Motorola Releases Car Finder App for DROID RAZR (Plus I Explain How to do Virtually the Same Thing on Any Device with Google Maps)

For those of you DROID RAZR owners who live in larger cities (or those with poor memory), Motorola has released a car finder app that allows to to locate your vehicle after parking in spot that may be hard to find again. In the city where I live, I can’t imagine a real need for such an app, but for those who live in areas with huge parking lots, I could imagine this coming in hand. I picture going to Magic Mountain or some place similar where this might actually be of use.

The application is called Motorola Car Finder and can be found as a free download in the Android Market. This is one of many car finder apps out there but this one is designed to work with the DROID RAZR with further device support coming in the future. I tried downloading this to another device (DROID Charge), and while I was able to install it, it was unusable because a Motorola navigation dock was not present.

Similar to many other car finder applications, you can pinpoint your parking location via GPS and even log a couple pictures and voice memos for later reference. Once you are ready to return to your car, simply pull up the app and the GPS will guide you back to your ride without question. I guess one caveat could be if you were parked underground or somewhere where a GPS signal would be hard to obtain, then you may find it near impossible for this app to function properly. If you are in an area with adequate GPS signal then this app may handy with such features as:
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Free Version Of UNO Now Available In the Android Market

The folks over at Gameloft want you to enjoy a nice version of the popular hit game UNO, on the house of course.  Gameloft is now offering a free version of UNO so long as you’re ok with the embedded ads.  If not, and you’d rather bypass the ads, there’s always the $2.99 ad-free version which can be found on the Android Market.  UNO is a popular card game in which all players need to match colors and numbers until a player is left with one card.  You can play in multiplayer match up mode via online pairing or with local players over Wifi and Bluetooth.  The app will run both on standard Android smartphones as well as Honeycomb tablets.  Hit the break for a few more screen shots and to snag the download links.  And don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   
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Contest: Win one of five Expert Editions of SyncMate (Updated with Winners)

If you own a Mac computer, you need SyncMate. With SyncMate you can sync your Mac to your mobile phones, other computers, portable devices and online accounts, all within one app. For example with your Android phone you can sync your Address Book and iCal in your Mac with your Android Contacts and Calendar. You can also sync your favorite images and videos as well as create SMS Text messages directly from your Mac.

SyncMate has a free version, but you really want the Expert Edition. The free version only includes the syncing of contacts and iCal, along with reading SMS messages. With the Expert Edition, you get the added benefit of syncing Safari bookmarks, folders, iTunes & Video, and iPhoto albums. In addition, the SMS Manager, mount disk, and call history plugins, as well as autosyncing all come with the Expert Edition. I can guarantee you that if you try the free version, you will be hooked.

SyncMate Expert is priced at $39.95 which is an incredible deal considering what you get. Of course, Free is also nice so the folks over at SyncMate were nice enough to provide free codes for the Expert Edition for five lucky TalkAndroid readers. Just head over to our forum post (link below) to enter. You have until Sunday, December 4 at 11:59pm EST. We will randomly pick five winners. Good Luck!! For more information about SyncMate, please head over to their site.

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Congratulations to following winners:

Each of you will receive an email directly from SyncMate with your code.


Sonos adds Android tablet support, Slacker Radio, and new Spotify features

Sonos just announced Sonos System Software 3.6 which brings Android tablet support. Sonos is the leading manufacturer of wireless music systems, and it allows you to stream “all the music on earth” wirelessly in every room. Now you can control it wirelessly with an Android tablet, including the Kindle Fire, HTC Flyer, Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Tablet S, and others. Previously it was only available to Android phones.

In addition, you can now listen to your favorite or custom Slacker Radio stations. Spotify integration is now improved as users now have access to their Spotify Inbox and can now play music from Spotify’s new releases and top tracks.

Last but not least, Sonos is introducing Sonos Labs, which is a new Beta environment. Users will have the ability to test out new services before they are officially launched.

