Mastercard to roll out selfie and fingerprint ID verification system for online payments later this year


Over at MWC 2016, it isn’t all just about the latest smartphones and smart gadgets, we also have Mastercard announcing that the credit card company will begin accepting selfie images and fingerprints as proof of identity when making online payments. The move comes after the company trialled the technology in The Netherlands and the U.S. in 2015. Read more

Snapchat targets business, revenue generation with new Geofilters


As any social media platform grows, eventually it will start to grab the attention of businesses that want to establish a presence. Snapchat announced they are rolling out a new feature that will help business and other organizations jump on their bandwagon while at the same time capitalizing on the popularity of geofilters. To help generate some revenue, Snapchat is now offering paid geofilters that use custom graphics and can include logos for businesses and brands starting at only $5. Read more

Facebook and Samsung strengthen partnership to grow VR


Samsung has concluded their Unwrapped event to open their MWC 2016 activities this week. Of course the headline of the event was the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. However, viewers may have noted that a large bulk of of the event was spent on virtual reality, including the announcement of the new Gear 360 for capturing VR content. Samsung closed things out by bringing none other than Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg onstage to talk about how the social media giant is working with Samsung and expanding their own support for virtual reality. Read more