Google Camera gets another update with Photo Sphere improvements

by Jared Peters on
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Google released an update to the Google Camera on the Play Store just a few days ago that brought some Android Wear functionality. Also part of that update isn’t quite as big, but it does fix a lot of issues that users had with Photo Sphere and related modes.

Photo Sphere has been improved so it has a larger target area, which is extremely helpful in bright sunlight. This change should make creating Photo Spheres much, much easier. Aside from that small tweak, Photo Spheres should use less memory during the stitching process, which will supposedly cut down on crashes in the camera app. That performance change should also affect related camera modes, including Fish Eye, Panorama, and Wide Angle.

source: Google+

[New Wear App] Find and open apps a lot quicker on Android Wear with Wear Mini Launcher

by Robert Nazarian on
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The Android Wear interface is simple, which is a good thing, but opening apps is a little convoluted. If you want to use your voice, it’s not too bad, but if you want to navigate with your finger, forget it.

Wear Mini Launcher aims to make things a lot easier, and it does. Once the app is installed, just place your finger at the top left corner and swipe to the right. An opaque drawer will open with all of your apps.  Six app icons can appear at the same time, but you can scroll down revealing more.

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Microsoft opening beta program for OneNote users on Android

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Microsoft is opening a beta-testing program for its OneNote app on Android — any user can join, all you have to do is sign up with Microsoft’s new beta program.

After you sign up, Microsoft will push out an update to you for OneNote. You’ll get a whole bunch of new features — just make sure to give some feedback!

Microsoft will even accept suggestions from users for ways to improve the app in the future.


Source: Microsoft

HTC Dot View app becomes manageable with themes and settings

by Justin Herrick on
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When HTC unveiled the Dot View case, we were pretty impressed. Spending some time with it, though, we found that it was actually quite limited. Today, the company has updated the app to make it visible in your app tray rather than hiding behind the scenes. This means one thing: settings. The HTC Dot View app now has a few settings to work with. Users can choose when the display will timeout, adjust what (of the few apps) can display notifications, display call history, and opt to bypass a security screen.

The biggest part, however, is the ability to apply themes. There are eighteen of them to be exact and activating the display while the cover is on shows the time with the theme sitting in the background. They all look great, but it does take away the time and weather ticker at the bottom.

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Microsoft releases Climatology in the Play Store for people who want an inside look at weather statistics

by Justin Herrick on
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Some people want a little bit more weather information than just what is present and on its way. They want weather statistics and answers to very specific questions as to what the weather is like on average in a particular location. Well, Microsoft has come to the rescue with the new app Climatology. Where is it hot? Where is it cold? Where is it wet? Where is it dry? Climatology has all of these answers and more. The app uses information gathered by Microsoft’s very own environmental scientists that is generally used for climate-related scientific research. It is all displayed in a very clean and intuitive way.

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New QCast Music brings party playlists to Chromecast

by Jeff Causey on
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The development team at QCast wants to see people at parties make use of a host’s Chromecast to help everyone get their groove on by creating and sharing group playlists using their new QCast Music app. At least one person in a group needs to have a Google Play Music All Access account to serve as the host. QCast indicates they hope to add more music services in the future. The person with the All Access subscription connects to a Chromecast and from there other guests can connect to the shared queue using the QCast Music app. Songs are added by searches that tap into the All Access service to get results. » Read the rest

Samsung App store officially changes name to Galaxy Apps

by Jared Peters on
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Samsung Apps2

Samsung previously announced they were planning on changing the name of the Samsung Apps storefront to Galaxy Apps, and that change has finally taken place. An update to the application on Samsung devices rebrands the app’s name and brings a cleaner interface. You won’t lose any purchased items after the change, fortunately, although I’m not sure too many of you had much to worry about in the first place.

Do you ever use the Samsung App store on your smartphone, or is it one of those apps you wish you could uninstall?

source: SammyHub

Fleksy’s Android Beta gets updated with 15 new languages and Galaxy Gear support

by Jared Peters on
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Fleksy has announced that the beta version of the keyboard for Android is getting a handful of new languages today, bringing its total language count to over 35. Some of the new modules are completely new languages, like Norwegian and Croatian, while others are actually language variations, such as British English or French Canadian. Adding in support for a wide variety of different languages is key to Fleksy’s goal of targeting international markets for growth. » Read the rest