Dropbox releases Mailbox onto Google Play

by Jared Peters on
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Not too long ago, Dropbox acquired Mailbox, an app designed for iOS devices. Of course, Dropbox is pretty friendly on all platforms, so it was pretty obvious that they were eventually going to look at bringing the app to Android at some point in the future. Today, that finally happened.

The app currently only works with Gmail (and iCloud, if you happen to have any iOS devices) but it arguably manages Gmail better than Google’s own client. The interface is extremely clean and flat, and uses swiping gestures to manage emails. Swipe to the right and you’ll either mark a message as read or delete it, and swiping it left either saves the email for later or archives it. This intuitive swiping makes the app extremely fast and fluid to use, and helps speed up inbox management . » Read the rest

Dropbox announces photo gallery, Carousel, for Android

by Aditya Thawardas on
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carousel-dropboxDropbox is keeping us busy today – not only did they release Mailbox for Android, but they’ve also unveiled a new photo gallery for devices called Carousel. With Carousel, Dropbox wants to provide users with a gallery “for all the photos and videos from your life,” combining your photos in the cloud and the photos taken on your device. Dropbox’s big selling point is not having to worry about the storage space on your device, since photos will be stored in Dropbox’s cloud.

In addition, Carousel will have a messaging system, allowing you to have private conversations to “relive entire events with friends and family” much faster than text messaging. The app is already available in the Play Store, via the link past the break.

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If you don’t have Facebook Messenger installed now, you will very soon

by Robert Nazarian on
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Those of you that rely on the Facebook app for your chats won’t be able to much longer if Facebook follows through on their plan. Facebook has notified users in a few European countries that messaging friends in the Facebook app will stop in about 2 weeks. Users will still be able to message their friends, but they will have to download and install the Facebook Messenger app in order to do so.

This doesn’t appear to be a “test” and is the long term plan for Facebook. You can expect this change to hit every country, but there are a few caveats. Those with lower-end Android devices won’t be required to use Messenger. Also, for whatever reason, Windows phone users will still be able to see messages in the Facebook app. Finally, the Paper newsreader app (not on Android yet) will still show messages.

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Google Now may soon help remember where you parked

by Justin Herrick on
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This will sure be handy if true. The guys at Android Police are saying that Google Now will be getting a feature that would detect and remind you where your car is parked. It would detect where you were when you exited the vehicle and remind you with a card later on. From there, users can find their way back to the car. If it is an inaccurate location, there will be a button to correct it (for later reference, I assume).

Source: Android Police

AT&T version of Samsung Galaxy S 5 missing Download Booster feature

by Jeff Causey on
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Reports are surfacing today indicating the Download Booster feature on AT&T versions of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 is missing. The Download Booster, a feature that Samsung highlighted during their launch event, gives users the ability to combine WiFi and LTE connections when downloading files larger than 30 MB. The combination is supposed to give a boost to download speeds. It appears that consumers who have started to receive their devices from AT&T have discovered the feature is not enabled and the switches to turn it on are not even present in the settings or notification panel. » Read the rest

Google testing out new interface for Android’s calendar app

by Jared Peters on
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Google calendar new UI

Google has been internally testing out a new design for the calendar app in Android, and some screenshots of the new interface have leaked out for us to take a look at. The app is picking up a much cleaner look, abandoning the grids and lines that we’re used to in favor a slightly more colorful, flat, minimalist design. There’s a daily agenda feature and a heavy dose of social integration thanks to Google’s massive push with Google+.

The daily agenda feature rounds up all of your events for the day, including contact birthdays and information from G+, and pools them into one place for you to look at. Many other third-party calendars and OEM skin calendars have been doing this for a while now, so that would be a very nice addition to the stock Google calendar. There’s also a new separate birthdays menu that will show you upcoming birthdays from your contacts. It looks like a nice way be able to keep up with your friends’ birthdays without having it clutter up the rest of your calendar. » Read the rest

The Walking Dead game series creeps its way into the Google Play Store

by Robert Nazarian on
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Well it’s about time. Zombie fans have something to get excited about today. Already available in the Amazon Appstore since January, The Walking Dead Season One game is now ready for your downloading pleasure from the Google Play Store. This game comes from Telltale Games, and is a five-part series. The first part is free, and episodes 2-5 are available through an in-app purchase.

This game doesn’t follow the popular hit TV show, but I am told this game is very good. You play Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, that has been given a second chance at life. Interestingly enough, that second chance at life involves a heavy dose of the undead. Your actions will control how the story unfolds.

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YouTube Live Streams on Chromecast now available from the desktop

by Jeff Causey on
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Google has made a change to their YouTube platform so that users can now cast live videos to their Chromecast devices. This new feature only works when users are accessing YouTube using their desktop web browser where they will find the cast button now available on live streams. This capability is not yet enabled when using the YouTube app on a smartphone or tablet, but it seems like it should not take long for an update to roll out to enable this on mobile devices.

Google also recently changed the YouTube site to allow the casting of private YouTube videos. It appears that the only type of video that cannot be cast from YouTube are those where the publisher has not enabled viewing on mobile devices.

source: Android Police

Virus Shield pulled out of Google Play Store for being a fake app

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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When it comes to mobile security, people take it as a serious matter and try to find a solution to enhance the security of their device in every way possible. This is where Virus Shield, a so-called $3.99 security app for Android that secured the first position on Google Play’s paid apps charts, came into action to save the day (not really) by claiming that it will make your device virus free.

The app climbed to the top of the charts on Google Play’s paid apps section in just over a week, got a stunning and convincing 4.7 rating stars, and was downloaded over 10,000 times. The app claimed that it “prevents harmful apps from being installed on your device”, “scans apps, settings, files, and media in real time,” and “protects your personal information” while having a minimum effect on your battery level. » Read the rest

Dropbox update adds computer account setup via device and some fixes

by Justin Herrick on


Dropbox has been updated with a brand new application icon and some user interface tweaks. Aside from aesthetic changes, Dropbox has added the option to set-up a Dropbox account directly from your smartphone with its camera. To be more exact, you can use a QR code to install Dropbox on a computer without having to sign in. The QR code will link your account from the device and transfer that information over to the computer when installing the desktop program.

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