Google working on Physical Web for an Internet of Things


While much of the tech industry seems to be focused on rolling out an array of wearable devices, several companies are looking forward to a world where even more devices are connected to the web and accessed by users. We have already seen bits of this concept in the form of NFC-based wireless payment systems where users can interact with point-of-sale devices using their smartphones. Efforts thus far have tended to be only marginally successful due to attempts by vendors to lock users into their solutions and apps. Google is working on a new project they have dubbed the Physical Web to one day create an open, standards-based method for users to connect to the Internet of Things.
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Evernote introduces Work Chat for communicating with co-workers

EvernoteEvernote has announced that it’s adding a brand new chat feature to its application called Work Chat. The feature will allow multiple people to communicate with each other and will let users see who is viewing a particular note and whether or not they’re viewing it on a mobile device or on a desktop. This real-time communication was designed to help speed up collaboration and projects in the workplace, as Evernote sees business users a large area for growth.

The feature is slated to roll out to Android, iOS, PC and the web app later this year. No word on if this will require a premium subscription to Evernote, but it seems handy regardless.

source: Engadget

Get 500 Amazon Coins for streaming with Prime Instant Video for the first time


Have yet to stream anything on Prime Instant Video using your Android device? Amazon wants to change that. When streaming something from Prime Instant Video to your Android device for the first time, the company will reward you with 500 of its Amazon Coins. That amount of Amazon Coins equates to $5 that will be transferred over to the Appstore. The promotion is running right now and ends October 16.

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Chrome Beta’s Google Play page contains screenshots from Android L


We are expecting Android L to arrive very soon, likely between October 15 and November 1. Google has already updated the screenshots for the Chrome Beta app to reflect the focus of the upcoming version of Android. The design language, Material Design, is name dropped in one place and Chrome is obviously going to be adopting the new look. The keyboard revamped for Android L makes an appearance as well.

Hit the break for the gallery of screenshots.

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Google Play Newsstand latest app to get the material design treatment


As we all wait patiently, watching the ticking second hand on our clocks or Moto 360s, for the official release of Android L, we can get some relief in the form of apps updating to use the new material design guidelines provided by Google. A new entrant in this growing list is Google’s own Google Play Newsstand app. Google says the update to Newsstand will make the reading experience easier by incorporating larger images, more contextual headers and smoother transitions.
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Comcast X1 cloud DVR gets ability to play on mobile devices


Comcast announced that starting today, customers can use their Android, iOS or PC devices to stream or download recordings from their X1 cloud DVR platform. Mobile devices, both Android and iOS, will have the ability to stream or download recordings while PCs will only be able to stream content. This move fulfills a commitment made by Comcast CEO Brian Roberts to give mobile devices access to live TV and recorded content. The bad news for Comcast customers interested in this new feature is that it appears to only be available to customers in the Bay Area and in the Houston area.
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Everyone in Canada has access to Spotify as invite-only testing period ends


Canadians, today is your lucky day. The wildly popular music streaming service Spotify has arrived in your country. After an invite-only testing period to work out any potential issues, Spotify is available to each and every person in Canada. A subscription costs $10 CAD to access the more than twenty million songs in Spotify’s catalog. Not your thing? At no cost, you can use Spotify as a radio-like tool or a hub for your existing music library.

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Fleksy is now available on Samsung Galaxy Apps and the Amazon Appstore


Today, Fleksy announced it has updated its revolutionary smart keyboard app on Android to now include the Amazon Appstore and Samsung Galaxy Apps ‘user bases’.

In terms of added functionality, this upgrade transports support for two new languages (Polish and Ukrainian), as well as several bug fixes and speed optimizations.

Hit the break to see the full changelog.

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Google now listing price ranges for in-app purchases in Play store [Update: Developer addresses too]


As they indicated in an announcement a couple weeks ago, Google has started listing price ranges for in-app purchases in the descriptions for applications. The data is currently only available when viewing an app’s listing using an Android smartphone or tablet. To find the information, you have to use the “Read more” link in the description section and then scroll down to the bottom where Google displays information about the application like the version number, last update, and size. The information is not showing up via desktop browsers yet.
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