Pantech Discover coming to AT&T January 11th; 720p and 13MP camera for $50

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While Pantech usually makes budget friendly Android devices, the Discover may actually steer away a little bit from that. The Pantech Discover will land on AT&T come January 11th for a low price of $50 on contract. While one may easily assume it’s a low-end device considering the price, the specs are actually quite good for the price:

  • 4.8-inch 720p TFT display
  • 12.6MP rear camera with 1080p video capture, HDR
  • 2MP front-facing camera
  • NFC
  • DLNA
  • Dual 3D surround sound
  • Android 4.0
  • 16GB internal memory
  • MicroSD external memory up to 32GB
  • GSM / EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900; HSPA+ / UMTS 850/1900/2100; LTE 700/850/1900/AWS
  • WiFi a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • GPS
  • 2,100mAh
  • 4.76 ounces
  • 134.2 x 68.6 x 9.1mm (5.3 x 2.7 x 0.36 inches)

Aesthetically, it looks great in my opinion. The curvature of the back side of the device looks great and comfortable to hold. If only we knew how much the off-contract price is. If even that is low, then maybe Pantech may really have something here as this device would certainly adhere to the off-contract buyers. Check out the full press release after the break!

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Samsung reportedly earns $8.1 billion in Q4 profits

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With reports of over 500 handsets sold every minute during Q4 of 2012, Samsung has reportedly earned a whopping $8.1 billion in total profits int hat time period. That number also includes the money they earned from flat screens it makes for other mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone’s. This comes to no surprise as Samsung’s two top dogs during Q4 was their Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 2. The Galaxy S III reportedly sold about 15 million units, a slight dip from 18 million the previous quarter but likely due to the fact that their Galaxy Note 2 sold a good 8 million putting the two combined at a whopping 23 million units. Lets also not forget that number doesn’t include Samsung’s other 35 smartphone/tablet variants that flooded the market.

Valued at close to $230 billion, Samsung shows no signs of slowing down as they plan on even having a better 2013. With already successful lines in their Galaxy S series, Note series and Tab series, the successors of each line are already hyped and expected to boast huge sales this coming summer/fall.

With 2012 being a monumental year for Samsung, do you think they’ll surpass expectations this year? With Galaxy S IV already the most anticipated device this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung tops last year.

source: Reuters

Vizio Announces Tegra 4 Powered 10″ Tablet, 7″ Tegra 3 Tablet and a 1080p Phone [CES 2013]

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CES has certainly started off with a bang right? With NVIDIA recently announcing their Tegra 4 chip-set, it’s only natural that some vendors are already announcing some products that will don the all new powerful Tegra 4.

Vizio has kicked things off by announcing several devices starting off with a Tegra 4 powered 10″ tablet that will sport a high-res display of 2560 x 1600, 32GB’s of on-board storage and will run Android 4.2 upon launch. According to The Verge, the tablet has an extremely light feel to it along with a soft-touch back side.

Next, Vizio will be launching a 7″ tablet that they hope will compete with the likes of the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire series. This tablet will sport a Tegra 3 chip-set, a 1280 x 800 IPS display, 16GB of storage, a 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera and stock Android Jelly Bean.

Last but not least, we have 2 separate devices that will launch in China and sadly will probably never see the light of day in the US. First we have a 5″ 1080p phone which The Verge claims has one of the best displays you’ll see. Hopefully we can get some confirmation later this week on what kind of screen this exactly is (Next gen SLCD perhaps?). Next we have a 4.7″ phone that will have a lower 720p display, this one you should expect to have the same specs as the current powerhouses that are out today such as the HTC One X+ or Nexus 4.

Certainly seems like a great lineup for Vizio this coming year, if only their mobile phones would reach the states side. Would you guys give their tablets a shot?

source: The Verge [2] [3]

[Deal] Grab a T-Mobile Galaxy S III for $49.99 through Staples for today only

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If the Samsung Galaxy S III is still on your radar but missed out on all of the holiday deals, then today may be your chance to nab one. While the deal ends at the end of today, you can grab a 16GB Pebble Blue S III through Staples for just $49.99. What’s great is that this works for new customers and qualifying upgrades.

Let us know if you took advantage of this deal!

source: TMONEWS

Google Play Magazines now offering “Free for Print Subscribers” option

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Google is now offering a “Free for print subscribers” option for certain magazines in the Play Store. If you subscribe to certain magazines that offer this, you’ll see a login screen asking for your email address and password to your magazine’s online account.  Once you see it, go ahead and select “subscribe”, then you will see an option called “free for print subscribers,” thus the magazine is available for free.

Note that this is only available on your Android phone or tablet and not in the Google Play web version on your computer.

source: Google Support

Samsung plans on releasing the Galaxy S IV on May 2013

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Samsung’s Lebanon Facebook page surprisingly wasn’t shy about announcing when Samsung expects to launch the Galaxy S IV. Of course, this news shouldn’t come too much of a surprise for us as we expected the S IV to be released around May-June considering that’s the usual timeline Samsung releases the S series. Here’s the exact words from Samsung’s PR:

“Hello guys,

What we said is only trivial since all Galaxy S series are released between late April and Early May, yet there’s no way for anyone to know the exact release date :-)” – Samsung Lebanon

Considering the global hit the S III was, the S IV should be nothing short of spectacular. While rumors of what the S IV have already been floating around the web for months, no official specs have been announced just yet.

Anyone else excited for what the S IV has to offer?

source: Slashgear

Promo leak for Sony’s Xperia Z confirms a full HD display

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Sony’s Xperia Z, code named as “Yuga,” for quite sometime now has been rumored to be Sony’s next flagship device for 2013. The Z will be a  5 inch 1080p device and thanks to this leaked screen shot of a promo video for the device, we should expect it to have a full HD display.

The device is also expected to have a 13MP Exmor RS camera with fast capture and HDR. To top it all off, the Z will also be water-resistant.

I’m really interested in seeing what Sony has to offer in mobile phones this year. With specs like these, it’s hard to look past them and go straight for Samsung these days. Let’s just hope their devices are developer friendly and free up the bootloaders.

source: Xpera Blog

Amazon adds more shows into its Prime Instant Video service

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To further improve its Prime Instant Video service, Amazon has landed several new TV content. Signing deals with several major networks, Amazon has pulled in several popular shows from A&E, Bio, History and Lifetime. Amazon claims that these new additions should bring their content to within 33,000 available for their subscribers.

While there’s still no dedicated app for in the Google Play Store for Android users, you can enjoy the content if you own Amazon’s Kindle tablet. Are you a subscriber?

source: Amazon