Android Pays joins up with Visa and Mastercard to make online checkouts easier


Google has kicked off a new partnership with both Visa and Mastercard that should make your online payments go a little bit smoother from here on out. If you regularly buy things online you’ve probably used either Visa Checkout or Masterpass, or at least seen them offered on some sites. They’re both simple ways offered by the bigger credit card companies to quickly fill out forms and make purchases on websites with a single sign-in.

[TA Deal] Get Samsung’s wireless charging pad for just $19! (72% off)


Wireless charging pads can be a bit pricey, especially if you choose one of Samsung’s in-house options. It’s usually around $68 for a wireless charging pad from Samsung and other top brands; however, there’s a way for you to still get a quality product at a low price without giving up all of the great benefits you expect.

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G Suite gets more updates to help your team get things done


Last month Google announced the rebranding of their Google for Work platform to G Suite and rolled out some new machine intelligence powered enhancements to tools like Docs, Sheets and Slides. Google is wasting no time in trying to continue their move into the enterprise with the G Suite platform and today announced five new improvements intended to help teams and their workflows.

Google releases new Wallpapers app from Pixel Launcher as standalone app for all devices


If you have not yet gotten your hands on a new Pixel smartphone from Google or tried out the leaked Pixel Launcher, you may still be able to get a taste of it thanks to a new app released by Google. The app is called Wallpapers and does what you might imagine from the name – helps you choose and manage wallpapers on your Android device. The best part for Android fans is that is runs on Android 4.1 or higher, so you do not need the Pixel Launcher or even Android 7.0 Nougat, though only some features work with the latest version of Android.

Get ready to take flight with help from Google


In years past Google has made a point to roll out some enhancements to their services in connection with the holiday travel season and this year appears to be no different. In a post today, Google revealed they have made some new improvements to the Google Flights service to help consumers find great deals for their airline trips and they have tweaked the hotel search feature in the Google Search app as well.

Verizon to update Pixel phones at same time as Google


For better or for worse, Google struck a deal with Verizon for the carrier to be the “exclusive” carrier for new Pixel phones. As many have noted, besides the confusion the Verizon marketing is creating, the potential for delayed system updates is a concern for some potential buyers. After an initial statement from Verizon indicating they were going to handle system updates for Pixels sold through the carrier, Verizon has clarified that this will not cause any delays for system updates on their carrier sold devices.