Brillo, Google’s operating system for the Internet of Things


Android has been a phenomenal success for smartphones and tablets. Last year, we saw the introduction of Android Wear, Google’s first foray into a type of device that doesn’t pack as much computing power as our larger smart devices. Google, obviously, had to strip down Android in order to not bog down our electronic timepieces; however, even the most budget friendly smartwatch is still much more “smart” than let’s say a blender or a lamp. So back to the drawing board Google went in order to get Android to its barest essentials.

With that in mind, Google just announced Brillo at I/O 2015, a bare-bones Android designed to tidy up the Internet of Things (IoT). Read more

Get an Iron Man version of the Galaxy S6 on the cheap


Did you see the recent announcement that Samsung is producing a special edition Samsung Galaxy S6 edge tied to the Iron Man character? If so, you probably are aware that not only is the special edition not available for the regular Samsung Galaxy S6, it is currently limited to Korea with no announced plans to expand to other markets. If you were really hoping to get your hands on one or you already have a Galaxy S6 device, Slickwraps has a new option that is a lot cheaper and ready to ship right now. Read more

Buying a computer and an Oculus Rift should cost “around $1500″

OculusBrendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus, recently discussed just how much you can expect to spend on a “complete package” of a computer powerful enough to use the VR headset, and the headset itself. He estimated the price of everything at around $1500, which is definitely not something just anyone will be able to afford.

The company hasn’t announced pricing for the headset just yet, but since Oculus has already announced what they consider minimum specs to power the headset, we can try to ballpark what price point they’re trying to hit. Read more

Mi Store officially coming to the U.S., UK, Germany and France on June 1

Xiaomi’s online accessory shop will officially arrive in the U.S., UK, Germany and France according to a banner on the company’s official site. We must note that the company only intends to sell its accessories such as headphones, power banks and the Mi Band wearable through this store and you still won’t be able to purchase their phones in any of the aforementioned markets. Read more

Samsung’s patent application reveals big future plans for Gear VR


A new patent application filed by Samsung has surfaced, revealing its plans to expand usefulness of the Gear VR that was launched last year. Samsung released high-end handsets such as the Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge and the Note 4, but the VR headsets have not been used to their full strength.

However, all of that is about to change according to Oculus CEO John Carmack. The company is planning to use Samsung’s marketing might during the next major release of the Gear VR due in September. Now, new USPTO documents have revealed a road map of what the upcoming Gear VR headsets will be capable of.

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