Motorola X Phone May Allow For Custom Tailored Hardware


While everyone was glued to the Samsung Galaxy S IV announcement the guys over at Android And Me were getting the scoop on the Motorola X Phone. The unnamed source sharing what they termed “insider information” disclosed a few Googlerola nuggets. For starters the X Phone will be a line, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy line, not a single device. The most impressive tidbit was the plan to allow users to order custom tailored devices. This could be anything from the color, to the amount of RAM, to the storage space. This would mirror the way many PCs are sold.

The source agreed June was a likely launch date for the new line of devices and thought an update guarantee was plausible. This would be a guarantee by Motorola that a device would, at the very least, get the next major Android update. Other possible good news is regarding the expectation that Google will continue to subsidize the final price of the phone, as it does with the Nexus 4. The’re no telling how accurate this guy will end up being but I definitely like what he’s saying.

Source: Android And Me

HTC One Making Its Way To Verizon

HTC One_Silver_3V

The HTC One will be available for Verizon customers after all. All Things D, citing an unnamed source, is reporting Verizon will carry the One about a month or so after it launches on the other three major US carriers. We had originally reported a March launch for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint but had not heard a word about Verizon.

Fans of Beats Audio and Sense (there are some Sense fans, right?) on Verizon are not the only winners here. Finally getting the same flagship phone on all the big carriers is a huge win for struggling HTC. This will allow HTC to focus its ad campaign on a single device and maybe start taking some mind share back from Samsung.

Source: All Things D

Prescription Lenses No Obstacle For Google Glass


Google put everyone with less than perfect vision at ease today by announcing Glass will work with prescription lenses. Google posted a picture of Glass team member Greg Priest-Dorman sporting such a pair. This news is not exactly a surprise as a prescription lens equipped set was spotted in NYC earlier this year but it’s nice to hear something official.

Google said Glass will support both prescription lenses and frames. For the mega-stylish among you this likely means designer frames will also be a go. Unfortunately the initial “Explorer Edition” release version will not accept the alternate lenses and frames. If you wear glasses you’ll have to go with contacts or just wait. Google said the prescription version will be available later this year.

Source: Glass on Google+

Exent GameTanium For TV Brings Android Games To The Living Room

Exent, provider of game subscription services, announced a new service at MWC called GameTanium For TV. Although billed as a gaming console-conversion for your Android device, it appears more like it just streams gaming content to your TV. GameTanium is currently available for Android and works in much the same way as Steam for PCs. If you’re already a GameTanium subscriber then this is great news. For the rest of us, the yet to be announced price will be a big factor. Well, price and whether or not you’ve already plopped down $100 for an OUYA.

The device/service is not without its appeal. It would be nice to fling birds across the TV using my phone as the controller then continue the game even after I’ve walked out the door. And like Steam, the subsciption model is sure to appeal to avid gamers. The question is: is there such a thing as hardcore Android gamers? Follow our 2013 Mobile World Congress coverage here.

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ClockworkMod SuperUser Beta Released


Noted Android developer Koushik Dutta has released ClockworkMod Superuser beta. And yes, this is the guy behind ROM Manager and Carbon Backup. CWM superuser is free but isn’t yet available at the Play Store. It can be downloaded here and flashed manually in recovery or via ROM Manager. Although there are a couple other Superuser options out there, this one is open source and has multiuser support. See the full list of features at the source below.

Source: Koushik Dutta G+


Intel Announces Faster Processors, New LTE Chip And Mobile Partnerships

Intel announced the launch of a new line of Atom processors (Clover Trail+) and OEM partnerships at MWC. Like Motorola, Intel is apparently not playing the cores game with smartphones. They’re releasing dual-core Atom Processors for (2.0GHz Z2580, 1.6GHz Z2560, and 1.2GHz Z2520) they claim will deliver double the computing performance and up to three times the graphic capabilities of its current crop of mobile processors. Battery life was described as “competitive.” Intel said ASUS, Lenovo, and ZTE are on board with the new processors.

Intel also announced a new LTE chip, the XMM 7160, capable of supporting 15 LTE bands simultaneously. The new chip purported to be the world’s smallest and lowest-power multimode-multiband chip supports DC-HSPA+, EDGE in addition to LTE. The XMM 7160 is scheduled to begin shipping sometime during the first half of 2013.

There was some quad-core news from Intel. It said it is working on a line of quad-core tablet Atom processors, known as “Bay Trail.” Intel said some of these processors are actually already in the market (running on Windows devices). Intel believes these processors will bring all-day battery life and weeks of standby to Android. Acer, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, LG Electronics and Samsung were all listed as working on tablets using the Bay Trail processors. They’re expected to come to market in time for the 2013 holiday season.

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UK Site Clove Taking Pre-Orders For The HTC One


If you loved what you saw in our hands on with the HTC One, the UK site Clove is ready to take your money. Pre-orders for the 32GB One are available for both colors, Glacial Silver and Stealth Black. The phone will set you back £425 (about $658 USD) + VAT. Clove expects to receive the unlocked and SIM-free handsets March 15. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, shipping to the US is £ 16 ($25 USD).

Source: Clove


Australian Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi Getting Android 4.1.2 Update


It’s been about a month since the US variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi received its Jelly Bean update. That’s apparently how long it takes for the update to make it down to Australia. Our Aussie friends are now receiving the 505MB Jelly Bean update. The update brings the Note 10.1 to Android version 4.1.2 and includes the Premium Suite, including multi-window, found on the Galaxy Note II.

Source: Ausdroid


AT&T Delivers Security Patch For Exynos Kernel Exploit On Galaxy Note II


An over the air software update is available for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II. The update, which became available February 15, serves as a security patch for the Exynos kernel exploit discovered in December.  As with most OTA updates, the carrier recommends downloading via WiFi. Make sure you have plenty of battery power as well. There’s no easier way to brick a phone than by losing power mid software install. It will push the firmware version to I317UCAMA4 but leave Android on 4.1.2.

Source: AT&T