Weather 360 joins the storm of weather apps vying for your consideration


Earlier this year we took a look at some of the most popular weather apps in the Play Store for 2015. These tended to come from weather information providers or large news outlets and a common theme amongst them was the attempt to incorporate Material design into their apps. Some were more successful than others, but all tended to fall short. A new weather app, Weather 360 from developer 6thSolution, hopes to change that and they made their Material design efforts a highlight of their marketing efforts. Read more

Peel uses Smart Remote app data to fall TV winners and losers


While more and more people are “cutting the cord” when it comes to what they watch on their televisions, the big networks are still trying to produce new shows in hopes of keeping viewers sticking with the classic television model. Even as they do that, technology is still creeping in and if not changing behavior, it can provide some unique insights. An example is the Peel Smart Remote app that can be used as a virtual remote control. Besides the functionality of the app, Peel is also collecting data that may reveal trends in viewership, like which new network shows are grabbing the interest of viewers. Read more

[Deal] Google Play has every ‘Jurassic Park’ film in HD bundled for $35


Fans of the Jurassic Park franchise will want to head over to the Play Store right now. Why? Google Play has dedicated an entire section to the franchise’s books, films, and apps. The best part about the section is the deal that offers the four Jurassic Park films, including the most recent summer blockbuster, in high definition for just $35. If purchased separately in the same format, you would have to pay about $60.

[Google Play] [Jurassic Park Collection – Google Play]

Vodafone’s Call+ service lets you share text and images during a call


It’s only a few days since Vodafone announced it was bringing WiFi Calling to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge+ devices in the UK later this year, but now the UK carrier has also announced the Vodafone Call+ and Message+ service. It uses the same Rich Communications Services (RCS) that Google talked about earlier this week, allowing users to share more than just their voice during a call, we have more details after the break.

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