Google Cast app will soon be renamed to Google Home

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Google Cast is a simple technology that enables you to connect your phone, tablet, or computer to a variety of entertainment devices to stream various video and audio content. The Google Cast app is a one stop shop for discovering all sorts of things to cast, and now it appears that Google is planning to expand on the services the app offers as it will soon be renamed to Google Home.

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Unsupported cards will stop working with Android Pay on October 14

Android Pay AMEX

That headline probably seems like a “well, duh” moment, but when Google first launched Android Pay, they let users migrate all of their cards over from Google Wallet. That included some cards from banks that don’t officially support Android Pay, which everyone knew was going to be a problem sooner or later, especially after Google Wallet was officially axed.

Facebook’s Marketplace is here, a way to buy and sell items in your community


Facebook today announced Marketplace, a way to make buying and selling goods within your community a whole lot easier than before. Previously, Facebook users would create “swap” or buy and sell groups to exchange goods within their communities. A user would post something for sale and other users would express interest in buying it. After that, the buyer and seller would arrange a place to meet to conduct the exchange or transaction.

But now, Facebook Marketplace is here to make the whole ordeal smoother and more organized. Hit the break for all the great details.

Allo improvements possibly on the way per Google developer


Last week Google launched Allo, the latest messaging platform from the company. Although it was hyped at Google I/O earlier this year, the Allo release was widely panned with the app frequently described as “half-baked” (which is probably on the generous side). Although Allo does have some nice features, most notably the Google Assistant artificial intelligence technology, some missing functionality could be causing some issues with adoption. In hopes of showing that they are listening and perhaps suggesting fixes are on the way, a Google developer involved with the Allo project recently tweeted about some of the top requests.

Google Apps for Work gets upgrades, rebranded to G Suite


As part of a move to enhance their offerings for enterprise clients, Google announced some improvements and enhancements to their Google Cloud platform and in particular to their set of tools previously known as Google Apps for Work. Those tools are basically a subset of all of Google’s applications that are available to run on a specific domain instead of via They include tools like Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar amongst others. Going forward, the bundle of apps will be called G Suite and Google is giving them some new features to make them more “intelligent.”

WhatsApp will continue to share user data to Facebook despite Delhi High Court order


The list of users, organizations and government agencies unhappy with the recent changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policies keeps growing as the Delhi High Court in India recently ordered the Facebook-owned messaging company to delete data from user’s who opted out. However, it looks like WhatsApp will continue on with their new plan despite this.

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Spotify’s mobile lyrics feature debuts in Japan, worldwide launch later


Spotify has finally made its way to Japan, the company announced in a press release this morning. While Japan is a big market for music, music streaming hasn’t exactly taken off. Despite this, Spotify will be competing with giants already established in the country, such as Apple Music and Google’s own Play Music as well as some local offerings.

But, Spotify’s Japanese launch isn’t the only exciting thing. Worldwide mobile lyric support seems to be on its way, with its first debut happening alongside this launch in Japan.

SoundCloud may be acquired by Spotify


According to a new report by the Financial Times, Spotify is in the process of trying to acquire competing streaming music service SoundCloud. The idea of the services being in competition is only through their presence in the same market though as Spotify is the largest such company with over 40 million customers while SoundCloud’s customer base for their paid subscription service is probably less than 1 million. The one thing SoundCloud does have is the largest library out there, which likely makes it a nice target for Spotify.

YouTube Go is a new lightweight app for low bandwidth users


Google has announced a completely revamped YouTube application called YouTube Go that’s been designed from the ground up for customers that don’t have access to high-speed, high bandwidth networks. It won’t replace the default YouTube app, don’t worry, but it will certainly make life easier for people in countries like India where mobile data is either expensive or just not fast enough for videos.