Google home button to be animated?


As fall draws closer we start to look for the official launch of both Android 7.0 Nougat and new Nexus smartphones from Google. One of the peculiarities that has surfaced in recent leaks and rumors is a new onscreen home button for the Nexus devices. Thus far that home button has appeared as a static image as shown above. Now, an animation has surfaced showing how the button will be animated assuming this feature makes it to launch. Read more

Wondered how popular ‘Pokémon Go’ really is? Check out the stats in the infographic below

Pokemon_Go-TA (1)

If you haven’t heard about the Pokémon Go craze or seen the multitude of young, and not so young, people wandering aimlessly on the sidewalks trying to catch Pikachu and friends, you may well have been in a coma for the last few weeks. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the game, developed by Niantic and licensed from Nintendo, has taken the world by storm, earning more than $1.6 million in profits every day since launching on July 6th. But how popular is the game really? Join us after the break to find out. Read more

Box for Android 4.0 launches with new interface, workflow improvements


Although it may be a bit overshadowed by giant cloud storage providers like Dropbox of Google Drive, Box is still around and their developers continue to work on improvements to the app. Last year the company launched new native SDKs for Android to help other developers implement access to Box in their apps and titles. Now, using their own SDK for development, Box announced the launch of Box for Android 4.0.

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Stay up to date with the Olympic Games with the official Rio 2016 app

Samsung_Rio_Olympic_2016_App_TA (1)

With all of the hoopla about the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 yesterday, it would be easy to forget that one of the world’s largest sporting events is about to get under way. The Olympic Games, being held in Rio this time around, will kick off later today, and as you would expect in this day and age, there is an official app to go along with it. Join us after the break for more details and a download link. Read more

SwiftKey users have been seeing predictions from other people’s personal data


SwiftKey is one of the oldest and most popular third-party keyboards on Android. It has almost unmatched text predictions that sync with various apps and services (such as SMS, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter) allowing the user to quickly type up a message, often using the prediction bar alone. Combine that with the ability to sync your predictions in the cloud so your data is available across all devices your signed into and you have a pretty powerful service. However, in the last several days some users are reporting that the predictions they are seeing are not their own, and appear to be from other people.

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SoundCloud hoping to find buyer willing to part with $1 billion


SoundCloud started out as an alternative method for DJs and artists to get their music and other creations streaming on the Internet without relying on big services like Apple Music or Spotify. Despite those roots, the company is increasingly moving towards a more mainstream model. One step in that journey is the possible sale of the company, a move the owners hope will yield a $1 billion sales price. Read more