[Deal] Get three months of Google Play Music for $1


Just in time for the New Year, and the inevitable awesome party that precedes it, Google has an incredible deal on all the music you could ever need. A three month subscription to Google Play Music is only $1! Don’t worry, it’s not just you, I also thought I read that wrong when I first saw it.

If you are interested, make like me and hit the link below to claim your three months at this incredible rate.

Source: Google Play Music (Twitter)

All NHL games will stream on TuneIn for free in the new year


Hockey is once again gaining popularity in the United States and fans are trying to find content from the NHL wherever possible. NBC Sports carries the league’s games on television, experiencing a climb in ratings and proving that the sport does have a place in the country just below its homeland. While NBC Sports and NHL Center Ice are covering the video side of professional hockey, audio has been somewhat inaccessible. SiriusXM Radio carries the games for subscribers, but not everyone wants to pay for that service to listen to hockey games. NHL fans will be happy to hear that they can stream live radio feeds of NHL games for free starting in 2016.

TuneIn has partnered with the NHL to bring live play-by-play home and away feeds to its listeners without the need for subscription on a premium account.

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More games get Chromecast support, ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Monopoly’ included


We’re just days away from Christmas and among the most popular gifts nestled under trees will be Google’s Chromecast. The little dongle does it all. Everything that a pricey media player can do is possible with Google’s $35 darling. Gaming is even in Chromecast’s wheelhouse. And Google wants everyone with a Chromecast (as well as soon-to-be owners) to know that a few more games are now Chromecast-enabled for you to play solo and alongside friends and family during the holidays.

There’s nothing quite like playing Angry Birds on your television while staying warm next to the fireplace.

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Google Spotlight Story Special Delivery is a nice YouTube gift for the holidays


If you have not heard of Google’s Spotlight Stories platform, then Google hopes you may pay attention to a new video they released on YouTube just in time for the holidays. The film titled Special Delivery utilizes YouTube’s support for 360-degree video to tell the story of a caretaker on the hunt for a mysterious stranger leaving a trail of gifts. The video for Special Delivery was put together by Aardman Animations, the creators behind the popular Wallace and Gromit videos, and is reminiscent of a Pink Panther caper. Read more