Robinhood hits 2 million users, saved $500 million in commission fees to date

Until Robinhood came along, it was incredibly difficult for people outside of the financial system in the United States to get involved. You needed a financial expert’s help, fees were high, and the methods of entry were far too complex. Robinhood got rid of those things by just bringing investing down to a simple app for mobile devices. Now it’s possible for anyone with a phone to get Robinhood and immediately start investing their money in stocks.

Today a milestone was reached, and Robinhood shared it alongside news of additional funding.

Spotify to move into hardware space?

Some new jobs listing combined with some anonymous sources suggest Spotify may look to join another app developer, Snapchat, and move into the hardware space. The information is quite vague though about what kind of form such hardware may take and it is a challenge to imagine a Spotify-oriented product that would be commercially viable.

Allo 9.0 update contains code for several unreleased features

Google started updating Allo to version 9.0 recently and those diving into the code for the app found evidence of several features that are not yet enabled. The assumption is that Google will eventually make these available to users, possibly by throwing a server-side switch, but this is not guaranteed. There have been instances in the past where code for a feature was present in one version and then disappeared in a subsequent update. The potential features include a backup mechanism for chats, a quick selfie mode, an incognito mode for group chats, and yes, a sticker pack.