[APK Download] Google Keyboard offers light and dark themes with Material Design


Google is treating its apps to Material Design following the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Now, you can give your keyboard a new look. Google Keyboard, with version 4.0.2, has light and dark themes to fulfill your taste. The APK download is below and only requires you to install it over the existing version of the Google Keyboard.

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AmpliTube for Android is here (but only for Samsung devices)


There has yet to be a formidable solution on Android for a guitar amplifier simulator. The big reason for that is because the operating system has not been too good at handling sound. With Android 5.0 Lollipop, that all changes and AmpliTube is here following success over on iOS. IK Multimedia, the company behind AmpliTube, worked with Samsung to bring it exclusively to the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge first. At some point, it seems like AmpliTube will open itself to additional Android devices.

IK Multimedia has a few items to get started. Aside from having a Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Note Edge, there is a $40 iRig HD-A adapter required. The app for AmpliTube is available only in Samsung’s App Store with free, Limited Edition, and full versions. The full version is $20.

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Google Music download sales surprisingly showing growth


In case you haven’t noticed, we are in a streaming revolution when it comes to music. I can’t remember the last time I downloaded an album. With services like Songza, Spotify, Slacker, Pandora, and yes, Play Music All Access, you can listen to what you want when you want for the price of one CD per month.

Because of this, download numbers are dropping for most services, but not for Google. Google is not only showing growth in their streaming service (All Access), but also in the number of download sales. This is according to Google’s VP of Global Music Partnerships Zehavah Levine who spoke at the SF MusicTech conference. She said, “Not only are our subscribers growing but our download numbers are growing despite the industry trend.” Unfortunately, we don’t have numbers to work with so it’s hard to really tell what’s going on.

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Here are the new features coming to Android Wear


The Android Wear app should be getting a pretty hefty update very soon. The app will obviously be transformed into Material Design, but a lot of goodies are in store.

Google is bringing the same battery information page for phones and tablets to Android Wear. You will be able to see what apps are affecting the battery as well as an estimated amount of remaining life. You will also be able to see how much of your storage is used.

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YouTube music service said to be weeks away


I know it’s starting to sound like a broken record, but it’s being reported yet again that the YouTube music service is very close. According to the Financial Times, YouTube had been trying to close a deal with Merlin, a group that represents 20,000 indie music labels. After making offers as far back as June, YouTube finally sealed the deal.

It’s still very unclear what YouTube is going to offer as far as a music service goes. How does it fit in with Play Music? Hopefully we will find out soon enough.

source: Financial Times
via: Engadget

HTC Camera app now in Play Store


HTC’s Camera app is the company’s latest to appear in the Play Store, following HTC Weather, HTC Lock Screen, and HTC Scribble. Being in the Play Store makes it a ton easier to update the app for Sense 6 devices, as it won’t require an entire firmware update. The EYE Experience will be available for supported devices, however the features you’re able to use will depend on which specific phone you own.

You can check out the full app details via the Play Store link in the source below.

Source: Play Store

Chromecast gets support for Showtime Anytime, Starz Play, Encore Play, and a slew of new games


The Chromecast continues to be the best streaming device under $50. Today Google announced that Showtime Anytime, Encore Play, and the Starz Play apps are now compatible. On top of that, they announced a bunch of new games. Unlike Android TV or other streaming boxes, these games won’t utilize a gaming controller. Instead, you will use your phone, which means anyone can come to the party.

Probably the biggest hit of the bunch is Just Dance, but there are plenty of other games that will make your next family night or party a memorable event. Even one from Google, called Big Web Quiz, that is based on the company’s Knowledge Graph.

Hit the break for the full list of games.

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Mirror Beta app records your display while mirroring it elsewhere on Lollipop


A new version of Android typically means new possibilities. With Android 5.0 Lollipop, developer Koushik Data is pushing the envelope with his Mirror app. Right now, anyone with a Lollipop device can record their display and mirror it with the Mirror Beta app. Having the root to your device is not necessary. The mirroring part of Mirror Beta connects to things like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chrome, or another Android device. Remember that this is the beta version of the app, but expect it to make the jump to the stable version soon.

Hit the break for the gallery and download links.

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Google Voice adds native MMS support for photo messages, Verizon officially on board


Last week, Google Voice users noticed that MMS messages were working on Verizon Wireless. Today, it was officially announced, and Google Voice also got another very cool update for all users. Native MMS support for photo messaging has been added, meaning that users will no longer get a SMS with a link.

You need to obviously opt in to Google Voice in Hangouts. Once you have done that, just attach photos to any SMS message, and it will be delivered as a native MMS. Those of you waiting for group messaging, have no fear because Google said it will be enabled in a future update.

source: +Dylan Salisbury

SCR Screen Recorder updated to 5.0 to allow capture without root

SCR-Screen-Recorder-ProOne of the low-key new features in Android 5.0 Lollipop is the ability to screen record without the need to root. Since Android 5.0 has been released for developers, only a few took advantage of this feature in new apps, but now one of the most popular screen recorder apps, which used to require a rooted device to function, has updated their app to take advantage of the new API. SCR Screen Recorder has released a 5.0 version of their app, which allows you to record up to 3 minutes for free for a watermarked video, or pay for the $1 Pro version for unlimited recording.

Check out download links past the break.

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