Google Voice Update fixes Android 4.2 compatibility issues

Google certainly does work fast as it was just yesterday we reported the issues with Google Voice on Android 4.2 and today, Google releases an update that makes it all better. If you are lucky enough to have the LG Nexus 4 or a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.2, you may have noticed that whenever you add recipients to a Google Voice message the app would crash. The latest update brings Google Voice to version and helps to alleviate most, if not all of known issue for Android users on 4.2.

So if you haven’t downloaded the update yet, hit the break to get a link to the Google Play Store or by scanning the QR code below.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 LTE coming to AT&T this Friday

If you were among those that really wished the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 came with 4G connectivity, then AT&T has answered your prayers. This Friday AT&T customers will be able to add the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 to their shared data plan. This will be just before Sprint releases an LTE version of the same tablet on November 11th. For those of you that don’t remember the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 comes with a dual core processor, 3 megapixel camera and WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution screen. Not top of the line but a solid tablet, adding 4G connectivity certainly doesn’t hurt. What is really enticing  is anyone looking to buy a Galaxy smartphone from AT&T might want to go for it soon because they are offering $100 off any other Samsung connected device when you buy a new Galaxy Smartphone, Galaxy Note II or Galaxy S III, on a two year contract. Hit the break to see the full press release.

Amazon Game Studios releases Air Patriots, their first Android game

Today Amazon released their first company made game into the Play Store. Air Patriots is a game that puts you in control of a squad of planes using drawing controls to direct where and when your fleet attacks their enemies. Since this is a game that is created by Amazon, it also takes advantage of their Whispersync technology for cloud saving. This game, along with the release of the cloud drive photos app, gives Amazon a nice start to the month. I’m a little surprised that these apps aren’t an Amazon appstore exclusive and open to everyone in the Play Store. More images, a trailer video, and download links after the break.

SlimPort HDMI adapter for Nexus 4 shows up on Amazon

With the Nexus 4 officially announced, the next thing to discuss are the fun accessories that can be added to make it an even better device. You may have already heard about the charging orb, but here is another treat for you. The SlimPort HDMI adapter allows you to take whatever you are watching on your Nexus 4 and play it on any HDMI device, like a TV or projector. A nice pro to using SlimPort is that it will charge your Nexus 4 during playback which makes watching things on the big screen that much easier. Rumor has it this is the first of a handful of accessories SlimPort will be making for the Nexus 4 so keep an eye out during the coming weeks if you plan on getting a Nexus 4 soon.

via: Phandroid
source: Amazon

Samsung found guilty of violating 4 Apple patents by ITC, but wins mult-touch case in the Netherlands

Among the myriad of patent cases between Samsung and Apple, one has reached a critical decision. In 2011 Apple brought a case up against Samsung to the International Trade Commission for seven patent violations. Today ITC Judge Thomas Pender made the decision that Samsung violated four of those patents. The patents that Samsung were found to have violated include one for scrolling up and down, a variety of UI interactions, and displaying a semi-transparent image over another image. As for the other three patents, Apple dropped one and the other two were dismissed by the judge. The final decision will be made by a panel of ITC Judges in February on whether or not Judge Pender made the right decision.

On the bright side, Samsung was cleared of violating an Apple mutli-touch patent in a Dutch court so they continue to have friends in the Netherlands. So with a victory going to both corners today this very long and drawn out boxing match between Apple and Samung may be headed to an end, but only time will tell.

Source: Phandroid

Foursquare updates their app with a sleek new check-in screen

Since Foursquare’s complete make over in June the social media company has continued to improve the app to make it more  user friendly. The most recent update brings a cleaner look to the check-in screen. Now there are sliders for sharing the check-in with Facebook or Twitter and one for including friends. Like any update it also comes with some performance improvements, so if you are an avid Foursquare user, hit the break for the Play Store download links.

LG Spectrum Ice Cream Sandwich will start rolling out tomorrow

Starting tomorrow owners of the LG Spectrum will be able to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich and I think the only thing that can come to mind for these owners is FINALLY. From the original leak of the update back in May to finding out Saturday that Verizon has finally approved the update, Spectrum owners have been patiently waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwich experience. Well starting tomorrow the wait will be over and owners can rejoice in the improvement that is Ice Cream Sandwich. It may sting to know that they are getting this update well after Jelly Bean has been released and with the anticipation of Android 4.2 growing, but better late than never right?

