Google IO 2017 Coverage

[Deal] HTC discounts the One (M8), select accessories, and the RE Camera through the weekend


This weekend, various products designed and sold by HTC will be available at discounted prices. The company will reduce the cost for buyers of the One (M8), RE Camera, Dot View case, Double Dip case, and Flip case. The reason for discounting these items can probably be explained by the March 1 event hosted by HTC. The company is expected to introduce a new range of prodcuts, namely the HTC One (M9). A successor to the RE Camera will likely debut as well.

Here are the terms of the sale:

  • $150 off when buying the HTC One (M8) for $499
  • 50% off when buying the Dot View ($25), Double Dip ($12.50), and Flip cases ($15)
  • 25% off when buying the RE Camera for $149

The discounts will be applied when items are added to the cart prior to checkout.

Source: HTC

Mattel brings VR to the newest View-Master, based on Google Cardboard


Mattel and Google held a little event this morning in New York City, and as expected, they unveiled a new view-master. The first view-master was launched in 1940, and with over 200,000 reels released, it was one of the most popular toys for many years. But it wasn’t just a toy as it was also used to train pilots and doctors. Now it’s entering the virtual reality (VR) world.

When Mattel saw Google Cardboard, they knew it was the next generation of the view-master. Just like Google Cardboard, it will work with smartphones and whatever apps that are designed for it in the Play Store. Mattel will offer their own custom app as well. The new view-master will be compatible with Android at first, but support will come to iOS and Windows.

[Deal] Motorola extends $100 off Valentine’s sale to February 17


Motorola has been running a $100 off promotion that was supposed to end tomorrow, February 14, but they have decided to extend it to February 17. That’s three more days to come up with the dough to buy a shiny new device.

How it works is that as long as you make a purchase of $499.99 or more from Motorola, they will knock off $100 ($35 off for $249.99 or more). No coupon code required.

Xiaomi launching Mi Store in US, only to sell headphones and fitness tracker


Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, creator of popular devices like the Mi Note and Mi Redmi, will be making its first steps in the United States market. Unfortunately, though, it’s not to bring us any devices from the Mi line.

Instead, US customers will be able to purchase items from Xiaomi’s accessory products, like headphones and its Mi Band wearable fitness tracker.

New Qualcomm TV dongle hopes to challenge Chromecast


When Google first announced the Chromecast dongle, it was not clear whether it could compete in a world with devices like boxes from Roku or Apple TV. Google seems to have prevailed though with so many companies trying to emulate the success of the Chromecast. The latest example is a fiery red dongle that Qualcomm is working on that they are calling the 4K Streaming Adapter powered by their Snapdragon 800 processor and running a full version of Android alongside a wide array of wireless options.

Sony SmartEyeglass closer to market after FCC visit, release of some official apps


Although Google is currently in a major state of flux with their Google Glass platform as the company looks to retool their efforts, others are working on getting their version of a face-worn device ready for consumers. One of those companies is Sony which showed off a couple models of their Sony SmartEyeglass product at CES 2015. Following that reveal, one of the models has now passed through the FCC and Sony has released a couple social media apps meant for the device.

Samsung to begin producing and selling authentication chips for Samsung and third-party accessories


The Korean blog, DDaily, is reporting that an insider has given them some information detailing Samsung’s attempt to create an accessory ecosystem not unlike what we see with Apple’s.

These NFC-equipped “authentication chips” will allow Samsung to give both its blessing to particular accessories, as well as allow itself and third-parties to design smarter accessories that exhibit a greater connection to Samsung’s devices. 

OtterBox cases for upcoming HTC One (M9) surface


To get an idea as to what the design of an upcoming device will be, accessories are always useful. For some reason, the mobile accessory manufacturers have no problem introducing products before the corresponding device is even announced. Here we have cases from OtterBox that will be paired with the upcoming HTC One (M9). OtterBox will have both Commuter and Defender cases for it with color options being Black or Glacier. As seen in the image above, the Duo Camera setup is gone. Other than that, these cases do not expose very much about the flagship-to-be from HTC.

Source: Androidworld
Via: GSMArena

Possible Meizu smartwatch in the works based on leaked image


Chinese and other Asian markets are a growing piece of the smartphone market landscape, but we know the expectations of the buyers in those countries differs from other global markets as there is more emphasis on low price. Apparently one thing that may not be different is interest in wearable devices like smartwatches. To capitalize on that, a newly leaked image suggests Meizu has a device in the works as part of the Blue Charm line of devices.

New hardware out of Columbia University can detect infectious diseases


Columbia University in New York has developed something new in the hardware category that’s not only affordable, but can diagnose serious infectious diseases in people. It connects to a smartphone and can currently diagnose both HIV and syphilis. The tool uses disposable plastic cassettes that are loaded with HIV antibody detection reagents. But wait, there’s more.

New leak reveals HTC One M9 in the latest Dot View case


A report from last week suggested that HTC would introduce new color variants with the Dot View case for the One M9 smartphone. Today, we’re getting our very first look of the cover (in black) thanks to a new leak. This comes after we stumbled across the back panel of the One M9 yesterday, revealing the camera and LED flash placement on the handset.

PhoneSoap promises to zap the bugs on the surface of your smartphone


Usually when we write about bugs and smartphones we are referring to the code that keeps everything working like it should. Based on a new product hitting the market, there are some other bugs that we should be worried about – the germs covering the outside of our devices. According to the creators of the new PhoneSoap cleaning solution, the smartphones are eighteen times dirtier than public restrooms and a stunning one in six has some fecal matter on it somewhere. The PhoneSoap charging case uses UV light to sanitize handsets, killing 99.9% of the germs that are present.

Case schematics offer more Galaxy S 6 details


Earlier in the week an Amazon listing for a Galaxy S 6 case revealed that the heart rate sensor and LED flash will move to the right side (from below) of the rear camera lens. Today a leaked case schematic gives us even more clues such as dimensions and ports.

The Galaxy S 6 is expected to come in at 143.52mm x 70.70mm x 7.19mm, which makes it a little taller, but a little less wider than the Galaxy S 5. Probably more importantly is the thickness, which will be almost a full 1 mm (7.19 vs 8.1 mm).