Moto Voice adds support for last year’s Motorola devices


When the Moto X (2014) launched, Touchless Control was replaced by Moto Voice. It was a way to rebrand with improvements and new features coinciding with the launch of the new flagship device. Today, Motorola is update Moto Voice to support last year’s range of devices. This means that Moto Voice now supports the Moto X (1st generation), DROID Ultra, Maxx, and Mini. It also includes Moto 360 and Moto Hint support.

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Spotify brings service to Amazon Fire TV


One of the most requested apps from Chromecast owners wanting to stream music via their device has been Spotify. Inexplicably, Spotify has not jumped on the Chromecast bandwagon. However, Spotify announced today that they are jumping on Amazon Fire TV via their Spotify Connect service. Users do need a Spotify Premium subscription in order to access and use Spotify Connect. Using Spotify Connect and the Spotify app on their phone, users can stream music to their TV and continue to use their smartphone or tablet for other purposes. Users can even move out of WiFi range and the Spotify music will continue to play on the Amazon Fire TV.

Do you think this move will help Amazon or Spotify gain new users?

source: Spotify

Google to enable offline YouTube video playback in India


In conjunction with the announcement of Android One smartphones in India today, Google announced a change to the YouTube app for customers in that country. The YouTube app for Android smartphones will be able to download videos when a customer is on a WiFi connection and then they can be watched later when no connection is available. According to Google this new feature will be “a great benefit for times with a slow connection or rewatching videos without using up the data plan.”

Since the Android One series of smartphones is targeted at lower price-points for a market like India, it makes sense for Google to try something like this to help Indian consumers avoid additional data charges or having to upgrade to plans with large or unlimited data caps. We will have to wait to see if Google makes this feature available for markets outside of India. This could probably benefit users around the globe, especially those moving to data plans with caps as carriers increasingly move away from unlimited data. Users who find themselves in locations or situations where any kind of connection is spotty at best would probably appreciate the ability to store videos on their device for later viewing. Users currently have to rely on a variety of different tools to achieve this, so having the capability native to the app would make things much easier.

source: TheNextWeb

Chromecast Wallpapers brings the $35 dongle’s wallpapers to your device


Beautiful landscapes and other scenic images greet a Chromecast owner each time the device starts. It is one of the less talked about features that Chromecast has. Now, those images can be brought over to your phone or tablet due to the Chromecast Wallpapers app that has launched in the Play Store. The app features all 680 images that the $35 dongle circulates. All of them have a resolution of 1920×1080.

Since the images are all of high quality, we suggest using a WiFi connection when downloading them.

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Glympse’s new Keyboard app shares your location as quickly as possible


Glympse, the very popular location-sharing app, is extending its ease of use by releasing a keyboard application. Glympse Keyboard is an app that allows users to share their location despite another app being opened. This is useful as users no longer have to bounce around between apps to use Glympse and can continue carrying on with business as usual.

There are two ways to use Glympse Keyboard’s feature. Quick Send utilizes a timer set by the user to send a message with their location. With Quick Send, users can continue using any keyboard. The other option is to use Glympse Keyboard’s Full Keyboard that takes over as the go-to keyboard. The letter G on the keyboard is replaced with Glympse’s G and a longpress activates location-sharing.

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eBay updates app with new look and features


eBay has updated their mobile app for Android to version 2.7. According to the eBay team, the interface has been freshened up to help make it easier for buyers to find the items they are looking for. A key part of that is the inclusion of larger photos to go with improved search results. eBay added some new features and functions as well. The app now provides in-app notifications for buying and selling actions. eBay says the new app will also let buyers take advantage of bonus offers.
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HTC puts Lock Screen in the Play Store for easier updating


Now more than ever, hardware manufacturers are spinning off core software features into the Play Store. This is because it allows them to push updates a lot easier as they do not have to go through carriers with entire software updates. The latest app to arrive in the Play Store is Lock Screen from HTC. For now, there do not seem to be any feature changes; however, HTC’s changelog for the app does say that it now prevents unintentional factor resets.

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Google Hangouts gets more changes than addition of Voice


Yesterday the big news about Google’s Hangouts app was that Google Voice was finally being merged into the platform. As that update continues to rollout to users, Google has announced some other improvements to the Hangouts platform for communication. Perhaps the biggest change is that users accessing Hangouts using the iOS or Android app can now participate in video calls without a Google+ profile. The ability to do this first appeared in July when Google added this to the web-based Hangouts interface. 
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Google comments on leaked passwords and usernames

Gmail_SecurityJust yesterday we reported that roughly 5 million Gmail username and passwords were leaked on the web, which sounds like a pretty terrifying thing to happen. Google has released a statement today to clear things up, though, and it looks like things aren’t as bad as they first appeared.

Google claims that less than 2% of the leaked username/password combos would have actually worked, which is only about 100,000 accounts. On top of that, Google’s security measures likely would have blocked most of those attempted log-ins anyway. On top of that, Google has prompted affected users to reset their passwords, so if you were one of the few to be affected, Google has already given you a heads up.
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