LG & Verizon Set To Release Phones With VMWare

Verizon again continues to get lucky when it comes to getting the good stuff. It’s no secret that LG and VMWare have a unique partnership, but now they’ve revealed something that looks to be pretty special. LG showed it had a trick up its sleeve at CES. What would you say if you can use both your “work” phone and your “personal” phone on the same phone? Let me explain– VMWare has officially enabled the ability to run separate virtual Android OS machines on the same device. That means you can use your personal phone one minute, hit a button and then completely move to your work phone managed by your employer. Pretty neat isn’t it?

Verizon isn’t done either. The big news is that Big Red and Telfonica will be a launching a phone with the technology “in the coming months”. All of this means improved productivity for all— and soon.

Further details are scarce, but stay tuned with Talk Android and we’ll provide any further info as we get it.

(Photo courtesy of The Verge)

[via The Verge]

Netflix Now Available For Those That Live in the UK

Folks in the UK have long been waiting for the release of Netflix in their area. Well their wait is over as Netflix is finally available in the UK. Even better news is that the Android App is now available as well. It’s been reported over the past few days that those with PS3′s have been receiving the Netflix application but that sign up wasn’t available. However, as of right now you can head over to Netflix.com and sign up for a free one month trial. After that month it will cost you £5.99 a month to stream all the content you desire. This app is compatible with a wide variety of Android 2.2 devices and up so hit the break to get your download links, enjoy!
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Samsung to Debut Airplay Rival, SwipeIt at CES

Well it appears the Samsung is continuing to take the fight to Apple with their newly made SwipeIt application. This app looks to take on Apple’s Airplay as a way to easily share your mobile content on your TV. Set to debut at CES, it will operate just as simply as Airplay. With one touch of a button, whatever your watching on your mobile device will show up on your TV.

Samsung started pushing this app to their internet connected TVs a week ago and the application made its way to the Android Market in quite a subtle manner a few days later. Unlike Airplay, where you have to have all Apple products in order for it to work, the MOVL developed app will work on any Android device.

So if you are rocking a Samsung SmartTV and have an Android device, not just a Samsung Android device, hit the break below to get a copy of the SwipeIt application. You will have to let us know how well it works and keep your dial locked here for any and all Android related news at CES. Stay tuned!

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Microsoft to Bring Xbox Live App to Android (And iOS Too)

If you are one of the Xbox toting folk who wanted to have the ability to play Xbox Live on your smart phone you were very much limited to having a phone with Windows Phone 7 on it. I say were because yesterday Microsoft announced that it’s gaming app will be coming to both Android and iOS devices. While it has been available for iOS, users are only able to chat with friends, update their avatars or manage their achievements. They had mentioned this move before but Business Insider received conformation yesterday. a developer told them:
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Get Splashtop Remote Desktop Free Today as Amazon’s Free App of the Day

While I don’t use remote desktop apps all too often, as I am near my computer usually anyway, in the times I have Splashtop Remote Desktop has been my app of choice. Connections are stable and I have found little lag in use. I have yet to drop a connection through the app itself, and when I have it was something to do with my router. Well today is a good day for those that need a remote desktop app as Amazon is offering it as its free App of the Day. Given that it is normally $4.99 any other day, this is one heck of a deal. Version offers the following features: 
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The Box.net App Updates to Version 1.5, Adds Widgets, Uploading From Any App

The other day we brought to you news of how you could sneakily snag yourself 50GB of free online storage from Box.net. As you know, folks who owned either a Sony Xperia or LG Android smartphone received 50GB of cloud storage for free as part of a promotional deal between Sony, LG and Box.net. Well today we bring you news that Box has updated their Android app bringing it to version 1.5. Besides updates to the interface the app boasts some awesome productivity features. They are:

  •  A widget that shows the progress of files that are currently being modified or updated.
  •  The ability to upload email attachments or files directly from the app you’re currently using.
  •  The ability to create documents in an office app of your choice and saving the file in Box, rather than in  the document editor.

Given Box.net has 1.9 million users, the company is doing what it can to provide important improvements to the user experience. This goes a long way in customer satisfaction and it’s a relief to see that some companies still value the consumer. Hit the break below to find the Market link or QR Code, and if you are truly interested to read the press release. Even if you missed the 50GB promotion you can still snag 5GB of free online storage which is more than enough for most folks, enjoy. 
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Swype To Unleash Beta For Ice Cream Sandwich By End Of January

The best keyboard app in the game is about to take a major leap for 2012. Swype has announced on Twitter they will be unveiling the beta release of the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Swype by the end of the month:

“Good news! Official ICS support is near. Final tweaks and testing should be done in time for an anticipated end-of-month beta update.”

Yes folks, the real version is on its way. Sure someone was crafty enough to get Swype working on ICS devices before, but something about having the real thing just puts us at ease.  Ice Cream Sandwich suddenly looks even more appealing now that there’s an official version of Swype on its way.

[via Swype Twitter]

Got Root? The ASUS Transformer Prime Does Now

Fast on the heels of the Asus Transformer Prime announcing its bootloader unlocked tool, the device is now also capable of being rooted.  Thanks to Asus finally listening to the masses, they are making available a new root tool to give you all Superuser access.  And thanks to the viperMod Prime Tool, only available for Windows (.exe file) at this time, the impossible has now been made possible. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t impossible as much as it was annoying, but nevertheless, we’ve got root!  However, on a side note, recall that Asus has an ICS update coming this month for the device, so you may want to reconsider rooting the device just now until the update occurs.  Whichever route you take, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.
[via RootzWiki]

Make Lightbox For Android Your Next Photo Capturing, Editing, Enhancing and Sharing Application (Video)

Photo editing apps are a dime a dozen on the Android Market, however, it’s a little difficult to find a “good quality” application that will allow you to perform a number of operations seamlessly and effortlessly with online services and those you love the most.  In steps Lightbox, a popular photo capturing and editing application that gives you a big bang for your buck, especially because it’s free.  Lightbox allows you to take regularly taken photos and enhance them like never before.  In addition, you can organize and then upload them to a Lightbox community timeline very much like post cards, something that’s setting the service apart from most right now.

Photos you share publicly will also get posted to your very own Lightbox website that other users can follow. You just focus on taking photos, and we’ll automatically create an attractive timeline of photo postcards for you.

You have the option of keeping them private or choosing who gets to see them and have access to them.   There is also an online interface for you to interact with all of your photos.  Lightbox.com offers safe storage for all your important snapshots and thus being in the cloud, you can quickly and easily download them onto any device that supports the application.  If you’re ready to give it a try, hit the break for the download links and to check out more offerings and info from the developer.  There’s also some screen shots and a quick video of how the service works.  Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts about the app below as well.  
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Get Cool Boot Animations For Your Galaxy Nexus

If you’re of the “root’n & rom’n” variety and you own a new Galaxy Nexus device, you’ve got to be loving all of the new tweaks the dev community have been accomplishing.  Latest to make its way to the device are a few cool boot animations provided by our friends over at RootzWiki.  The Bokeh animation above should be a good indication for you of how fricking cool these animations are.  Ready to give them a go?  Check out the DL links after the break along with the instructions.  Feel free to use our forum or the comments thread below if you have any issues.  We’ve provided all of the download links courtesy of RootzWiki for your convenience.  Good luck and have fun.  
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