Acer announces ‘Orbe,’ a wireless storage hub for Acer’s cloud service


After a day of newly released Ultrabooks, tablets, and smartphones, Acer took the stage once again at Computex 2013 to reveal the new “Orbe,” a new storage hub that will connect to AcerCloud. The device allows for a whole 2TB of storage and can connect to Ultrabooks, tablets, and smartphones. This will be pretty userful considering the service’s recent update allowing Android and iOS devices to connect. We don’t have any specs on the Orbe as of right now, but we’ll be sure to fill you in as they come.

Source: Engadget

Google’s Regina Dugan shows off electronic tattoos and edible passwords at D11 conference


Regina Dugan of Motorola/Google showed off some pretty neat things today at the D11 conference in California. Apparently the company is working on an electronic tattoo that can be used for authentication purposes. It is being made by a company called MC10, which Motorola is partnering with. Another similar product she talked about was vitamin authentication. Dugan showed off a pill that can be swallowed, battery-powered by stomach acid, and can produce an 18-bit internal signal essentially making the swallower’s body a living, breathing password.
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Samsung releases informational video about HomeSync 1TB media streamer


Samsung recently released a video to go over the features of the brand new HomeSync 1TB media streamer. It’s pretty much a lock to be a hit on the market, as the device houses a terabyte of HDD storage, and can hook up to your TV for internet connectivity.

The HomeSync also allows you to wirelessly stream content from your Galaxy devices. The included Jelly Bean media player brings the familiar Android experience to the TV, and gives users access to the Play Store and all their apps. Check out the video after the break.
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Sony releases cute “love-commercial” making use of NFC technology in Xperia phones


Sony has taken NFC technology to a whole new level in their new commercial— now you don’t even have to say a word (or send a text) to ask a girl out! What is the world coming to?

All kidding aside, the tech company has put together a pretty cute ad displaying two teens with a crush on one another. They share love songs to each other’s Sony headphones through their Sony smartphones, to share their mutual feelings for one another. It’s a bit far-out, but it does show a pretty cool use of the technology in a unique way.

Check out the video after the break.
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Qi wireless charging solution for Samsung Galaxy S 4 now available for pre-order


So you already own the Galaxy S 4, but want a wireless charging solution. Samsung still hasn’t released their version yet, but Mobile Fun in the UK has a solution for you that is available for pre-order now. The charging pad goes for $53.99 and is already available now. It will actually work out of the box with other Qi compatible phones such as the Nexus 4 and the DROID DNA.

If you own a Galaxy S 4, you will need to also buy their wireless charging cover that will replace your current back battery cover. This goes for $37.99 and is available in both black and white. The good news is that these covers will work with any Qi charging pad, so if you already own one, you will only need to buy a cover. Unfortunately they aren’t in stock yet, but if you pre-order now, it should arrive at your doorstep in about 4 to 6 weeks. Hit the break for a short demo video and links to get your order in.

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Three tri-band LTE devices announced by Sprint for this summer

Tri_Band_LTE_Devices_SprintSprint has recently announced three mobile broadband devices for those now in the vicinity of Sprint’s ongoing LTE rollout. The three devices include Novatel’s MiFi 500 LTE, the Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot, and 341U USB dongle— they are expected to be available by the summer. Sprint also hinted at tri-band LTE phones from Samsung and LG to follow. Hit the break for the full press release.
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Sandisk begins customer sampling of flash memory products based on 1Ynm process technology



It’s no surprise that as the processors for our Android devices get faster, other areas such as the device’s memory get faster as well. That’s why Sandisk has been working behind the scenes on its flash memory technology and recently announced it has begun customer sampling of flash memory products based on its 1Ynm process technology. For those of you not familiar with this technology, Sandisk is able to develop smaller-scale memory cell sizes, allowing for multi-level data storage management schemes which help bring multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory chips— chips that don’t even come close to compromising performance or reliability when used on our devices out there. So the hope is that this brand-new technology will ultimately bring smaller and less circuitry, while simultaneously bringing high capacity memory units at a lower cost. And hey— who wouldn’t want a more efficient and faster microSD card or other flash memory unit?

No word yet on when this technology will hit the general public yet, but hopefully we’ll see it on our devices sooner than later. Hit the break for the full presser from Sandisk.

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Samsung TecTiles 2 Now available to purchase


Do you remember last month when we told you of the sad news that Samsung’s old TecTiles didn’t work with the new Galaxy S 4. Well cheer up my friends because Samsung TecTiles 2 are now available for you to purchase. For those of you that don’t know what a Samsung TecTile is, let me give you a quick refresher. They are smart NFC tags that can be programmed by the Samsung TecTile app to do many things. You can set TecTiles to change settings in the phone, call a specific number, or send a predefined text. As an example, you can place a tag at the office, and when you scan the it, it can set your smartphone to silent or it could bring up your work calendar. You choose what you want the tag to do when it is scanned, making the little tasks that much easier.

For those that have a Galaxy S 4 and want more info, check out the source.

Source: Samsung

New concept video surfaces, showcases how awesome, yet practical the head can truly be



We certainly have an idea of the awesome potential the Google Glass headset can offer— but most of the tech world hasn’t gotten the opportunity to see some of the practical abilities the device can bring, until now. Among the noteworthy things that can be done are utilizing the Maps app and viewing/replying to emails, all while biking through windy roads; using the device’s built-in camera to scan all sorts of information and heck— even hailing a cab if necessary.

I mean sure some of the more practical uses won’t be as life-changing as others, but it’s looking like Google Glass will be more than just a gimmick for the general consumer. You can check out the video for yourself below.


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NVIDIA announces SHIELD pre-orders will begin May 20th and will have a cost of $349



It’s been a while since NVIDIA announced its game-changing Project SHIELD handheld gaming system, but the wait is finally over gang as NVIDIA is finally taking pre-orders will begin as early as next week, May 20th. In case you’ve forgotten about this puppy— the Jelly Bean-powered handheld gaming system features a boatload of sweet features including the killer Tegra 4 chip + 2 gigs of RAM, a 5-inch 720p retinal multi-touch display, custom bass reflex tuned port audio system and a full-fledged control pad.

Oh and for those of you that want to stream the sweet gaming content to a larger display, SHIELD will also give you the power to wirelessly access your NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU-powered computer from the comfort of your couch with GeForce game streaming– while NVIDIA promises to bring PC streaming to SHIELD devices at a later date. Speaking of games, it’s looking like there will certainly be a nice lineup of titles for gamers to choose from once SHIELD is finally available. Among the games that will be headed to TegraZone are Broken Age, Costume Quest, Flyhunter: Origins, Skiing Fred and Chuck’s Challenge. Naturally, there will be more titles released as time moves forward and all that good stuff.

And now for the important deets— pricing and availability. As mentioned earlier, the device will be available for pre-order from Newegg, Gamestop, Micro Center and Canada Computers on May 20th, while devices will ship around sometime in June. Additionally, SHIELD will cost $349, so it won’t break the bank too much.