Google testing Material design for desktop search


One of the big news items that came out of Google I/O 2016 this year was the announcement that Chrome OS would support the running of Android applications. Android and Google fans have been watching for years to see whether the company would merge their operating systems into a single unified platform. Running Android apps on Chrome OS does not get the company there yet, but it is a step in that direction. Based on some items noticed by users, Google is working on another step by reformatting their main search page at to start incorporating Android’s Material design guidelines and concepts. Read more

Apple Music vs Spotify


Spotify is a playlist application that was launched in 2008 with the intention to make listening to your favorite music easier than ever before. No CDs, no having to commit to a track/album by purchasing it digitally—you could seamlessly listen to your kind of music, whenever you wanted to, with freedom to change it up anytime you wanted.

Spotify had a little bit of a slow start, but eventually became popular, with over 75 million users by 2015. Today, there’s not much music that you can’t find on Spotify. Typically, if you know the name of the track/album, they have it available for you to listen to! Spotify also offers a premium version with several features, including no ads in between your music.

As you can imagine, Spotify has been doing very well. It was even announced last year that it became the world’s most popular music streaming app. With competitive plans and great service, this wasn’t a surprise. But although this was announced, will it continue to hold that position with the newly introduced Apple Music?

When Apple Music officially launched on June 30th of 2015, I’m not sure anyone realized the impact it would have on other music streaming applications. So far, Apple Music has reached over 13 million subscribers. With that number increasing with each passing day, it’ll be interesting to see just how they end up competing with Spotify.

So, how does Apple Music compete with Spotify? Apple Music has only been around for almost a year now, and the service is gaining traction, and fast. Does Spotify have what it takes to compete with Apple? Well, there’s a big shakeup happening in the music industry, and Spotify and Apple Music have a big part to play in that. Find out how they stack up against each other below!

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Sprint, Uber team up to help you get to Copa América Centenario matches


This weekend soccer fans in the U.S., including those traveling in from around the globe, will enjoy the start of the Copa América Centenario tournament. Capitalizing on this special event, Sprint has teamed up with Uber in a special promotion that will benefit the carrier’s customers who need to get to one of the event stadiums to catch a match. Sprint users who hitch a ride using Uber will get 50% off, up to $25, their Uber ride fee. Read more