European HTC One X Receives First Software Update

The HTC One X still has that new aura and smell to it, but it doesn’t mean it’s ever to late for a software update. That’s apparently the case as European owners of the device received notifcation of what looks to be a minor software update. This new update brings the phone’s software to version 1.28.401.9 and is around 30MB in size. The update includes some minor bug fixes and possibly improved battery life. Moreover, the software update seems to keep the Android version at 4.0.3, despite 4.0.4 being available for other Android devices.

If your device is an unlocked and unbranded version— feel free to check for it manually by heading to Settings –> About –> Software Updates. If your device has carrier branding, know that it may not quite be ready just yet, so sit tight and it should come through sooner than later.

source: AC

Oakley Testing Technology “Comparable With Google’s Project Glass”


Google’s Project Glass is no doubt one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. While it’s a unique and special concept/project, it’s about to get some major competition— and not from Apple either. According to Bloomberg, Oakley is currently developing a technology that can project information directly onto lenses, similar to how Project Glass projects information through a heads-up display. Oakley would be able to create the glasses for use as a standalone product or have them connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth while also featuring voice commands. Oakley is excited about the technology too. CEO Colin Baden highlights this technology would make “make hardware that’s comparable with Google’s Project Glass”. Having this technology would allow Oakley create a wide-range of items and products that can wirelessly connect to the internet like other companies are doing. Read more

ASUS Confirms Pricing For Upcoming Padfone, Transformer Pad Infinity 700 And Transformer Pad 300

We are one step closer to a few ASUS jewels landing in the palms of our hands. For starters, we know you have been talking about the PadFone, the most intriguing of the upcoming devices for some time now. Sure there have been pre-orders available for it in Taiwan since earlier in the month, but what about the rest of us? Well for those of you in Europe at least, the wait will not last much longer. While at the ASUS Milan Design Week 2012, ASUS has confirmed the Padfone will arrive in Italy in late May– which is the same time the device should launch elsewhere in Europe. The company even gave details of the upcoming release by highlighting the smartphone and the tablet combo (which will be known as Padfone Station) will go for EUR 699 ($915 USD), while the keyboard (known as the PadFone Dock) will cost EUR 149 more ($195 USD).

ASUS doesn’t stop there either folks. The mouthwatering Transformer Pad Infinity 700 will arrive in Italy on June 10th. Also known as the Transformer Prime HD, it will arrive as a 64GB WiFi-only model for EUR 600 ($785 USD). The keyboard dock accessory will cost EUR 149 ($195) like the PadFone Dock. Oh and those of you looking for something premium, but not too premium will be able to find the Transformer Prime 300 next month for EUR 400 ($525 USD) for the WiFi version and EUR 500 ($655) for the 3G version. Ladies and gents— get ready to break open your wallets and pocketbooks.

source: Notebook Italia
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ASUS To Ship Transformer Pad 300 Tablet On April 22

In the market for a new tablet, but want something with a little more ‘oomph’? ASUS may have the cure for what ails you. In going with ASUS’ newfound philosophy of revamping its Transformer line, it went ahead and unleashed its newest quad-core monster the Transformer Pad 300 which will begin shipping next Sunday, April 22. It will come fully loaded featuring a Tegra 3 processor and Ice Cream Sandwich operating on a 10-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800, an 8MP and 1.2MP FF cameras. As good as this sounds, ASUS wants consumers to know that it’s latest option in the Transformer line is different from its competition– so what is it that separates this device from the others? Well ASUS puts it simple by highlighting the Transformer Pad 300 is “a laptop replacement with 4G LTE network capabilities”. Awesome.

You all salivating at the thought of owning one of these yet?

source: PC World

First Press Shot Of The HTC Golf Smartphone Surfaces

2012 is ushering a new wave of thinking when it comes to entry-level phones. When you mentioned entry-level phones, you think bottom of the barrel, bland and as basic as it gets. HTC is looking to change that way of thinking by showing the world its codenamed Golf smartphone. You should remember the Golf name— we recently showed you the test image from its camera. Rumor has it that HTC will release the phone as the Wildfire C and will come with some decent features. For starters, there will be a single-core processor complimented by 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, a 3.5-inch screen, Bluetooth 3.0 and naturally Android 4.0 with Sense 4.0. Sure the internal storage may be slacking, but HTC will toss in 25GB of DropBox storage for 2 years to make everyone just a little happier.

No word on when the device is expected to arrive, but we think it will be sooner than later.

source: pocketnow

Try Not To Hold Your Breath: Another Leaked Image Of The “Samsung Galaxy S III” Smartphone Surfaces

It’s been a little while since we heard some Samsung Galaxy S III rumors, so let’s jump right in with the latest gossip, shall we? An anonomyous user claims to have taken a picture of an actual Galaxy S III used for testing purposes. As you can see here, the device pictured has a 5-row icon display (which is frustratingly censored) and a home button complimenting the bigger screen size. Oh and if you look carefully— it looks like there’s pure Android 4.0 as seen in the program tray, no view of TouchWiz in sight.

Of course this device could end up being the actual Galaxy S III design, but it’s more likely that this pictured device is not the upcoming smartphone, but rather the product of a badly done Photoshop job. For example, the display isn’t parallel with the screen and there’s a broken blue line in the screen. But no worries though gang, we’ll continue to keep our eyes and ears on the lookout for any upcoming updates and/or sightings of the Galaxy S III.

source: pocketnow


Deal Of The Day: Sony Xperia SmartWatch Available For Only $118

Well what do we have here folks? The newly released and uber-cool Sony Xperia SmartWatch has just become even more appealing thanks to online retailer Expansys. The online retailer is offering the productivity watch for only $117.99, which is $32 less than Sony’s listed price. In addition, Expansys highlights the watch usually ships in 6 days— allowing you to own the watch before all of your friends.

Exciting, isn’t it? The price reduction of the SmartWatch means there’s an even better reason to buy the device which connects to your smartphone in order to receive text messages, emails, Facebook and Twitter feeds, manage phone calls, and control music. If interested, make sure you hit the source link below. You may want to hurry too because there’s no telling how long this deal will last for.

source: Expansys

Leaked Documents Show Even More Proof The Sprint Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Likely Arrives On April 22nd

Is the Sprint Galaxy Nexus truly arriving in just a few weeks? It sure appears to be the case folks. Our friends at BGR seem to have gotten a hold of yet another internal document highlighting the device’s arrival on April 22. This latest leak matches up with rumors we’d already heard about last week regarding the April 22nd release date on the NOW Network.  Moreover, Sprint stores around the country should be receiving the various merchandising items which would showcase the full potential of the device. All we need now is just the formal confirmation from Sprint and/or Samsung for the imminent release date.

While the device’s April arrival looks to be unofficially official, let’s just hope the majority of the country will be able to enjoy Sprint’s new LTE network sooner than later.

source: BGR