 Source: Verizon

Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro available for $100 on AT&T starting Oct 21

As a follow up to the Samsung Rugby Smart, Samsung has created the Galaxy Rugby Pro, another phone made for people who tend to be a little more physical with their phone. It’s no Galaxy S III, but for for $100 the features are not so bad considering you can probably play ice hockey with this phone and it would survive. The Galaxy Rugby Pro comes with a 4-inch WVGA (800 x 480) Super AMOLED screen, 5MP camera, 8GB onboard storage, enhanced Push-to-Talk, 810g military-spec certification and it all runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. Again this won’t go down as the greatest phone ever, but if you’re the type of person that needs a phone that can handle a tumble more than anything else, I would suggest checking this out on Sunday.

Source: Engadget

Yes the 32GB Nexus 7 will come in a box, here’s proof

As if we haven’t seen enough evidence that the 32 GB Nexus 7 exists, here’s is a little more fuel for the fire. A recent picture surfaced in the wild showing the box label for the very device. There is good reason to believe we will see this device get announced at the October 29 event for $249, which is the current price for the 16 GB. We could also get an announcement of the 3G variant, but let’s not forget the main event, which will be the Nexus 4. Does anyone think Google has anything more up their sleeves?

Source: Android Central

Sprint gains control of Clearwire

Sprint officially holds the controlling interest in Clearwire after buying out a shareholder pushing their stake in Clearwire from 48.1% to 50.8%. Clearwire and Sprint were both struggling financially but this move was made possible by Softbank acquiring Sprint on Monday. Sprint and Clearwire have done this dance before, but now that they have support from Softbank and a little more financial support it will be interesting to see what these companies are able to do in the future.

Source: Reuters

Carbon Trust certification awarded to Samsung Galaxy S III and Ace Duo

 The Samsung Galaxy S III is a phone that was instantly hailed as one of the best phones on the market and that was before the Jelly Bean update. When you have the combination of great hardware engineering and imaginative software all the praise is well deserved, now the Galaxy S III is being honored for being environmentally friendly. The Galaxy S III along with the Samsung Ace Duo in Europe were awarded the Carbon Trust PAS 2050 certification. PAS 2050 certification is based on greenhouse emissions over a devices lifetime. To put this into additional perspective, the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note had also received this certification, so this adds to Samsung’s recent history of environmentally friendly phones. Does the environment ever play a role in deciding which phone you buy?

Source: Android central

FTC looking at possible antitrust case against Google

After over a year of investigating, members of the FTC are starting to believe that Google has illegally used it’s power as the most dominant search engine. This means that Google is looking at a rather serious anti-trust case. Numerous internet companies have been asking the FTC to repremand Google including Yelp and Nextag. Google has the ability to give other websites low quality rating scores pushing them down the results list and putting their own products at the top. The only way around that would be for companies to buy ads so they will be at the top which of course gets Google more money.

Along with their strength as a search engine, FTC is also taking a look at how Google is handling patents “which are determined to be essential to smartphones”. They are even suspicious that Google may be using patent infringement lawsuits as a way to hamper innovation and strengthen their own product, Android. Many companies that use Android have found them selves in court which has had Google thinking about how they handle patents.

It is suspected that the FTC will decided by the end of the year if Google has broken the law or not. If they do think Google broke the law then the most likely outcome will be a settlement between the search giant and the FTC, if that falls through another long court case is in Google’s future.

Source: Reuters

Archos GamePad gets a hands on demo video

The Archos GamePad was announced in August and is still an extremely intriguing device. This tablet is clearly made for the gamer in us all. It has buttons on the side so the entire 7 inch 1024 x 600 screen is available for looking at what you’re doing. The dual-core processor and quad-core GPU partnered with the gaming buttons off the touchscreen will make advanced gaming better than ever on Android. Oh did I mention that it could be priced somewhere south of $150? Instead of listening to me ramble about the GamePad, hit the break and check out the video by Charbax who demos the device and explains how the buttons integrate into the Android platform.

Samsung confirms October 24 event will be to unveil the US Galaxy Note II



October 24 has long been speculated as the day Samsung would show off the US version of the Galaxy Note II. We can now stop the speculation as Samsung made the October 24th launch date official. The Galaxy Note II World Tour will be stopping in New York City on October 24, where there will likely be a press event to announce the price and official release date. We know the Galaxy Note II will be released on T-Mobile, but it will be interesting to see if Samsung has any surprises up their sleeves for the US consumers. After the press conference there will be a “consumer celebration” to let the public in on the activities. Who is excited to finally get their hands on the Galaxy Note II?

Source: Engadget