[Deal] Modern Combat 3 on sale for 99 cents to celebrate expansion on Major League Gaming

Gamers who enjoy the combat genre may want to head over to the Google Play Store today to grab a copy of Modern Combat 3 for only 99 cents. Gameloft is offering the title at this special rate for today only to celebrate the international launch of Modern Combat 3 on Major League Gaming. Both Modern Combat 3 and N.O.V.A. 3 have been available on Major League Gaming, but only in certain geographic areas. The two Gameloft titles are now available for play from anywhere on Major League Gaming, but only Modern Combat 3 is getting the special sale treatment. Major League Gaming runs tournaments every couple weeks with $250 awarded for first place, $150 for second, and $50 for third place. In addition, thanks to Sony’s support via Xperia Play and the PlayStation Mobile brand, players using an Xperia device can win an extra $50.

Even if you are not interested in the Major League Gaming aspect, this is still a great deal for a popular title. To take advantage of the offer, just use one of the links below.

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Google Play Download Link

The Upcoming LG Nexus: What We Know Up To This Point & What We Can Expect


As we patiently wait for October 29th to arrive, we are expecting to see at least one addition to the Nexus family, the LG Nexus. After countless leaks for the past month and much speculation, we think we may finally have a somewhat concrete idea of what the upcoming device giving the true “Google Experience” will offer. The device will as always, introduce new technology— while making existing technology a little bit better. Read on past the break to have a brief breakdown of what is known and what we can expect in this new superphone.


Verizon to give customers option to pay via carrier billing for Google Play purchases

Google Play announced today that they will be implementing a new feature for Verizon Wireless customers. Verizon users will be able to select “Bill my Verizon Wireless account” when making purchases in Google Play to have the charges show up on their phone bill. It appears this option can be used for anything purchased in Google Play, including apps, movies, books, music, and magazines. No specific date for availability was included in Google’s announcement via their Google+ page, but they do say the feature will be rolling out to users during the next couple weeks.

source: Google Play Google+ Page

Marvel War of Heroes arrives on Google Play with trading card addictiveness in tow

Trading Card Games such as Rage of Bahamut have been extremely popular with Android users. Now the comic book giant Marvel, responsible for icons such as Spiderman and the recently revived Avengers series, have decided to cut themselves a piece of the pie with the recently released Marvel War of Heroes. Made by the same developers as the aforementioned Rage of Bahamut, expect it to have extremely strategic and open gameplay that everyone from the die hard TCG player to the 7-year old Iron Man fanatic can enjoy.

Published by Mobage games, it has a social aspect ingrained into its very DNA, allowing players to play each other, as well as participate in a cooperative campaign across the internet. Complete with all the Facebook and Twitter connectivity you could dream for, this is a game made for groups of friends to play and challenge each other. The game is currently out and early user reviews are proclaiming it the best game since Rage of Bahamut and many users are willing to share promo codes for exclusive and rare cards. With a free price tag, I suggest anyone who’s into TCGs to pick this one up for some on-the-go action. Hit the break for the download links.

Netflix Gets Updated To Include Support For Devices Operating In Nordic Countries


Those of you living in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland can now get in on the Netflix party, courtesy of the latest update. That means those of you living there will be able to access and enjoy all the TV and movie content that you can handle. Oh and what’s more is the latest Netflix update also brings improved subtitle support for Android 4.0 and above devices. One thing we should note, however— now that the latest update is available for those regions, if there’s a sudden drop in productivity at various offices, we can only hope the blame is not placed on us.

Users can grab the latest update by scanning the QR code or clicking the Play Store link below.


Play Store


Google Play Store wishlists included in latest update now rolling out

Google continues to make improvements to the Google Play Store, slowly turning it into a one stop shop for software and entertainment selections for Android devices. To help move users into their “store” and away from competitors means implementing features that users expect to be available. One such feature is the ability to create a “wishlist” within the store.

Google Calendar now available as standalone app from Google Play for ICS and JB devices

We often get the opportunity to report on all manner of snazzy apps released through the Google Play Store. Rarely do we see something seemingly mundane like a calendar app. That is probably because a calendar app is virtually assured of being a “stock” app on any smartphone, whether it be Google’s app or a manufacturer’s replacement to fit in with their overlay, like TouchWiz, Sense or Motoblur. Apparently Google believes some users may want to get their hands on the stock version, so they are making it available as a standalone app in the Google Play store.

