Opera Ice coming to Android in February with WebKit functionality

It appears as though Opera is preparing to release an entirely new mobile browser for Android tablets and smartphones next month. According to Pocket-Lint, Opera Ice will feature baked in WebKit functionality, something the company’s previous offerings have noticeably lacked.

Like we’ve grown accustomed to with other browsers, Opera Ice will be relying heavily on gestures for controlling key aspects of navigation. The redesigned browser will also feature tabs in the form of icons on the homepage, allowing users to easily access their favorite sites. Read more

Galaga Special Edition hits Google Play Store

Fans of classic arcade games may be pleased to know Namco Networks has released a new title, Galaga Special Edition, in the Google Play Store. Namco describes the game as being based on the classic title, but with some new twists like better graphics and special weapon power-ups. The game contains 25 levels plus boss battles. The game is free, but several early adopters are complaining the ads that help maintain that price point are extremely annoying and intrusive into the gameplay itself. Check out some screenshots after the break and a download link if you are interested in trying out Galaga Special Edition. Read more

Carbon Beta 2 released with support for Dropbox, other features

Users looking for a backup solution for their Android devices should probably be keeping an eye on Carbon. The app comes to us courtesy Koushik Dutta, creator of Clockwork Mod Recovery and a CyanogenMod ROM maintainer. Earlier this week he released the first beta of his newest creation that will backup apps and data between devices in the cloud.

Today he released the second beta that adds support for Dropbox, though that feature is limited at the moment while Dutta waits for “production” status from Dropbox. New features in this second beta include the ability to save groups and batches of apps, the ability to select all apps for backup, and the ability to backup data only. Fixes included in this second beta address backup/restore windows popping up once per app and some button click issues.

The new Carbon beta will work through January 25th. This version requires a rooted device, but Dutta says the next beta will work on non-root devices. If you want to try out Carbon Beta 2 and you have a rooted device, use the link below:

Carbon Beta 2 APK: http://download.clockworkmod.com/test/Backup.apk

source: Koush’s G+

Tethercell Indiegogo project hoping to make batteries “smart”

Taking the concept of the network connected home a step further, the Tethercell project is working to raise funds via Indiegogo to start shipping their “smart” batteries in June 2013. The project’s principals were not content to see wireless control of devices limited only to those that are “plugged in.” They have designed an adapter for AA batteries.

Connecting via Bluetooth 4.0, users can use the Tethercell app on their smartphone to control devices that have at least one Tethercell battery in their bank of batteries. The app enables users to: Read more

Temple Run 2 dropping onto the Play Store on January 24th

Temple Run is one of the biggest mobile games to hit the market ever, ranking right up with the likes of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Unfortunately, Android users had to wait quite a long time to have the game ported, but it looks like we won’t have to wait as long for the much anticipated sequel. The Guardian reported that Temple Run 2 should sliding into the Play Store on January 24th. Developer Imangi said they wanted to make the game cross-platform right from the start, so that played a huge role in getting it to both app stores so quickly. From the stunning new visuals and gameplay elements I’ve seen (which include a zipline and a mine cart) waiting at all is torture, but better late than never, right?

source: The Guardian

XBMC for Android launches “user-friendly” version

Owners of Android devices hoping to turn their hardware into a streaming media set top box now have the opportunity to do so using popular open source application XBMC. To open the door to Android device owners, the developers of XBMC incorporated hardware accelerated video decoding into the application. XBMC also promises this new version is user-friendly, a claim that seems to be supported by the fact that their installation instructions are comprised of only four steps.

XBMC started out as an application to a turn a first generation XBox gaming console into a media center. Thanks to its open source nature, it has become quite popular with developers like Plex Media and Boxee. If you want to check out XBMC for Android, use the source link below to visit the XBMC for Android website.

source: XBMC for Android

via: ArsTechnica

Sony is giving away PlayStation Mobile games for Free for six weeks

If you’re lucky enough to have a PlayStation Certified device, you will want to check out the PlayStation Store because Sony is giving away one free game each week for the next six weeks. This week’s game is Samurai Beatdown, which is a rhythmic-action scroller. The service is only available in Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Australia. Now you won’t find a lot of devices that have the PlayStation Certification. It’s mostly Sony branded with a few Sharp and HTC devices, but we have the complete list after the break as well as the trailer video for Samurai Beatdown.

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RIM invites Android developers to port apps to BlackBerry 10 in ‘Last Chance Port-a-thon’

Sure, porting Android applications to run on BlackBerry devices isn’t fresh news by any means, but with the impending release of BlackBerry 10, RIM is attempting to bulk up its App World offerings in time for the big reveal. The Waterloo based company has already held two previous “port-a-thons” in an effort to get new developers on board, and it appears as though RIM is holding a final “last chance port-a-thon” before devices begin to hit the market later this month. Read more

Verizon giving a free month trial of Redbox Instant for beta users

Remember Redbox Instant, the competitor to Netflix funded by Redbox and Verizon? If you’re using the new app and signed up for a beta code to test the service out, you’ll be able to get a free trial month with that code. You’ll get an entire month of movie streaming for free, as well as four DVD rentals. At a service that will normally run 8 bucks a month, that’s not too bad. If you’re interested, hit the link below for the app. And if you’ve got a beta code to test it out, be sure to let us know how it is in the comments.

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