Dolphin Browser Gets Updated To v7.4, Includes Dolphin Sonar Feature

Dolphin Browser has just been updated to v7.4 and includes a new concept. Dolphin has unveiled Dolphin Sonar, which looks to change the way we do our web browsing. It’s a voice-control feature which aims to let us use our voices in order to search on the web, find what we are looking for on websites, bookmark a page and actually navigate the internet— all using our voice! Here are the 3 major features we can look forward to by using Sonar:

1) Search – Talk to Dolphin and let Her Do the Work
2) Social Search – Impress your friends and stalk like a pro
3) Navigate – Just Tell Your Dolphin Where To Go

The update is ready and waiting for Android 2.0+ devices. Before you go out and download it, make sure you hit the break to see the full presser.


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Google’s Eric Schmidt: “If Google Gets It Right, There Will Be An Android In Every Pocket”


Google envisions bigger and brighter things for the future of its Android platform. We recently saw how 850,000 Android devices are being activated every day, but that’s not stopping Google from believing it can get everyone on the planet having an Android device. This is significant too because while the use of mobile devices has increased, not everyone uses a smartphone– let alone a device connected to the internet. Google believes having a smartphone connected to the internet will play a major role in the advancement of our society. At Google’s keynote address at MWC, Google Chair Eric Schmidt highlights:

“We talk about how everyone has a cellphone, but only about one billion have a phone. For most people, the digital revolution has not arrived yet.”

What does this mean for Google? This simply means that the Android platform has the potential to reach literally billions of people. It’s no secret the Android platform is fragmented, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Despite the fragmentation, the variation in devices means there will be plenty of choices which fit a certain consumer or demographic’s lifestyle (think of all the budget to premium devices out there!)— especially as our society continues to evolve in this digital age. Realizing this, Schmidt adds:

“The smartphone revolution will be universal and a mobile experience to be available to almost everyone at a fraction of the price. If Google gets it right, there will be an Android in every pocket, and at the current growth rate, it is certainly possible.”

Moral of the story: while there are other competitors out there in the world, it would be wise not to bet against Google. Especially since the platform continues to grow at a tremendous pace.

source: NY Times Blog

uTorrent Client Currently In Development For Android

More than a few of you either use or have used a Torrent client at some point (and no, not just for pirating). Of course many of us have thought about and waited for the moment we would be able to use Torrent clients to download files from our Android devices. Well friends, that moment is almost here now that the uTorrent client app is currently in development for the Android platform. The uTorrent client will allow for legitmate file-sharing (downloading and sending) around the world, right from your Android device. This means we’ll likely be able to see more and more apps being developed for Android— on top of the thousands of apps available now. In addition, it is believed the “Android’s open market and flexibility gives it a huge advantage when it comes to which platform is best suited to make a smooth transition from desktop to mobile.” This means we can expect to see more improved mobile ports of certain types of desktop software like say, Adobe Photoshop.

Sadly, BitTorrent is mum on release date of the uTorrent client. We know many of you are certainly licking your chops right now, so just sit tight and be patient. The app will likely be here sooner than you know it.

source: Torrent Freak
via: Android And Me

Toyota And Samsung Announce Joint Collaboration


What do you get when you combine an Automaker giant with an Android manufacturer giant? You get a big time collaboration of course. Toyota and Samsung have launched the Samsung Mobile Car Application which will connect Samsung smartphones to Toyota’s In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system. The collaboration is expected to add “enhanced connectivity, multimedia capabilities and internet services.”

Keep in mind that while Sammy and Toyota have announced the collaboration, there are no further details except that we do know we will see the first products sometime around Q2 of this year. Hit the break to see the full press release. Read more

Samsung Makes It Clear: “We’re Not Doing Very Well In The Tablet Market”


Samsung is dominating smartphone sales, it’s not doing as well in the tablet market. While participating at a discussion at MWC, Product Strategy Executive Hankil Yoon offered a blunt and straightforward summary of Sammy’s products in the tablet market:

“Honestly, we’re not doing very well in the tablet market.”

We don’t have the numbers to verify Yoon’s comments, but there are a few reasons why he would make that statement. Perhaps it may be the industry-leading iPad or the lackluster, yet popular Kindle Fire which has found the way into consumers’ hearts and wallets. Whatever the reason may be, Samsung just has not been able to distinguish its tablets from Apple and Amazon’s offerings, despite having several Galaxy Tab models.

