Hands on with the Kno Textbook App on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 [Video]

As we mentioned previously, the Kno textbook app comes pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Yesterday at the launch event in New York City we got a chance to see it in action. The Kno app allows students k-12 and the college level to download textbooks in which they can annotate and highlight, but they are also interactive. For example, students can click on videos or see interactive 3D diagrams. It will not only provide the student with a better experience than the traditional textbook, but it also allows them to carry less bulk. Right now there are over 200,000 textbooks available and most of the k-12 books cost about $10. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is the first Android device to use the Kno app (previously available on iOS), and is just another feature that makes it so cool.

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For more coverage on the Galaxy Note 10.1, check out our Adobe Photoshop Touch demos (Part 1 and Part 2)

Technology Expert Claims Apple’s Bounce-Back Patent Is Invalid


As Samsung continues to defend itself in its legal battle with Apple, it continues to find reasons why Apple may not have such legitimate patents after all. Expert witness Dr. Andries van Dam, a faculty member at Brown University highlighted several reasons why Apple’s ‘381 bounce-back patent is invalid. As seen on a certain Tablecloth application, the software allows a user to scroll through a certain image and then displays a blank white space when the user reaches the end. When that happens, a finger is removed which causes the image to snap-back— just like Apple’s feature. In addition, Tablecloth dates back to 2005, while Apple’s bounce-back patent was originally filed in December of 2007.

Dr. van Dam didn’t stop their either. He went on to demonstrate the LaunchTile user interface and highlights it didn’t appear to be similar to the ‘381 patent because when a user reaches the end of the on-screen content there is no off-screen information revealed. On the other hand, van Dam argues the software does meet the requirements when swiping within the main content field itself, the next next tile serving as the “off-screen content” in this case. He adds the US Patent Office had never seen the two pieces of software before granting Apple its patent.

Apple responded to Dr. van Dam’s argument by stressing Tablecloth returns the user to the original starting point upon a bounce-back, rather than the edge of the content. Naturally that quickly became invalid when Dr. van Dam finished his point by adding:


“The patent does not tell you how you implement a touchscreen display. In every way that is a touchscreen display.”


Your move, Apple?

Google+ Update Improves Hangouts And More

It’s obvious that Google is taking social networking seriously judging by its continual improvement of Google+. The most recent update to the Google+ app improves Hangouts for mobile. You can now join Hangouts on Air from your mobile device, and teens can now create and join Hangouts. Also, the app now contains a grey shortcut bar at the top for quick access to your circles, sharing, and other options. This makes sharing posts more efficient. Photo view also gets a little love by gaining a floating timestamp, and abuse reporting has been added for Events. Here’s the full list of what’s new from the Play Store page.

What’s in this version:

  • Teens can now create and join Hangouts from mobile
  • Join Hangouts on Air from mobile
  • Floating timestamp in photos view
  • Shortcuts for post creation
  • Ability to report abuse in Events

Get the update from the Play Store link or QR code below.

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Play Store Download Link

Hands on with Adobe Photoshop Touch on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – Part 2 – Drawing a Portrait [Video]

After Roy got his picture taken and edited on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 this afternoon at the Samsung launch event, it was my turn to pose for a portrait. Samsung had about 4 stations with artists for drawing portraits, and I was lucky enough to get a chance to get in on one. I have the utmost respect for people who can draw freely, and I was thoroughly impressed. This was all done utilizing the Adobe Photoshop Touch app that comes pre-installed on the Note 10.1. Again it’s S Pen optimized so there is no shortage of things you can do with this app. If you can imagine it, you can probably do it.

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Google set to release Google Maps app update, adds public transit improvements

On the Google Lat Long blog, Google Maps Software Engineer Christopher Van Der Westhuizen announced a pending update to the Google Maps for Android app. Over the years, Google has amassed a huge database of public transit information. They have now collected information on schedules from around the world covering over 1 million stops. The systems are located in over 500 cities, including places like New York City, London, Tokyo and Sydney. Today’s announcement includes improvements for accessing this data on mobile devices. Read more

Hands on with Adobe Photoshop Touch on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – Part 1 – Editing a Picture [Video]

We’ve seen a lot of demos, but rarely do we actually get to be part of them. Today Samsung was showing off the prowess of the Galaxy Note 10.1, and specifically the Adobe Photoshop Touch app that comes pre-installed. It also happens to be S Pen optimized so you can really push it to the limits. They took a picture of our own Roy Alugbue and cropped him out, added a background, and made various adjustments. There’s no shortage of things you can do with this tab.

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Stay tune for part 2 because yours truly poses for a portrait.


Swiftkey announces new themes, voice typing, and bug fixes

Swiftkey announced today an update to their popular keyboard app for Android devices. For users who like to dictate instead of type, Swiftkey has enabled use of the Google voice typing tool that is available in Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. For those into themes, Swiftkey has introduced two new ones – Sky (a blue theme) and Fuschia (a pink theme). They have also added two new languages – Malay and Urdu – to bring the number of available languages up to 44.

Users who have been experiencing problems with Swiftkey, including those with Samsung Galaxy S III devices, running Jelly Bean, or who frequently use Chrome will benefit from numerous bug fixes. The new version, Swiftkey 3.0.1, is available from Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and AndroidPIT. Hit the source link for more information on all of the bug fixes and a video on how to change themes.

source: Swiftkey
via: Android Police

Latest Dropbox beta reveals new features and UI improvements for Nexus 7


It’s nice when Dropbox always lets us in on what they’re up to. In this case, they’ve revealed several new updated features on their Android app:

  • Thumbnails for video files
  • Better video playback for both ICS and Jelly Bean
  • UI improvements on the Nexus 7
  • Ability to open Dropbox files directly in other apps
  • Various bug fixes

While bug fixes are always nice and welcomed, the most interesting part of this updated beta build has to be the UI improvements for the Nexus 7. It’s always great to see a Google Nexus device being supported in a big way. You can get your hands on this beta in the source link!

source: Dropbox Forums

At last, official Pinterest app finally hits Google Play Store

Pinterest has seen a huge explosion in popularity in the past year. Thus it was only natural for users of the ever growing social media giant to want an official app for their smartphone. The app was initially unveiled this past June at Google IO and now the wait is over folks, as Pinterest has officially released their official app for both iOS and Android. The released version is 1.0.0 and from what I can see, it already has a nice and fluid UI that will appeal to every Pinterest junkie. Here’s some of the features you can expect:

  • Pin what you love from around the web
  • Discover content by browsing interest categories
  • Explore pins and boards curated by pinners you follow
  • Repin, like and comment on your favorite pins
  • Pin with your camera

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