Google IO 2017 Coverage

Audi, Volvo to add Android Auto to new models

There are many paths to using Android Auto in a vehicle including aftermarket systems that support the framework natively, using a cable to plug your smartphone in and run Android Auto through a vehicle’s system, or running the Android Auto app on your smartphone. Probably the best option though is having access to Android Auto through a vehicle’s built-in system. The latest manufacturers to announce support for Android Auto in their systems straight from the factory include Audi and Volvo.

Snapchat CEO sees Facebook copying as sign of success

Snap, the company that produces the popular Snapchat social media platform, is riding a rollercoaster of ups and downs. After rising quickly thanks to popularity with younger generations, Snap has recently been struggling a bit. Many point to one change as bringing about this struggle and that change is Facebook. Ever since Facebook started copying some of Snapchat’s features, the latter has been struggling to maintain the momentum it has been carrying. During a Q1 earnings all, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel took on the question of whether he was scared of Facebook.

Google blazes new path for Street View ready imagery with new cameras in 2017

Google announced today another step in their efforts to crowd source the images and street views available on their platforms. This latest move from Google promises to reduce the “significant time and effort” it was taking for users to prepare and upload their interactive photography. Google is doing this by introducing a new certification for 360-degree cameras and creating a new framework to guide the work flows needed to get images ready for publication.

Surf the web even when not on the web with new updates for Chrome for Android

Google announced some new additions to the Chrome browser on Android devices that will help users deal with a lack of access to a working Internet connection. The trio of new functions included in the browser give users the ability to keep on surfing the web without being connected to the web mainly by downloading pages for offline viewing. The ability to download a page for offline viewing has been present for a while now, but Google is making it even easier to make this happen and to some extent to make the experience more seamless.

New Google Allo features go live today

Last month Google started rolling out an update to their messaging app, Google Allo, that included code for several new features. As was noted at the time, Google had written things so that new features could be turned on via the server side instead of relying on users repeatedly update their app, although it appears these latest changes may require a client update. The fruit of all this work was realized today as Google announced two of the new features were going live along with another one that had not been identified or discussed earlier.

Hulu introduces live TV streaming service alongside redesigned look

Today’s a big day for Hulu. The video streaming service shared a revamped look, fresh programming, and an entirely new service. Hulu’s goal, now more than ever, is to build an all-in-one spot for people who just love watching television shows, movies, documentaries, and more. These changes and additions give Hulu momentum as an increasing number of people in the United States are seeking to ditch traditional options and choose a online-based service provider.