Despite Yoon’s comments, there’s reason for optimism for Samsung’s future direction. For starters, it has the intriguing Galaxy Note, which can be considered the most popular “phablet” to date. 10 million Galaxy Note units are expected to ship and Yoon believes the S-Pen (Stylus pen) “allows users to more easily create content, rather than consume it.” In addition, there is the newly introduced Galaxy Note 10.1 which brings you a bigger tablet, but with an S-Pen. This is something that much of the competition cannot claim at this time. Yoon sums it up best:

“Samsung wanted to do something different in the category… Even if the design is similar, how you use the Note is totally different.”
Expect Samsung to make a continued push into the tablet market by continuing to introduce unique and innovative features.
(Photo courtesy of C Net)
source: C Net

US Cellular Offering $100 Activation Credit For Android Devices… For A Limited Time Only

US Cellular just announced an attractive incentive in order to draw more customers to its mobile service. The mobile carrier is set to offer a welcome $100 activation credit toward any Android device when you sign up for a plan— meaning you may have yet another reason to splurge on that upcoming Sammy Galaxy S II phone. Unfortunately, this offer is for a limited time, so you’ll have to jump on it ASAP if you want to take advantage. In addition, it will waive any of those pesky activation fees. The offer is web-only, but at least you’ll get to have free shipping on any Android purchase you make. Oh and US Cellular may also offer you up to a $150 additional credit if you leave your current mobile provider for its services. Sounds like a nice deal indeed. If you’re interested on over to US Cellular’s website today before it’s too late!

source: Android Central

Dolby And Huawei To Team Up To Bring Premium Audio Experience To Smartphones


Huawei is already on its way to bringing some sweet devices to the limelight, but it wants to further itself apart from the competition even more. Dolby Labs has announced a collaboration with Huawei by incorporating Dolby Digital Plus into future Huawei devices. This means that we’ll soon be able to enjoy that rich, crisp and superior surround sound on premium Huawei tablets and smartphones. The manufacturer plans to utilize Dolby Digital Plus by optimizing the technology for the overall mobile experience by including virtual surround sound over headphones, bass and high-frequency enhancements, a sound level controller, mono-to-stereo creator and sound space expander. Oh and don’t forget that these Dolby-powered devices will have the full capability to connect the devices to HD-ready TVs, A/V receivers and home theater systems in order allow consumers to enjoy quality surround sound as well.

Huawei is just giving us yet another reason to drool over its ever-impressive brand. Hit the break to see the full press release from Dolby. Read more

Shazam Will Update App To Include Android Beam Support, Also Promises Faster Tagging

You remember how we just mentioned that Google introduced the NFC-based Android Beam? Well Shazam has taken notice and is ready to implement the technology into its app. In the newest version of the Shazam app, it will utilize Android Beam— allowing users to share music, coupons and tour dates. The feature works in a straightforward way too: two Android users will be able to hold their phones back-to-back in order to share music, offers they’ve received from advertisers, and even info on tour dates for favorite bands and more. While Android Beam has yet to be live on Android devices, there is much optimism and excitement for the new feature as we will see the feature introduced sooner than later.

Shazam also took this opportunity to highlight it will feature faster tagging. How fast, you ask? Well Shazam “says that songs and TV ads will be able to be identified in a fraction of the time it previously took, even as little as one second”. As the Android OS continues to evolve, so does the apps on the platform. Are you all excited for the evolution of Shazam yet?

source: Tech Crunch

Motorola Mobility Creates New Program To Entice Business Users To Switch To Android


Think Motorola Mobility isn’t serious about having business users use its devices? Well check this out: starting tomorrow, MOTO is set to offer “up to $200 for a consumer’s old device when a Motorola Business Ready phone is purchased”. This means we’ll likely see more and more Android devices in the corporate and business world, especially because Motorola will have more and more IT friendly tools for consumers:

“Motorola Mobility will be offering the MotoAssist™ IT service to give business users access to IT professionals who can help set up accounts, transfer contacts seamlessly, and even work directly with corporate IT departments”.

Get ready for Android devices making a major push in the business world folks. Make sure to hit the break to see the full presser from MOTO.

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ASUS Padfone Formally Announced At MWC, Due To Arrive In April

We knew the Padfone was on its way to MWC, but ASUS has finally unveiled its new jewel of a smartphone to the masses. That means that sexy smartphone (and “tablet” accessory) is officially on its way. Some of the noteworthy features of the Ice Cream Sandwich-powered device includes: 

Of course the specs are sexy and all, but you all are waiting for the really interesting aspects of the device, right? In case you’ve forgotten, you have the ability to turn this svelte phone into a tablet, thanks to a handy (optional) accessory— a dock which allows you to turn the device into a tablet. The optional tablet dock will not only allow you to view your content on a bigger screen, but you will also find some extended battery life. Among the other coveted accessories that will be a available will be a keyboard and wait for it— a stylus headset which performs double-duty as a stylus and you guessed it— a headset.

The phone is set to arrive in April, but ASUS stops there. There is no additional word on which countries/markets it will launch first nor do we know how much the phone and its accessories will run for, though it’s probably going to cost you a pretty penny. You now know the phone is on its way and you’ve seen the specs, now why don’t you hit the break to see the full press release from ASUS? This will be able to hold you over in the meantime.

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