Full press release after the break:

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Nielsen Confirms iPhone & Android Dominates App Downloads, Graves Dug Deeper For Microsoft & RIM

Who’s ready for some nice stats from the reputable Nielsen Company? In some not-so-shocking news, Nielsen has indicated iPhone and Android devices continue to dominate the competition– and by a long shot. Their latest data shows that 71 percent of those with smartphones own an Android of iPhone. Ok great, we already knew that both phones dominate the marketshare, but we now have a more impressive stat to share with you. Remember when we told you a while back that iPhones and Androids were chomping away at the gaming competition a while back? Well it’s much deeper than just gaming apps. Nielsen reports a whopping 83 percent of app downloaders in the past 30 days were iPhone or Android users! That means the majority of any type of app– gaming, productivity, audio, video, etc.– were downloaded by iPhone or Android users.

There’s more to the findings as well. Nielsen also highlights that 44 percent of all U.S. mobile subscribers have a smartphone. Moreover, those who purchased a new phone in the past 3 months went with a smartphone. Android leads the mobile operating systems as we already know and Apple is the leading smartphone manufacturer. Hit the break to see the full details of the chart from Nielsen.
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Android and iOS users can now test drive Windows Phone 7 via the web

Is the grass greener on the other side? No way Jose, but if you want to make sure, Microsoft is giving you a chance to try out Windows Phone 7 on your Android phone via the Web browser. Just hit the source link below, and your Android phone will become a Windows Phone in no time. We know Microsoft is thinking that this demo will make us want to switch, but not me. How about you guys? Anyone ready to jump ship?

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Time Warner Cable releases Android app for tablets

Time Warner Cable just released TWC TV for Android tablets, which gives customers the ability to program their DVR, add favorite channels, and use their tablet as a remote control. Its available to all customers who have a set-top box or DVR running the “Navigator” interactive program guide.

Key features include:

  • Interactive Program Guide (IPG) – a complete IPG experience, with 7 days of program listings including full program description
  • Search – search TV listings by title or episode name
  • Remote Control of STB – the ability to use the Android tablet as a set-top box remote control, choosing a program from the grid guide and tuning the DVR or set-top box to the selected channel.
  • DVR Manager – the ability to remotely schedule or change upcoming DVR recordings


Full Press Release after the break:  
Read more Offers SE Xperia Owners 50GB Of Free Storage

Sheesh Sony Ericsson Xperia owners are some lucky individuals. Why are they so lucky you ask? Well– SE Xperia owners suddenly have an extra 50GB of free storage space from All owners have to do is download and install the app on your Xperia phone and register for a free account. It seems that Xperia users will have plenty of time to take advantage of this great find too– you have until December 31, 2012 to take advantage of the great opportunity. Go on SE Xperia owners– time’s wasting!


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2 Years Later and Korea Finally Gets Games Added to the Android Market

It has only been 24 months since the Android operating system was introduced in Korea and within that time the Korean market has grown to be the second-largest app consumer in the world. No matter how app hungry the market may be, you might be surprised to know that they have never even had access to games through the Android Market. Until now.

Beginning right now, Android users in Korea can access the many thousands of popular games that are available for download through the Android Market. Purchases are going to be made a bit different than what we are used to hear in the states, they will make purchases that will directly be billed through their network provider as opposed to having their market account attached to a credit card. Sounds like trouble to me!

Google wants to reach out to game developers to let them know that “now is the time to localize game resources, app descriptions, and marketing assets to take advantage of this new opportunity”. With the increased availability of apps, it is expected that a large jump in game purchases and downloads will be seen in the weeks ahead. If you are a developer who likes the thought of making a little extra dough, I strongly suggest hitting up the source code below.

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Google Maps Brings It In, Now Has Indoor Maps

Mall of America - Before/After

Good news for you folks who use Google Maps to find anything and everything. Google Maps just received a major update and is now at version 6.0. This update brings some pretty awesome features with it. The first one brings Google Maps indoors with you. No longer will Maps just get you to places, but it will now be there for when you get lost inside. Not sure what I mean? Check out this before and after shot of the San Francisco International Airport with the 3D effect from Maps 5.0  below, or check out the image above of the before and after of the Mall of America with Floor selector.

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