DropBox Confirms Galaxy S III on AT&T and Verizon Will Not Reap the 50GB Reward

Samsung may have stood up to U.S. carriers to disallow any cosmetic alterations to the Galaxy S III but that’s not to say the carriers won’t screw things up for customers somehow. If you were thinking about getting the Galaxy S III from either Verizon or AT&T, and were banking on the two years of free 50GB’s of Dropbox space, boy do I have some bad news for you. Dropbox just confirmed on their website that the offer as it was announced in the international GSIII unveiling will not apply to us folks in the states. Well, for AT&T and Verizon at least. We still don’t know about Sprint,  T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. Let’s just hope three out of the five major U.S. carriers still have a heart. Only time will tell.

To see the bad news for yourself you can visit the source link below. Whether you read it here or over there the news still sucks. Sorry folks, I am bummed about this too. Feel free to let out your frustrations in the comments below.

source: DropBox
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Amazon Will Give You $1 Towards Your Next MP3 In Exchange For Downloading a Free App

Amazon will give you a $1 credit towards an MP3 purchase if you “buy” a free app through their website between now and June 13th. Not a bad deal, here are the details:

  • Purchase at least one qualifying free app offered in the Amazon.com Appstore for Android in the webstore or on an Android device. The apps that qualify are apps for Android offered in the Amazon.com Appstore for Android that display the offer message on their webstore product information pages. Qualifying apps will not display promotional messaging on their Android on-device product information pages.
  • After completing your purchase, you will receive an e-mail indicating that a $1 credit for Amazon MP3 music downloads has been applied to your account automatically. The e-mail will also provide instructions on how to redeem your credit.
  • Promotional offer limited to one promotional credit per customer.
  • Promotional offer is valid from June 6, 2012, through June 13, 2012, and subject to change. You must redeem the credit by July 31, 2012.

If you’re already using Amazon’s Appstore this is a no-brainer.  If you’re not, there’s no better time than now to check it out.  Hit the link below to see which apps qualify and claim your free MP3!


source: Amazon

ZoomTether Lets You Share Your Phones Data Connection, No Tethering Plan Required

Zoomtel has released an Android app that tethers your phone directly to a Zoomtel 4501 or 4506 modem for some WiFi connection sharing goodness.  Many of us already tether using carrier-approved or carrier-not-at-all-approved methods.  These work well for sharing via WiFi in a limited area and a limited number of devices, and can quickly drain your battery.  Using a Zoomtel Router has some real benefits over the built-in method. For one thing, it offloads the WiFi duties from your phone to the router giving it much better battery life.  It also has a larger range (330 yards) as it’s a real-deal router, and can handle 253 devices simultaneously (though I wouldn’t recommend trying that one).  The 4506 model has its own built-in battery, allowing you to carry it in a backpack or vehicle and spread the WiFi  on the move.  Zoomtel insists all this can be done (probably) without your carrier noticing, but don’t blame them if you get hit with additional charges. Root is not required to use the app, but the ability to sideload it directly from the modem itself is.
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Facebook Wants To Recommend More Than Just Friends, Introduces New App Center


As Facebook continues to evolve as a social networking platform, so does its services offered to all users. You already know that Facebook knows anything and everything about you when it comes to friends and families, so now it’s turned its attention to your friends and families with smartphones and their apps by introducing the App Center. Basically— the App Center will identify users’ existing apps of your Facebook contacts and recommend similar apps for users to use. The App Center is by no means small either— it’s expected to launch with over 500 apps between web, iOS and Android users, while also providing users with nothing but “high-quality” apps.

The App Center will be built-in to the iOS and Android apps in addition to the main Facebook website. Once users see an app they may like, Facebook will have a “send to mobile” feature to get content on a device and when installation is required, users will get a link to the Play Store for download. You folks excited about Facebook getting to know you even better than it already does?

source: Facebook

Track & Share Your Dining Experiences with Evernote Food For Android


Evernote continues to work hard at making our lives easier and Evernote Food is no exception. Evernote Food is a chronicle of sorts. It is a cool way to keep track of the restaurants where you have eaten and what meals you enjoyed so you can do it again at a later date yourself or with friends. This also enables you to make recommendations later. Now, where was that place we liked so well with the great salmon dish? You saved it in Evernote Food so it’s right at your fingertips. Oh yeah… The opening screen displays a place setting – plate, knife, and fork. You click on the plus sign at the upper right corner to add a meal. You can add location, photos, notes, and then share if you so choose. You can even email it. Evernote Food syncs up with your regular Evernote account so you will always have it handy. Check out the download link below as well as the QR code for an added convenience.  Feel free to let us know what you think of the app in the comments below.  Bon appétit !


Play Store Download Link

Kickstarter Project Pocket TV Makes Your TV Smart With Android 4.0 [Video]

Smart TV set top boxes, as well as full-on integrated Smart TV sets, are becoming very popular these days. But how do you make your existing TV smart without adding another bulky box to your entertainment center? Kickstarter project Pocket TV could be the answer.

Pocket TV is a small computer running Android 4.0, with an HDMI output to connect to your TV or monitor. It supports 1080p output, Wi-Fi, has 4GB of storage, a microSD slot, and is small enough to fit in your hand. It has a 1GHz Cortex A9 processor, 512MB RAM, and a USB port for connecting a keyboard or external hard drive.

Since the device runs standard Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it behaves more like a giant touchless tablet. To get around the fact that your TV is not a touchscreen, the makers of Pocket TV have come up with an interesting way to control the device. While a standard IR remote will work, as will a smartphone remote app, you also have the option to use their Air Remote, which is basically a keyboard about the size of a phone, with gyroscopic controls. Wave it around to control the screen, like a Wii.

This novel device already passed its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter with 31 days left, so things are looking good for this to ship in October. Get your Pocket TV and Air Remote bundle for pitching in $135 now, or wait until it’s released and pay $190.

Hit the break for a demo video.

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Instagram For Android Receives Update, Adds Bug Fixes and Improved Functionality

Everyone’s favorite photo altering application, Instagram, has announced an update to the app bringing with it many bug fixes and improved functionality.  Check out the change-log below and if you’re not currently using Instagram for Android and want to, you can check out the Play Store download link and QR code for convenience.  Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment or two in the comments section below.


  • Improved search functionality
  • Support for location data taken from Gallery images when geotag is selected
  • Fix for HTC Sensation 4G freezing using tilt shift
  • Improved support and bugfixes for devices using the Instagram advanced camera
  • Addresses tilt shift issues on lower resolution images


Play Store Download Link

Flipboard for Android receives minor update

Super fancy virtual magazine app, Flipboard strutted its stuff at the Galaxy S III event in London last month and has caught the eye of several Android users. Now the popular app has just been updated to version 1.8.4 beta 2.

The changelog is as follows:

  • Added sharing via other applications
  • Fixed authentication bug which could cause repeated logins
  • Remember the position in a section if you accidentally leave it
  • Improved stability and performance

The update notification will automatically display once you start up the app and is not available in the Play Store. At the moment, GSIII owners and beta testers are the only ones enjoying the goods but Flipboard intends to be available for all Android devices in the near future.