GR8CTZ for Chromecast uses a Street View image to quiz where in the world you are

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Still searching for some apps compatible with your Chromecast? GR8CTZ for Chromecast is a game that takes Street View images from Google Maps to quiz users on where the image was taken. As you can with Street View, rotating the viewpoint is allowed in order to better understand the setting. According to the app’s description in the Play Store, the images come from a total of 177 world cities. Users have three guesses and after two incorrect, the image switches to an iconic location. A great way to brush up on your geography in a group environment.

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Amazon makes its digital currency, Amazon Coins, available on all Android devices in US, UK, Germany

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Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins, Amazon’s digital currency, was originally only available on Kindle Fire devices. But today, Amazon made the Coins available to all Android users in the US, UK and Germany. You’ll need the latest version of the Amazon Appstore, and once you do, you can purchase the Coins, or download free apps to reach achievements to earn the Coins.

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Glove app now available in Google Play to help users find best wireless carrier

by Jeff Causey on
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With all of the wireless carriers battling for subscribers, many people may be tempted to give a new carrier a try. This could be for a variety of reasons, but probably anyone making a switch would like to know they will not regret a change due to poorer service compared to their current provider. Developer tawkon hopes to help with this situation with the release of the Glove app to help users find “a network that fits.” tawkon claims three out of four people could be getting better service than what they currently have. » Read the rest

Samsung and PayPal rumored to be working together for payment service on the Galaxy S5

by Jared Peters on
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One of the biggest features we’re expecting Samsung to adopt in the Galaxy S5 is the fingerprint scanner. Everyone is pretty much expecting it’s going to happen, and we’ve even gotten some insight on what it’s going to be able to do, but the latest rumors point towards the S5 trying to do something that many companies have failed at; a mobile payment system.

Apparently, Samsung and PayPal are working together closely to try and create some type of wallet system that will become a standard for consumers and retail stores. Samsung already has a wallet app developed, although it’s limited by country availability (much like Google Wallet) so Samsung already has some of the foundation ready. Adding in a fingerprint scanner for security and PayPal for the heavy lifting on the money handling side of things could really be what Samsung needs to make something like this happen. » Read the rest

TuneIn Radio Pro updated, includes recording to SD card, redesign for car mode

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tunein radio

With TuneIn Radio Pro, you can record radio and listen to it at a later time or date— but with today’s new update, you can save these sound files to an SD card to save yourself some internal storage. Pretty handy, right?

The app’s car mode also has a new look with an improved user interface. Alarm issues and other bugs were fixed, and the size of the Google Play logo in the app for purchasing music was reduced for convenience. Hit the break below for a link to the app in the Play Store. If you’re a first-timer, it’ll set you back only $3.99.

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VH1 launches Android app with full show streaming, music videos, and watching companion

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vh1VH1 is joining many of their network competitors and launching an Android app, after the iOS version of the app was launched in October of last year. Once you sign in with your cable provider’s credentials, you can stream full episodes of many of VH1′s hit shows. In addition to streaming, the app allows will provide special content for  users, like the re-release of their movie “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.”

In addition, the app doubles as a viewing companion, which makes your device a second screen for information while the show is running on your TV. You can chat with friends, cast members and other people around the world from inside the app while you watch on your TV.

Check out a download link and screenshots past the break.

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Koush shows off screen mirroring to Chromecast

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Last week Koushick Dutta mentioned on his Google+ page that he was working on mirroring Android devices to Chromecast. He is back at it, this time with a video showing the mirroring in action. He still has not indicated whether this capability will be added to his AllCast app or if he is developing this as a separate, standalone project. You can check out his work thus far after the break. » Read the rest

SlickLogin, sound-based security alternative, acquired by Google

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SlickLogin, which announced a new sound-based security system a few months ago at the TechCrunch Disrupt event, has been acquired by Google for an undisclosed amount. The goal of the SlickLogin team is to make logging in “easy instead of frustrating” and that it should not get in the way of a user even when two-factor authentication is used. According to their announcement, SlickLogin says Google agrees. » Read the rest

Google, Apple grounding flappy apps?

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Although the original Flappy Bird app is no longer available through Google Play or Apple’s app store, players hoping to give the title a try have plenty of alternatives to choose from as developers rush in with spin-offs and mock-ups. As some developers have discovered, although the game is history the name lives on as Google and Apple allegedly are trying to police potential copyright issues for games with the word “Flappy” in the title. » Read the rest

Google offering Valentine’s Day app and game deals in the Play Store

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Without a Valentine on this special day? Indulge in what Google is celebrating with this year. In the Play Store, Google says they have “More Apps to Love” and “More Games To Love.” The offerings are either free or carry a decent discount. There are twelve apps and fifty-three games listed.

And in case you really went to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can order a red Nexus 5 from the Play Store.

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