Samsung Mini Pay launches in February and will work on any Android running Lollipop

Many Samsung users in the United States, Korea, and 9 other countries will probably be familiar with its mobile payments service called Samsung Pay, but that has been the sole provision of a select few flagship Samsung handsets such as the Galaxy S6 and S7. Now it seems, the electronics manufacturer is set to launch Samsung Pay Mini in South Korea, a new pared-down service that will offer online payment services for Android phones, regardless of which brand it is.

Benchmark cheating resurfaces with OnePlus and Meizu caught in the crosshairs

A few years ago a wave of cheating on benchmarks rolled through the smartphone community thanks to almost all manufacturers trying to obtain top marks on benchmarking tools. As the extent of the cheating was revealed and users became increasingly disillusioned with claims by manufacturers, the companies engaging in the cheating eventually figured out their actions were not worth the customer backlash they were creating. Unfortunately, some recent testing suggests this ugly trend may once again be rearing its head.

Twitter to retry efforts to control harassment on social platform

This is a story we have heard before from Twitter, so the only question that remains is whether they can succeed. Similar to previous attempts, several Twitter execs announced this evening that the social platform would begin rolling out new measures this week to try to better control and eliminate harassment and abuse directed at users on the system. The charge was led by Ed Ho, Twitter’s VP of Engineering, who acknowledged Twitter “didn’t move fast enough last year” in trying to implement changes.

Google Maps gets a ‘parking difficulty’ feature

Google is adding a new feature to Google Maps for Android to help users plan their hunt for a parking space when arriving at a destination. The new feature will provide information on parking difficulty at a destination in 25 metro areas in the U.S. The information will be provided via an icon to help users assess whether they need to be ready to just pull up to their destination or if they may be circling the block for a while in search of a parking space.

Google Voice to get VOIP support, Hangouts getting encryption

Just this week Google took the unusual step of rolling out some updates to the oft-forgotten Google Voice app. Voice has been lurking in the proverbial shadows of Google’s portfolio of communication tools, so seeing improvements roll out was unexpected. The bulk of the changes that hit this week were interface updates. New reports indicate Google is working on some new features and capabilities for Voice to add support for VoIP and in a related move Hangouts will get some beefy encryption added to that platform.

Nat and Lo reveal 5 Google games you should know about

Have you ever wondered why there’s a dinosaur shown on the page when you open the Chrome browser and you aren’t connected to the internet? Or perhaps you want to play an old Google Doodle game from months ago? Well, you can learn the mysteries and locations of these burning questions and more by watching Nat & Lo‘s video about “5 Things you should know about Google“.   

Netflix adds MicroSD card support for offline downloads for Android users

Netflix first gave Android users the ability to download content to their devices to watch offline at the tail end of November last year, and while being able to watch Stranger Things without needing an internet connection was a great thing, there was one small problem, you could only download to the device’s built-in storage. This meant that if you were making do with a handset or tablet that only had 8GB or even 16GB of storage as standard, you were going to run out of space fast. Luckily, Netflix has recognized the issue, and as of today, Android users can now choose to store downloaded content to the MicroSD card on their device.