Native DUALSHOCK 3 support may be coming to Sony Xperia devices


As Android smartphones become more powerful with each successive generation, more people are finding them capable of running games they enjoy playing. Depending on a device’s capabilities, it is easily conceivable that it can serve in the same role as a traditional game platform like a PlayStation, complete with a connection to a flat screen TV and dedicated controllers for players. We have seen many companies come to market with controllers for Android devices that replicate the controllers found with leading game systems in pursuit of such a setup. It appears that Sony has decided to get in on this market with the introduction of native support for their PlayStation DUALSHOCK 3 controllers on some devices.
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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Accessories Now Available for Pre-Order from GearZap


Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has been announced and since released, at least in the UK, it would only be a matter of time before we saw official accessories come out. Items like cases, screen protectors and even extra S-Pens should be apart of the mix and all we would have to do is sit and wait for that fateful day to come. It looks like that fateful day is today as GearZap, part of Mobile Fun Limited, is the first to offer these official accessories. Right now they’re only available for pre-order but they should be released quite soon.  We see the standard assortment of accessories as well as a few unique ones. Besides the book covers and S-pens we see a car dock and a pouch stand. The pouch keeps your device protected when not in use, while giving you the ability to prop up the tablet for hands free use.  Hit the break to check them out.

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WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Camera on the way to US stores and will arrive “later this month”



We certainly have a soft spot for the Samsung Galaxy Camera, but there are more than a few of you out there that loathed the fact it was a feature device for only a few wireless carriers. To that extent, Samsung has come out and confirmed it will release a WiFi-only version of the connected camera for those of us out here in the States. In case you’ve forgotten, the Galaxy Camera features a 1.4GHz quad-core chip, 1GB of RAM and most importantly, a decent 12MP camera complete with 21X optical zoom. The difference between the WiFi-only version and the cellular version: the WiFi-only version will run customers about $450, compared to $500 for the AT&T HSPA+ version and $550 for the Verizon variant. Hopefully with the loss of the cellular chip, we’ll see a reduction in the overall weight of the device.

Expect to see the WiFi Galaxy Camera to hit stores “later this month”. In the meantime, hit the break to see Sammy’s full presser.

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Samsung Experience Shops coming to 1400 Best Buy Stores

Samsung_Experience_Shops_In_Best_BuyWe already reported that Samsung is planning on opening Experience Shops within Best Buy stores, but what we didn’t know was how many stores. According to a press release, the plan is for 1400 stores. You can expect to see 900 stores by early May with the remainder to follow by early summer. The emphasis will be on mobile products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, connected cameras, and accessories.

Best Buy is one of the more popular electronics retailers so this makes sense for Samsung. Instead of opening full-fledged stores, this is more cost effective. Samsung is planning on selling 500 million smartphones this year, and Experience Stores like these can only help them achieve their goal. Hit the break for the full press release.

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New and official Nexus 4 accessories hit the Google Play Store


If you’re an accessory fiend and you really want the “official” stuff, Google has you covered. They just released three brand new accessories to go along with your Nexus 4. You can grab a wired headset with microphone for $19.99, a Micro USB cable for $9.99, or a Power Adapter for $15.99. All appear to be in stock and should arrive at your doorstep within 3 to 5 business days. More images and Play Store links after the break.

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AT&T to offer the HTC One smartphone April 19th, will start from $199.99




Sure we have been begging for a concrete release date, pricing details and potential exclusive goodies regarding AT&T’s upcoming HTC One smartphone, but fortunately— AT&T has finally delivered. The nation’s second largest carrier has confirmed that it will make the flagship device available for purchase on April 19th for an on-contract price of $199.99 for the 32GB version and $299.99 for the 64GB version. Not a bad deal, right folks?

Additionally, AT&T will offer a special gift for those of you that chose to pre-order the device before the masses. Ma Bell confirmed it will offer a special Media Link HD streaming bundle for those of you that pre-order prior to April 19th. In case you’re not familiar, the Media Link HD unit allows customers to wirelessly stream quality content from the smartphone to the television— all using an HDMI cable from the Media Link HD unit to the TV. Best thing of all— the Media Link HD unit will be bundled for the smooth price of free—- for limited time of course.

And let the HTC One pandemonium officially begin. Hit the break for the full presser from AT&T.

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Rent Google Glass starting April 30th?


As the curtain starts to drop on April Fool’s Day 2013, we have witnessed all sorts of pranks from Google Blue to treasure maps to the shutting down of YouTube. However, most of these are far too easy to immediately identify as an April Fool’s joke. Fortunately, online camera rental site has come to the rescue with an item on their site that makes you pause and consider whether it is real or not. BorrowLenses has a listing for the rental of Google Glass devices which they indicate are expected to be available on April 30th.

It would make sense for BorrowLenses to make Google Glass devices available for videographers. Their catalog includes other point-of-view and wearable devices, so why not Google Glass. However, the listing includes several hardware details that have not been previously disclosed. If BorrowLenses actually got their hands on some of the devices, releasing this information seems like it might get them in some hot water with Google.

What do you think – April Fool’s joke or real item listing? If you don’t think it is real, do you wish it were true?

source: BorrowLenses
via: Phandroid

OUYA shipping to early backers, retail launch on June 4th


Early backers of the OUYA game console got a nice surprise this week when Julie Uhrman, the project’s founder, announced consoles had shipped already. If you were one of those supporters, your unit should be arriving any day now. When the units arrive, new owners will find:

  • 104 titles will be immediately available with many more on the way
  • OUYA will require an update on first launch but it will be ultra quick
  • You’ll need a credit/debit card to download games… even free ones
  • OUYA supports up to 4 controllers and although you can buy more, it’ll work with Xbox/PS3 controllers among others

The folks at OUYA indicate they will be launching at retail locations starting June 4th. In an interesting little twist,they also announced plans are available for anyone who wants to 3D print an OUYA for themselves.

source: Phandroid

Leaks & Rumors about Motorola’s X and Upcoming Nexus Smartphones


Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for some interesting news from the rumor mill. We have been seeing a hint here and another one there indicating what Google & Motorola has planned for its upcoming X smartphone. And although there have been rumors and speculation floating around for a while now, we have in fact, began to see more and more leaks about Motorola’s upcoming X phone. As if you all haven’t had enough yet, we now have more rumors to share with you courtesy of our friends from Android and Me. These leaks and rumors seem to come from a “confirmed source” of proven reliability…so hang on to your seats as we break down the latest and greatest!

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Image of Samsung Galaxy S 4 wireless charging accessory


While potential buyers practice their patience techniques while waiting to get their hands on a new Samsung Galaxy S 4, one method they may want to use is to search around for accessories. One of those accessories could be a wireless charging plate for their new device. Earlier today an image surfaced showing a wireless charging plate and replacement back cover for the Galaxy S 4. Other than the images, no real details are available concerning the wireless charging kit. The replacement back cover appears to be quite thin and may not add any thickness to the smartphone, but it is very difficult to tell from the angle provided in the image. The charging pad itself is only slightly larger than the device. No pricing information is available nor is it known whether the kit will be available when the Galaxy S 4 first starts hitting consumers hands.

source: Unwired View