Hangouts On Air migrates to YouTube Live from September 12


Google  announced the rollout of its video chat app, Duo, earlier today, but as it’s launching one new service, the search giant is also stripping a function away from an existing app, Google+. No longer will Hangouts On Air live broadcasts be tied to Google’s often overlooked, cherished by some, social media app. From September 12th, users wanting to start live broadcasts will have to so via YouTube Live. Read more

You’ll soon be able to add an extra stop to your Lyft ride


Lyft is a fantastic ridesharing app for those of us who need to get from point A to point B, but what about for those of us who not only need to get from A to B, but to C as well? As the app stands right now getting to that pesky point C would require two separate Lyft rides, but the company is planning to fix that inconvenience very soon. In an update to the app, coming soon, you’ll be able to add an extra destination to your Lyft ride making it a seamless ride from A to B to C for driver and passenger alike.

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