Sprint, Uber team up to help you get to Copa América Centenario matches


This weekend soccer fans in the U.S., including those traveling in from around the globe, will enjoy the start of the Copa América Centenario tournament. Capitalizing on this special event, Sprint has teamed up with Uber in a special promotion that will benefit the carrier’s customers who need to get to one of the event stadiums to catch a match. Sprint users who hitch a ride using Uber will get 50% off, up to $25, their Uber ride fee. Read more

Interested in testing out beta versions of Google Maps on Android?

Google Maps_TA

Google has toyed with beta apps on the Play Store for a while, but now they’re finally getting in on the action themselves. Google Maps has been opened up for anyone to join the beta, which means you’ll get prerelease builds of the app that may or may not be 100% functional in exchange for helping Google squash bugs so the newer versions can go live for the rest of us. Read more

Samsung Pay enters the market in Spain


Samsung continues to expand the footprint for their Samsung Pay mobile payments platform with the announcement today that they are entering the European market by making the service available in Spain. This follows successful deployment of the service in South Korea, the United States, and in China. Besides representing Samsung’s initial foothold in the European market, Samsung Pay is also the first mobile payment service from any provider available in Spain. Read more

Google Now may soon have ‘character’ with a backstory


Not long ago, Google changed the voice tone of its Google Search assistant. At Google I/O, the tech giant announced ‘Google Assistant,’ which will soon answer one’s follow-up questions, be able to play mini games, and provide users with more accurate and detailed information. A new report from yesterday suggests Google Now will soon have ‘character,’ meaning it will have a personality and a background story.

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Google adding Google Cast to Google Fiber TV boxes


Although Google Chromecast devices are immensely helpful to content viewers who have existing hardware that need the support, Google is making the technology, Google Cast, that drives their dongles available outside of those devices. We are seeing more support for Google Cast built directly into televisions. Now Google is adding one of their own, in-house products, by making Google Cast available via their Fiber TV set top boxes. Read more

Google is building a smart app uninstaller into the Play Store


If you’ve ever used a device that skimped on internal storage, you probably know the struggle of running out of space for new apps. I’ve even run into the problem with 16 GB Samsung phones that only leave about 10 GB of room left to the user, and it’ll definitely happen if you play multiple games at a time on your phone. Fortunately, Google has a solution. Read more