Ginger Keyboard launches new Smart Bar feature for quick access to favorite apps


There are many replacement keyboards available through the Play Store that allow for a truly custom experience. Some are only visually pleasing and lack any unique features that enhance the keyboard. Today, an update has arrived for Ginger Keyboard that brings with it the launch of Smart Bar, an intuitive way for quick access to favorite apps. Smart Bar focuses on productivity by offering actions before even launching an app.

Ginger Keyboard’s Smart Bar starts out with a generic set of icons being displayed: Ginger, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Search. Tapping on any of these will prompt users to select either Ginger’s embedded services or ones that are already installed on their devices. For example, selecting the Tasks icon will offer Ginger’s notes or Google Keep. Ginger Keyboard cares more about a user’s productivity than the use of its embedded services.

Hit the break for additional details and download links.

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Google’s Inbox coming to select group of Google Apps customers next month


I know a lot of Google Apps customers have been praying for Inbox to arrive, and it looks like the wait is about to finally end. Inbox is coming to Google Apps next month, but unfortunately it won’t be available to everyone.

Google does not want to launch Inbox to everyone just yet since Google Apps customers are a different breed from your traditional personal Gmail user. They want input to see how to make Inbox more effective. The plan is to enable Inbox for a small group of Apps customers in an effort to learn about their needs and challenges.

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Google makes deal to bring Wallet to major wireless carriers, buys out portion of Softcard


Google has signed a deal that will lead to the distribution of their Google Wallet app pre-installed on devices sold by by Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T starting later this year. As part of the deal, Google is also buying some technology from Softcard, a mobile payment solution that had been developed by those same carriers.

According to Softcard, the app will continue to work for users that want to make mobile payments – for now. However, this could change as Google starts to rollout their solution on carrier devices. Since Soundcard is selling some of their intellectual property related to the app to Google, it seem unlikely future development will continue. Reports indicate there are no Softcard employees joining Google as part of the agreement, which could be bad news on the horizon for Softcard employees.
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Get fix for Lollipop silent mode with SoundHUD app


Last year one oddity of Android Lollipop that was discovered was the missing silent mode for smartphones. Users could use their volume buttons to get down to vibrate mode, but the next step that would normally be present, silent mode, was missing without going through a lot of trouble including a reboot. According to reports, this issue is addressed in the forthcoming Android 5.1 build. Until that update rolls out to users, there could end up being a lot of people out there on Lollipop 5.0 who are missing the ability to truly silence their device. To take care of them, Great Bytes Software has released a new app call SoundHUD that promises to bring back true silent mode to Lollipop users.
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New Google Now card shows ‘Gas stations on your route’


Next time you are on the road and in need of gas, cue Google Now for assistance. Select users are beginning to see recommendations for gas stations that lie on their same routes. Google offers results based on driving speed and location. Gas stations are represented by red circles with white gas pumps. The card appears only when driving or navigating rather than being present when not in a vehicle.

Source: Kevin McLaughlin (Google+)
Via: Android Police

WhatsApp call feature enabled for a short period, gets closed down


WhatsApp has been attempting to roll out its calling feature over the course of a month now, and today, it kept its window open for users to get in on the action before WhatsApp closed down the invite system yet again. This time, though, if you got the call interface activated it appears that it will stay that way for you permanently and you are still able to make calls, but you won’t be able to invite anyone from it now that the window is closed.

Details of how the invite system works have been pretty well worked out so far without much assistance from WhatsApp. If you’re a WhatsApp user and you’re looking forward to being prepared the next time one of these windows opens, you can check the criteria after the break.
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Microsoft eyeing Dropbox users with 100GB of OneDrive storage offer


Companies with cloud storage services can always provide more space to retain existing users or pry others away from the competition. Right now, current Dropbox users can move over to OneDrive and receive 100GB of storage at no cost for one year. Taking advantage of this offer will require both Dropbox and Microsoft accounts. Once Microsoft verifies everything, a document for new OneDrive users will be added to Dropbox. Then Microsoft will freely add 100GB of storage to OneDrive to confirm completion.

The promotion is designated for people in the United States; however, select international users are seeing identical results.

Source: Microsoft
Via: TechnoBuffalo

Rovio celebrates the Year of the Goat with specials throughout game portfolio


Rovio is once again celebrating the Chinese New Year with a variety of new additions to several of their game titles.┬áJust in China, Angry Birds has seen close to a half billion downloads, so it should be no surprise that Rovio wants to join in celebrating the Year of the Goat. According to Rovio’s SVP and COO of Games, David Byrne,

Rovio has been a great fan of Chinese New Year since 2012 when we developed a Year of the Dragon update for Angry Birds Seasons. We enjoy seeing fans around the world partake of a unique celebration that has its origins in China.”

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