Google Play announces Spider-Man films and TV shows sale


Google Play is releasing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 early, and to celebrate, all earlier Spider-Man films are starting at only $8 to own, and the first 10 minutes of Spider-Man 2 is free to watch. Many Spiderman games and comics are discounted for a limited time as well.

Are you a Spider-Man fanatic? Planning on downloading one of these deals? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Source: Google+

Google Hands-Free showing up in Google Search


A week ago we received hints at a new standalone Google Hands-Free application from a Google+ post. Now, thanks to Google search, we’ve found a new hint towards how this new app will fit in with the Android OS. Users can open up the Google Search App and search for “hands free.” They will be greeted with a card in the process of opening, but it will stall out until an action is taken and the process is cancelled.  We still don’t know when the app will be released, or any of its features, but it seems like Google will release it to the world any day now.

Source: Android Police

Google expands the universe of email addresses it will recognize in Gmail


Google announced today what they think is a significant step forward in enabling communication via email around the globe. Google’s Gmail application, and soon Calendar, will now recognize accented Latin characters or non-Latin characters used in an email address. Google points out that less than half of the world’s population uses a mother tongue based solely on the Latin alphabet. By accepting additional characters as part of an email address, the possibilities for people to get email addresses that make more sense to them is broadened.
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[New Android Wear App] Attopedia brings Wikipedia to your wrist


With Android Wear, users can bring so much information directly to their wrists. For many, using Google Search with an Android Wear device would be enough to get answers. Others, though, may require something more. Now users can bring Wikipedia and its wealth of knowledge to their wrists. This is made possible with Attopedia, a new app that downsizes Wikipedia’s content to fit onto a smaller display. To make everything presentable, Attopedia utilizes a grid format so users can swipe around.

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XBMC changing name to Kodi


The developers behind XBMC, the entertainment and media center software, have announced a change in name for the platform. XBMC has started the process to be renamed Kodi as part of the upcoming release of version 14. This is not the first time the group has changed the name, the last time being in 2008. However, all of the previous name changes have been variants of the original “Xbox Media Player” which was coined in 2002. Two years after that it was renamed “Xbox Media Center” and then four years later it was shortened to the current XBMC. The change to Kodi is a radical change taking things in a whole new direction.
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Stitcher Radio brings its updated Front Page feature to Android


Since the start of 2014, iOS users of Stitcher Radio have enjoyed a fresh version Front Page. This feature is a personalized audio feed that collects content from all of your favorite selections. So rather than jumping around to find things, Stitcher Radio will serve you directly. The updated Front Page is now available through the Android app and it will be the default opening for Stitcher Radio upon launching it.

There are some tips for using Front Page. Tapping on an episode that is suggested will give a few options that include more information and the choice to listen later. The info button leads to more information regarding the entire show and previous episodes rather than just the suggested one. Users can also switch between all content or just news headlines easily.

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Google may separate Photos from Google+ in the near future


Google’s Photo features are some of the most attractive aspects of Google+, including automatic backup, aut0-awesome effects, stories, sharing, etc. The Photos section of Google’s social network is extremely robust and offers one of the best solutions for cloud backup on Android. In an attempt to gain more users, however, it looks like Google might be planning on spinning off Photos into a standalone service separate from Google+.
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Flappy Bird returns, and he’s bringing friends


For those of you crushed by the news that Flappy Bird was going MIA back in February, take heart: Flappy Bird is back. Flappy Birds Family has been released on the Amazon Appstore, but only for Fire TV. The game is meant to be played multiplayer and boasts the same simple gameplay that its predecessor did, all for free. While FBF is not yet available on the Google Play store, there have been mumblings that it will be added in the coming weeks.

Source: Amazon