[APK Download] Play Books v3.6 adds some new features for easy reading


Google is currently rolling out an update to their Play Books app used for ereading that brings some changes designed to make it easier to use when challenged by formatting issues. These issues can crop up for users when they need to adjust things like zoom levels or scroll settings only to lose them when switching titles. The new 3.6 version of Play Books will remember a user’s options. Google also indicates in their change log that this new version was built against the Android “M” SDK, so the app should be ready when Marshmallow starts to hit devices. Read more

Lock screen photo messenger Trumpit gets in-house camera after exiting beta


Trading pictures with friends and family is a time-consuming activity. You have a lot of work to do between opening the message, selecting the image to view, capturing a picture of your own, and returning the favor. Trumpit seeks to eliminate much of that fluff by placing pictures messages on your lock screen. Rightfully so, Trumpit bills itself as a “lock screen messenger.” You never have to completely unlock your phone and use another app to swap pictures with contacts. Today, Trumpit is ready for showtime as it has left the beta phase and gained an important new feature.

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Hangouts no longer drops calls when transitioning between WiFi and mobile networks


Google’s Hangouts app will no longer drop your calls when transitioning from WiFi to a mobile network (or vice versa). The feature works by pausing your call while the app waits for the connection to reestablish itself. It is a pretty seamless process so you don’t have to do anything extra when you move from connection to connection. You no longer have to wait wait 30-40 seconds to get back on a call with anyone. All it takes now is a few moments while your phone transitions the connection and your conversation is back in action.

The feature is implemented in both the Android and iOS versions of Hangouts.

Via: /r/Android