Away from the television? Here’s how you can watch Super Bowl XLIX


This year’s Super Bowl will be televised by NBC and the broadcaster has about eleven hours of coverage planned on the day of the game. On NBC at 1:00pm EST, the broadcast network will air Super Bowl XLIX Pregame¬†with kickoff at 6:30pm EST. Then, NBCSN will carry a lengthier NBCSN Sunday Sports Report once the game completes and the Lombardi Trophy is raised. Now, all of this is aired on television and more than 100 million people will tune-in; however, some either cannot be in front of the television or prefer other means of viewing.

Hit the break for alternate viewing options.

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Get a closer look at Microsoft Outlook Preview for Android

microsoft logoMicrosoft has announced a preview of their Outlook mail client for Android smartphones and tablets, so if you’ve been waiting for a full Outlook solution for your devices, the wait is over. The app supports syncing and managing your mail, contacts, and calendars, and it’s been created from the ground up to work on a smaller screen like your smartphone.

The apps still feature some of Microsoft’s own UI touches, but for the most part they have a great interface that makes it easy to manage your inbox. MS offers¬†its own take on priority mail by giving you a Focused and Other tab for your mail, where the Focused mail is what’s important and Other is full of things you can get around to later. As you move your emails between the tabs, Outlook learns which emails belong in which tab, which is a useful feature.
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Swiftkey adds Chinese, Khmer and Lao languages to their keyboard app


If you think deciding between typing letters and swiping between letters is big deal on English keyboards used on smartphones, imagine if you had to add in options to use a third or fourth method to produce the typed script you intended. That is what some Asian smartphone users face if they want to use Chinese Pinyin, Zhuyin or Cangjie to produce Chinese script. In response to that, Swiftkey has recently completed beta testing their app for the Chinese language and has released an update to support Chinese.
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[New Android TV App] Airtight Brings Apple AirPlay to Android TV


If you’re a hardcore iOS user, there’s a fair chance you’re not spending much time reading Android blogs like TalkAndroid. However! There are still plenty of iOS users that mix and match with Android, particularly in the tablet sector. Personally, I know tons of Android phone users that won’t touch an Android tablet, opting instead for Apple’s flagship.

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Google Play is greater in downloads but the App Store is where the revenue is at


Given the fact that Android hold a whole lot of market share and the massive amount of Android phones there are, it shouldn’t shock anyone that Google Play sees a whole hell of a lot more download activity than that of the App Store. You would think that because of this massive amounts of downloads the revenue would be greater, that’s were we would be wrong. It appears that revenue generated from the App Store far exceeds that of Google Play by more than 60 percent.

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Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android tablets now out of preview and available in Google Play


Microsoft has been previewing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android tablets to beta testers since last November, and today they are officially available in Google Play for all to use.

The preview generated more than 250,000 downloads in 110 countries, and it was tested on over 3,000 device variants. Microsoft says they designed these apps to be just as familiar to users of the desktop versions. Users will find the familiar Office ribbon and there are large touch points.

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