Google is building a smart app uninstaller into the Play Store


If you’ve ever used a device that skimped on internal storage, you probably know the struggle of running out of space for new apps. I’ve even run into the problem with 16 GB Samsung phones that only leave about 10 GB of room left to the user, and it’ll definitely happen if you play multiple games at a time on your phone. Fortunately, Google has a solution.

Xiaomi buys patents, signs cross-licensing deal with Microsoft

Xiaomi_Mi-Max (2)

It seems that Xiaomi and Microsoft are cozying up nicely with the news that the Chinese handset maker has purchased around 1,500 patents from the American software giant in what has been called the beginning of a long-term partnership between the two companies. The partnership also means that Xiaomi will pre-install a bunch of Microsoft apps on future Android devices, much like its agreement with Samsung

Netflix shows off its summer 2016 line-up and confirms its exclusive streaming deal with Disney begins in September

Netflix_App (1)

With Memorial Day Weekend fast approaching, Netflix has announced a range of blockbuster and classic movies to keep you entertained both over this weekend and throughout the summer ahead. Besides the glut of Disney (Marvel, LucasFilm, and Pixar) movies that will show exclusively on Netflix from September onwards, the summer line-up also includes blockbuster films such as Jurassic Park, The Fast & The Furious, and The Wedding Planner.