Hangouts no longer drops calls when transitioning between WiFi and mobile networks


Google’s Hangouts app will no longer drop your calls when transitioning from WiFi to a mobile network (or vice versa). The feature works by pausing your call while the app waits for the connection to reestablish itself. It is a pretty seamless process so you don’t have to do anything extra when you move from connection to connection. You no longer have to wait wait 30-40 seconds to get back on a call with anyone. All it takes now is a few moments while your phone transitions the connection and your conversation is back in action.

The feature is implemented in both the Android and iOS versions of Hangouts.

Via: /r/Android

SoundCloud enters the world of Casting in its latest update



SoundCloud yesterday took to Twitter announcing that the application now supports Google Cast, allowing users to stream their SoundCloud experience to the ChromeCast or any other Cast-enabled device, such as an Android TV.

The new update also brings with it a bevy of performance enhancements and bug fixes, allowing users to have a more quality audio experience with SoundCloud.

If you haven’t gotten the update yet, be sure to hit the download link below.

Play Store Download Link

source: Twitter

mypa looks to supercharge your contacts when they call your smartphone


mypa is a new app available for Android devices that presents users with an “intelligent calling screen” that hopes to make the incoming call and contacts screens on your smartphone useful. mypa says the most important question that may spring to mind when you have an incoming call is “what unfinished business” do you have with the caller? Their app hopes to help you answer that question. Read more