Gameloft releases Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the Google Play Store

by Macky Evangelista on
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With the movie about a week away from release, Gameloft released Captain America: The Winter Soldier game in the Google Play Store. The game is free initially to download and play, but after the first two levels you will be prompted via an in app purchase to continue playing the rest of the game for $2.99. The game is a 3rd person style format and you fight as Cap himself and battle villains while leading your S.H.I.E.L.D. team to save the world. You can find some images and a QR code below after the break!

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Nostalgic Timehop app finally arrives on Android

by Aditya Thawardas on

Timehop-AndroidTimehop has been a popular app on iOS for quite some time, so its Android debut was long overdue. The app simply allows you to visit your social media past, letting you see exactly what you were posting on this date in years past. The Android app brings together your old photos and posts from your iPhone (if you have one), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare and replays them accordingly.

The app is free in the Play Store, and you can find a link, along with some screenshots of the  app past the break. Give it a download if you’re feeling nostalgic. » Read the rest

HTC releases Dot View app to Google Play

by Jeff Causey on
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Since releasing the HTC One (M8) the company has been on a bit of roll with releasing core services to Google Play. They have already announced the availability of BlinkFeed and Zoe in Google Play now or coming up soon. The big question for many is what other devices, even from other manufacturers, will HTC make these apps available to run on. One app that probably won’t have any application outside of HTC devices is the software powering the Dot View cases introduced this week. Nevertheless, HTC is now making HTC Dot View available for install through Google Play. » Read the rest

Runtastic 5.0 adds hydration feature and revamps app

by Jack Holt on
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The popular fitness app Runtastic has reached 70 million downloads and in celebrating that feat, the team behind the app is announcing a few new features for it. First, users will notice that the app features a completely revamped design. Runtastic 5.0 features a cleaner look while offering a better user experience.

Another feature of the app is a new hydration feature. This feature gives users a personal recommendation of re-hydrating themselves after their workout. It’s takes  local weather conditions, activity levels, and personal stats and recommends the hydration intake needed post workout.

Lastly, the developers behind the app have taken some of the feature of the pro version of the app, like the music player and live tracking and cheering, and moved them to the free version of the app.

We have the presser, QR code and download link after the the break. We also have the intro video for you as well. Enjoy!

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[New Chromecast app] Colorcast brings Pictionary style drawing game to the big screen

by Jack Holt on
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A new app that supports the Chromecast has just made its way to the Play Store. Colorcast as it’s called, is an app that brings both a free draw and pictionary-esque gaming element to your television. Free draw offers nine colors and four brush sizes so that you can draw whatever you want.

The game element allows anywhere from four to thirty players to play on one device. You can input team names, player names and select the amount of time and number of rounds to play. The game has over 400 words for you to choose from. The word will display on the device while the drawing appears on your television. If the team guesses the word correctly you can score points.

There’s an easy mode for those with out artistic talent or if your children want to play. We have a gallery, QR code, and download link after the break.

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Twitter enhances photo features on mobile client

by Aditya Thawardas on
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Twitter-for-Android-Receives-Bug-Fix-UpdateGoogle+ probably has the most advanced image tools of the social networks, but Twitter is trying to catch up. Twitter announced new photo features today that include photo tagging and the ability to upload up to four images per tweet.

You will be able to tag up to ten people in each photo with Twitter usernames, without wasting any of the 140-character limit. Tagged users will receive a notification just like a mention. For the second new feature, users will be able to upload up to four images per tweet, compared to the original one that was allowed. The pictures will be turned into a collage, or album of sorts which can be viewed on mobile, desktop, and embedded clients.

The features are going to first roll out on iOS, but we’ll see them on Android soon.

Source: Twitter Blog


HTC to release BlinkFeed and Zoe in the Play Store this summer for other devices

by Justin Herrick on
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HTC One 2014 Press render

HTC does not plan on keeping BlinkFeed and the Zoe camera application restricted to just HTC-made devices like the new One (M8). In the press release announcing the new flagship, HTC points out that those two services will be heading to the Google Play Store in the future.

Yesterday, we found out that BlinkFeed was destined for the Play Store; however, today we are learning about the Zoe camera app being released there as well. Why? HTC wants to give everyone a taste of what they are offering. And, hopefully, owners of a non-HTC device like these two services, they will look further into buying an HTC smartphone. » Read the rest

Google adds in support for uploading music to Play Music through Chrome

by Jared Peters on
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google play music

We knew Google was working on adding the ability to upload music files to Play Music directly through Google Chrome, and it looks like that update has finally gone live. It’s still considered a beta lab experiment, so you’ll have to enable it at this link, but once that’s done, you can simply drag music files onto Chrome to upload them to your Play Music library. There are also configurations for uploading tons of music in iTunes, as well as setting up music to upload automatically.

In addition to those changes, Google has also added a pop-out mini player to Play Music, as well as the option to download tracks right from the browser. Looks like Google’s download manager program is all but obsolete at this point.

source: Google Plus

Updated LastPass app now autofills passwords in Android apps and mobile Chrome browsers

by Jared Peters on
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LastPass, a fantastic password manager, has updated their Android application to create a much better experience across the Android OS. The new app will now autofill passwords in on your mobile applications, as well as the mobile Chrome browser. Autofilling passwords are already handled by Chrome, but if you use LastPass, you already know that it’s a slightly more secure, easier to manage option.

The biggest advantage now is the autofill option in applications. As long as you’re on Android 4.1 and up, whenever you open an app that has a username and password field, a pop up will appear that will let LastPass fill in your information. Since very few apps offer the ability to save passwords, this will definitely save you a lot of typing. » Read the rest

Could HTC release Blinkfeed to other Android devices?

by Jeff Causey on
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HTC’s announcement of the HTC One (M8) yesterday came with news about an update to their UI overlay for their devices. One of the biggest components of HTC Sense 6, or Sixth Sense, is the BlinkFeed app. The app is a feed aggregator that collects information from social networks, your calendar, news sources, and other content and puts it all in one single stream. Currently, BlinkFeed is only available on the HTC One (M8). » Read the rest