Amazon Prime Content Comes to Google TV’s PrimeTime


If you’re a user of Amazon Prime and own a Google TV then you’ll be excited for this next tidbit. Amazon Prime content is now viewable on Google TV’s PrimeTime TV guide. This new feature comes on top of other bug fixes. The other feature that it has now is a subscription selector that makes it easier to customize your subscriptions. Netflix, HBOGO and Amazon Prime will show up as “free” if you’re subscribe to those services. So if you have a Google TV, Amazon Prime and use PrimeTime you’ll be able to access your content easier. Happy viewing!


source: Google Play Store

Google adds info cards to Play Movies app


Google loves their info cards they introduced with Google Now, and they love giving you access to more information in your media, like what we’ve seen in the Sound Search widget in Jelly Bean. Well, if you’re a big movie watcher, Google’s implemented a nice little surprise for you.

Whenever you’re watching a movie and you’re curious about the actor on screen or the music playing in the movie at that moment, you can simply pause your video and a handful of info cards will pop up on screen to give you actor names, other movies the actors have been in, song names, etc. Tapping the actor’s face will even give you his (or her) full biography. Resuming the movie or show will cause the info cards to disappear until you pause again. Right now the info cards won’t show up on every single movie you watch, but Google says the list is quite large and they’re adding to it every day.

Sound interested? Just update to the latest Play Movies and TV app and start playing around with it. This will give you a great excuse to catch up on all those movies you’ve been itching to see.

source: Android Official Blog

Google Translate gets offline language packs



Google Translate has just gotten a little easier for those of us who happen to encounter a foreign language or two when out and about. Android Associate Product Manager Mingi Jiang announced that Google has launched some offline language packs that will be available for all Google Translate users running on Gingerbread+ devices. Users can simply select “Offline Languages” in the app menu to see all the offline language packages available for download. Then, to enable offline translation between any two languages, users just need to select them in the offline languages menu. Once the packages are downloaded, users can take advantage of being able to translate general phrases from up to 50 different languages— especially useful for those of you that travel in places with a poor wireless signal or no internet connection at all.

As exciting as this is, don’t expect the offline language packs to tell you how to ask that smokin’ hot person you met at a coffee shop out on a date just yet— can’t say Google Translate can help you there.

source: Android Blog

The original Sonic the Hedgehog coming to Android in April according to SEGA


At the Game Developers Conference 2013 today, SEGA dropped some news for fans of the old school fun known as Sonic the Hedgehog. The original version of the game has been remastered to run natively on Android devices and is expected to be available in April for $2.99. Hopefully the combination of sensors in modern smartphones and tablets, combined with some touchscreen controls, will prove to be a powerful combination with a game that did such a good job of portraying a sense of speed. Some gameplay video is expected to be released so that may give us a better idea of what to expect. SEGA also indicated they are working on Sonic 2 and progress is on schedule.

source: Android Police

Fieldrunners 2 coming to Android in April


If you were a fan of the original Fieldrunners game, we’ve some great news for you. Fieldrunners 2 is definitely happening, and it’s definitely happening soon. The game is already on iOS, but it’s slated for an Android release in April. It’s currently in beta to get the minor kinks worked out to prepare for a full release.

Like any sequel, Fieldrunners 2 will have more features, levels, weapons, the whole nine yards. The campaign will have 20+ hours of gameplay by itself, so that’s definitely a time waster worth looking forward to. The developer is looking for beta testers with many different Android devices, so if you’re interested in possibly getting your hands on the game a bit early, hit the press release below to see how to get a spot on the testing team. Read more

Gameloft teases possible Iron Man game for March 27th


Gameloft has tried their hand at a few movie tie-in games before, including games for The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spiderman. The latest teasing tweet from the big gaming company shows something that may be Iron Man with the message “warming up main core” alongside the date March 27th, 2013. With Iron Man 3 right around the corner in theaters, it’s a pretty safe bet we’re going to see an Iron Man game from Gameloft on the 27th.

Anybody excited to see Tony Stark brought to life on a mobile game? We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we learn more.

source: Gameloft

The Humble Mobile Bundle Is Back: Choose Your Own Price For 6 Android Games

Humble Mobile Bundle

The Humble Mobile Bundle is back again and six Android games are up for grabs. As with any Humble Bundle, you get to name your own price and decide exactly how your money is divided among charities, developers, or Humble Bundle itself. The games available this time around are Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea, Plants vs. Zombies, Bladeslinger, The Room, and Metal Slug 3. In order to receive The Room and Metal Slug 3 as well, you’ll have to pay more than $5.56, the average. At the time of writing this, over 27,000 Humble Mobile Bundles have been sold generating over $150,000. You can watch the video after the break to learn more about the games.

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Samsung’s New S Voice Available To Download

S Voice

Samsung’s S Voice feature received an upgrade for the Galaxy S 4 and thanks to a special someone, the new S Voice APK is now available for Android users to download. According to SamMobile, the APK works perfectly on devices running Samsung firmware as one would expect. However, if you’re running an AOSP-based ROM, you may run into some issues. Similar to Google Now, with S Voice you can update social networks, set alarms, create events, open apps, search the web, make a phone call or send a text message, and much more. Galaxy S 4 wallpapers were also released today in crystal clear 1920 x 1080 resolution.

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Source: SamMobile

New (believable) Google Babble mock-up shows up


We’ve seen some leaks lately regarding Google Babble, and we’ve seen many of those leaks debunked. This time, though, we’ve got a mock-up of Babble that actually looks believable. It was posted on a Dutch site called Skloink, so it’s not official from Google or anything, but it definitely looks like something we could actually see from Google in the future.

It takes on a very Google Plus-esque approach, which is something Google has been pushing hard for lately. There are also cards similar to what we see in Google Now and in the newer versions of the Play Store. So even though this isn’t definitely what Google Babble is going to look like, let’s hope Google sees this and takes notes. It looks like an extremely polished, extremely well done app.

source: Droid Life

via: Skloink