Nokia to eliminate Withings brand starting this summer

It may not seem like it, but almost a year ago Nokia announced they were buying Withings for the price of $191 million. At the time of the announcement, there was no indication as to whether Nokia would stick with the Withings branding. In an announcement at MWC 2017, the company confirmed that starting this summer, hardware produced by the now former Withings division would be branded as Nokia devices. The rebranding will join some changes to apps and platforms that Nokia plans to introduce for the predominantly health-technology oriented products.

Google taking a small step to improving Allo with desktop access

In a week of improvements and changes for their messaging platforms, Google revealed on Thursday that they have another update in the pipeline. This change will impact Allo and takes the form of desktop access to the messaging client. When we checked with our TalkAndroid readers, one item that came up as a way to improve Allo was cross-platform access versus the current single device limitation. Making a desktop “client” available to Allo users would be a step in that direction.

Google talks RCS and the default messaging situation on Android

Okay, so it really doesn’t seem like Google has any idea what they’re doing with Android’s messaging situation. We now have Android Messages to replace Google Messenger, Hangouts is dead-but-not-really, and Allo is, uh, existing somewhere. It’s a messy, messy group of apps and services (and we didn’t even mention Google Voice) that doesn’t seem like it has any clear goal in sight. 

Goodbye, Google Messenger: Android Messages is the new flagship messaging app

Messaging is an integral part of business for companies like Apple, Facebook, and Snap. Their respective platforms open up communication between people in unique ways. Google, however, has struggled for years to figure out messaging. A new messaging platform debuts every year or two and another is left behind. Then the entire strategy is overhauled and the same thing happens.

Google just made an unannounced change to its most popular app for messaging, Google Messenger.

Packing photos and videos into one Instagram post is now possible

A single post on Instagram just isn’t enough at times. If you’re out at a party or enjoying the sights of special place, you want to be able to share more than one photo or video. There is, however, a little embarrassment from posting everything at once. Your posts could flood your friends’ timelines. No one wants to be that person who is always showing up on timelines and getting talked about for being excessive.

Instagram went live today with a solution for people who want to pack everything into a single post.

Latest update to Google Phone app might be the root of Bluetooth issues

If you’re using a device that relies on Google’s stock Phone application that’s updated via the Play Store, you might have noticed some issues that started earlier this month that mess with your ability to make calls over Bluetooth. If you’ve run into that problem, well, the good news is that you’re not alone. Tons of other people have hit the snag, too, and everyone’s pretty sure it’s Google’s fault.

Google to launch RCS in Europe and Asia with help from Telenor

Google announced late last week that they are upgrading the text messaging service available to Android users in Europe and Asia through the addition of RCS service to users on the Telenor network. RCS stands for Rich Communications Services and is widely considered an upgrade to the traditional SMS platform that has powered text messaging for years. Through the partnership with Telenor, over 214 million users in European and Asian countries on the Telenor network will get access to features available via RCS.