New App: WeTransfer hits the Play Store, allows file transfers of up to 10GB at once


It’s pretty annoying to find that a email to a friend with a bunch of photos didn’t end up sending because of your email’s attachment size limit.

But with new app WeTransfer, you won’t have to worry about exceeding that limit.

The app lets you send up to 10GB of data at once to another email address. The receiving address will get a download link — from there, they’ll be able to download all the photos on their device.

It’s pretty simple, and that’s pretty much all you can ask from an app — that it works, and that it’s easy. Hit the break for a list of the app’s features, a gallery of screenshots and a link to the app in the Play Store.

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Yahoo app gets updated with access to digital magazines


YAHOO! continues to kill it in terms of design and content in their apps, and the Yahoo app just got better with the addition of digital magazines. You can now read Yahoo Food, Yahoo Tech, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Movies,Yahoo Beauty, and Yahoo Health all from within the app.

These digital mags feature elegant design and visual storytelling with distinct editorial voices from Bobbi Brown, Paula Froelich, and David Pogue. The Yahoo app has to be one of the go-to apps for one place stops for the latest news and weather. Are you using it? Hit the break for an animated GIF and download links.

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Dong Nguyen’s Swing Copters released on Google Play


Finally, .GEARS Studio’s latest endeavour has been released onto the Google Play store. Swing Copters is basically vertical Flappy Bird with moving obstacles, so if you weren’t much of a fan of its cousin, you probably won’t be too jazzed about this new release. Nevertheless, if you want, scoot on over the the Play Store and pick it up! As usual, hit the break for screenshots and download links.

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Google selects Joyride as an Android Auto launch partner


When the Android Auto platform launches later this year with thirty vehicle brands under its belt, Joyride will be one of the applications leading the way. Joyride is an app that brings personalized audio content to devices while commuting. Rather than limiting itself to radio stations or podcasts, Joyride expands the amount of content by offering shows and news from across the internet.

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Verizon considers opening another Android app store, this time with help


Despite shuttering its previous attempt at providing an app store for Android and Blackberry users, Verizon appears to be eyeing the possibility of opening a new one to challenge Google’s dominance for Android users. This time though, sources indicate Verizon is talking with other players and carriers in an effort to put together an “industry coalition.” With Android installed on over a billion devices around the world and the operating system continuing to grow in dominating the market, it should be no surprise that a company wants to get in on the action of selling apps to users.
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PushBullet hopes to copy messaging success to copy/paste function


PushBullet is no stranger to the concept of synchronizing information across different platforms as they produce an app that does this for calls and messaging between a phone and a computer. Other companies provide similar synchronization for various functions, like Google’s Chrome browser that will save and share your browsing history between devices and keep it all synced up. PushBullet goes a little bit further with their app as they have features that make it easier to share information between devices going a step beyond synchronization. For instance, you can send an address from your computer to your smartphone so it can be opened in the Google Maps app without having to type it in again. Now PushBullet is looking to expand synchronization and information sharing between devices to copy and paste functions.
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PayPal bringing One Touch payments to mobile devices in the near future


paypal one touchPayPal has announced that they’re opening One Touch mobile payments to developers today, and the payment system will come to every PayPal user in the next few weeks. Even though PayPal only wanted to show off the payments on an iPhone, they’re still coming to Android, rest assured. These mobile payments will work inside of applications to allow users to quickly make purchases by linking their PayPal accounts. Since it’s PayPal, it can remember your bank accounts and credit cards and save you the headache of punching in numbers and information.
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Facebook adds internal browser to app on Android


Users are reporting that their Facebook app on Android is now loading links to web sites in an internal browser rather than launching one of the external browsers a user may have installed on their device. There is no indication in the Play store entry for the Facebook app that an internal browser has been added as an update which suggests this may be a beta feature that only a subset of users are receiving. Rolling out changes to only some users for beta testing is a standard practice for Facebook on the normal web interface and seems to be used more frequently with their Android app.
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