Celebrities are getting verified profiles on Tinder

tinder-verified-profileAnyone who uses Tinder has probably swiped passed a few celebrity faces from time to time assuming they are fakes. However celebrities are using Tinder and some of those faces may have been the actual celebrity. The problem is there was no way to know for sure. Well not anymore as Tinder has updated their app to include verified profiles for celebrities.

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What do you want for lunch? Let Tossup from Microsoft help you decide


It seems to be a perennial issue for groups of friends or family – making a decision about when to get together and what to do or where to go. You are probably familiar with the dynamic if you have ever asked the question, “where do you want to go eat?” Invariably the responses come back as a bunch of “I don’t care” or “whatever” responses and if anyone ever makes an actual suggestion, the objections start to pour in. Microsoft is trying to come to the rescue for these situations with a new app called Tossup from their Microsoft Garage unit. Read more

Amazon Cloud Drive finally gets its own app


Using Amazon’s cloud storage service has been somewhat of a hassle considering the lack of any dedicated mobile apps. Users were limited to a watered-down app that only offered access to photographs and music. Today, Amazon finally released mobile apps for Cloud Drive across multiple platforms that show users everything that they have saved online. The launch of Cloud Drive’s mobile apps comes a few weeks after Amazon launched the service’s SDK, meaning that the app should be see integration with other apps and services in the near future.

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