Android TV Launcher update brings much-needed bug fixes


Google has today rolled out an update via the Play Store for its official Android TV Launcher application. The upgrade doesn’t bring much in terms of added functionality, in fact, it doesn’t bring anything at all, but it does transport a multitude of bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations all aimed at eliminating the nasty experiences users have been reporting.

If you own either a Nexus Player or any other version of Android TV, you’re eligible for this upgrade. All you have to do is navigate to the Play Store on your device, head into My Apps, select Android TV Launcher and hit the green Update button, then you should be good to go.

Source: Google Play


Action Launcher 3 gets update to support icon packs


When the new Action Launcher 3 was released last week, much was made about the support for things like themes and Material support that would match colors to a user’s wallpaper. Inexplicably, support for icon packs was not included. Developer Chris Lacy has corrected that with an update released to the Google Play Store that will help users customize their icons.
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13 More Streaming Channels Added To DIRECTV For Android, Lollipop Support Added For Phones


The Android phone and tablet apps for DIRECTV received an update today that not only brings 13 more live streaming channels to the program, but also brings Lollipop support for those running Android 5.0+ devices (only for the phone app, though). These new channels, including MSNBC and Showtime Showcase, bring DIRECTV’s total amount of channels to 110.
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Secret gets relaunched with a new look and focus on communities


Secret is getting a little more than an update today. The app that shares secret posts from around the world is being relaunched with a new user interface and retooled features. Specifically, there is now an emphasis on chat because Secret has new communities to connect friends, coworkers, and nearby people. Those are the three groups in which users can share thoughts anonymously. Then, replies can be sent privately. Even private replies are kept anonymous and disappear after twenty-four hours of inactivity. And posts are allowed to contain photos to shift things away from strictly text.

All of Secret’s modifications are made as a way to stay competitive. An app called Yik Yak is on the rise and is popular among younger users, specifically students. Secret, though, is going after enterprise users with a community for coworkers. To join a workplace community, employees must provide company emails. That way everyone is ensured to actually be a part of the firm.

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Put the pedal to the metal with Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars


Rockstar Games has dropped an early Christmas present on the Android gaming scene for fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Their Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars title is now available for select Android devices. As part of the development for the Android platform, the game includes support for widescreen resolutions like you might find on many Android devices and it even includes support for Android TV.
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MTV and MTV2 viewers can now stream shows as they air live


Despite the existence of video on demand services or the DVR, there are people who enjoy watching television when a show airs first. A big part of that is being able to engage in the conversation over social media. Today, there is good news for viewers of shows that air on MTV and MTV2. Viewers of either network can stream shows live as they air with the updated MTV app. Viewers will be required to log in with their TV provider’s information.

What will you be streaming? AwkwardSnooki & Jwoww? Or how about the new Real World: Skeletons? Go ahead, you can watch it live on your mobile device.

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