Motorola announces Champagne Gold Moto 360, new slim bands, new watch faces, Moto Body, and more


Motorola just announced a slew of new things regarding the Moto 360. The first is that the rumored Champagne Gold Moto 360 is indeed real. It will go for $329 and be available in time for the holidays.

If you have been waiting to get a Moto 360 with a metal band, today is your lucky day. As of today, you can order the Moto 360 with an aircraft-grade stainless steel band for $299. You will have your choice of light or dark. They will also offer slim versions of these bands for those with smaller wrists for the same price of $299. Look for them around the same time as when the Champagne Gold option becomes available.

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Microsoft offering sign up for Office preview on Android tablets

Bringing-Office-to-Everyone-5Microsoft Office on Android isn’t a new thing. Users were able to view documents and have limited functionality in editing them for free. However, more advanced support and cloud functions have been something that required a valid Office 365 subscription. But that appears to be no longer the case as Microsoft is offering its suite of apps and the ability to edit documents for free.

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Pushbullet update allows you to send texts from your computer


There’s already quite a few options if you want to send SMS’s through your computer, but Pushbullet is adding another. You could already reply to texts through their Chrome extension, but now you can send new text messages as well. All you have to do once you have the app and Chrome extension is click on the SMS tab, enter the number or name of the recipient, and type your message and send. The text is sent via your Android phone, which means it will come from your real phone number and appear in the conversations on your phone. 

Source: Pushbullet Blog

Material Design rolling out to Google Maps in coming days


Here comes another wave of Material Design from Google. This time, it is Google Maps receiving the special treatment to resemble Android’s new design guidelines. Users of both the Android and iOS versions of the application will notice the design overhaul in the coming days. While the look of the app is different, Google has made some functionality changes. Google says that Material Design adds life to Maps.

Hit the break to see what Material Design for Google Maps looks like.

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MMS messages through Google Voice finally working on Verizon


About a month ago, many Google Voice users were ecstatic when Google announced that Google Voice users on 100 North American carriers can finally receive MMS messages. However, one very notable carrier was missing from that list. Yup, you guess it….Verizon Wireless.

Well Verizon customers shouldn’t feel left out in the cold any longer. It appears that Verizon and Google quietly resolved the situation since a few users are reporting that things appear to be working fine now.

If you’re a Verizon customer, does this news inspire you to switch to Google Voice?

source: Droid-Life

Pocket for Android gets Material Design update and Google Now integration


Pocket, previously entitled Read It Later, is currently pushing out a much-anticipated compatibility update for its official Android application via the Play Store. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade brings a completely revamped user interface that conforms with Lollipop’s Material Design guidelines, adds support for Google Now and transports a handful of bug fixes and speed optimizations.

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YouTube for Android TV listed in Google Play Store


Amongst all the excitement this week over the release of the Nexus 9 tablet from Google, there is another device that should start landing in consumers’ homes soon. Android TV is Google latest effort to break into the set top box market after their Google TV effort failed and the Nexus Player is the first entrant for this new platform. Unfortunately, the Google Play Store lists shipping as 2-3 weeks away for new orders. Despite that delay, Google is working to streamline the process for apps intended for the platform to get approval for distribution. One app that is now ready and available in the Google Play Store is the company’s own video platform, YouTube.
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