[APK Download] New version of Google Drive supports batch download, send, share interface improvements


Google appears to be ready to drop a new version of Google Drive for Android devices taking the app to version 2.2.233 that includes a few features that users will likely appreciate. In recent updates Google has added support for features like drag and drop support for files and Chromecast support. These latest enhancements may not garner headlines like those changes, but they will make the app a lot easier to use for many people. The new Google Drive app has revised the menu when multiple files are selected to make it easy to download or share them. The update also improves the process used to share a file with collaborators. Read more

Cartoon Network’s Formula Cartoon All-Stars racing game launches on Play Store

Screenshot 2015-06-25 20.22.19Cartoon Network has launched a brand new racing game onto Google’s Play Store called Formula Cartoon All-Stars. The game features several characters and tons of tracks from Cartoon Network’s most popular franchises, including shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, plus several others.

The gameplay offers a hectic cart-racing experience, not unlike Mario Kart. There are tons of boosts, items, and weapons to keep races exciting, and the control scheme is completely optimized for just one finger. Read more

Sonic Runners is out worldwide in the Play Store

SONIC-RUNNERS-iconSega has a new side-scrolling Sonic game out in the Play Store today. It has been available in select areas, but is officially released worldwide June 25th (today).

Like most other Sonic games it’s a classic 2D runner that still has everyone’s favorite characters. Prepare yourself for fast speeds, big loops, and lots of Bosses such as the infamous Dr. Eggman. The objective is still the same as previous games. Collect as many rings as you can while going as fast as you can. Your goal is to level up quickly, but you will need to decide who is the best character to use for each level.

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Amazon offering 23 apps for free through end of month, running Dream Package contest


Amazon offers a free app everyday through their own Appstore, but from time to time they offer a whole bunch of apps for free for a limited time. As people start to countdown the days until the long Independence Day weekend starts, Amazon has launched a special promotion through July 1st that makes 23 titles available for free.  Read more

Luxe valet service adds new Drive Home option


If you ever drive in the big city one of the challenges you may have faced is finding parking without incurring a parking ticket or a long walk. To combat those problems, Luxe opened to offer a valet service for users who need to park somewhere that does not normally have valet service. The company has announced they are expanding the services they offer beyond just parking your car while you are out and about – they will now drive you home in your own car. The most obvious application for this service will be for users who may not be in a condition to drive thanks to the help of a few drinks. Read more

Amazon opens up Alexa platform as part of big voice technology move


Earlier this week Amazon finally opened up the closed beta for their Amazon Echo voice-activated device to general consumers. However, Amazon was not anywhere close to being finished with a move into the voice-activated technology realm. Today they announced that they are opening up their software platform that powers Echo, Amazon Alexa, to developers via APIs, they are making APIs available for hardware makers to incorporate Alexa technology into new devices, and they are backing all of this with a $100 million fund to support developers. Read more

Pixelbite Games presents Xenowerk, a new top-down shooter

Xenowerk-iconXenowerk is a top-down style shooter game where you are the last hope against a mutant infestation. Your mission is to destroy all the nests and kill all mutants in order to stop them from spreading. There are 50 levels that increase in difficulty which means more mutants to kill! You will need to gather all the guns and armor you can from dead mutants in order to advance. You also have special powers to help you progress and have the option to activate one or many at a time.

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