Google makes Nik Collection photo editing plugins free


As smartphone cameras become more powerful and the default device for many people to capture images, having capable photo editing tools available becomes increasingly important. Google makes some rudimentary editing functions available in their Photos app and more advanced features are available in the Snapseed app. Now Google is making a set of plugins called the Nik Collection, available for free to users to step things up a little bit more. Read more

Uh oh: Netflix has been throttling Verizon and AT&T video behind the scenes


The debate about T-Mobile’s Binge On, net neutrality, and data caps only gets more exciting as time goes in, especially now that Netflix has admitted that they’ve been throttling video streams to customers on Verizon and AT&T’s network. It’s been doing this for the past five years to save data for customers, since both of those carriers have heavy-handed data caps. Read more

Apple Music goes more Android, now offers a widget for your home screen


As everyone knows, Apple doesn’t support home screen widgets on iOS. Needless to say, that meant that the Android version of Apple Music launched without any type of widget, much to the chagrin of Android users. However, in true Apple fashion, they’ve finally updated their app to include something that just about every other music player on the Play Store already offers: widgets! Better late than never. Read more

ForwardWorks will send PlayStation favorites to mobile devices


Sony’s PlayStation brand has been synonymous with gaming for more than two decades. The Japanese company pushed out four major video game consoles with additional handheld gaming consoles throughout the years to be home for a massive amount of first-party titles known around the world. Now, with PlayStation getting involved in virtual reality later this year, Sony wants the brand to continue entering new territories.

Today, Sony announced that characters from your favorite PlayStation games will be making appearances on mobile devices. A new studio known as ForwardWorks is tasked solely with bringing PlayStation favorites to phones and tablets.

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