Lyft approached Google and Apple for a buyout, but no one placed a bid


Now that General Motors decided not to take over the company, Lyft is continuing to shop itself around for a buyout. There’s still trouble for the ride-sharing service, though, as none of the expected potential buyers submitted offers of their own. Lyft went knocking on every buyer’s door on the West Coast and no one answered.

Hit the break for details.

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Google for Education announces a full slate of improvements for the Back to School season


It is that time of year again when students head back to school for another year of learning. In conjunction with the annual shift of focus from summer vacation to school work, the Google for Education team announced several new features and enhancements to their products that target the education sector. The changes are meant to help students, teachers and parents achieve a more effective educational experience. Read more

Hangouts On Air migrates to YouTube Live from September 12


Google  announced the rollout of its video chat app, Duo, earlier today, but as it’s launching one new service, the search giant is also stripping a function away from an existing app, Google+. No longer will Hangouts On Air live broadcasts be tied to Google’s often overlooked, cherished by some, social media app. From September 12th, users wanting to start live broadcasts will have to so via YouTube Live. Read more