Facebook adds internal browser to app on Android


Users are reporting that their Facebook app on Android is now loading links to web sites in an internal browser rather than launching one of the external browsers a user may have installed on their device. There is no indication in the Play store entry for the Facebook app that an internal browser has been added as an update which suggests this may be a beta feature that only a subset of users are receiving. Rolling out changes to only some users for beta testing is a standard practice for Facebook on the normal web interface and seems to be used more frequently with their Android app.
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1Password update brings new features and pricing changes


A new update to 1Password, the universal, cross-platform storage for all of your account passwords, is being pushed out today. There’s some good stuff and some bad stuff. The good news is that there are new features, but the bad news is that 1Password is switching to a “freemium” style pricing model, which means the app is free to download, but certain features will cost to enable. That means you can pick and choose the features you’d like to download instead of paying a fixed price for all of the features.

In addition to the above changes, 17 new languages have been added in, vaults can be created right through the mobile application (no more desktop version required), and much more. Download links past the break.

Source: Agile Blog

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Google ordered to remove Secret from Play Store by Brazilian judge


A Brazilian judge is demanding that Google remove the social networking app Secret from the Play Store and from all Brazilian phones that have the app installed.  This comes after multiple cases of bullying and harassment carried out through the popular app. While the ruling sounds a little extreme, Google has the power to remove the app from devices remotely, though they reserve such measures for malicious or harmful apps.

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Sprint to include ‘App Pass’ on all Android phones starting August 29

App Pass on Sharp Crystalap_on_aquos_02

Earlier today, Sprint announced the Sharp Aquos Crystal, and the announcement of “App Pass” came along with it.

App Pass gives users access to premium apps and games for $4.99 per month. They will also throw in a $5 credit for each month to spend on in-app purchases. Apps such as OfficeSuite 7 Pro, Camera Zoom FX, and Minuum Keyboard are included as well as games from Gameloft and Oceanhouse Media. If users want to try it out before committing, Sprint is offering a 14-day free trial run.

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Microsoft OneNote optimized for Android tablets with handwriting support


Just in time for students heading back to school, Microsoft has updated its note-taking application. OneNote, which is a go-to app for many, now supports handwriting on Android tablets. With either a finger or stylus (or Samsung’s S Pen), users can scribble write on their Android tablet with the OneNote app. Microsoft has included new formatting and font selections for the tablet experience. OneNote has also been improved with a cleaner user interface that matches Google’s design language for apps.

Hit the break for the video highlighting handwriting support and download links.
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LG plans to bring G3′s UX to future entry-level and midrange phones and tablets


The UX design and features found on LG’s G3 flagship will reportedly be brought to future LG entry-level and midrange smartphones and tablets, a company release said today.

The standardization of the UX features from the G3 is part of an effort to make its less-premium hardware feel more high-end compared to competing devices from other OEMs.

Some specific features brought over to other devices include Touch and Shoot, Gesture Shot, Clean View, Smart Keyboard and more. Hit the break for LG’s full release.

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YouTube Music Key is on the way, will bundle Google Play Music Key with it


There has been no doubt that YouTube is working on a music streaming service. In fact, it is expected by the end of this summer. It has faced a ton of speedbumps do to design faults and trouble with negotiations between record labels. Today, Android Police has uncovered YouTube Music Key. The launch of this new service would also include a rebranding of Google Play Music All Access to Google Play Music Key.

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LEGO Fusion arrives for Android devices, merges physical and virtual bricks


LEGO Fusion is the company’s way of bringing its beloved bricks to mobile devices. A LEGO Fusion set is paired with the corresponding application to take the physical creation into a virtual world to complete tasks and mini games. At launch, there are three apps available for Android devices through the Play Store — Create & Race, Town Master, Battle Towers. Each set is available for $34.99 and contains over 200 bricks, so there should be no shortage of possibilities.

Hit the break for download links.

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Ignore No More lets parents lock a child’s device if they refuse to respond to calls and texts


For many parents, it is a challenge to get in touch with a child by contacting their smartphone. In most cases, they ignore their parents’ calls and texts. This is not good for any parent as it leads to worrying. One parent had enough of this and decided to develop Ignore No More. It is an application that gives control to parents. Ignore No More gives parents the lock a child’s device until they get return the call or text. Parents with multiple children can use Ignore No More, but each device installation costs $1.99. If getting in touch is very important, then that price will not be a problem.

Hit the break for the gallery and download links.

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Newest Mozilla Firefox nightly adds experimental Chromecast support


Users of the Mozilla’s Firefox for Android should head over to Firefox’s nightly page and grab the newest update which brings Chromecast support to the popular third-party browser. With the update users can navigate to tools > mirror screen in the browser’s settings to cast tabs and videos to Google’s handy streaming stick. As previously mentioned, this is a nightly build and therefore an experimental feature. Head over to Firefox’s download page to grab the update and let us know in the comments how it works.

Source: +Lucas Rocha