Symantec releases new version of Norton Mobile Security



Symantec’s Norton security line is one of the most trusted names in tech security. Today, they have released a new version of their North Mobile Security app with a plethora of new features. The biggest change is the addition of Norton Mobile Insight, which takes advantage of Symantec’s database of four million malware-checked Android apps. With the update, once a user downloads a new app, if Norton has it in their database, they will send the user information about the security and privacy risks for that app.

Norton Mobile Norton has also added Google Chrome web protection support and enhanced anti-theft capabilitie as part of this update. You can download version 3.5 from the Play Store link after the break. Read more

Boomerang Gmail client released for Android


Even though Google just released a major refresh for their Gmail service, including a new app for Android devices, other companies continue work on their own spin on building a better way to access and manage your email. The latest effort comes from the team that built Boomerang with the release of their Android app to complement the browser plugin they created for desktop web interfaces. On the desktop, Boomerang plugs-in to a user’s Gmail account and can be used to schedule emails to be sent at a later time or to remind a user that a response is due. The Boomerang for Android app handles those chores and throws in a few features that may entice some users to switch from the default Gmail client on their smartphones. Read more

Google Hangouts support added in latest Pebble update

pebble_watchThe Android-powered Pebble smartwatch has been rising in popularity since it’s initial launch. Support has also been improving, and today Google Hangouts service support has been added. Google Talk notifications were already possible, but today’s update, downloadable from the Play Store, adds native Hangouts support, with notification capabilities for the chat service and video Hangout requests.

Various stability improvements and developer enhancements are also part of version 1.8.2. You can download the Pebble app update through the link after the break. Read more

Check-in friends with latest update to Foursquare


Social location app Foursquare rolled out a new update today that adds their most requested feature, the ability to check-in friends. This means one user can handle the checking-in chore for a whole group of friends when meeting up at any given location. The person that gets the honor of handling the check-in will first have to get permission to do so from their friends via a notification that is sent to each of the other users the first time friend check-in is attempted. After that, the process is much smoother and the service can keep track of whether a user has already checked-in on their own when a friend check-in is attempted to prevent duplicates.

If you need the update or want to check out Foursquare, just hit the download link below.

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Buzz Launcher design competition to award up to $10,000 in prizes for homescreens


Users looking for something a little different when it comes to launchers on their Android devices may have installed Buzz Launcher. To help continue the growth of the product, the developers are sponsoring a contest for designers and users (known as Buzzers) to design, share and rate their favorite homescreens. The ability to share and install homescreens is one of the features that sets Buzz Launcher apart from your typical launcher apps. Unlike most launchers, if you find someone who has developed a homescreen you really like, instead of manually replicating it you can just grab it off the Homepack Buzz Service. Read more

Rdio updates pricing plans, adds five person tier for $32.99


Rdio is one of the most popular music streaming applications available, and they’ve just updated their tiered family pricing to stay a bit more competitive. Previously, a family plan could only consist of three accounts. Today, Rdio is bumping that limit up to five by adding in two new pricing tiers, so bigger families won’t be left out. It stills works the same as before where one user is the master account and they designate sub-accounts to share the subscription service. Here’s the new pricing structure:

  • Two accounts cost $17.99 per month
  • Three accounts cost $22.99 per month
  • Four members cost $27.99 per month
  • Five members cost $32.99 per month

While that sounds kind of expensive for a monthly streaming service, an individual subscription will run you $9.99 per month. If you had five people with a subscription in your family, this tiered plan actually saves you about $17 bucks a month as opposed to everyone having their own individual subscriptions. Anybody planning on taking advantage of the newer pricing?

source: Rdio

Samsung launches Magna Carta app to allow Galaxy users to download Jay Z’s new album early for free

jay_z_galaxyLast week, Samsung announced that they would be partnering with Jay-Z to give away 1 million copies of his new album. Today we see that plan in fruition. Samsung Galaxy S 3, S 4, and Note II users can apply to get “Magna Carta Holy Grail” three days before it is released to the general public.  Download Samsung’s new app, “JAY Z Magna Carta,” and the new album will arrive on your phone on July 4th, while the rest of the world can give it a listen July 7th. Users will also get behind-the-scene footage, lyrics, and track sharing options through the app.

I assume that come July 4, users will only be able to listen to the album streaming through the app, and downloading tracks will not be an option in order to prevent piracy. You can download the app and get your Jay Z fix  right now through he link after the break.

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Manage all your cloud storage services with CloudCube


If you’re like me, you probably utilize more than one cloud storage service. I mostly use Dropbox and Google Drive. I even have a Box account, but I rarely use it. If you frequently use more than one service, you might want to check out CloudCube. It was created by XDA forum member aash-86, and it will allow you to manage Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, and Yandex Disk all from one app. You will have all the same features you would expect to have from the individual apps such as syncing and uploading/downloading.

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Kool-Aid Man photobombs pictures in new Android app


Taking pictures with your friends is fun, but it gets kind of dull sometimes. You know what would really spice up your photo galleries? How about photobombing your pics with the Kool-Aid Man? If you’ve ever wanted to stick the giant red pitcher mascot into your photos, you have a really weird sense of humor, but you’ll be able to now thanks to Kraft’s latest Kool-Aid app.

The app is pretty simple. You select or take a picture, then superimpose your favorite glass of Kool-Aid anywhere onto the picture. You can adjust the size and position so it always look as natural as possible, then share the photo through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s some pretty sneaky advertising, but hey, it’s fun. Hit the link below to download the app.

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Google’s Waze acquisition being investigated by FTC


After announcing last week Google’s acquisition of Israel-based Waze, a “social mapping” service, word is now coming out that FTC regulators have decided to step in and conduct a review. Apparently some in the FTC believe Waze’s claim that they were a competitive threat to Google’s mapping services and thus the acquisition would run afoul of current law. Meanwhile, Google indicates the deal, which closed June 11th, did not require Federal review and approval because Waze’s revenues in the U.S. were less than $70 million.

While the review is underway, Google will likely have to delay efforts to integrate the service with their own mapping tools. If the FTC rules the acquisition should not have occurred, Google would be forced to divest themselves of the Waze unit even at a loss. Some potential buyers could include Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, all of whom have expressed an interest in the past.

Both Google and the FTC have declined to comment.

source: New York Post