and NVIDIA has done an excellent job of supporting the device post-launch with tons of new features and updates. The newest update that’s slated for the box is going to bring another very useful trick into the SHIELD’s toolbox and will allow you to turn the SHIELD into an optimized Plex Media Server. Read more

Google testing Material design for desktop search


One of the big news items that came out of Google I/O 2016 this year was the announcement that Chrome OS would support the running of Android applications. Android and Google fans have been watching for years to see whether the company would merge their operating systems into a single unified platform. Running Android apps on Chrome OS does not get the company there yet, but it is a step in that direction. Based on some items noticed by users, Google is working on another step by reformatting their main search page at to start incorporating Android’s Material design guidelines and concepts. Read more