HTC follows Motorola and releases core apps in the Play Store [Updated – Google Play Edition incoming]


Big news for HTC fans. It looks like HTC is going to release core apps into the Play Store. They already released BlinkFeed, SenseTV, HTC Gallery, HTC Guide, and HTC Service Pack. What does this mean exactly? It means that you will get updates a lot quicker than waiting for main system and Sense updates. For now, these apps aren’t really compatible with much, so we are assuming that will change after today’s event. We also expect to see more additions, such as the Camera, HTC Zoe, and Video Highlights.

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Roku’s Android app gets updated with a fresh interface and enhanced searching


Fire up them Roku boxes, everyone. The ‘Little Streaming Box That Could’ has an update for its Android application that brings a breath of fresh air! The interface has been completely retooled and gives it a much more cleaner look. In fact, it is flatter and more crisp.

Aside from just revamping the interface, Roku has added a ton of depth to the search functionality. Searching a specific movie, actor, or director on your device will display some possible hits. But with these results, Roku will also display the viewing options (Channels) available. This enhanced search functionality will only be available on Roku boxes with firmware 5.4 and up (excluding the 2450x and 2500x models).

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Google Now will alert you if there is a traffic incident along your route


Google just keeps making Google Now better. With this latest update to this Google Search app, Google Now will be able to send you alerts if there is an incident that has halted traffic on your route. If this sounds familiar, it is because Google-owned Waze already does the very same thing. As you can see in the example above, Google Now is actually collecting the information directly from Waze. Whether it is roadwork or an accident, Google Now will alert you.

Looks like Google is finally putting Waze to work, right?

Source: +Google

New Photowall experiment is nifty, collaborative photo collage for Chromecast


Google has released a nifty new Chrome Experiment app, Photowall for Chromecast, that works with the Chromecast using the Chrome browser or your Android device. Using your smartphone or from your computer, you simply connect to your Chromecast device and you are then able to add images to a new Photowall. Perhaps a little bit unique is the fact that the app can be used from several different devices so a group of people, at say a party or family get together, can all take their own photos and add them to the wall. The app handles all the updating and displays the results almost immediately on your TV thanks to the Chromecast connection. Read more

Google updates Cast icon to make it easier to read state


Leon Nicholls with the Google Chromecast team has announced a small, yet potentially useful, change to the Cast icon used by developers in their apps. Until now, when a user changed their app so that it was casting to a device, the only indication on their mobile device was a change in color of the Cast icon. This could be a challenge to pick up depending on what kind of background the icon was set against. Google has changed things a bit so that the icon will now show up with a solid fill when an app is casting. Read more

Google Now rumored to include an ‘Inferred Events’ feature


According to a new rumor, Google Now will grasp events posted on other Google apps such as Gmail and Hangouts and then ask if you’d like the event to be added to your calendar.

The information will be clearly displayed to the user as to where the event was taken from and if the user would like to edit the event prior to adding it to the calendar such that when a recipient tells you about a time and location, Google will take that information and allow you to edit it beforehand. The image at the top of the article is a dummy interface of this rumored feature.  Read more

Firefox Beta for Android gets updated to support Firefox accounts, data sync

firefox sync

Mozilla’s “Firefox Accounts,” introduced earlier this year, was created to help sync all data used between the Firefox browsers on your computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. This information includes passwords, browsing history, bookmarks, settings, open tabs, etc.

Now, support for Firefox Accounts has come to its Android beta app. You’ll be able to turn on the feature by tapping on the message that will appear when you open up a new tab while using the updated app for the first time.

Hit the break below for the full changelog as well as a link to the app in the Play Store.

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YouTube for Google TV reappears in Play Store, features improved stability


YouTube update Google TV

The Play Store from Google TV had eliminated the YouTube app from its offerings last month, which seemed like a complete head-scratcher at the time.

As it turns out, Google wanted to spend some time working on fixing bugs in the app— the process was finally completed today.

Along with the return of the YouTube app comes improved stability and customizable closed captions.

Source: Android Police

Layar develops Glassware for added augmented reality experience


Layar, an augmented reality application, has brought its services to Google Glass, allowing users to simply look at things in the real world and obtain detailed information about it through Google Glass.

A simple “scan this” command will instruct the app to find additional information about whatever the user is looking at.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out Layar’s video after the break.

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Latest Motorola Camera update now lets users snap pictures via the volume button


Whether you will use it or not, options are always good to have, right? In Motorola’s latest Camera update, users are now able to use the hardware volume button to snap a picture. Sure makes selfies a little easier right? This will work on only the Moto X, Moto G, DROID MAXX, DROID Ultra, and DROID Mini with 4.4.2. We have download links after the break.

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