Play podcasts right in the Google app


On Monday, podcasts went live on Google Play. Now your episodic listening habits can be satisfied by using the same digital hub that stores apps, games, movies, and music. But if you just want the quickest way possible to listen to podcasts, the Google app might just be your best avenue. Today, the Google app went live with in-app playback for podcasts after just searching the name of the show.

Hit the break for details.

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Metallica’s manager thinks YouTube is going to kill the music industry

youtube_music_fetty_wapRemember how new technology has killed the music industry several times over?¬†Every few years something new crops up that will supposedly destroy music as we know it, making it so that no one could possibly continue to make new music with that particular technology around. Literally every new contraption in the music industry was regarded as a “threat” at one point or another: records, CDs, MTV, the internet, etc.

What’s the newest boogeyman for the music industry? Well, according to Peter Mensch, manager of rock bands like Metallica, it’s YouTube. Read more

HDR streaming to expand on Netflix in upcoming year


As television manufacturers continue to push the capabilities of the their devices, like supporting 4K resolutions, content producers are also pushing to ensure their offerings can take advantage of the capabilities of new televisions. With so many devices now supporting 4K video to the point where it is almost a de facto expectation, we are seeing the search for the next big thing getting underway. That appears to be High Dynamic Range, or HDR, content. Joining the ranks of producers of HDR content is Netflix which has announced over 150 hours of programming to be produced before the end of the year that will use HDR technology. Read more

UberEATS takes instant delivery off the table in NYC


Earlier this year Uber announced they were planning to expand their services to offer food delivery in some markets. Just over a month ago they launched their dedicated UberEATS app for consumers in ten markets to use to place orders. One of those markets was New York City. In addition to being able to offer standard menu choices from list of partner restaurants, UberEATS also offers an “instant delivery” option that included choices available for delivery within ten minutes. In a letter to customers in the New York City area, Uber announced they would no longer offer the instant delivery option. Read more

Google improves handling of offline files Docs, Sheets, and Slides

google docs sheets slidesGoogle Apps for Work allows an admin to specify which files users can save offline, but it’s currently not a fine-tuned experience. Enabling offline access simply downloads a subset of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to a local device, mostly based on how recently those files have been accessed. Not a terrible solution, but not great either. Read more

Amazon’s Prime Video is now available as a standalone monthly subscription

Amazon Building

With Netflix, Hulu Plus, and a host of other streaming services offering monthly subscriptions, it isn’t really a surprise that Amazon has chosen to offer its Prime Video as a standalone service with a monthly fee. Instead of being bundled up as part of Amazon Prime‘s one-off payment of $99, you can now choose to subscribe only to Prime Video for $8.99 a month. Read more

Yahoo Esports now available in Play Store


The field for electronic “sports” which covers electronic versions of not only sporting-inspired games but also titles from other genres like fantasy continues to grow spawning ever more tournaments and events. To keep up with it all, a side industry is popping up for apps that help users stay current with the latest happenings in esports. Yahoo is jumping in on this market with the release of their new Yahoo Esports app which is now available in the Google Play Store. Read more