Honor commits to 24 months of software and security updates for new phones


When we shell out our hard earned dollars on the latest smartphone we expect that phone to be updated to Android’s latest and greatest into the foreseeable future. Not only is it gratifying to have the newest software on our device, but with ever increasing threats from malware, such as this new Google Adsense bug, there is also a huge security risk to having outdated software. Unfortunately, getting devices onto the newest software still remains a huge problem for the Android ecosystem. Just take a look at the latest Android distribution numbers and you’ll see what I am talking about. Huawei sub-brand Honor is looking to help ameliorate those problems a little bit with all its newest phones. According to a Huawei’s Taylor Wimberly, Honor is going to begin delivering an enhanced software experience for the latest Honor devices.

[Deal] Snag a free pair of JBL Reflect Aware C headphones with the purchase of an HTC 10


The HTC 10 was already an audiophiles dream, but HTC just stepped up its game with its latest HTC 10 deal. If you head over to HTC’s website you’ll be able to snag an HTC 10 and HTC will throw in a pair of the new USB Type-C JBL Reflect Aware C headphones absolutely free. That is a $200 pair of headphones you’ll be grabbing for absolutely no cost.

You’ll soon be able to add an extra stop to your Lyft ride


Lyft is a fantastic ridesharing app for those of us who need to get from point A to point B, but what about for those of us who not only need to get from A to B, but to C as well? As the app stands right now getting to that pesky point C would require two separate Lyft rides, but the company is planning to fix that inconvenience very soon. In an update to the app, coming soon, you’ll be able to add an extra destination to your Lyft ride making it a seamless ride from A to B to C for driver and passenger alike.

You’ll be able to grab the OnePlus 3 in Soft Gold starting tomorrow


When the OnePlus 3 launched last month, OnePlus showed off the phone both in graphite and gold color options. When the phone launched, however, we were only given the option to purchase the graphite model. Fans of the OnePlus 3 have been wondering when they would finally be able to get their hands on this allusive gold version, and it looks like we finally have an answer.

It will be launching on July 26.

Best HTC 10 cases


When most of us buy a phone, we plan on keeping that device for as long as we possibly can. With the array of cases out there though, it can be hard to sort through and find the perfect one that balances protection, style, and functionality. The HTC 10 is a beautiful phone, and you don’t want to take away from its stunning design nor do you want to risk damaging its body.

Hit the break for the picks.

Looks like the Moto X may live on! GFXBench test for possible Moto X (2016) surfaces


With the unveiling of the latest flagship out of Lenovo, the Moto Z, it seemed like the demise of the Moto X line was imminent. The Moto X line had been Motorola’s flagship for the last few years, with the Moto G and the Moto E representing mid-range and budget offerings. The launch of the Moto Z took the flagship status away from the Moto X Pure Edition, and no matter what marketing spin Lenovo tried to play when questioned about the future of the Moto X line, the death of the Moto X seemed all but guaranteed. We, however, may have been very wrong. If a recent GFXBench test showing a new Moto device is any indication, the Moto X is ready for new life.

Sub $100 LG K3 has just arrived on Boost and Virgin Mobile


For those of you who are currently on one of Sprint’s MVNOs, or possibly looking to switch to one of these two services, as of today you now have the option of purchasing a new device, the LG K3. This budget device isn’t going to knock anyone’s socks off, but for under $100 it is a pretty decent bang for your buck. Hit the break to see what this baby is packing.

Unlike last year’s Moto X Pure Edition, the unlocked Moto Z will be GSM only


Logic would dictate that since the Moto Z is going to be a Verizon exclusive until the fall, when the unlocked version finally does arrive it would work with CDMA carriers, such as Verizon itself, as well as GSM carriers. Another indicator pointing to this multi-network functionality is that last year’s Moto X Pure Edition worked across both CDMA AND GSM networks. This, however, will not be the case. It looks like, for some inexplicable reason, Lenovo has decided to take a step back and ‘lock’ the unlocked version of the Moto Z to GSM carriers only.

Lenovo is saying goodbye to the 3.5mm headphone jack with the new Moto Z


What one feature is in common between an Android or iOS smartphone, a MacBook or Windows PC, and even controllers for gaming consoles, but not for the new Moto Z? If you read the title to this article than you probably guessed, and correctly I might add, a 3.5mm headphone jack. It looks like Lenovo has decided to hop on the slowly expanding list of manufactures to forgo the jack and leave it off of the newly announced Moto Z in favor of including a Type-C to 3.5mm adapter in the box.

Project Tango a project no more, name offically changed to just Tango


We finally got to see the first consumer device to implement Google’s highly anticipated Tango augmented reality system today at Lenovo Tech World, the monstrous Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. In addition to this highly anticipated phone finally launching, we are also getting a name change straight from Google itself. Project Tango is no longer a project. With the launching of the first consumer device to include the new tech Google has decided to drop the ‘Project’ moniker in favor of just Tango.

Google follows Apple’s freshly announced revenue sharing model, but adds in a HUGE advantage


Today Apple announced a bunch of new policies that will be governing its app store. Among these was a new revenue sharing model which will increase the amount of money that developers get to keep when customers subscribe to their services for over a year. Google today also announced basically the same revenue sharing model for their own app store, Google Play, but with a major advantage – developers who get subscribers through Google Play will get this increased revenue as soon the customer subscribes; no year wait needed.

Apple may have created Live Photos, but Google just made them way better


Google yesterday released a new iOS app called Motion Stills, in hope of making live photos on the iPhone even better than Apple did. This new app takes your existing live photos, made with an iOS device, and stabilizes them so that your live photos look like they’ve been created using high-end stabilization equipment. The end result is an extremely fluid, and easily sharable, GIF or short video.

ZTE just launched the new fan oriented Z-Community alongside an Axon 7 giveaway


ZTE is the fourth largest supplier of mobile phones in the United States, so I am sure many of you guys out there are huge ZTE fans. If you fall into this group then we have some pretty good news for you today! In addition to announcing the launching of its newest phone, the Axon 7, in Beijing today, it also announced the launching of a new community platform called Z-Community for the biggest fans of the brand.