Google’s Inbox app gets custom Snooze times for morning, afternoon, and evening

New_Features_to_Inbox_Pic1Google is bringing a handy new trick to Inbox that’ll be useful for anyone that doesn’t have a conventional sleep schedule.

While it’s easy to assume that “morning” means whatever time McDonald’s is still serving breakfast for most people, there are plenty of us of that might not be up and around when the sun is rising, whether that’s because of work, school, or any number of things. Google understands that, so they’ve implemented a way to adjust when your morning, afternoon, and evening snooze reminders should go off.
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Ginger Keyboard debuts in-keyboard games and news headlines


As we saw with its Smart Bar feature, Ginger Keyboard promotes productivity even when users are not actually typing. The latest update, however, covers a bit of entertainment in the form of games and news. Now, Ginger Keyboard houses games and headlines without redirecting users to another app. Both retro and newer games such as Snake and 2048 are available for gaming anywhere. When seeking news headlines, Ginger Keyboard offers content from WiredBloomberg, ESPN, and FOX News. The developer explains that this new ‘Entertain’ feature allows users to stay engaged in any app while being able to have some fun and stay informed.

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[APK Download] Gmail update brings a unified inbox and better searching

gmail unified inboxGoogle has updated their Gmail application, bringing a handful of useful new features on board. The biggest new improvement to the Gmail experience is the inclusion of a unified inbox, so now all of your Gmail and emails accounts in the Gmail application can be viewed without having to switch back and forth between different email addresses. Other email apps have had this feature for a while, so it’s great that Google finally baked it in.
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You can now view your Google+ photos and videos in Google Drive


This news is no surprise since it was recently rumored. It’s also a no-brainer, and I often wondered why Google didn’t implement this sooner.

Starting today, you can now view your Google+ photos and videos in Google Drive. You will find a new Google Photos menu in Drive for the web, Android, and even iOS. You can create a Google Photos folder in your “My Drive” which will give you ability to organize your photos and videos into folders.

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Plex for Android update gets Material Design makeover with tons of new features

plex_app_iconPlex for Android has received a pretty big update that brings in a Material Design overhaul, plus a handful of new features that Plex users will be happy to see.

The new interface fits right in with Google’s own suite of apps, and boasts easy ways to browse content and select what server you want to stream media from. The home screen has taken up a modern redesign, and everything just looks fantastic.
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MLB Manager 2015 heads to the Play Store for this season


The 2015 MLB season starts on April 5 when the St. Louis Cardinals head to Wrigley Field to play the Chicago Cubs. For the next seven months, baseball will be the primary sport to watch as teams vie for a World Series victory. Fans can play their own version of the season and future seasons with the new MLB Manager 2015 game. You play as the manager of a team performing all of the day-to-day duties that come with the job. Managers setup lineups, depth charts, and the pitching rotation for gameday. Then, managers make calls from the dugout. The game even allows some general manager controls to be accessed such as contract negotiations, trades, and promotions. This game is an analytics spin on baseball simulation.

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