Hotel My Phone provides messaging and calls from friend’s phone


The people behind PPLCONNECT and PPLNOTIFY have another useful app on its hands. Hotel My Phone is a peer-to-peer phone sharing solution that displays contacts, sends/receives messages, and places calls all from a friend or family member’s phone. The developer describes it as “Airbnb for your smartphone.” Users connect to a digital hotel for smartphones. When one user forgets his or her phone or it runs out of battery, they can use Hotel My Phone to check-in on friend’s and stay in touch with everyone. Only people connected to the same digital hotel can use Hotel My Phone and each user’s data is kept separate from others.

Denzil D’Sa, co-founder of Hotel My Phone, had this to say about how the app works:

When a user checks-in to a friend’s smartphone hotel, their session is secured and only active for a 4 hour period maximum. This means, users can check-in to a friend’s app, text and call with their number, and then log out, while keeping both the guest and the host’s information secured and confidential.

Hotel My Phone is available now, for free, in the Play Store.

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Chromecast app now sports Material Design, Android 4.4.2+ devices get Cast Screen beta


On Wednesday, Google had itself a very busy day. Hangouts and Android Wear were both updated with new features and looks. Far less attention was given to the update rolling out to the Chromecast app. The obvious change is that the app follows Material Design. On the features side of things, Cast Screen is in beta for devices running at least Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Google warns that “your experience may vary” when using the beta version of Cast Screen. Expected issues include lag and force close errors.

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Latest Plex for Plex Pass update brings integration with the global search on Android TV


Plex for Plex Pass got a pretty sizable update today. Those of you with a Nexus Player or ADT-1 will love the integration with global search. One of the biggest complaints with Android TV has been the fact that searching for content from within the global search only yields results from Play Movies & TV. The good news is that apps can integrate with global search as long as developers add a few lines of code to their apps.

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Google’s Live Channels for Android TV shows up in Play Store


Although there does not appear to be any hardware available yet that is compatible with this new app from Google, Live Channels for Android TV has appeared in the Google Play Store. The app will give viewers the ability to watch Live TV on their Android TV device. Broadcasts that will be available according to Google’s description include news, sports, movies and TV shows from a variety of sources. Those sources may include a built-in tuner in a device, IP-based tuners, or other sources.
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Google getting serious with Cardboard


Whatever it started as, Google’s virtual reality viewer originally released as a “device” made out of a cardboard box has proven so successful that Google is investing even more in the platform. According to Google, they count more than half a million Cardboard viewers in use and with numbers like that, they have released a new round of updates for users, developers and makers of the device.
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Contest: Win 1 of 10 Lookout Premium annual subscriptions [Updated With Winners]


With over 50 million users, Lookout has always been the leader when it comes to protecting our smartphones and tablets. The app has always been free, but if you want the ultimate protection, than look no further than a Lookout Premium Subscription. With Lookout Premium, you don’t have to worry about losing your data in the event that you lose your phone or tablet since it will automatically backup the important things like photos and call history. What happens if a thief steals your phone? You know they will try to remove the SIM card or enable Airplane Mode so you can’t track the device. Lookout will alert you of such actions and capture the last known location. This stuff is only the tip of the iceberg. How many apps do you think you have installed on your device that can track your personal information? Lookout can tell you instantly. Let’s not forget safe Web surfing and the ability to remotely lock or wipe your device.

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Facer supports new version of Android Wear, gets Material Design overhaul


The latest version of Android Wear is here and now many of the platform’s existing apps are updating to take advantage of its features. Prior to today’s arrival of the Watch Face API, Facer was (and still is) the go-to for custom watch faces. The Watch Face API actually allows Facer to be more powerful while using less battery because it does not have to perform any workarounds. Everything it needs is directly accessible. The Facer app has been overhauled to sport Material Design and it is absolutely beautiful. To celebrate the update, Facer is giving all users a free watch face called “Smooth Sailing” that proves what can be done with the new version of Android Wear.

We should tell you that the update will not be of any use if your Android Wear device does not have the latest version; therefore, refrain from updating Facer until then. I updated Facer this morning, not realizing what would happen, and now the app has disappeared from my LG G Watch. Now I must wait until the G Watch gets the Android Wear update.

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