OneDrive now supports files up to 10 GB

Microsoft OneDrive logoIf you’re a user of OneDrive you’ll be happy to know that the cloud storage service now supports files up to 10GB. Users will be able to upload these large files via the apps for Windows, Mac, the web site and all OneDrive mobile apps. According to Microsoft this feature is the highest requested feature. Business users will have to wait as the company works to bring support. But if you’re an Office 365 user with that one terabyte of storage burning a hole in your cloud storage wallet, then you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to fill up that space faster. Enjoy.

source: Microsoft

Humble Mobile Bundle 7 features six games and counting


The next wave of games for Humble Mobile Bundle 7 has arrived. With any donation, you will get three games. The games at this tier include The Tiny Bang Story, Color Zen Premium, and Heroes of Loot. Then, donating more than the average will net an additional three games and more as others get added to the mix. The average donation sits at $3.96 at the time of this post’s publishing. The games here are Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Horn, and Sorcery. Soundtracks for some of the games are also bundled.

The Humble Mobile Bundle series benefits both the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity.

Source: Humble Bundle

Google officially launches Voice integration in Hangouts


Its been in the rumor mill for a long time, and to some extent has already begun, but now its official, Google have integrated Google Voice into Hangouts, allowing you to access Google Voice messages and voicemail inside Google’s popular messaging app. While the integration is in its earliest stages, it is nice to see Google consolidating the popular services.

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Netflix post-play features finally come to Chromecast

netflix_web_logoNetflix has been teasing that they were planning on bringing the post-play features of TV episodes to Chromecast streaming, and it looks like that’s finally happened. Now you’ll be able to quickly play the next episode from your phone without having to wait for the credits to roll, or to grab your phone, back out to the episode menu and manually pick the next episode. The feature is available to almost all smartphones and tablets, and PC support should be on its way soon.

Why not go binge watch an entire season of your favorite show to celebrate?

source: Netflix

Amazon finally adds Prime Instant Video to their Android app


Amazon has inexplicably left Android users in the cold when it comes to their Prime Instant Video streaming service, but today that changes. Users of the Amazon app should hit the link below and update to the newest version to start streaming their favorite shows today. The update also brings Amazon’s entire retail catalog to the mobile app. Finally, they bundled in 5GB of Amazon Cloud Drive storage. It is safe to say Amazon’s recent update is welcome for users of their Prime Service, but they’ve also added something for everyone. Hit the break for the download link (which for now is USA only).
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Samsung releases WatchON Plus to the Play Store for Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4


Samsung’s WatchON app is relatively popular — in addition to its ability to control set-top boxes and TVs, it can also play on-demand content (both free and paid).

Today, Samsung released WatchON Plus to the Play Store, but is only available to Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 owners. The app features an updated UI, but doesn’t appear to have any added functionality.

To download, hit the break.

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Motorola Connect snafu installs Moto 360 apps on non-Motorola devices


Motorola is suffering from the sting of embarrassment after an updated version of their Motorola Connect app made it out into the wild with some fairly critical code omitted. The missing code is that related to checking whether a smartwatch being paired to a Motorola smartphone is a Moto 360. Even worse, the app automatically installs apps intended for Moto 360 smartwatches on those non-Moto 360 devices.
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Google Cast Beta extension update allows for 1080p casting of Chrome tabs

Chromecast_dongle (1)Google has updated their Chromecast companion extension for the Chrome browser that brings in a pretty useful new tweak for slinging your browser tabs to your television. If you’re using the beta version of the Google Cast extension in Chrome, you’ll be able to cast your tabs in full 1080p, up from the 720p option that’s available in the stable version.

To top it off, the beta extension allows you to adjust the bitrate of your casted tabs, plus set a limit on the maximum FPS captured from those tabs. If you’ve got a nice router, you can really turn those settings up to get a fantastic experience with your Chromecast, but if you’re dealing with a cheaper or slower router, you may not want to crank the settings up too high.
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Twitter’s “Buy” button has begun testing in the United States


Whether or not you intend on using it, a “Buy” button will soon be present while using Twitter. A very small percentage of users in the United States will see the new button starting today. Over time, Twitter will be expanding the feature to more and more of its users. The “Buy” button will make purchases possible without ever having to leave the service with a few taps here and there.

Worrying about the security of purchasing items through Twitter? Feat not. Payment and shipping information will be encrypted and stored after a user’s first transaction; therefore, repeatedly entering information is not necessary. If you feel that you do not want Twitter to have any of this information, you can simply remove it.

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