Kindle Fire Can Now Access Web Version Of Android Market

If you’re an Amazon Fire owner, you may have noticed you previously couldn’t access the web version of the Android Market via If you attempted to access that site from your Fire, you would be redirected to the Amazon Appstore. With the root breaking 6.2.1 update that recently hit, it looks like that redirect has been lifted. Though you cannot install apps from the web market on your Fire, you can at least browse what’s there and that’s a step in the right direction right? If you’re a Fire owner, hit up the web market and see what you think. If you’re not and still thinking about getting one, check out our hands on review right here.

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Original Motorola Droid Gets Some ICS Love In A Pre-Alpha Build [courtesy of XDA]

Gotta love CyanogenMod! Based on the newest CM9, the good folks over at XDA have whipped up a pre-Alpha build to enjoy on the OG Droid. Remember, this build isn’t meant to be your daily ROM and should only be attempted by folks that are comfortable making backups and flashing ROMs. I’m one of the sad bunch that is dying for a Galaxy Nexus, but enjoying an ICS ROM on my Droid X for now. If you can’t get your hands on a new GN, a ROM is how we will have to fly for the time being. Don’t forget to checkout any details and updates right down there in the source link.

Download: [Pre-Pre-ALPHA] Droid A855 ICS Build Attempt


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Nuance’s Dragon Dictation And More Languages Added to Swype Beta (Video)

Swype for Android just keeps getting better and better.  The company has announced yet another update to its popular input method adding features like additional languages and Dragon Dictation by Nuance incorporated right into the keyboard.  More than 50 languages have been added and more is promised to come heading into 2012.  The update is in the process of rolling out and could take up to 72 hours to finally appear on your device.  However, if you want, you can manually check for the update yourself.  If you’ve successfully received the upload, let us know how well it works by dropping a line in the comments.

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Play 3D Pong with MultiPonk for Android


Are you in the mood for some multi-player Pong action on your Android device? Well then the Fingerlab team has something that is right up your alley. They just announced that their game MultiPonk, a word play on multi-pong, is now available for Android. You can have up to four people playing at the same time on either smartphone or tablet alike.

MultiPonk has seven game modes, eleven bonuses and five different ball sizes adding to the games crazy appeal. Think Hungry, Hungry Hippos craziness but with Pong.

This game promises some great multi-player fun and is well worth it for a $1. But get it while you can because that’s only the introductory price and it will jump up to $5 dollars after some time. Hit the break below to find the market links and gameplay video. 
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Jelly Defense Gets Update, Brings Christmas Levels and Music, Endless Level, Performance Enhancements

Jelly Defense, one of the many great games recently offered in the Android Market 10 cent promo sale, has just received a new season-based update. After you download the update you will get access to new Christmas themed levels and music, new gameplay options and improvements, and added performance enhancements. Take a look at the full changelog as listed in the market:

  1. Two winter levels for Christmas evenings.
  2. Challenging endless level.
  3. New and cozy Christmas tune.
  4. Increasing the difficulty after finishing the game isn’t mandatory anymore. You can now go back to previous levels.
  5. Minor performance improvements.
  6. Minor gameplay adjustments.
  7. Reindeers & cookies!

Unfortunately, if you haven’t already purchased the game during the sale, the price went back up to the usual $2.99. I haven’t spent much time playing this game, but I do remember the graphics being excellent. Hit the market link below to check it out for yourself and to get the latest update.

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Myriad Brings Android to Your TV With Alien Vue (Video)

Well, the quest to dominate every device continues as Android is now headed to a TV near you, and with no need to cut the cord.  Myraid Group from Switzerland, the ones who were shooting for Android in your car, are hitting devices and working their way up to your television set.  The company was doing so using their Alien Davlik technology and now they’re bringing it to the big screen at home dubbing it “Alien Vue”.  This CES we’ll look forward to checking out some more demos of the service in action as they reveal a release date and some more specs on the offering.  Alien Vue is being centered by Myriad as a way for cable providers to ward off what they’re calling evil content providers like Google, Apple and Roku.  The company’s road map is starting to kick off as they’ve aimed for smaller devices and are now working their way up.

Here is how Myriad explains Alien Vue:

  • Alien Vue brings Android apps to your existing TV / Set-Top Box
  • Enables TV service providers to respond to over-the-top services like Apple TV, Roku, and Google TV
  • TV service providers can leverage existing customer technology to provide speedy access to rich Android ecosystems
This is how television providers plan to bring the Android ecosystem to your cable environment.  The Alien Vue service will work between multiple devices such as TV’s, smartphones and even tablets.  Support for apps able to run on Google TV, HTML 5, YouTube, Netflix, Twitter and more are all supported.  Hit the break to check out the full demo along with the press release and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  
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Official Times Square App Hits Android, Next Best Thing To Not Being There On New Year’s

Taking the whole “there’s an app for that” to a whole new level, Countdown Entertainment has provided a way for us to be fully in the know-how this year when everyone’s favorite New Year’s event kicks off.  If you can’t make it to Time Square this year to watch the ever famous Waterford Crystal New Year’s Eve Ball drop, we’ve got the next best thing for you.  The official release of the Time Square app allows you to read up on the history of the event, share photos and even stream the event live all from your smartphone.  You can “check in” via the app, use a customizable countdown clock and even send a virtual kiss to a loved one while ringing in the new year.  If you’re ready for the download, you can head on over to the Android Market or check out the QR code below as well.  Hit the break to check out some extra screen shots, grab the download links and to check out the video of the app in action.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.  
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Team Win Recovery Project 2.0 Kicks Off, Eliminates The Need For Your Volume Rocker

Well, it’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything from the camp of twrp (Team Win Recovery Project) 2.0.  But finally, the ClockworkMod alternative has finally kicked off for all to download and try out.  For those eagerly anticipating the seamless ability to flash ROMs, back up your devices and wipe your Dalvik cache without being dependent on your volume rocker for navigating the menus, your time has come.  TWRP (pronounced “twerp”) 2.0 is finger-friendly and compatible with both smartphones and tablets.  However, at the moment there are only a handful of devices supported, such as the Nexus S, the Kindle Fire and the HP TouchPad to name a few.  But we’re sure support for more devices is right around the corner.  If you want to give it a try you can hit up the source link below and download it for yourself.  In addition, don’t forget to check out the video below as well of the recovery app in action.

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Naughty by Nature Produces Their Very Own Android App

You down with OPP?  Yeah, you know me!  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  Well, as you can tell, the 20 year old rap group, Naughty by Nature has come out with their very own Android App.  The app provides photos, music videos, behind-the-scenes video shots and you can even tie it all into your favorite social network.  Yeah boy!  Sorry, did it again.  All the photo captions you see in the app were made by Vin Rock himself, so definitely check it out.  If you’re ready for the download, head on over to the Android Market or check out the QR code below for an added convenience.  Feel free to drop a comment or two in the comments section below.  And don’t forget to check out the video and screen shots below as well.  
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