Amazon offering a slew of apps for free, savings total more than $15

by Justin Herrick on
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Usually Amazon has a free app of the day to entice customers to utilize their Appstore. But today, the company is offering an additional eight applications to be picked up for absolutely nothing. And the apps available are quite impressive — Wheel of Fortune, Sonic Jump, and Wreck-It Ralph among others. Excluding the usual free app of the day, Amazon’s set of free apps total about $17.

Hit the break for the full list.

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Motorola Active Display app gets buzzy with latest update

by Jeff Causey on
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Motorola has released a minor update to their Active Display app for Moto X, Droid Ultra, Droid Mini, and Droid Maxx smartphones. The primary change included in this latest version sets the app to honor the system vibration settings you may have set for your device. Just go into Settings -> Sound -> Vibrate on touch to turn vibrations on or off. Motorola also included some bug fixes and other optimizations in the update which reportedly make everything work much smoother.

Owners of the impacted Motorola devices should be receiving a notification that the update is available, but if they can’t wait for that they can use the link below to grab the update from Google Play.

Google Play Download Link

Google Developer Day planned as part of Game Developers Conference 2014

by Jeff Causey on
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Greg Hartrell with the Google Play Games team is inviting Android game developers to a special Google Developer Day as part of the larger conference. The Developer Day will be held on March 18th when teams from Google will be on hand to “share their insights on the best ways to build games, grow audiences, engage players and make money.” Hartrell highlights some of the sessions to be held, including: » Read the rest

AllCast receives updated UI, Muzei support

by Jeff Causey on
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Popular media casting app AllCast from developer Koushik Dutta is being watch closely by many after he demonstrated the ability to mirror an Android device to a Chromecast. It is still not clear whether that capability will ever be released and if it is, whether it will be part of AllCast. A new update to the app that hit Google Play today did not bring the mirroring capability with it, but a major revamp of the UI was included. Koush also added support for Muzei along with a whole host of bug fixes. » Read the rest

KNOX embedded devices from Samsung receive mobile industry’s first Common Criteria certification

by Jeff Causey on
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At the RSA Conference 2014 in San Francisco, Samsung has announced select Galaxy devices that have KNOX embedded on them have received Common Criteria certification as assessed by Gossamer Labs. The Common Criteria certification is described as a “gold standard” for security, demonstrating compliance with a predefined set of security requirements. By meeting this standard, Galaxy devices with the certification can provide additional assurance to enterprises that the devices are acceptable for use in accessing “high-value information assets.” » Read the rest

RealPlayer Cloud, dubbed “Dropbox for videos,” is now available in the Play Store

by Justin Herrick on
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RealNetworks’ RealPlayer Cloud service has gone live and the app is now available over in the Google Play Store. Formerly known as just RealPlayer, RealPlayer Cloud will allow users to store and play videos from — you guessed it — the cloud. The company says it already has more than 500,000 users in the United States and Canada combined. And aside from being able to use RealPlayer Cloud with televisions and web browsers, Chromecast support is included.

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New Google+ Android app update adds new photo features

by Jared Peters on
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Android’s Google+ app is seeing a big update today that adds in a few new features, all focused on photo editing. It’s a gradual update that will slowly roll out to devices over the next week or so.

One of the new features is a non-destructive editing mode, which now lets users continue editing photos on a device other than the original device that started the editing. A full resolution can be backed up on a desktop, touched up on a tablet, then finished up on a smartphone, and all of the changes can be completely reverted at any time. Before now, if you began editing a photo on a phone, you wouldn’t be able to get the original photo back if you finished editing the photo on a different device like a laptop or tablet. On top of the editing feature is a whole new set of filters and creative tools that borrow heavily from Snapseed. » Read the rest

Google Now Launcher now available in the Play Store

by Robert Nazarian on
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We knew it was only a matter to time until the Google Now Launcher (aka Google Experience Launcher) landed in the Play Store, and that time is now. However there is one caveat: It’s only for Nexus and Google Play Edition devices running KitKat. If you think about it, that is really not that limited since the launcher does require KitKat and there really isn’t that many devices with KitKat other than the Moto X, Moto G, and a few Samsung devices. I would expect it to be expanded to more devices in the near future.

There are some really cool things about the Google Now Launcher that I like such as that Google Now is all the way to the left most home screen, it’s easier to install widgets, add an unlimited amount of home screens, and the always listening “Okay Google” command. However, I am not a fan of the default home screen being all the way to the left (just right of the Google Now page). I do know that a lot of you do like it, so if you have one of the compatible devices, give it a try.

If you want to see more of how the launcher works, check out our guide here. Hit the break for screenshots and download links.

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Sony SmartBand now available for pre-order for European markets

by Jeff Causey on
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After announcing the Sony SmartBand at MWC 2014 this week, Sony has wasted no time in starting the retail blitz to get the devices into the hands of buyers. On the Sony Mobile Store, the device has already shown up for pre-order for £79.99 ($134 USD) in the U.K. and €99 ($136 USD) for other European markets. Although, Sony indicated the devices would be available in a variety of colors, thus far black appears to be the only choice available for early adopters that want to be the first to get the devices onto their wrists.

The first units of the Sony SmartBand destined for European markets and the U.K. are expected to be delivered in early April. That will give buyers an opportunity to spend some time with the Lifelog application prior to having the device in hand as Sony says the app should be available in Google Play sometime in March.

source: Xperia Blog

Plex comes with Chromecast enhancements in new update

by Jack Holt on
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Plex logoA new update for Plex should have users pretty excited this morning. The update brings a host of bug fixes, speed improvements, as well as the addition of scheduled tasks, partial scanning, support for more platforms. Additionally, shared sync is finally here. Media servers are required to have a Plex Pass but users who tie into your server aren’t required to. What this means is that while family and friends may have different accounts, they’ll be able to sync with you. Plex is also getting more Chromecast features.

Users will now be able to cast music and photos to Chromecast. Items in your library can be cast in the usual way. Audio transcoding is available for formats that aren’t natively supported as well. Plex has also added content mirroring to the app meaning that as you look at information on your devices, it’s also displayed on your tv through your Chromecast. On top of that, tweaks and enhancements have been made for a more reliable and efficient way to stream content with higher bit rates.

If you haven’t given Plex a try, you can download it here. Current users should see the update live in the Play Store.

source: Plex