WhatsApp banning users who install third-party messaging clients

whatsapp_app_iconWhatsApp has been pretty strict about allowing users to download third-party clients, and they’ve slowly cleaned up access to those clients. They’re nearly impossible to find on Google Play or any other app store, and the company started banning users that used the apps earlier this year.

What started as a 24-hour ban turned into a three day ban, and now it looks like WhatsApp will permanently ban any user that’s caught using a third-party application to access WhatsApp. The ban pretty much blocks your phone number from the service, so anything short of getting an entirely new account with a new number won’t be enough to use the service again.
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[APK Download] Play Services 7.0.87 is rolling out with minor fixes

Google_Play_Services_Splash_BannerA few days back, we made mention of the fact that the new Play Services 7.0 update was released. As such it’s currently rolling out in the Google staged roll out fashion. Besides updated APIs and a partial rollout of trusted voice unlocking, the update has minor bug fixes and performance updates. We have the APK for you here, but you should be mindful of which Services version your phone uses.

Google Compare allows Californians to compare auto insurance, coming to more states soon


In the market for new auto insurance? Live in California? Then you may want to check out the new option for Google Compare. The service allows California residents to compare auto insurance side by side. According to the announcement, Compare provides a seamless, intuitive experience for insurance carriers to connect with customers online, whether you’re a local or national provider.

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LG G3, Moto 360, Moto E claim top spots in 2015 Global Mobile Awards


Although much of the attention at MWC 2015 is on the devices being announced at the event or sneak peaks of technology planned for later in the year, the hosts, GSMA, take some time to recognize outstanding products from the prior year with their Global Mobile Awards. For 2015, Android devices proved to be formidable participants in the market. Perhaps most notable is the recognition of the LG G3 as Best Smartphone along with Apple’s iPhone 6. It was not long ago that LG barely even registered in the smartphone market, but the company started to make a big push first with the LG G2 and then last year’s successor the LG G3. Their willingness to break with some tradition, like placement of buttons, and trying to produce an attractive, quality product have paid off with the award.
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Zeptolab’s King of Thieves available for free in the Play Store


In late January, developer Zeptolab revealed King of Thieves with an unspecified release date. The game explores a new genre for Zeptolab, who made stayed close to the puzzle genre of Cut the Rope, by bringing together a few different ones. King of Thieves merges tower defense, platformer, and multiplayer elements. Now, the game is available for Android devices around the world.

Players evade traps and attacks while stealing gold from others. There are eighty levels to play go through alone and then players can compete with each other for superior placement on leaderboards. The game maintains the cartoon elements seen in Cut the Rope, but King of Thieves definitely has its own identity.

The game is free to download (with in-app purchases) and compatible with Android TV devices.

Hit the break for the trailer, gallery, and download links.

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Google Search will show you how to make the perfect cocktail


Next time you decide to put together your own cocktail, there is chance that Google Search is all you need. Starting today, the search engine (on mobile devices) will display full recipes for cocktails. To become your own mixologist, just fire up Google Search and input the name of any cocktail. At the top, before any other links appear, Google will provide the ingredients, preparation, and process to make the cocktail.

Source: +Google

Sonos Controller for Android updated to version 5.3


Upon weeks of beta testing the update, Sonos is officially updated to version 5.3 and is now live on the Google Play Store. The update fixes what was wrong with the previous version and improves upon it. Room control should be a lot easier, moving back and forth between screens is now easier, and the design of tablets has also been updated/improved. Here’s a couple easy tips for you to get used to the update:

  1. Three taps to party mode. Put the finishing touches on your party prep with a playlist to set the mood throughout the house. Use the new drop-down at the top center of our app to easily group or ungroup rooms in just a few taps.
  2. Retrace your steps. Change your mind on what you want to play? Swipe down to instantly go from Now Playing to browsing. To go back one step further to the menu, swipe right from the far left to view all of your music sources.
  3. Distractions welcome. If you want to go back to listen to a part you missed, the track progression bar is now more prominently displayed in your Now Playing screen, just below the album art. Drag it to whatever point in the song you want to play.

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