HBO’s streaming service will be called HBO Now, priced at $15 per month

HBO_LogoSome new details have popped up regarding HBO’s stand-alone streaming service that’s slated for launch later this year. The service is HBO’s first foray into offering current content without the help of cable and satellite providers and will be a huge deal for cord-cutters.

The service is reportedly going to be called HBO Now, and it will go live in April, roughly a month from now. Pricing is pegged at $15 per month, which is a bit higher than the likes of Netflix and Hulu. Of course, if HBO plans on offering all of their own high quality content, it might be worth the premium over similar services.
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Google Play app updated to version 5.3.5


The Google Play app, which was previously standing at version 5.2.13, has been updated. The new version, 5.3.5, is relatively minor as there are not any noticeable changes. It seems like everything is on the back end where everyday users would not see a thing.

You can hit the link below to download and install the latest version of the Google Play app. Otherwise, just wait for it to happen in the coming days or weeks.

[APK Download Link]

AMBER alerts get integrated into Waze


The use of Waze varies between turn-by-turn navigation and other location-related services. Now, the app will extend its capabilities to child safety with the integration of AMBER alerts. Those with Waze installed on their devices will see notifications from the AMBER alerts program appear with information regarding the missing child. The notifications only appear when the driver is at a complete stop and disappear upon moving again. If the Waze notification does not provide enough information, users can tap it and find out more information in their browser.

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Tapjoy’s Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform aims to maximize Lifetime sales from Freemium Apps

TapJoy (1)

Many of us have a smartphone or tablet with a selection of paid or free apps installed. Sometimes the free apps are subsidized by the inclusion of ads, but the growing trend is to release a free app (freemium) that earns the developer money by offering In-App-Purchases (IAP’s). Only a small percentage of people make use of the IAP’s though, so Tapjoy has just launched its Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform to help maximize the revenue from these ‘proven spenders‘.
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Galaxy Gifts for the Samsung Galaxy S6 includes Fleksy, Evernote and Life360 and 19 others


It’s been a couple of days since the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets were officially announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and we are still finding out new things about them. What we have today is confirmation of the 22 premium apps and services that Samsung will give Galaxy S6 owners via its Galaxy Gifts program.

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Glympse to be integrated with Volkswagen and Peugeot cars via MirrorLink


Glympse is by far the best quick location sharing app available on any mobile platform, and today they are announcing that it’s coming to Volkswagen and Peugeot cars via MirrorLink.

MIrrorLink is much like Android Auto in that it’s a way to control you phone’s apps through your car’s infotainment system. By connecting your phone to a USB cable, you are able to use your phone’s applications via the car’s navigation screen and dashboard/steering-wheel buttons. Your car has to have MirrorLink or you can install a replacement stereo that is MirrorLink compatible. Other car manufacturers utilizing MirrorLink include Honda and Toyota.

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Yahoo joins Fleksy Keyboard with new Search Extension


The expansion of Fleksy Keyboard continues due to a partnership between the application and a leader in the search engine industry. Through Yahoo, users of Fleksy Keyboard are able to perform searches from any app. The feature, called Search Extension powered by Yahoo, places a search bar above the keyboard for quick access.

Earlier this week, we learned that Fleksy Keyboard would be included as one of Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts featured on the upcoming Galaxy S 6.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Google putting Chrome on Ice Cream Sandwich in the freezer


Citing the movement of users to newer versions of Android and the increasing complexity to support older devices, Google’s Chrome team announced today they will bring development of updates for the Chrome browser on Ice Cream Sandwich to a halt. The change in status for the browser will take place with Chrome’s 42nd release after which the browser will be put in the virtual deep freeze on Ice Cream Sandwich. Users will be able to continue to use Chrome on their devices, but there will be no more updates.
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