Rdio’s subscribers will be cut on Tuesday, but the service isn’t gone yet


Pandora disclosed its acquisition of “key assets” from Rdio on Tuesday and the latter music streaming service confirmed it would be shuttering. Rdio failed to remain competitive in a world where dozens of players are vying for subscribers. The status of Rdio subscribers was unknown immediately following the announcement of Pandora’s acquisition; however, Rdio has finally clarified what will happen to those paying a monthly fee for premium features.

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PixelJam brings space adventure game ‘Last Horizon’ to Google Play


Last Horizon is a new game from the makers of Glorkian Warriors and Dino Run. PixelJam’s latest game will take you on a minimalist space exploration and survival journey. The game revolves around the last survivor of the civilization who is required to gather resources from different planets and search for a new habitable world.

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Imgur updated with support for Android tablets

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 07.30.03

The incredibly popular photo sharing service Imgur has today started rolling out a brand new update for its official Android application via the Play Store. The upgrade makes it easier than ever to scroll through an endless sea of content on tablets without having to return to the main screen. It also focuses on GIF playback; making it significantly smoother and faster on mobile devices.

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Google Fit’s update is all about tracking, caring, and motivating


Earlier in the week, word got out that Google Fit would be updated with several new features to enhance the service’s health and fitness experience. Today, Google is pushing that update to the official Google Fit app for phones, tablets, and smartwatches. Google Fit is now better at tracking your activity, providing recommendations, and motivating you to live a healthier life.

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Google Hangouts gets guest access


Google has just made it a lot easier for users to consider using Hangouts for meetings by freeing the service from requirements like having a Google account to join a Hangout. If you have ever had to try to get someone who is not a big Google user onto a Hangout, you know that it can quickly turn into a major chore depending on the technical capability of the user. With the new feature that is being rolled out, all users will have to do now is click on a link to the Hangout, type in their name in a pop-up box, and then “Request to Join.”

Meeting organizers will receive a prompt to accept or deny entry to users who are trying to join a Hangout. They will also have access to tools to mute or eject participants if necessary.

source: Google for Work