Behind-the-scenes video shows how LG created the V30’s wallpaper

The hype machine for the LG V30 is gathering pace as we get closer to its launch at IFA 2017 in Berlin on August 31st, with Evan Blass doing what he does and LG posting details about its latest UX 6.0 interface, the floating bar that replaced the V20’s secondary display, as well as the handsets’ dual camera setup. Continuing the trend, the Korean handset maker has posted a video showing how the V30’s main wallpaper was designed, which we have thoughtfully embedded for you after the break. 

Sprint issues workaround for the BlackBerry KeyOne bloatware bug, official fix coming soon

It’s a few days since the Sprint variant of the BlackBerry KeyOne was found to have issues with bloatware, with previously disabled or even uninstalled apps being automatically reinstalled by the Sprint Mobile ID app. There was some initial worry that the issue was a sign of Sprint running riot with its bloatware apps, but it seems that there is a bug in the carriers Mobile ID app on the KeyOne. While Sprint works with BlackBerry to fix the issue, the carrier has provided a workaround for affected KeyOne owners. 

Google’s Pixel 2 pops up at the FCC with Active Edge and Android 8.0.1

With Android O allegedly being officially announced on August 21, another much-anticipated Google product has taken another step in its march towards its eventual launch; the smaller Pixel 2 (Walleye) has made its way to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). As previously rumored, it does indeed appear that HTC is manufacturing the smaller of the two Pixel 2 handsets, with the Taiwanese handset maker filing most of the documents for the phone with the FCC. 

Essential confirms that the Essential Phone will start shipping in next 7 days

It’s taken a while, but after announcing that an announcement would be made this week on when its début handset would finally be ready, it seems that the Essential Phone should start shipping out to customers in the next 7 days, at least that’s according to emails that the company has sent out. After its launch on May 30 where Andy Rubin initially claimed that the Essential Phone would be ready to ship in about 30 days, there has been an unexplained delay of around a month and a half. 

Best BlackBerry KeyOne cases

It’s almost unheard of to see a physical keyboard on an Android smartphone these days, but thankfully, BlackBerry took one last stab at the segment with its gorgeous KeyOne. The black-and-silver aluminum build is solid to the touch but you’ll want to keep phone’s unique design protected, so join us after the break for the best cases for the BlackBerry KeyOne.

OxygenOS 4.5.7 update for OnePlus 5 brings EIS for 4K video, bug fixes and more

Since the launch of the OnePlus 5 in June, OnePlus has done a sterling job of issuing software updates for the handsets, as shown by the speed in which the company pushed out an update to fix the bug that caused some handsets to reboot when dialing 911. Today’s OxygenOS 4.5.7 update for the OnePlus 5 includes OnePlus’ new Slate font, EIS for 4K video recording, plus bug fixes and optimizations.

Motorola quietly drops Moto Z2 Force price to $720, says it was always meant to be so

The Moto Z2 Force launched last week, complete with Moto Mod compatibility and a plastic shatterproof display. Something else it launched with was a $800 price tag if you bought the handset directly from Motorola itself, which many of us thought was a tad high for the Moto Z2 Force. For whatever reason, the price has been dropped to $720 on the Motorola website without ceremony, representing a saving of $80. 

Upcoming HTC U11 update brings Bluetooth 5.0, August Security Patch, and sRGB Screen Mode

There’s plenty to love and hate about the HTC U11, its Edge Sense feature will always divide fans opinions, but it’s always good to see a handset becoming all that it can be. Yesterday we reported that HTC was preparing to enable Bluetooth 5.0 on the handset via a software update, additional details of which have emerged today.

Google’s Image Search now displays badges to identify Gifs, videos, and recipes

Google’s Image Search is a wondrous thing, but sometimes when searching for pictures of food it would be great to know if it was a photo of something you could purchase or even a recipe that you could follow. Thankfully, Google has updated its Image Search engine so it will now display a badge to do just that, as well as if there are Gifs or videos available.