Featured Android App Review: Sharpee – Powered by Behance [Social]


Whether you’re a creative genius or someone trying to be more creative, you might want to check out Sharpee  - Powered by Behance. If you’re not familiar with the Behance Network, it’s a an online site that allows creative professionals to share their portfolios. At the same time anyone can view these portfolios and utilize them for inspiration.

Anyone can create an account and set up a profile on Behance. Then it’s time to upload projects. For now it can only be done on the desktop, but that feature is coming soon to the Sharpee app. Projects can consist of just about any type of creative field imaginable including advertising, architecture, animation, drawings, graffiti, graphic design, illustrations, photography, visual effects, web design, and 57 others. Portfolios can be complete collections or simply a work in progress.

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Sales of Samsung Galaxy S IV to top 10 million units in the first month assuming no production issues


As the continued hype machine builds for the Samsung Galaxy S IV, analysts are concerned with over-hype. Right now they are projecting that Samsung will move 10 million units during the first month, but they are also concerned that we could see a repeat from last year’s supply issues. Last year, there was a manufacturing defect in handset cases that resulted in a loss of 2 million units of the Galaxy S III during the first month of release.

“There could be, again, a supply bottleneck due to tight supply of components… but I think any such disruption will be very brief, as Samsung is making a bigger bet on the S IV than on its predecessor with a backup plan to avoid such disruption,” said Greg Noh, an analyst at HMC Investment and Securities.

Of course you don’t expect that Samsung would sit back and allow it to happen again do you? Well you can never guarantee anything, but it looks like one analyst feels Samsung has done everything they can to make sure we don’t see any delays.

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HTC One delays won’t effect the U.S. market


Yesterday we found out the UK release of the HTC One would be delayed by two weeks. Of course when it rains it pours so everyone is wondering if: 1) there will be further delay and 2) will it effect the U.S. market? Well I’m not sure we can give you an answer on any further delays just yet, but HTC did say the UK delays have nothing to do with the U.S.

“The statement doesn’t apply to US models. The US carriers are on a separate timeline”

Unfortunately this doesn’t tell us that the U.S. market won’t have a separate delay at some point. It is our understanding that these delays are due to component shortages regarding the UltraPixel camera. We can only hope that things will get rectified soon, and we won’t see any more delays. We are expecting to see the HTC One hit U.S. carriers by early April. It’s a lot like the weather in that it’s beyond our control and we will just have to wait and see.

source: HTCsource

HTC One Developer Edition with unlocked SIM and bootloader coming soon


Those of you with a U.S. zip code will be able to buy the HTC One Developer Edition around the same time the standard HTC One is released in the U.S. The Developer Edition features an unlocked SIM and bootloader right out of the box, but everything else is the same. As far as radio frequencies, you get HSPA/WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 MHz, GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, and LTE: 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz (US). Unfortunately you won’t be able to grab this one on contract as it will run you $649 and quantities will be limited.

source: HTC

Motorola X phone rumored specs get updated from a supposedly better source


Yesterday’s Motorola X Phone leak seemed crazy. Well at least most of it did. The image of the phone looked ridiculous and the camera specs were insane. Today Ausdroid received some tips from what they believe to be a “well-placed individual.”  This source says that it will be a 5-inch 1080p display, but since Motorola is having troubles sourcing a screen supplier, they move down to 4.7-inches. To me, this is the biggest part of the news. If this is really the case, I don’t see how the phone can be ready for Google I/O. Stepping down in display size changes a lot more than just the display if you know what I mean. Of course, this news could be something that was taking place months ago, and someone could be leaking it as if it’s happening right now.

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Featured Android Game Review: Protoxide: Death Race [Racing]


HeroCraft Ltd is no stranger to TalkAndroid since we have reviewed many of their games. They recently released a new one called Protoxide: Death Race, and it’s a lot like Wipeout. This one was actually shown over a year and half ago, but it didn’t hit the Play Store till about 2 weeks ago. Every game has to have a premise, and this one is based on the “world after 2012″ as in after the apocalypse. Let’s face it, none of that matters because this game is all about speed and little bit of destruction. It’s a matter of either passing or taking out your enemies on some pretty fast tracks.

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Samsung releases second Galaxy S IV teaser video and Jeremy thinks it’s ‘totally amazing’


Last week, Samsung hit us with their first teaser video for the Galaxy S IV. It didn’t show us a whole heck of a lot, and now we have second one. As the title states, it’s a teaser video, so don’t expect any more. What we can tell you is that, “It will blow you away,”  “It’s unreal”, and “totally amazing.” You knew that already didn’t you? Oh, there is one other thing, it’s Jeremy’s favorite color. Hit the break for the full 1 minute and 26 second video.

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Motorola X Phone image and specs supposedly leak


A Dutch website got a tip with the above image and specs for the upcoming Motorola X phone. The image itself is pretty worthless, but the key is the branding. You can see nXT, which I would assume would be the name of the said device. The automatic assumption is that somehow the “n” is a play on Nexus. Now on to the specs. Let’s start with what is at least believable. According to the tipster, it will come with an edge to edge full HD display and it will have the NVIDIA Tegra 4i chipset. As to the display size, the site says it’s 4.7-inches, but they also refer to it as 5-inches as in this translation: “contain a 5-inch screen is recessed into the casing.”

Now on to the crazy. Motorola has never been known to have good cameras, which is one thing I am hoping will change with Google’s ownership. Supposedly it will have a 16MP rear camera. That seems  a little high, but what’s even more crazy, is the notion that it will come with a 5MP front camera. This front camera will also serve as a light sensor and it will track your eye for automatic scrolling of web pages and emails. Sounds a lot like Samsung’s new feature that will be on the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

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Next Facebook phone (aka HTC Myst) specs are now confirmed


We’ve been hearing about another Facebook phone since last November, and at that time it was codenamed “Opera UL.” Then last month, the codename “Myst” appeared. Either way, it looks like “Myst” is indeed the codename for the next Facebook phone that will be made by HTC. The specs have leaked again and they are a lot like what we heard last month, but with some minor changes and additions.

What’s different is the CPU. It’s still a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus, but now we are hearing it’s 1.5GHz , as opposed to 1.4GHz.  The display is confirmed to be 4.3-inches and 720p, but we now know it will have a ppi of 320. Other new information is the RAM, which is 1GB, 16GB of internal storage (no microSD slot), both LTE and HSPA radios, and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. As to the camera, there isn’t anything different than what we already heard, a 5MP rear camera and 1.6MP front camera. Obviously these specs don’t scream high-end, but when you consider the target demographic, they don’t need to.

As to when this bad boy will become available, the latest rumor points to the spring.

source: unwiredview

HTC One to have limited supply thanks to production restraints regarding UltraPixel camera


HTC just can’t catch a break. They build some of the nicest phones in the world, but when things are bad, things get worse. KGI Securities just slashed its HTC One shipment estimates for the first half of 2013. They originally expected 15 million units, but now they are thinking more like 10.5 million. This drop isn’t because of demand, it’s because of “low yield rates” of some of its components, namely the compact camera module (CCM) on its UltraPixel camera as well as the phone’s voice coil motor (VCM). “We believe the production restraints that UltraPixel faces will severely limit HTC One shipments,” said KGI analyst Kuo Ming-chi.

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