Twitter introduces new First View ad campaign to aid plummeting stocks


As Twitter’s stocks plummet to an all-time low, the social networking giant has today released a new advertising platform, it hopes will generate some new revenue. The scheme is called First View and provides advertisers with the facility to host their adverts at the top of a user’s timeline for 24-hours, which means every time you sign into your account, the first post you’ll see will be a promoted video.

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Despite stronger-than-expected earnings report, Yelp stock tanks


If you have been following the recent woes of global stock markets, then you know that the U.S. technology sector is a victim of this recent downturn. It seems like Yelp, despite posting smaller than expected losses, has been unable to avoid the massive technology selloff caused by the downturn. After the release of its earning reports on Monday, its shares plummeted 11%, followed by, as of right now, another 3% drop in trading today.

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Google rebrands RideWith by Waze to Waze Rider


Earlier today, Google announced that it has renamed its popular ride-sharing service ‘RideWith by Waze’ to ‘Waze Rider’. It’s unclear why the search engine giant has opted for the rebranding, but we can only assume that it’s planning a worldwide expansion as currently the platform is only available to use in Israel where it has over 20,000 regular customers.

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French privacy agency demands changes from Facebook

facebook security

France’s data protection agency, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes (CNIL), has issued an order demanding changes in the way Facebook operates the social media site in France. CNIL is demanding Facebook stop tracking non-members without consent who visit the site and that they stop transferring some personal data back to the U.S. CNIL is also demanding Facebook implement stronger password complexity rules. The demands follow similar action taken last year in Belgium. Read more

Verizon offering special half season deal for NBA League Pass


Through their Go90 platform, Verizon is making available a special deal for the NBA League Pass for the second half of the season. To help entice potential NBA fans to sign up for the Go90 service, Verizon is also making some free NBA previews available to Go90 subscribers. You may recall that last fall Verizon inked a deal with the NBA to become the exclusive service provider for the NBA and several related properties like the WNBA. Making games available via the Go90 service was big part of the new partnership. Read more

Use multiple accounts on Instagram with new account switching feature


Instagram faces little criticism from users because the service’s strategy is to just display your feed filled with photographs and videos from friends, family, celebrities, and brands that you’re interested with. This afternoon, Instagram finally alleviated the pain for users and social media managers that have multiple accounts. Now you can simultaneously use five Instagram accounts on a single app without being forced to logout of one account before singing in to another.

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