Samsung wants to use bitcoin technology in new applications


Bitcoin was all the rage a year or so ago, but its price is down by almost 50%. There still could be a future for the currency, but Samsung thinks the technology behind it is worth more to them.

They are currently working with International Business Machines Corp to bring bitcoin’s technology to new applications. It’s the bitcoin blockchain that interests them. It’s a public ledger that shows all bitcoin transactions in chronological order. This technology could be tweaked to show ownership for other assets using a network of computers or mobile phones.

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Samsung will launch Avengers-themed accessories for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge


Back when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, consumers quickly edited an image of the Emerald Green Galaxy S6 Edge to include a photo of the Hulk.

At that time, Samsung Mobile global marketing lead, Lee Young-hee, suggested that they might offer an Avengers Edition of the phone assuming they could strike a deal with Marvel to include themed wallpapers and such. Now Samsung Electronics Vice President of Design for Samsung Mobile Lee Min-hyuk is saying that fans will be able to enjoy cases based on each character in the upcoming Avengers movie.

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New render of Sony Xperia Z4 leaked


The Xperia Z4 continues to leak like a sieve. Today we have a press render, which really doesn’t reveal all that much more than what we have seen from previous leaks. However, if you’re a Sony Xperia fan, this just might get your blood pumping.

I am still wondering when Sony will announce this phone. There are no major events until IFA, which is in September. Sony traditionally likes to announce their mobile devices at these types of events. Could they host a special event on their own for the Z4?

source: @OnLeaks

Dropbox is working on a Google Docs and Evernote killer


Dropbox has confirmed they are working on a Google Docs and Evernote alternative called Project Composer. It was discovered last week when it apparently was made available online for a brief period in error.

It looks a lot like a word processor, and just like Google Docs, multiple users can edit and share files at the same time. This would mean that Dropbox users would be able to edit docs within dropbox, rather than opening separate software then saving the file to Dropbox.

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Galaxy S6 goes through scratching, bending, and flame torture tests, because why not?


With every major phone release, we find many torture tests to see how the device holds up. The Galaxy S6 is no exception in this latest video as attempts are made to scratch and bend it, as well as set it on fire. It’s a BDSM-lover’s dream.

The Galaxy S6 should be a little more delicate than previous S devices since it has glass and aluminum. However, the aluminum is 6013 grade, which is even better than what the iPhone sports (6063). Plus, the glass is Gorilla Glass 4.

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Latest Android distribution numbers show continued modest increase for Lollipop, 5.1 makes an appearance too


It’s funny how everyone gets so excited for the monthly Android distribution numbers. It’s not like they ever show anything different. It’s the same thing every year……Every new version of Android takes forever to reach the majority of device, and we always see the biggest increases when new phones like the HTC One and Galaxy S6 get released.

Android just released the latest numbers, which show Lollipop’s continued very slow rise. Now sitting at 5.4%, that’s only a 1.1% increase from last month. Also part of that number is Android 5.1, which represents 0.4% of that 5.4%.

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LG teases the amazing camera with f/1.8 aperture on the upcoming G4 [Video]


LG sent us an invitation this morning to join them in New York City on April 28 for the unveiling of the G4. They also included a short teaser video which reveals that the G4 will feature a camera with a f/1.8 aperture.

This would put the G4 ahead of Samsung’s f/1.9 aperture on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. We have already seen what those phones can do in low light so imagine how much better the G4 might be. The G3 had a fantastic camera so I am expecting big things from the G4.

Hit the break for the short teaser video, and you can also check out LG’s first look of the software that will be on the G4.

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Complete Star Wars movie collection coming to Google Play on April 10


Star Wars has been one of the most popular movie franchises in history, but one thing it lacked was digital availability. That is all changing as it will now be available digitally starting this Friday, April 10.

This means it will be available on Google Play, and it will also be available on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, Verizon Fios, Xbox Video, and Disney Movies Anywhere.

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