Get into the holiday spirit with Ornamental Androids from Dead Zebra


Dead Zebra wanted to release these cute Ornamental Androids with Series 4, but they weren’t ready yet. Thankfully they just got announced and should arrive in time for your decorations or at least to put in someone’s stocking or under the tree. Unfortunately, that might not be the case for international buyers though. They are offering either blue or red, and both come in a matte metallic finish with silver glitter and a small metal hook.

They go on sale tomorrow (Dec 10) at 11:00am EST and again at 11:00pm EST. They are $10 each and there is a limit of 2 per person. You can buy 2 of the same color or one of each color. You can also opt for the special “Tree Pack,” which costs $90 and includes 5 red and 5 blue. Hit the source link for more information and make sure to put in a Google Now reminder in for 11:00am EST tomorrow. Hit the break for more images.

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Patches for Android mirroring via Chromecast found in Android 4.4.1, API not available to public

Android 4.4.1 patch

Developer-wiz Koushik Dutta of CyanogenMod has made a bit of a discovery in the Android 4.4.1 patches.

It looks like Google is preparing to add Android mirroring to Chromecast in the near future. However, Dutta pointed out that the API isn’t available to anybody except Google and the OEM. This essentially means that developers won’t be able to tool around to come up with new ways to integrate the feature. Similar solutions like Android mirroring on Chromecast won’t be able to be built into things such as Apple TV.

The API could become available to everyone in the future, but for now we’re pretty much left in the dark.

Source: +Koushik Dutta



Honda shows off smartphone airbag case

honda airbag case

This will probably be the most unique news story you’ll read today. Honda has shown off a smartphone case with a built-in airbag called the Smartphone Case N (which shares a similar name with their upcoming N-WGN model car) that can technically protect your phone from any kind of nasty drop, similar to airbags in a car. The case can sense how fast it’s falling, so it can deploy an airbag in as little as 0.2 seconds to make sure your $600 dollar device doesn’t shatter into tiny pieces. It’s a cool concept, just a little quirky.

The case itself is huge and looks like it might do an okay job of protecting the phone without an inflated airbag, but it’s still interesting either way. You’ll probably never see this case hit the market, but this could open the door for some other weird phone-protection developments down the line.

source: VR-zone

Tic-Tac-Toe game for Chromecast released on Android and iOS, requires two devices to play

Tic Tac Toe Chromecast

Chromecast isn’t only just for streaming video and music content to the big screen— now, people are finding that it makes for a pretty nice tool to stream games to your TV.

A very simple tic-tac-toe game for Chromecast has just been developed, and the app is available on both Android and iOS. Simply grab another player who also has the app installed, and easily display the game on the big screen for all to see.

It’s nothing mind-blowing for now, but the concept is certainly pretty cool and will make for some interesting innovations in the future. Hit the break for the link to the game in the Play Store.

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Track Santa and countdown to Christmas with Google’s Santa Tracker and Chromecast app

Google Santa Tracker

It’s almost Christmas, and that means we can start getting excited about waiting for Santa to drop presents down the chimney. Google is obviously in the Christmas spirit, as they’re started up a page where you can check in on Santa every day to see how his Christmas preparations are going. A new event unlocks each day showing just what Santa and his elves have to do to make sure Christmas goes as planned, and that includes videos, games, and other little interactive events. It’s a pretty fun concept, and a good way to keep your mind off of how excited you are for that new tablet you asked for this year.

You can follow the Christmas Countdown on a website, on an Android app that’s set to be released in mid-December, or a Chromecast app. There’s even a Chrome extension. This is one of the first Chromecast apps we’ve seen Google publish on the Play Store, but it’s probably just one of many to follow.

source: Google Blog

Santa Tracker / Chrome Extension officially releases Cal for Android

any do cal 1, the extremely popular note-taking app, recently opened up a beta for Cal, their solution to a calendar app. Today, they’re taking the beta tag off of the app and making it officially available in the Play Store.

Cal features many of the same things that make so great, including the elegant and fluid interface that is known for. On top of that, it boasts some deeply integrated social features that connects your social circles with other data to make suggestions for who to meet and where to meet them at. It’s also integrated with, Google Maps, and Uber, so it’s a nice attempt at trying to congregate many services into one place. The incredibly useful widget from the beta has made it into the final version with a few improvements as well.
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Vuzix M100 smart glasses up for preorder, not much cheaper than Glass


The Vuzix M100 smart glasses, which we tried out at CES 2013, can now be preordered for a whopping $999 from the company’s site. The smart glasses, which rival Google’s own Glass, is powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and has a WQVGA screen that reaches 2000 nits in brightness. The hardware design causes the M100 to look like an earpiece that extends over the eye rather rather than Glass’ subtle design. Vuzix does say that safety glasses are included and a headphone-like frame is also available for purchase.

Under the hood is a Texas Instruments OMAP4430 processor clocked at 1GHz with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage. There is microSD support so you can expand the storage by 32GB. There’s also a 5MP camera that can record in high definition. The M100 has Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 802.11b/g/n support. The battery is only 600mAh, but there is a 3800mAh rechargeable pack.

On the software side, the M100 has voice navigation, gesture control, and remote control app that works with Android devices. Also, there is a 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, and and compass to allows for head tracking. And Interestingly so, the M100 supports iOS in addition to Android devices.

Source: Vuzix

New custom ROM for Chromecast released on XDA-Developers


A diamond in the rough tends to pop up on XDA-Developers every week weeks, and this time it’s ddggttff3‘s PwnedCast ROM for the Google Chromecast. The ROM is based on the 13300 stock image, is rooted, and features its own OTA system. It also has a dedicated recovery and a custom kernel. If you have a rooted Chromecast, hit the break to link over to the XDA-Developers post with instructions and more details.

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NVIDIA SHIELD update improves GameStream, Gamepad Mapper and more


Today, NVIDIA is releasing an update to their SHIELD handheld console that brings much appreciated improvements. GameStream, the ability to stream PC games to your SHIELD, has been boosted to support 1080p and 60 frames per second when connected through an ethernet cable. You still get 60 FPS when on WiFi, but you’ll drop to 720p. This means you can play some of your favorite games on SHIELD rather than staring at a computer screen.

GamePad Mapper, which allows you to customize your controls, has been given the option to share, download, and rate mapping profiles created by the community. Also, the gyro sensors can be mapped through to analogs to simulate the activity. The right thumbstick can be mapped to look around (like a conventional controller) for games that regularly change perspective via swiping on the touchscreen.
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[Deal] Amazon offering up deals on MOGA gaming devices


As the clock ticks down to Cyber Monday, buyers looking to get a jump on the deals may want to check out some specials Amazon is running on several MOGA gaming devices. The base MOGA is currently listed at $14.99, which is 50% off the normal price of $29.99. The successor to the MOGA, the MOGA Hero Power, is also on sale for $45.91 compared to a normal price of $59.99, just shy of 25% off.

Amazon also had the upgraded version of the original MOGA, the MOGA Pro on sale, but it appears they have sold out of the devices. Currently, they only list the MOGA Pro as being available from third-party suppliers, with the cheapest price being $65.00. Meanwhile, the MOGA Pro Power, the updated version of the MOGA Pro, will set you back the full price of $79.99.

If you are interested in grabbing one of MOGA’s gaming devices from Amazon, just hit one of the source links.

source: MOGA/MOGA Pro, MOGA Hero/MOGA Pro Power