TAG Heuer smartwatch to come with big price tag and long battery life


Jean-Claude Biver, who is heading up the effort to bring a TAG Heuer smartwatch powered by Android Wear to market later this year, revealed some new details about the device in comments at a recent store opening. According to Biver, the TAG Heuer device is expected to hit the market in October or November at a starting price point of $1,400. Biver did not indicate whether the device that sells for that amount will be the only version available or if that is just the base and prices for other versions could be higher. TAG Heuer hopes to compete against Apple in the smartwatch market, whose watches start at $349, but can go for as much as $17,000 for versions in gold. Read more

[Deal] Pick up a discounted Pioneer Android Auto stereo through Amazon


If you’ve been waiting for a good deal to get started with Android Auto, Amazon is hosting a deal that just might push you over the edge. They’re offering up Pioneer’s AVIC-8100NEX stereo with a heavy discount off the MSRP, you can pick up one for roughly 900 bucks. It’s definitely not cheap, but considering these things have an MSRP of 1400, that’s a hefty discount.

The stereo has a full touch screen interface and works with your Lollipop-powered device and the Android Auto app. Pioneer’s own interface and Apple CarPlay also work, in case you like to mix and match devices.  Read more

OnePlus celebrates its 1st birthday with giveaway and 50% discount on accessories

OnePlus - Celebrate 1st Birthday

Recently, OnePlus announced that you can now buy the OnePlus One handset without needing to worry about its frustrating invite system. And today, as a way of celebrating its 1st birthday, we have news that OnePlus have discounted their accessories by 50% for today only. The OnePlus One will also be discounted by one (1!) unit of your local currency in a symbolic gesture. Finally, you can also win some prizes by entering the #NeverSettle Party, in which your can win T-shirts or even a OnePlus One handset and power bank bundle.

Read more

HTC and Valve ready to release HTC Vive Developer Edition on very limited basis


With the smartwatch market seemingly reaching a point of maturity, many companies are working on what they hope will be the next big wave in consumer tech hardware, virtual reality headsets. Not to be left out of the mix, HTC is working on their own version called the HTC Vive in partnership with Valve and their SteamVR platform. As the companies work to release their product later this year, they have progressed to the point where they are ready to release the HTC Vive Developer Edition to a select few developers. Read more