Motion Stills app from Google now available for Android

Although it is getting rarer for these situations to exist, Google announced today that an app they had developed exclusively for the iOS platform is now available for Android devices running Android v5.1 or later. The app is called Motion Stills and it accomplishes a couple different goals. First, it can be used to create short form video clips by compressing longer videos using a feature called Fast Forward. Second, Motion Stills incorporates some advanced algorithms and code to significantly stabilize video clips. The new Motion Stills app is now available in the Play Store.

Samsung may not release a Bixby ‘smart speaker” after all

Earlier this month word got out that Samsung was working on a project to jump into the market for artificial assistant home speaker devices similar to Amazon Echo hardware or Google Home. This seemed a bit odd considering the trouble Samsung has been having getting the voice activated portion of Bixby to work properly for the U.S., English speaking market. Now sources are saying Samsung may not release such a device after all, although the addition of Bixby technology to other devices is not out of the question.

OnePlus 5 units may reboot instead of calling 911

In an all-too-common situation, owners of the just launched OnePlus 5 are discovering a rather disturbing flaw with the device. Although not a universal problem, enough instances are popping up to indicate OnePlus has an issue that needs to be addressed. The problem occurs when users dial their local emergency number, which triggers a phone reboot instead of the call going through to the emergency dispatch center.

Redesigned Adobe Lightroom for Android announced

Adobe announced July updates for their Lightroom app on both the iOS and Android platforms today. For Android users, Adobe says they have redesigned the app “from the ground up.” The improvements include a completely overhauled user interface that appears to be more in alignment with Material Design concepts. Along with the interface changes, Adobe says the new, updated app will run faster and more efficiently.

Amazon Anytime may be company’s entry into messaging platforms

Amazon continues to work on adding features to their Alexa devices and recently rolled out some messaging and calling features to help compete with platforms like Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Although they are traditionally not seen as a big player in the enterprise market, outside of their cloud storage services, Amazon also launched communication service called Chime earlier this year for enterprise users. Now information has surfaced indicating Amazon may be preparing to launch their own standalone messaging platform called Amazon Anytime to compete in that busy market segment.

HTC is working on removing the ads that mistakenly appeared on its default keyboard

These days it seems that we are bombarded by adverts everywhere we look, and while the experience can be irksome, it’s the price you pay for using a free service or viewing content on a website. The one place that you wouldn’t expect to see ads appearing would be on your smartphone’s stock keyboard, but it seems that taboo was accidentally breached over the weekend with some HTC users experiencing ads showing on the TouchPal keyboard that is pre-installed on some HTC 10 handsets.

Sony adds Amazon Alexa support to its 4K HDR TVs running Android TV

If you own an Amazon Echo device and a Sony 4K television (2017) with Android TV, you can now control your television by voicing your commands to Alexa. Thanks to a new firmware update for your Sony 4K TV, Alexa can control the power, volume, switch inputs, and change channels. You can even ask Alexa to play, pause, stop, or even fast forward your favorite show. 

WhatsApp updates out of beta, rolling out to users

WhatsApp has been working on some updates to make the communications platform a bit more useful and a little bit easier to use. Several of these new features have been available to beta testers, but the final version started rolling out to regular customers as of a couple days ago. The updates includes improvements to file attachments, how images are displayed, and a tweak to the call screen.

Google Play Movies & TV now supports HDR titles

For movie and television fans interested in pushing the absolute best picture they can to their favorite television device, Google is helping them through the addition of titles supporting HDR playback to the Google Play Movies & TV service on both the desktop and the mobile app. If you want to take advantage of the HDR availability, you also have to get the video in 4K UHD resolution and you have to have a television that supports both 4K UHD and HDR.