This version is only compatible with Android 4.0.3 or later devices and according to Google, there are several known problems with HTC devices. If you are interested in experiencing a small bit of the pure Android experience via Google’s Calendar app, use one of the links below to download it from the Google Play Store.

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Google Play Download Link

Swype update brings split keyboard and dictionary syncing functionality

Swype has issued an update to its beta keyboard software which adds several new features and enhancements over the previous version. Users can now sync their personal dictionaries across multiple different devices, eliminating the need to re-teach abbreviations or names to each device. In an attempt to cash in on social features, Swype is introducing “hotwords”, a new addition which adds globally trending words to your dictionary.

Also new, is a smaller, more convenient split keyboard for tablet users. Customization serves as a main focus in the newest version of the keyboard too, with the company now allowing users to choose between ten unique keyboard themes. Add this to the plethora of backend overhauls and enhanced support for Japanese and Chinese users, and the new iteration is definitely the one of the best option on the market. Now, if only it we’re actually available on the Play Store.

Source: The Verge


iGrill now available for Android devices

What exactly do you get when you combine grilling with Android? iGrill. Previously limited solely to iOS devices, the food-monitoring Bluetooth accessory is finally compatible with Android. The company broke the news on its website earlier today, announcing that an official application had been made available on the Play Store for Android users to download.

If you’re not familiar with the gadget, iGrill wirelessly pairs to your Android device and will feed you live readings of your food’s temperature. The iGrill component itself retails for $79.99. While that may seem like a steep price to pay for a fancy meat thermometer, keep in mind that what you’re actually getting is the best possible mixture of serving your duty as grillmaster and using your Android smartphone.

Source: iGrill
Via: AndroidandMe 

Google Play Store Magazines Now Readable via Google Chrome

One of the things I was pumped about regarding the purchase of my Android tablet was the ability to read magazines on it. I’m a huge magazine guy. I just thought the convenience and “cool factor” of reading a magazine on a tablet sounded inviting. Turns out that I simply liked the idea of magazines on a tablet. How many magazines have I read in the six months of tablet ownership? Zero.

However, Google’s latest feature may change my old fashioned, paper magazine habit. You can now access the magazines on Google Chrome that you’ve purchased from the Play Store. The feature looks slick, offering on screen, clickable buttons for virtual navigation of the magazine. You will find the magazines’ clickable content along the left side which acts as the table of Contents. You can also pan and zoom for closer examination of pages. This is yet another way in which Google is enabling  your Play Store purchases to  follow you wherever the day may take you. For those of you that give it a go, let us know how you like it.

source:  Google+

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown reveals itself in the Google Play Store

With Halloween just around the corner, many people are looking to get into the mood with a little help from their Android devices. Whether recalling memories from their childhood or sharing them with a new generation, one of the classics associated with the season is the animated TV classic It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Thanks to Loud Crow Interactive, Inc., this Halloween standard is now available via the Google Play Store for $4.99 in the form of an interactive book.

Pinger offers free voice calls and texting to Android users

So-called free text and voice alternatives have long dominated the Play Store, each with their own unique set of limitations and caveats. Pinger, however, is a new application, and while it’s mostly more of the same, it also manages to squeeze in a few additional features that direct competitors have been missing.

Similarly to Google Voice, Pinger will provide you with a personal phone number which can be given to friends and family. The same number can be used regardless if the person on the other end is using Pinger or not, meaning mobile to mobile, mobile to landline and vice-versa are all supported. You’ll also get a personal voicemail inbox, so contacts can leave voice messages in the event that you are unreachable. Incoming calls are free, though you’ll need to pony up some extra cash to buy minutes for outgoing calls (new users receive 20 minutes free). Currently the full service is limited solely to the United States and Canada, though free text messages can be sent in an additional 35 countries.

As with these types of applications, there are several limitations. For starters, Pinger SMS works only between two Pinger users, meaning you won’t be able to exchange photos or videos friends who aren’t using the service. Also, because Pinger is a VoIP application, you’ll need an established data connection to utilize any of the service’s functionality. And, with data fees becoming increasingly more expensive, the idea doesn’t seem too tempting. Catch the official PR after the break.