Spherical (360-degree) videos are coming to your Facebook News Feed


360-video is likely to be all the rage by next year thanks to VR headets. Speaking of VR headsets, Facebook owns Oculus VR so they definitely have an interest in this space.

During Facebook’s F8 Conference, Facebook announced that 360-degree videos are coming to Oculus, but they are also coming to your News Feed. They are calling them spherical videos and they are shot by 24 different cameras. You can not only view these videos from different angles, but you can also walk inside them. CEO Mark Zuckerberg also demonstrated one such video of Facebook’s headquarters.

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Facebook adds a slew of new features to the Messenger app


In case you didn’t know, Facebook is hosting their own developer conference this week. It’s called F8, and it will reveal new stuff regarding not only Facebook, but Instagram, Parse, Oculus, and LiveRail too.

On the Facebook side of things, they announced Messenger Platform, which gives the Messenger app its own ecosystem for creating and sharing content. They are launching a Messenger App Store, which will host about 40 new apps that work within the Messenger application. Users will be able to purchase and download these apps from within the Messenger app. These apps will allow you do utilize GIFs, video, audio clips, and more in an effort to enhance your conversations.

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[Deal] T-Mobile will give you one year of Netflix for Free with the purchase of the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge


Well here’s an interesting deal for you. T-Mobile will give you one full year of Netflix for Free with the purchase of the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge. That totals $107.88 in savings, assuming you’re not already grandfathered with the old $7.99 per month rate.

T-Mobile hasn’t specified if existing Netflix accounts will be eligible, but we assume so since a lot of people are already signed up with Netflix. It’s likely they will provide you some sort of code that you can redeem just like what Google did when they launched the Chromecast. Again, this is speculation since no details were announced.

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T-Mobile adds more choices to Music Freedom service


T-Mobile’s Music Freedom service might just be their most underrated Un-Carrier offer. It allows you to stream from participating music apps without penalizing your data. I can’t tell you how valuable that is if you drive around a lot.

They already have a slew of popular apps that are part of the service, but they keep adding more. They might be less obscure, but the bottom line is that T-Mobile is giving everyone an option. They have just added Tidal Music, BandCamp and MixCloud bringing the total to 31 streaming apps.

Hit the break for the complete list and don’t forget to enjoy some new music today.

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Moto X gets new action, ‘chop twice for flashlight’, in Android 5.1 update


Moto X just loves providing the simple but very useful stuff don’t they? And there is nothing wrong with that because we love it. The QuickCapture double twist gesture is just one example as you can start the Camera app with a simple double twist of your wrist.

Now Motorola is adding another action (in the Android 5.1 update) that will allow you to quickly open the flashlight by moving your phone twice in a chopping motion. Google had already added a quick way to open the flashlight through the Quick Settings, but this is just one extra way to do it. It should work even when the phone’s display is turned off, making this even quicker.

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Latest video demonstrates Android Wear’s ability to control iOS music


Developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh has been making quite the buzz lately with his work on pairing Android Wear with iOS. In his first video, he showed the Moto 360 receiving notifications after pairing it with an iPhone. Then in his second video, he showed that you can answer phone calls using Android Wear.

Now in his third video, he demonstrates that Android Wear’s native music controls can control music being played on the iPhone.

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Don’t be surprised if the LG G4 lacks a metal body


This news is hard to believe based on the trend we have been seeing. According to ZDNet Korea, although LG is committed to using metal in their flagship smartphones, they might not be ready to make that move with the G4 even though it was previously reported that they would.

According to their sources, LG wants to manufacture their own metal cases, which is obviously a huge undertaking since it would require space, new equipment, and planning. The G4 is likely to be announced in May or June, and that is too close to get anything done.

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You won’t be able to subscribe to HBO Now directly from HBO


HBO officially announced their standalone streaming service, dubbed HBO Now, a couple of weeks ago. It will run $14.99 per month, but the perception was that you could just sign up directly from HBO and you won’t need a cable subscription. While the latter might be true, the former isn’t.

Apparently you will have to sign up through one of their partners. Now we already know that Apple is a partner as they are supposed to have a 3 month exclusive with Apple TV, but users will sign up for the monthly service through iTunes. Furthermore, Cablevision has just signed up as a partner and will offer HBO Now to their Optimum internet customers. So again, users will need to buy HBO Now through Cablevision, but they don’t need a cable subscription. It’s likely other cable companies will start offering HBO Now to those that subscribe to their internet services as well.

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[New Android TV App] Jamjitsu gives everyone at your party the power to add songs, videos, and photos to your playlist


Here’s a new app that’s likely to liven up your next party. Jamjitsu brings Nexus Q-type functionality to your Android TV, but offers more features. With Jamjitsu, you create a master playlist that all your friends can now connect to as well. Anyone can add music from Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud and YouTube to the playlist. Your friends can even add photos and other (non music) videos from YouTube as well.

Now I know that at least half your guests will be sporting an iPhone, and the good news is that they can share in on the fun too since the app is also available in iTunes. The app works by everyone joining “The Party”, which then sends the info to your Android TV device. That is why iPhone users can join in since they aren’t communicating directly with your Android TV device, just the online playlist. Your guests (Android or iOS) don’t even need to be on your Wi-Fi.

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