Journo’s creation of an Android app looms with new stretch goal


On Indiegogo, there is a small campaign running for a new journaling app concept. Dane Homenick’s Journo aims to be the sophisticated journaling service that goes everywhere you go with storytelling features. Journo designs travel maps based on where you’ve been to make the experience look and feel like an expedition of Lewis and Clark proportions. The service doesn’t just want text and maps to tell the story. It stamps photographs taken from a specific location to corresponding journal entries. Users of Journo can collaborate, too, for packed, even more detailed records.

And, when it is all said and done, Journo allows you to print items and store them like a physical journal.

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Yahoo’s News Digest app is now available for Android tablets

Yahoo News DigestYahoo’s popular News Digest app is now available for Android tablets. It’s basically the same as the mobile version only now on a large screen which makes reading more enjoyable. What makes it unique is it provides a summary of all important news twice a day, hence the “digest” name. Once in the morning and once at night, all the top stories are summarized and only the key information is shown.

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JustWatch app now available on Android


In a world full of streaming and online video services, figuring out which service any particular title may be available on and for how much is becoming increasingly complicated. This is where JustWatch has jumped in by providing a custom search engine just focusing on a variety of online video streaming services for movies and TV shows. After launching earlier this year via a browser interface for the desktop, JustWatch has now released a dedicated Android app for users on the move. Read more

WhatsApp gets several new features in latest batch of updates


WhatsApp rolled out an update yesterday to add several new features to the messaging platform. The road to getting the update on to users’ devices was a bit rocky though as feedback revealed several problems that caused the team to have to release several updates to patch problems throughout the next 24 hours. With all of the dust apparently settled for now, WhatsApp users will find they have new notification options, the Mark As Unread option, and a low data usage option for voice calls. Google Drive backup also makes a return to the app, although it is part of an automated portion of the program. Read more

‘Hearthstone’ expansion, The Grand Tournament, coming next month


Next month, the millions of people playing Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will have new content to devour. Blizzard Entertainment revealed that The Grand Tournament, the game’s second expansion, will be released across multiple platforms worldwide in August. Players head to the Frozen North where the weather has improved and battle is welcomed. A festive gameboard is included, too, showcasing the landscape of the tournament.

The expansion comes with 132 new cards covering spells, weapons, and characters. All of them, unsurprisingly, will come at a cost. Either use in-game gold or have a credit/debit card at the ready. Pricing will be the same as other Hearthstone card packs.

Hit the break for the trailer.

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