Use multiple accounts on Instagram with new account switching feature


Instagram faces little criticism from users because the service’s strategy is to just display your feed filled with photographs and videos from friends, family, celebrities, and brands that you’re interested with. This afternoon, Instagram finally alleviated the pain for users and social media managers that have multiple accounts. Now you can simultaneously use five Instagram accounts on a single app without being forced to logout of one account before singing in to another.

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Twitter’s timeline isn’t actually changing very much

motorola_moto_x_pure_edition_twitter_profile_TAWorried about Twitter making your timeline more like Facebook? Turns out, things aren’t going to be so bad. While we had originally heard that things would shift to an algorithmic timeline and away from a chronological timeline, Twitter is actually probably just going to be expanding on the “while you were away” feature, which most of us have probably already seen. Read more

How to stream Super Bowl 50 from your phone, tablet, or media player


The biggest day in U.S. professional sports is finally upon us. All eyes, domestic and international, will be focused on Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara as the National Football League presents Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. This year it’s CBS’ turn to show the game, and the network is seeking to win itself the title of having the most-watched television broadcast in history. Around 168 million people watched the game on NBC last year and CBS would love to beat that by exceeding 170 million viewers. It’s entirely possible that Super Bowl 50 breaks the record because of its storylines. Peyton Manning could cement his place as an all-time great by winning and ride out into the sunset while Cam Newton would silence the haters. The real surge in viewers, however, will come during halftime. Coldplay will be joined by Beyoncé and Bruno Mars (and perhaps others) for a lively halftime show to commemorate the Super Bowl’s place in entertainment.

Now I’m sure you already have plans for the game and intend to watch it with friends on a massive television, but streaming is becoming a huge part of the Super Bowl as well. So I’m going to tell you what you’ll need to do to stream Super Bowl 50 on any device.

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Twitter timeline may be getting shuffled around


Users who enjoy a social media platform that keeps things in a chronological order – reverse to be specific – find solace in Twitter as the service has maintained that type of listing even as others have moved on to schemes to “surface” content in other ways. That may be changing as soon as next week according to rumors. Sources indicate Twitter may be planning to rollout a new algorithm to replace the reverse chronological timeline. Read more

Verizon’s Go90 no longer counts against data caps


Verizon rolled out an update to Go90 mobile content streaming app on Jan. 29. If you’re like most folks, you didn’t read much about the update. But one thing stands out.

Near the top of the description of what’s new about the app is this little nugget:

“Search for content you love and find exclusives only available on Go90. Verizon Wireless customers stream any video over LTE without it counting against your data plan.”

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