Google communicates some Allo and Duo updates in Brazilian remarks

The mass of updates for a wide variety of communication platforms continues for Google. In remarks today at an event in Brazil, Google revealed their latest focus for updates and improvements to their communications platforms targets the Allo and Duo apps. The pair of apps have been widely panned since their launch last year and while the new features revealed today are nice, they probably will not silence the critics wondering just what the purpose of these apps is within Google’s portfolio of messaging platforms.

Download Samsung’s Unpacked 2017 app to watch the Galaxy S8 livestream

In the midst of innumerable leaks, we have some official news about the upcoming launch of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, and it comes straight from Samsung itself. The handset maker’s Unpacked 2017 app has recently been updated to allow users to keep up to date with the Galaxy S8’s launch on March 29th. ¬†Join us after the break for more details.

No love for tablets as Google skips them with Assistant

If you have an Android smartphone running either Nougat or Marshmallow, the odds are pretty good that you may already have access to the Google Assistant. This comes after Google started rolling the AI feature out to devices earlier this month. Unfortunately, it looks like one group of device owners is being left out in the cold as Android tablets are not receiving the Assistant and future access appears to be doubtful as well.

Gmail now lets you send and receive money within emails

The days of splitting bills, swapping physical cash, and using separate cards are gone. Now people just fire up apps like Venmo or Square Cash to pay each other for different things. Well, a very popular Google-owned service is getting into the person-to-person mobile payments race. So you have yet another option to get yourself covered and avoid having people track you down to pay them back.

Beginning today, you can send and receive money through emails on Gmail. It’s as simple as sending an attachment.

Do-nothing Google Carrier Services hits the Play Store

A mysterious app from Google has surfaced in the Play Store and odds are pretty good it may be updating itself to your Android device over the next several days. The app is called Carrier Services and despite the lack of any apparent actual functionality, it does point to Google continuing a trend of unbundling operating system components out to individual apps. The question probably remains as to whether this is part of a shell for some piece of Android getting ready to move out of the operating system or whether it is an entirely new component.

Google’s ‘MyAndroid’ site will help you personalize your home screen

Just because Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system doesn’t mean that everyone’s home screen has to look the same. Thanks to the vast differences in the custom interfaces that OEM’s pre-install on devices and Android’s huge potential for customization, we can all set up our handsets and tablets in unique ways. If you are finding¬†inspiration hard to come by, though, you can visit Google’s new “MyAndroid” site, complete a “Taste Test” about your preferences, and then choose from offer a variety of styles that Google thinks will suit your personality and device.