Google’s ‘MyAndroid’ site will help you personalize your home screen

Just because Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system doesn’t mean that everyone’s home screen has to look the same. Thanks to the vast differences in the custom interfaces that OEM’s pre-install on devices and Android’s huge potential for customization, we can all set up our handsets and tablets in unique ways. If you are finding inspiration hard to come by, though, you can visit Google’s new “MyAndroid” site, complete a “Taste Test” about your preferences, and then choose from offer a variety of styles that Google thinks will suit your personality and device.

Facebook Messenger copies Instagram’s Stories, which copied Snapchat’s Stories

Doesn’t matter what you and I think. If Facebook likes what the competition is doing, it’ll copy them without any shame. We’ve seen it before. We’re seeing it again. We’ll see it in the future.

An update for Facebook Messenger copies a feature from Instagram, which actually copied the feature from Snapchat. It’s an odd cycle that isn’t harming Facebook and its services in any way. Each Facebook-owned service is, believe it or not, continuing to experience growth.

Let’s see what Facebook is up to now.

Hangouts splits into two, Google positions itself to fight Slack

It’s official. Google will pivot Hangouts to become a business-focused product instead of a consumer-focused one; therefore, the entire service now belongs to the G Suite family. The new Hangouts breaks into two experiences with unique purposes, but they exist together in a way to improve productivity for businesses across the board. While Hangouts Chat is built for device-to-device communication, Hangouts Meeting is built for group meetings. Everything is meant to make G Suite an even better value and that much more capable of being an all-in-one solution for businesses.

Google Play Music announces City Soundtracks as first original podcast

Music services such as Spotify have become more popular in recent years compared to the traditional approach of purchasing albums and building up your personal music library. Google Play Music is a great app for finding music you love and discovering new artists and today Google has announced a new way to enjoy your music with their first original podcast: City Soundtracks.

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