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I ditched Google, used Bing for a month and here’s what happened

bing it on

Google is synonymous with search engines to the point where it’s turned into a verb on its own. If you need to find something online, you Google it. That stranglehold on the search engine market helps Google maintain their 70% hold on internet searches, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from heavily advertising Bing as a serious competitor to Google.

While Google has its name ingrained in the average person’s brain, Microsoft has thrown some advertising dollars at trying to make Bing a thing. The Bing It On campaign tried to highlight the strengths of Bing right next to Google, and while it hasn’t lead to 70% market share for Microsoft, Bing is sitting at #2 with a little more than 10% of the market. That’s a pretty sizeable gap, but hey, it’s something.

Latest Project Fi APK reveals group plans are in the works


Google’s Project Fi wireless service tends to fly under the radar when compared to the major U.S. carriers or even some of the second-tier carriers that focus on pre-paid plans. That status is not entirely bad for Google as Project Fi, like so many Google projects and initiatives, is a bit of a work in progress. This means Project Fi continues to work on new features for users. One of the most often requested items is a group or shared data plan option for Project Fi. A teardown of a forthcoming updated APK for the Project Fi indicates group plans may be close to becoming a reality.

New LG video explains features of LG UX 5.0+


When LG launched the new LG V20 in a bid to jump back in to the market as a leading contender for smartphone buyers, one of the benefits they claim is their new, enhanced user interface layer named LG UX 5.0+ to go along with the new hardware. If you are wondering what LG included or tweaked in this new interface you are in luck as the company has released a video that explains some of what you will find. Hit the break to check out the video and find out more about LG UX 5.0+.

T-Mobile announces new partners for T-Mobile Tuesdays ‘thanks’ program


T-Mobile announced the addition of some new partners for their T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion. The new companies joining in include Buffalo Wild Wings, PetSmart, Subway, and Shell. They will be joining existing brands like Wendy’s, StubHub, Fandango, VUDU and Lyft as partners with T-Mobile for the program. First out of the gate for the new partners will be Subway starting on September 6th when T-Mobile customers will be able to snag a free 6-inch oven-roasted chicken sub to go with a free Lyft ride and a VUDU movie rental. T-Mobile Tuesdays also include some contests and next week’s features the opportunity for a lucky winner to get free Subway sandwiches for a year.

Facebook Messenger ready to compete against Google Duo


For a long time, Apple ruled the roost when it came to face-to-face video chats via their Facetime platform. Through the years others have tried to compete, notably the major cellular carriers with not much success. This past summer has seen a new wave of entrants eyeing the market led by Google with their new Duo app for video chats. Not to be outdone by their social media platform competitor, Facebook announced today that they are bringing Instant Video to their Messenger platform for face-to-face video chats.

Google to take on ride-sharing giants Uber and Lyft with Waze


It appears that Google is moving into the ride-sharing market, according to The Wall Street Journal who cited a source familiar with the matter. The search giant back in May launched a pilot program near its California headquarters with the intention of helping thousands of workers at specific firms join carpools by using Waze.

Now, Google is expanding the pilot program to encompass all Waze users in San Francisco this fall.

[APK Download] Google Contacts 1.5 update adds several new features


Android device owners who try to use the Google Contacts app on their mobile device are probably acutely aware of the limitations of the app. This includes shortcomings like lack of support for switching between accounts quickly and easily like so many other Google apps and some missing features compared to the web interface. Google is addressing some of those concerns with a new update that takes Google Contacts up to version 1.5 and includes new features and changes to the interface.

Truecaller and Huawei reach deal to pre-install app as use eclipses half a billion calls


Showing that even the most basic of smartphone functions can continue to benefit from innovation, Truecaller announced today that after just four months their users have reached a major milestone. On a monthly basis, Truecaller users are now making half a billion calls per month with the app. In recognition of the explosive growth for the dialer app, smartphone manufacturer Huawei reached an agreement with Truecaller to pre-install the app on their flagship devices, including the new Honor 8.

WhatsApp will begin coordinating with Facebook and sharing your phone number

WhatsApp_Logo_TA (2)

WhatsApp is updating their privacy policy, marking the first time they’ve done so in the past four years. The new policy will help lay the groundwork for the future of WhatsApp, but it also brings some inevitable Facebook integration after Facebook scooped up the messaging platform for nearly $20 billion. It also outlines some end-to-end encryption stuff, which is a big plus.