Google Cast app will soon be renamed to Google Home

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Google Cast is a simple technology that enables you to connect your phone, tablet, or computer to a variety of entertainment devices to stream various video and audio content. The Google Cast app is a one stop shop for discovering all sorts of things to cast, and now it appears that Google is planning to expand on the services the app offers as it will soon be renamed to Google Home.

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Unsupported cards will stop working with Android Pay on October 14

Android Pay AMEX

That headline probably seems like a “well, duh” moment, but when Google first launched Android Pay, they let users migrate all of their cards over from Google Wallet. That included some cards from banks that don’t officially support Android Pay, which everyone knew was going to be a problem sooner or later, especially after Google Wallet was officially axed. Read more

Facebook’s Marketplace is here, a way to buy and sell items in your community


Facebook today announced Marketplace, a way to make buying and selling goods within your community a whole lot easier than before. Previously, Facebook users would create “swap” or buy and sell groups to exchange goods within their communities. A user would post something for sale and other users would express interest in buying it. After that, the buyer and seller would arrange a place to meet to conduct the exchange or transaction.

But now, Facebook Marketplace is here to make the whole ordeal smoother and more organized. Hit the break for all the great details.

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