Latest word on the street is that Google will set $300 as the price point for Google Glass

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With a whopping $1500 price tag for the early “developer” edition that people had to pay to have early access to Google’s Glass project, many were a bit worried that the launch price point might be too high for the general public. Looks like latest rumors have it as low as $299 upon release. This is just a rumor after all so take it for a grain of salt for now as this bit of info comes from Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute and hasn’t been confirmed by Google themselves. Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute based this price estimate upon how much Google Glass costs to produce per unit.

Of course, we won’t truly know the price point until the release date is closer or until Google tells us, so just be patient until then!

If this truly is the starting price of Glass, is $300 just right in your opinion? And will you be picking one up for yourself?

source: ChinaPost
via: PhoneArena

Is NVIDIA planning on making their own tablets paired with their Tegra 5 chip-sets?

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There’s quite a bit of talk that NVIDIA is planning on making their own line of tablets that will be paired with their much popular Tegra SoC  line (Tegra 5). I say tablet line because not only are there plans on making a high end tablet, but due to recent GFXBench testing results NVIDIA is also planning on releasing a 7 inch tablet with a resolution of 1280 by 800. This mysterious tablet was running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean during the test, but it’s most certain that will be a more up to date version once it’s actually released. It’s also very possible these tablets could just be reference tablets.

What do you guys think of NVIDIA releasing and manufacturing their own Android tablet line? Are you already a fan of their Tegra SoC?

source: PCMAG

Curious as to what Sony’s upcoming Honami device UI is like? Then take a look!

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Sony’s upcoming flagship, codenamed the Honami, is said to have some amazing specs along with a revamped UI. Thanks to some hard working people over on XDA, a port of the UI has been made readily available for rooted Xperia Z users. Obviously there’s quirks in it and certain things probably don’t work, but nonetheless it’s still great to see what the new Honami has to offer. Check out the video below after the break!

Also, what do you guys think about the route Sony has taken with its upcoming Honami phone?

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Verizon exclusive Blue HTC One leaks

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With Verizon’s seemingly evasive HTC One launch imminent, their exclusive blue color HTC One has leaked and looks rather nice. The color texture looks great as it’s more of a matte blue color which should look awesome paired with the aluminum body structure of the device.

What do you guys think of this color feature?

source: evleaks

Google’s Chromecast receiving its first OTA update

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In the next few days Google plans on giving its Chromecast its very first update and will be provided via OTA. You won’t even know it’s being updated as it’ll automatically download and apply the update without you needing to do anything. According to Google, the update will provide improved reliability, security and performance. Always nice to have, right?

For you early adopters out there, how are you liking the Chromecast thus far?

source: Google Chrome Releases

Google aware of current Netflix bug on Android 4.3 devices; Fix is on the way

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Currently, running Netflix on your Android 4.3 device causes the device’s power lock button to become unresponsive once it’s put to sleep. Definitely an annoying bug and you can be sure Google and Netflix are currently working on a fix ASAP. According to Google’s own Dan Morrill, “top men” are currently working on a fix that will be pushed as soon as it’s finished.


Until then, the only way to revive the device is to hold the power button until it restarts. We’ll let you all know once the update is pushed!

source: Android Police

Verizon HTC One launch bumped to August 15th?

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It’s no secret that Verizon customers have been waiting quite sometime for HTC’s flagship One device to finally hit the Big Red. Sadly, it’s launch seems to be continuously delayed. It was supposed to be August 1st, but it looks like is has been pushed back to August 15th.

How many of you Verizon customers have been patiently, or impatiently, waiting for this device to finally drop?

source: Droid Life

Having trouble taking good Photo sphere pictures? Check out Google’s “how to” video

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Photo sphere first debuted on Google’s Nexus 4 device and has taken pictures to a whole new level. Problem is, it can be quite tricky to get a clear and good Photo sphere picture. They’re not exactly as quick as taking selfie’s. Thanks to Google, they’ve given us a video giving a clear description on how to take good Photo sphere pictures. Check out the video below after the break!

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Samsung caught red-handed boosting Galaxy S 4 benchmark scores

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I suppose if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying right? Well Samsung certainly thinks so as it looks like they’ve been caught purposely boosting their Galaxy S 4′s benchmark scores thanks to the findings by the guys over at Anandtech. According to them, Samsung is performing some simple tricks that essentially boosts the benchmark scores of their S 4. Basically Samsung has set their S 4 to run at higher frequencies when the phone is set to run certain benchmark apps, and it’s not just the CPU, but also the GPU seems to be clocked higher when it needs to be.

The guys at Anandtech also found some code dubbed by Samsung as “BenchmarkBooster” which essentially orders the device to raise up its clock speed when benchmarking begins.

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