Rerware releases new BETA build for MyBackup Pro, download it for Free and get 1GB of online storage exclusively from TalkAndroid

I recently reviewed MyBackup Pro, which is an essential app for all Android users. Whether you root your device or not, backups are important, and MyBackup Pro gets the job done with its support for both the local SD card or online cloud backups. The makers of the app, Rerware, just released a BETA build to test their new servers. The good news is that since they need 500 people for the testing, you can grab this BETA build for Free exclusively from TalkAndroid. MyBackup Pro’s normal cost of $4.99 is already a great deal, but how can you turn down Free?

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Facebook begins testing automatic photo uploads on Android

With Google and Dropbox already utilizing automatic photo uploads, it’s not shocking that Facebook wants to join the party. Facebook is now testing this same type of service. It will be much like the Google+/Picasa version in that all your pictures will upload to your account, but not shared unless you choose to do so. It appears that only select Android users actually have this feature. It’s called Photo Sync and they even have a help page setup. To check to see if you have it, go to your Timeline on your mobile app (Android only), tap Photos, and if there is a Sync button you’re in luck. If you don’t, then sit back and wait to see if Facebook ever releases this to the masses.

sources: TheVerge / Facebook help page


Google Maps update now syncs searches across devices

Yesterday Google released an update to the Google Maps for Android app to make it more useful. Perhaps the biggest change involves syncing between mobile devices and the desktop browser version of Google Maps. When signed in to Google Maps with web history enabled, you will get search and directions history synced to your mobile device. On your smartphone or tablet, just go to My Places within the Google Maps app and click on the “Search” or “Directions” tab to access a history of the places you have searched for. Besides syncing with your desktop, the app saves your search history making it easier to access places and businesses for which you’ve already completed a search.

As in previous versions of Google Maps for Android, if you have established locations such as “home” or “work”, you can just type these in the search box on your mobile device to call them up. All of these changes are designed to make it easier and quicker to find directions while on the go.

source: Google Lat Long Blog

Rhapsody for Android updated with some customer asked features

Rhapsody, the app that gives you unlimited high quality music for your Android device (for a monthly fee) has received an updated and given several new features that customers have asked for. Here’s what you can expect from the words of one of Rhapsody’s engineers:

The big feature that we’re announcing today is the release of the long-awaited ability to download individual albums and tracks. (Woot!) This is the number two feature request that we get from customers and we’re excited to finally hand it over to everyone.

But wait, you might say, that’s big and it’s number two?! What’s number one?

Glad you asked. :)

The number one requested feature is the ability for you to decide where you want your music downloaded to. There are a number of devices out there with both an internal, fixed SD card as well as a removable SD card. Boring technical details aside, the Rhapsody app was using the internal fixed SD card.

No longer.

Today we are also happy to announce that along with the ability to download those albums and tracks, you advanced users will be able to decide where to put them! We looked at what we could do quickly as we wrapped up on the album and track download work to fulfill this request, so you may find it a little sparse, but we’ll work to make it more robust.

Being able to download music and being able to store them where ever you’d like is a wonderful addition to the app. If you haven’t tried this out yet, will these new features entice you? Let us know!

You can grab this app via the QR code or download link after the break!

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Developer constructs Granny Smith arcade machine in preparation for official launch party

In celebration of the launch of Granny Smith for Android, Mediocre Games has constructed the ultimate apple collecting machine. With some left over wood lying around, a carpentry wizard managed to build a fully-functioning Granny Smith emulator, complete with actual physical buttons.

“For the Granny Smith release party, I wanted to make an old school arcade machine, and since the game is controlled with virtual buttons it should make a nice experience to play it with physical buttons.”

The game is run via an ASUS Transformer TF300T, with Zeemote wireless joysticks acting as the main form of interaction. The entire process is fairly in-depth, but the result is a one of a kind piece of Android gaming heaven. For a full walkthrough, be sure to hit the source link below.

Source: MediocreGames

Apple Airplay competitor Miracast to be adopted by the LG Optimus G and Samsung Galaxy S III

A new era in streaming between devices may be upon us. Miracast is similar to DLNA and Apple’s Airplay in that it allows a person to stream a video or other images straight from a phone or tablet to a TV or projector. Miracast differs itself by giving the option to stream without needing WiFi because it can utilize WiFi direct. It can also automatically negotiating the best audio and video resolution.

The first phones with Mircast certification will be the LG Optimus G and the Samsung Galaxy III with more to come shortly. So far the only TV with certification is the Samsung Echo-P Series TV. You can use the Miracast feature with any WiDi-enabled displays. Hit the break for a Mircast video. Read more

ITC All Set To Investigate Motorola’s Patent Claims Against Apple


Looks like we’ve got ourselves a follow-up to Motorola going on the attack against the boys from Cupertino. After previously seeing Motorola file its initial complaint to the International Trade Commission (ITC) against Apple, the ITC is now beginning its formal investigation into the complaint and Motorola’s claims. While the suit would not affect the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or iPad with 4G LTE, the overall hope for Motorola is this: the ITC recognizing the patents involved in Motorola’s claims aren’t standard-essential ones. What this means is Googlorola would actually have a slim chance to see the ITC grant an import ban of some sort courtesy of the ITC.

You can bet that after seeing what happened to Samsung last month and Motorola’s full arsenal of 17,000 patents, Google will certainly not sit idle and quiet moving forward when it comes to anything threatening its ecosystem. But then again, this ever-growing spat between MOTO and Apple will be far from over. You can count on that.

source: TechCrunch

Sony To Launch Playstation Store On October 3rd


Looks like Playstation gamers will have something big to look forward to in a few weeks. Starting October 3rd, Sony will launch the Playstation Store for Playstation mobile devices. The Playstation Store will offer owners of Playstation-certified devices to play special content on select devices. Sony confirmed the Playstation Store will start in nine countries including Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia– with more countries to follow. There should be about 30 titles available at launch which will cost between 50 Yen (roughly 60¢ USD) to 850 Yen (roughly $10.70 USD). Oh and don’t think there will only be 30 titles and that’s it— Sony confirms further content will be released as additional titles become available.

Sony also took some time briefly to highlight some additional news as well. For all of the budding developers out there, the Sony Playstation SDK comes out of beta this November and be fully available to the development community. The SDK will be rolled out starting in Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, while costing $99 annually for a license. This will give developers additional chances to develop and port the next great games for existing Playstation-certified devices, as well as ones that will be updated for devices from Fujitsu and Sharp– which are both officially joining the Playstation party I might add.

Enough with the chit chatter— hit the break to see the full presser from Sony.

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Chameleon Launcher for Tablets now available in Google Play store

Last May we reported on a project from Teknision, Inc., to create a new home screen UI and launcher for Android tablet devices. At the time, Teknision was in the process of funding the project via Kickstarter. The effort succeeded with the goal of $50,000 reached in July. Today the Chameleon Launcher for Tablets was made available in the Google Play store for $10. Read more