Amazon slashes prices in half on previous Free Apps of the day

We do our part to keep our readers informed about the latest Amazon Free App of the Day. So we felt it was only right to let you know that Amazon has contacted their customers via email stating that they are offering previous ‘Free App of the Day’ apps for 50% off the regular price. Sure, that’s nothing compared to the  promotional price of free, but it’s still hard to say no to a discount. I know, occasionally I’ll overlook downloading the ‘free app of the day’. So it’ll be nice to have the opportunity to get the app for half the price.

The Amazon link provided in the email takes you to the following apps now 50% off:

  • PicSay Pro
  • Enjoy Sudoku
  • Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
  • Soundhoud Infinity
  • Flight Control
  • Pool Break Pro
  • Fancy Widget Pro
  • Solitaire MegaPack

Dont forget todays free Amazon app: Plants vs. Zombies

Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: Plants vs. Zombies

A while ago, we had reported that Popcap Games was going to be releasing some of their best games onto the Android platform. Following close on the heels of their release of Chuzzle comes today’s free Amazon app of the day: Plants vs. Zombies, a defense strategy game where the goal is to plant specialized plants to ward off a zombie invasion. Sound a little weird or crazy? Most definitely, but only in the best of ways. Those who haven’t played the game on the iOS or console versions can be ready for some extremely addicting gameplay and zombie defeating fun. As mentioned, Plants vs. Zombies is free for the day in the Amazon Appstore, but be warned that it is a wifi only download. Check in after the break for some screenies!
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Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: Retro Camera

Do you consider yourself a photobug? Then you might want to take a quick look at Amazon’s free app of the day: Retro Camera Plus. The app uses your camera to take stylized pictures, giving you 7 different “cameras” each with a completely different look to the end-result photo. After you take your pictures, you have a button to go to your gallery, which offers a pretty cool interface for scrolling through your captured moments. It also gives you quick share options via Facebook and Twitter. Beyond the app’s gallery, pictures are also saved to the SD card (or internal memory if you have a Nexus S…wink, wink), where they can be viewed using your phone’s native photo gallery. All in all, the app is nifty and can be fun, but won’t really take the place the of your native camera app due to virtually no advanced options and the fact that the view finder is positively tiny. Still, if you’re looking for a way to jazz up some quick shots, you can’t really complain about the price…at least if you download it today from the Amazon Appstore. Tomorrow, the app will be back to its regularly scheduled price of $2.99. Screen shots after the break.
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Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: The Impossible Game

The game wasn’t given the name for nothing.  According to a number of folks in the gaming industry The Impossible Game is definitely a challenge and has rapidly become one of the most addictive games on the market.  As today’s Amazon free app, you get a fun and challenging play that is sure to rope you in over and over again.  With a one-tap control for jumping, your goal is to guide the orange square onto blocks being sure to avoid various obstacles and reach the end of the level.  While the game may sound easy, it’s anything but.  If you mess up, you guessed it, it’s back to the drawing board for you.  As you move along you can count on an excellent soundtrack to play to while you progress through the levels, intensifying as the game becomes more of a challenge.  If you find the game is too much of a challenge, you might want to try out the practice mode, which allows you to keep checkpoints along the way.  If you’re ready to give it a go then head on over to the Amazon App Store via the app on your device.  If you don’t have the App Store yet you can snag it here via text message or email. Hit the break for more screenshots and don’t forget to let us know what you think of the app in the comments below.  
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Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: Monkey Preschool Lunchbox


Here’s an educational game for kids ages 2-5 years of age as the Amazon App Store will tell you. I downloaded the game this morning and played it for a good while, getting a feel for it and its difficulty. Good news, I aced it! I jumped right in and picked the lemon because it started with the letter ‘L’. I then came to the color puzzle, I pick green correctly. I was proud of myself. Then I continued on to the next puzzle, which if I wasn’t the genius that my mother tells me I am, this may have been difficult, ‘put the fruit back together’. Yea, it was a breeze. Next was ”match the fruit’. This takes a few seconds longer than the others, as you have 8 tiles and more than likely you won’t pick the matching two tiles every time.

