WhatsApp drops the $1 annual fee on all platforms, moves to introduce business communication tools to source revenue

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services around, serving almost a billion people globally on a multitude of operating systems that range from our beloved Android to iOS, BlackBerry, and even Windows Phone. While, for many of us, the $1 annual fee that WhatsApp charges is neither here nor there, it can be a huge stumbling block for some users who don’t have access to card payments. In its efforts to attract yet more customers, WhatsApp had decided to drop the annual fee in its entirety. Read more

Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard could find its way to Android


A few years ago the ability to flow your finger across a smartphone keyboard, instead of tapping on individual letters, was a novelty. Today this feature is much more run of the mill and with operating systems other than Android starting to support a feature like this there is some increased competition. Existing market players may be looking at competition from Microsoft in the near future as the tech giant appears to be working on porting their Word Flow keyboard to other operating systems, including Android. Read more