JW Player gets Chromecast support in new update, bringing casting support to millions of sites

JW Player

JW Player, a video playing platform used by millions of sites, most notably including ESPN, Chevrolet, AT&T, EA Games and more, just received a major update that will bring Chromecast support to the platform.

That means that with the new release (version 6.9), you’ll now see the Chromecast button on the bottom of the screen, adding the ability to stream the content directly to an existing player.

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[APK Download] Google updates Play Store app with Material Design


You don’t need Android L to experience a little Material Design. Google has updated the Play Store to version 4.9.13 and it brings a new look with Material Design. You will notice larger videos, new animations, and a bigger emphasis on +1s. You can also view app descriptions, changelogs, the version number, last update time, and number of downloads in full screen mode.

This is of course a staged roll out so you might not get it for a few days. If you’re the impatient kind, we have the APK download link below.

source: @GooglePlay / APK Download from XDA

Google releases updates focused on filters and views for Google Sheets


The Google Drive team has announced some new features and updates that have been added to the Google Sheets spreadsheet app. The updates focus on filter and view options for spreadsheets. Headlining the changes is the ability to create a “temporary filter view” on spreadsheets for which users only have read access permissions. Using the temporary filter, users can filter and sort data in those spreadsheets.

Google also added some features that will make it easier to share spreadsheet data with other users. First, a specific view can be shared so that recipients don’t have to go through a long list to figure out what it is you are wanting them to look at. This can be achieved just by copying and pasting a URL. Second, Google added the ability tothe range that is used to define a filter view. Previously, to change the range users would have to delete the existing range and then create a new one.

source: +Google Drive

Siri and Google Now duke it out, which is better?


The war between Android and iOS isn’t just about smartphone or tablet market share. How about Google Now vs Siri? Which is better? Well Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster conducted a study that answers the question.

He threw 800 questions at both apps, and half of them were asked indoors, while the other half was outdoors. The questions were about local information, commerce, navigation, general information, and OS command.

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HTC puts the Sense keyboard in the Play Store for easier updates


Before we share any details, that is the actual sizing and resolution for an icon HTC put together with an application in the Play Store. It is for an app titled HTC Sense Input which is essentially the Sense keyboard as a standalone app. This is being done so that the company can easily push updates to its devices as quickly as possible without having to do an entire system software update. Compatibility is seemingly limited to HTC’s more recent line of handsets.

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Twitch for Android sees 3.0 update, bringing new interface and more features


Even though Twitch might still be considering selling to Google, that’s not stopping them from keeping their Android application updated. The new update brings the app to version 3.0, and with it comes a greatly enhanced user interface, an easier way to search and subscribe to broadcasters and channels right from the home screen, and the ability to chat with other users and streamers.

If you regularly use Twitch on your device, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on this update. Hit the link below for the download.
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Amazon releasing new games to take advantage of Fire Phone features


When the Fire Phone was announced, many wondered how exactly it would utilize so many sensors for the Dynamic Perspective. Specifically, there was a concern with games. How could Amazon possibly take advantage of a key feature for gaming? Well, the company is putting its Game Studios to work. The company has developed two games for the Fire Phone just in time for its launch on July 25.

Both games Amazon is releasing belong to the puzzle genre but differ slightly. To-Fu Fury is a platformer that literally features a ninja-like tofu. The other is Saber’s Edge and involves strategic play and pirates. Be prepared to move around while playing because movement is exactly what these two were designed for. Both cost $1.99 and are ready for Fire Phone owners.

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Amazon Wallet is a new digital wallet to compete with Google and Isis


There are a few options for people wanting to take everything in their wallet and turn it digital. Google Wallet and Isis (which it is being called for now) are both among the popular choices. Amazon is the newest entrant with an appropriately named app. Amazon Wallet will collect and store you gift cards and loyalty cards from various retailers and companies.

Right now, Amazon Wallet is missing the ability to actually act as a payment tool. So its current state is more of a digital wallet strictly for storage. To easily add items to the digital wallet, Amazon Wallet will allow users to use their devices to scan barcodes.

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Facebook adds ‘Save’ feature that lets you save stuff to read or watch later


So you’re perusing through your Facebook timeline and suddenly you come by a wonderful video of someone’s cat fighting with the neighbor’s dog. Unfortunately, you just won’t have time to watch it, but you don’t want to miss it. What do you do?

Have no fear because Facebook rolled out a new feature today called “Save” that will let you “save” that video to watch later. Now this isn’t a save offline feature like what Pocket or Evernote offers. It’s more of a bookmark because you still have to be logged into Facebook and online to see whatever content you have saved.

It should come in handy for the Facebook faithful that have tons of posts to sift through.

source: re/code