Google IO 2017 Coverage

LastPass fills users in on plans for Android O

With Android O being released to developers and an almost certain release to the public later this year, password manager app maker LastPass has been busy at work getting their platform ready for the upgrade. One of the new features coming to Android O that the LastPass developers are looking forward to is the new set of Autofill APIs. LastPass thinks the use of these APIs will help them increase security and expand the features available through their app when used on an Android device.

Sling TV tunes Cloud DVR ‘First Look’ feature to include Android, Roku

Currently one of the big three television streaming services available is Sling TV, a platform that we gave solid marks to in our review. As one of the first services out of the gate to emulate traditional, live TV and cable service via the Internet, Sling TV offers a solid line-up of content and a stable, consistent user interface across a wide variety of devices. One of Sling TV’s newer features is their Cloud DVR service which has only been available for Amazon devices during its initial release period. Today Sling TV announced they are enabling Cloud DVR “First Look” service on Roku and Android devices.

Twitter Lite arrives to help you save on data

Twitter is a massive platform with smartphone adoption reaching 3.8 billion at the end of 2016. With millions of active users daily, and the ever increasing amount of multimedia being shared across the web and app versions, Twitter can easily consume more data than you may want. Just announced to save the day comes Twitter Lite, which is a version of the mobile web experience that promises to reduce data usage by up to 70%. Let’s see what’s new.

YouTube TV starts streaming in five U.S. cities

Today, YouTube TV debuts in five major U.S. cities as Google prepares itself for battle in the live television streaming race. It’s a sign that, before fully going against experienced competitors, YouTube TV will be fine-tuned before a nationwide release. Google wants to ensure everything is working properly before the masses can join the service and enjoy live video streaming from major television channels from any device.

[Deal] Add a second number on your phone from Hushed for $25!

Many people want a second number, but they don’t want a second phone. It’s probably better to avoid using your personal number for work, while dating, and on select public services where you don’t know who you’re communicating with. Your number is a piece of highly sensitive information. So you shouldn’t just hand it out easily. You need to communicate with a number that doesn’t get traced back to you. It’s backup, and we’re here to help.

Now, at Hushed, you can get lifetime access to a second number on your phone at a price exclusive to Talk Android and its readers.

Hide your apps in the drawer or not with the Samsung Galaxy S8

As folks start to dig into the operations and details of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, in particular the user interface, some new tweaks and features are starting to surface. The latest one appears to be driven by a desire to ease iOS users into the world of Android, although it is conceivable there are Android users out there who just may prefer it this way. This feature is a toggle switch to either use an app drawer or just put all app icons on the homescreen similar to iOS.