Google Now adding option to eliminate news sources


A new option appears to be rolling out to the Google Now app that gives users a new tool to customize the cards that appear. The change primarily involves the section on “Stories to Read” which is mostly built based on other interests you have indicated you have as well as your web browsing history. The new change adds an option to block cards from specific sources. Read more

SoundCloud gets Sony on board for music streaming service

soundcloudIt looks like SoundCloud’s music streaming service is still on track, as the company has secured a licensing deal with Sony’s music division, which was the last major record label that they needed to bring in the fold. The streaming service isn’t quite official yet, but with that last piece of the puzzle falling into place, it’s likely that we’ll hear something sooner rather than later. Read more

Netflix pays $90 million for film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton


Most of the original programming distributed by Netflix come in the form of series, documentaries, and specials. The executives of the video streaming service — now available in virtually every country worldwide — haven’t really focused on films despite its roots suggesting otherwise. Netflix was launched on the premise that you could buy or rent movies by mail without any late fees. When the actual streaming component of the service launched, the company signed deals that bolstered its catalog with shorter forms of content rather than feature films. Studios charge a fortune for films to be licensed out on premium television channels and streaming services like HBO and Netflix. So Netflix’s cheapest option is to keep picking up series and specials or produce content in-house for distribution.

Based on a reported by Deadline, Netflix is seemingly ready to start developing its own films. Netflix is said to be paying $90 million for Bright, a fantasy cop thriller starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton with Max Landis writing the script.

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You can now apply stickers and labels to locations in Google Maps


To everyone else in the world the places you visit daily- your home, work, favorite store -may just be blips on the map, but to you these are landmarks of your life. Google Maps has realized this and you will now be able to make your maps a little more personal. Starting today you will be able to label any location with your own personal name, and for your work and home addresses, you will be able to apply some cool custom stickers to the map.

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Twitter character limit staying put says Dorsey


Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, says the social media platform will keep the 140-character limit in place. That limitation has been one of the hallmarks of the service, although the company did some experiments with raising it possibly as high as 10,000-characters to match the direct messaging changes it rolled out. However, during a TODAY show interview, Dorsey says of the limitation, “It’s staying. It’s a good constraint for us, and it allows for of the moment.” Read more

Disney and Pixar characters taking over ‘Crossy Road’


Since being released in late 2014, Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road has stood tall as one of mobile gaming’s most popular titles. The game, which is available across all major platforms, has amassed over 120 million downloads. And now the developer see it’s the right time to release a special version of Crossy Road with a fresh batch of characters.

Coming soon to Google Play and other app stores is Disney Crossy Road.

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#RIPInstagram movement hopes to stop feed manipulation


Despite large numbers of users complaining about social media platforms trying to curate user feeds, it seems like every social media company wants to do that. The latest to join the effort is Instagram after announcing that it would implement some algorithms to curate user feeds instead of displaying posts in a strictly chronological order. Just as predictably as Instagram’s efforts to steer users to certain content, a user movement has emerged to object to the change via a petition on Read more