LG will launch Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate earphones on May 18th

LG Lifeband touch

LG’s answer to the growing popularity of fitness trackers like the Gear Fit and the Fitbit is their Lifeband Touch, which they announced back at CES. It still has the OLED touch screen for checking notifications and answering calls, and it’ll use vibrations to alert you to text messages, emails, etc. It can track your fitness records with MyFitnessPal or Runkeeper, but LG is launching their own fitness app, too.
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Samsung announces Swarovski partnership — now you can truly ‘bedazzle’ your device

Samsung bedazzle

Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market by offering things that other OEMs wouldn’t even dream of doing themselves.

Today, the company announced a new partnership with Swarovski, the worldwide crystal jewelry company.

The new “Swarovski for Samsung” collection will offer different designs to ‘bling out’ your device.

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AllCast app will soon be able to stream to devices from Google Music app


Super-developer Koushik Dutta is back with another awesome update to his AllCast application.

According to a Google+ post on his page, in the app’s next version, root users will be able to cast to any device that AllCast supports, through Google Music. The Fire TV is on such device.

The Google Music app will be able to see all of the user’s casting devices, which can be selected and streamed to from there.

Dutta said that the update is “coming soon.” Hit the break for his demonstration video.

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Acer announces Liquid Jade smartphone with accompanying Liquid Leap fitness tracker

Acer liquid jade liquid leap

Acer has announced their latest entry into the smartphone market and their first entry into the wearables/fitness track market with the Liquid Jade smartphone and the Liquid Leap smart band. The Liquid Jade is one of the most rounded smartphones you’ll ever see, with no sharp edges and Gorilla Glass that curves into the edges of the phone. It’s definitely a unique look for the phone.

Unfortunately, Acer wasn’t straightforward about the specs of the Jade, so all we can really guess is that it’s a larger phone, probably around 5 inches. No word on camera, processor, memory, etc. Acer typically tries to hit the budget markets, so I wouldn’t expect anything to compete with the HTC One and Galaxy S 5.
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Samsung launches Level series, new line of premium mobile audio products

Samsung Level

Samsung has announced they’ll be entering the mobile audio market with a new lineup of audio equipment called Level. The Level series includes the Level Over, Level On, and Level In, named for being over-ear, on-ear, or in-ear headphones, respectively. There’s a Level Box which looks like a standard Bluetooth speaker similar to what you’d see from a company like Jawbone or Sony. All four of these products are specifically optimized for use with mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.

The Level Over is Samsung’s high-end offering, giving you a pair of over-ear Bluetooth headphones with touch controls, a 50mm driver, and its own app available on the Play Store and Samsung’s app store for managing and tuning different equalizer presets. They’re noise cancelling, too. The Level On are similar to the Level Over, with a slightly smaller driver and no Bluetooth, but there’s no indication on if the dedicated app will work for these, too.
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Acer looking to forge ahead into wearables market with smartband


Acer sees an opportunity in the growing wearable technology market and wants to jump in. The company announced back in January that it was planning on releasing a product in the coming months, and now we have a bit of an idea of what to expect from the manufacturer.

According to members of the Chinese media, the company will be releasing a smartband (not a smartwatch) in mid-2014. Unsurprisingly, the device will pair up with a smartphone or tablet. But the important bit of information here is that Acer will reportedly be looking to partner with fitness centers and hospitals for launch.

This could be something a bit different from what we’re used to seeing, so keep your eyes peeled. More to come.

Via: GforGames
Source: China Post



Oppo to get into the attachable smartphone camera market to compete with Sony

Oppo smart lens

Sony created a one-of-a-kind device with their QX10 and QX100. The attachable camera lenses could be stuck on a smartphone to offer picture quality better than what a built-in smartphone camera could offer. The devices were cool, but they obviously haven’t caught on to the mainstream just yet. However, that’s not going to stop Oppo from jumping head first into that market to give Sony a bit of competition.
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LyveHome personal cloud device for media open for pre-orders


While cloud storage providers continue to battle for market share and a profitable business model, some people are turning to personal cloud devices. These devices typically connect to a home network and function like cloud storage services via user provided hardware as opposed to a corporate server farm. At CES 2014 we saw a new entrant in this market, LyveHome, a from Seagate Technology spin-off Live Minds, Inc. being headed up by former Apple executive Tim Bucher. The LyveHome web site is now accepting pre-orders for the $300 device.
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Google opens Glass orders to the public, price remains at $1500 [Updated]


Only a few days after their one-day public sale of Google Glass, Google has now opened the Glass store for public orders of the Explorer Edition without an invite being necessary. Like the one day sale, Glass is available in a choice of five colors, including the Cotton color that appeared to sell out during the one-day event. In addition, buyers can still get a lightweight titanium frame or a set of shades thrown for free with their order. The other thing that has not changed is the price which remains at $1500.

If you missed the one day sale and have not been able to get an invite and you are ready to place your order to join the Explorer program, just hit the source link below. You may note though that Google has not released any word as to whether this is an official move on their part to open the program up to the public or if it is some glitch in their system. So you may not want to hesitate.

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