Google says mobile Chrome browser not getting support for extensions


Part of the power of Chrome on the desktop are the extensions that add to the functionality of the platform. Google made it possible for the extensions to sync across devices so users have the same tools available to them whether on a work computer or a home computer. One shortcoming surfaces as soon as a user opens Chrome on their mobile device. Although accounts and bookmarks will sync to the mobile version of the browser, extensions do not and the Chrome team says this is not expected to change. Read more

CBS, FOX, HGTV, and others update their apps to support Chromecast


Chromecast owners have six new apps to consume content from starting today. CBS, FOX, FX, HGTV, Pluto TV, and Haystack TV all have update their respective apps to support Chromecast. Streaming content from some these networks, such as CBS, will cost money while others simply require television provider authentication. This all means that Chromecast owners have even more content to be devoured.

Want to watch Empire? Louie? Or what about Property Brothers? There are now apps with Chromecast support for that.

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HTC Car app gets moved into the Play Store for easy updating


The HTC Car app claimed a new home in the Play Store this morning. Owners of select HTC devices will notice that an update has been pushed to the device; however, there is not actually an update. The changelog reads “Now available for updates on the Play Store.” Doing so allows HTC to easily update its app that enables car mode for drivers. Rather than making users wait for device software updates, changes can be made from the Play Store.

Could this move have anything to do with the company’s potential push into automobiles? We will have to wait and see.

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Sunrise Calendar has a new keyboard extension that centers on scheduling


The time it takes to leave an app, open the calendar app, check your schedule, and return to the original app is gone. Why? Because Sunrise Calendar just received an update that brings with it a keyboard extension called Meet. It is supposed to quickly display available slots in a user’s schedule followed by forwarding forwarding them to others. Those on the receiving end select an agreeable date and time and input their email so all calendars are synced.

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Rdio introduces new Select streaming plan, includes enhanced radio and limited offline playback

rdio selectRdio has announced a new tier in their streaming subscription offerings called Rdio Select. This plan runs just $3.99 per month, making it one of the most affordable music streaming options available. It’s not as fully featured as something like a Spotify or Google All-Access subscription, but depending on your listening habits it might work for you.

The sub gives you enhanced radio streaming options, including endless radio playback based on any artist, song, genre, etc., plus a personalized radio station with no skip limits and no ads. Not bad for four bucks. You’ll also be able to stream music at a very high 320 kbps bitrate, which is fantastic for those of you that are bothered by low quality audio. Read more