SwiftKey users have been seeing predictions from other people’s personal data


SwiftKey is one of the oldest and most popular third-party keyboards on Android. It has almost unmatched text predictions that sync with various apps and services (such as SMS, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter) allowing the user to quickly type up a message, often using the prediction bar alone. Combine that with the ability to sync your predictions in the cloud so your data is available across all devices your signed into and you have a pretty powerful service. However, in the last several days some users are reporting that the predictions they are seeing are not their own, and appear to be from other people.

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SoundCloud hoping to find buyer willing to part with $1 billion


SoundCloud started out as an alternative method for DJs and artists to get their music and other creations streaming on the Internet without relying on big services like Apple Music or Spotify. Despite those roots, the company is increasingly moving towards a more mainstream model. One step in that journey is the possible sale of the company, a move the owners hope will yield a $1 billion sales price. Read more

Google Play Family Library makes it a little easier to share content


Recognizing the fact that many people who buy content from the Google Play Store, especially movies and video, do so as part of a family, Google launched the new “Family Library” today making it easier to share content with family members. Although the new feature may get the most use for video content, it extends to eligible apps, games, movies, TV shows and books. Through the Family Library, when one person in a family makes a purchase, it can be shared with up to six other family members across devices for no additional fee. Read more

Pokemon Go Plus accessory delayed until September


Bad news for Pokemon Go fans. While the Pokemon Go Plus accessory was originally slated for a late July release, Nintendo has announced that they’ll have to push back the official launch until September. There’s no word on why the delay happened, but considering pre-orders all over the web have completely sold out it probably won’t affect how long it will take for the average person to walk in a Gamestop and pick one up. Read more

Twitter live streaming expands to MLB, NHL and a nightly highlight show


Twitter is known for the immediacy of the content that is available on the platform, a position that helps it maintain a certain level of uniqueness. Nevertheless, the company continues to explore ways to stay relevant in the battle for social media eyeballs. One way has been to increase the availability of live streaming content. Twitter announced a major step in that effort revealing today that they have signed deals to stream weekly out-of-market Major League Baseball (MLB) games and National Hockey League (NHL) games. In addition, 120 Sports will produce a nightly highlights show called “The Rally” that will stream live on Twitter. Read more

PlayStation Vue ready for the NFL with new local, national channels


All thirty-two teams in the National Football League (NFL) are launching training camps this week. Sony’s PlayStation Vue, which you can finally use with an Android device, is also preparing itself for the start of the 2016 NFL season. The live television streaming service is adding NFL Network, NFL RedZone, and a number of local CBS stations.

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Allo won’t be the default messaging app in Android 7.0


Google’s approach to messaging apps is clouded at best and completely confused at worst. Not only do we already have Google Voice, Hangouts, and the default Messenger app for Android devices, but later this year we’ll be able to add Allo and Duo to that list. With five different apps, you’d think Google might be considering replacing and consolidating apps, but that doesn’t appear like it will be the case for Android 7.0 Read more