Snapchat security issue has not been addressed since its discovery in August, could pose serious privacy concerns for users


Gibson Security has found a security issue in Snapchat, the popular photo/video messaging platform, which could allow hackers to easily exploit the program’s API to steal data, as well as scam/stalk Snapchat users.

The security team had presented the issues to Snapchat in August and says that they still have not been addressed, and warn that they pose serious privacy risks for users.

Phone numbers of users can easily be discovered, and dummy accounts can be created in bulk. The code of the exploit is now available to the public, so pretty much anyone with any hacking experience could exploit it. Gibson Security says that the bug can be fixed with “ten lines of code.”

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Source: Gibson Security

Bought Humble Bundle 8 for the above average price? Get three new free games in newest update


If you purchased Humble Bundle 8 for the “above average price,” you’re about to receive three new free games. If you didn’t get the game-pack before, you can still get it if you pay above $4.31. The original pack included 6 games, so the current 9 games are pretty much a steal at the current price.

The games include Solar 2, The Bard’s Tale, and Bad Hotel.

Looking to support charity? Go ahead and get the pack if you already haven’t!

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Study reveals security flaws in Samsung’s Knox platform on Galaxy S4


Researcher Mordechai Guri at the Ben-Gurion University’s Cyber Security Lab in Israel recently discovered a major vulnerability in Samsung’s Knox security platform on the Galaxy S4. The flaw “could allow malicious software to track emails and record data communications.”

While Samsung is still investigating the claims, a Samsung spokesperson said that the allegations are not as serious as they might seem.

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HD Widgets and Dayframe Prime on sale on Google Play for just 99 cents


App developing team Cloud.TV has two of its most popular apps, HD Widgets and Dayframe Prime, on sale in the Play Store for 99 cents.

If you’re looking to customize your device a bit, then these two apps will certainly do the trick.

With HD Widgets, you’ll get a whole variety of great-looking widgets for your device that are fully customizable. Dayframe Prime will essentially turn your device into a digital picture frame, as it can connect to a number of picture services such as 500px, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Twitter and more to provide nice photos to display on your device.

Get the apps fast if you’re planning on getting them at any time in the future— this is the cheapest they’ll probably ever get! Hit the break for links to the apps in the Play Store.

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Amazon giving away $5 Appstore gift cards for downloading any app, more freebies

amazon_appstoreAmazon has a few nice holiday presents for their Appstore users. For starters, if you download any app through their store, they will give you a $5 gift card for free, to be used in the Appstore. The promotion runs from today until December 28, and the credit is valid for any apps, games, and in-app purchases in the Amazon Appstore.

In addition to the $5 promotion, Amazon is offering more than just the standard app a day for free. On December 25th, Amazon will be offering a “Free App of the Day Welcome Pack,” which includes things like a note taking app, alarm clock, and more. On the 26th, Amazon will be offering Office Suite Pro 7 for just $.99, down from its regular price of $4.99.

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