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Quick Look at Today’s Amazon Free App: Chalk Ball

Today’s free Amazon app is called Chalk Ball, normally priced at $1.99.  Chalk Ball is a reincarnation of the classic “draw a line to bounce the ball where you want it to go” style game, but with a chalkboard art design.  Your goal is to draw chalk lines off which your ball will bounce, to ultimately either bounce into a gold star, or just to keep it in the air as long as possible.  Every time you draw a line, it depletes your chalk reserve, but hitting other chalk balls floating around will replenish it, and there are little chalk spirals that will completely refill it.  The concept, art design, and level of polish make this app an absolute gem.

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Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: Air Control


Welcome to Air Control, today’s free app in the Amazon App Store. In this very addictive, yet simple game, you work as an Air Traffic Controller, and your mission is to guide aircrafts including  jets, helicopters, and zeppelins to a safe landing. At first the game starts off fairly easy, one maybe two planes at a time. Then, as you set the course of the previous aircraft, another comes into view and you have to create a path for this new planes in a way that it will not collide with the other planes that are on approach to the landing strip. Concentrate on the path of each! You will direct every aircraft to the landing strip, as the sky gets crowded quickly.

This is a puzzle based game, that will test your skills at multi-tasking, and remaining calm and collected under pressure. There are four different environments:

  • Green Field – Your basic modern day airport
  • Desert River – And airfield as is says, in a desert near a river, so a  more remote location
  • Blue Ocean – Here you will direct planes to land on a military aircraft carrier
  • Wings of History – Guide the planes of old such as zeppelins and prop planes to safety

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Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: Wave Launcher

Wave Launcher is a unique, gesture-enabled, quick action-bar for Android. It resembles a well-known and loved feature on WebOS phones like the Palm-Pre and works system-wide.

There are a number of apps that accomplish the same thing. Basically it is a shortcut to your most used or favorite apps. You can free up space from your home screens because you can select from up to 12 of your favorite apps to be in the launcher.

Wave Launcher is enabled by swiping your finger from the bottom of your screen towards the middle. The wave will appear and you will see the icons of your selected apps. You then move your finger from right to left to select the app you would like to run. As you move your finger right or left it resembles a wave.

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Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: 4 Player Reactor

image image

We all love free apps. Especially the free apps that normally aren’t free. And that’s what we have here again today. Amazon App Stores Friday the 6th free app of the day.

4 Player Reactor is a multi-player game, where you challenge up to 4 of your friends to various quick puzzle games. Or if you’d rather just challenge yourself, you can do that as well. The game is fairly educational, works on your motor skills, and reaction times. I will point out, I only played this game as a single player mind you, for a short while after downloading. I will say that even though I have one of the larger Android phones on the market, my Evo, I believe it still would seem a bit crowded having 4 players on this device. But the button for each player is fairly large, so it can still be fun and competitive playing head-to-head! Very curious to hear from our readers if they get a chance to play it in multi-player mode on a tablet. I would think the competition either way would get intense!

Hit the jump for detailed information and a YouTube video of the game.

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Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: Spanish Translator Pro

Today’s free Amazon App serve up comes to us by developer GF Apps and couldn’t have come at a better time.  Being Cinco de Mayo and all, we’re sure many of you on vacation in the south could use the assistance, especially if you’re sifting out the biggest commodity of them all, the restroom.  Spanish Translator Pro allows you to do more than just translate words, sentences and phrases from Spanish to English and vice versa.  It also allows you to utilize one of Android’s best features, speech to text.  Speak sentences into your smartphone and have the app read your translation out loud to you, providing you with the correct pronunciation of the word or phrase.  You can even post to Facebook so your friends can stand in awe of your second language.  In addition, you have full access to a dictionary at all times and a cool “word of the day” feature, giving you an unending education for those seeking to learn another language.  Ready for the download?  Point your browser towards the Amazon App store.  If you don’t have it on your device yet, you can grab the apk file here by sending yourself an email or a text message (upper right hand corner of web page).  Sorry AT&T users, NO SIDE LOAD FOR YOU! (said in Soup Nazi voice).  Hit the break for more info from the developer and to check out some more screenshots of the app.  AT&T users, you might want to check out Google Translate for Android, you’ll get similar features and can grab it right from our apps database, QR code and all. 
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