Wood-Backed Moto X to miss Thanksgiving but will arrive in ‘the coming weeks’


According to a recent tweet, the wood-backed Moto X will miss Thanksgiving but will be available¬†“in the coming weeks in time for holiday shopping.” This is disappointing news for the people that were hoping to get their hands on theirs sooner than later, but at least it’s still on the way.

Will you be ordering one?

source: Twitter
via: 9to5Google

Instagram rumored to incorporate private messaging system before years end


The social network giant Instagram, a company recently acquired by Facebook, is rumored to have a private messaging system incorporated sometime in an update before the end of this year. With the company just recently incorporating videos a few months ago, looks like the next step is  having the users being able to directly contact each other.

I for one don’t think this is a great move. I think part of the reason that a lot of people love Instagram is how basic and simple it is compared to Facebook and others. I feel adding messaging into it will just start turning it into another mini Facebook of sorts. Either way, it looks like it’s going to be implemented no matter what our idea on it is.

What do you guys think, any Instagram users out there happy that this is? Or would you rather keep Instagram the way it is?

source: GIGAOM

HTC’s “Desire” lineup to be revamped come November 27th


Remember HTC’s Desire lineup of phones? Looks like they’re planning on bringing them back and announcing a slew of Desire phones come November 27th in a press event. Don’t expect any high end devices being announced as HTC is aiming for the mid range market for their Desire lineup. With high powered budget phones such as the Moto G and Nexus 5 being very popular at the moment, HTC looks to dip their feet in that market with this lineup.

What do you think of a budget HTC device, would you grab one over the others that are already available?

source: VR-Zone

Where do you fall in Smartphone Etiquette? [Infographic]


With smartphones quickly becoming a full extension of ourselves, certain etiquettes start to form as to when it’s appropriate or inappropriate to use them. For example, in a survey (100 sample size) done by eBay Deals,¬†73% of people disapproved of playing mobile games at work, 89% would not pop out their phone in a movie theater, and 94% were adamant that texting while driving is a big no-no.

Check out the huge infographic below after the break and let us know where you fall within the study!

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Latest Facebook app test build shows revamped “flat” style UI


For months now, plenty of Facebook users have yearned for Facebook to update the UI of their Android app. With the recent test build, it seems like that’s exactly what Facebook is planning on doing. The new test version is at and gives Facebook the “flat” style UI which looks similar to the same UI given to their Messaging app. It also looks like they’ve gone to a tab style where you can swipe through to your notifications, newsfeed, friend requests and messages. Check out the images after the break for a look for yourselves as well as the download link.

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AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint plan to stop charging customers for spam texts


Today, 3 out of the 4 top US wireless carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint) have announced that they will stop charging users for receiving spam texts. While the announcement was made today, it actually won’t fully take into effect for at least a couple of days from now, or as much as a couple of weeks. It’s no secret that getting random spam texts can be quite the nuisance and could potentially cost you money. This move creates very good PR for these 3 companies.

As to why Verizon has yet to jump on board with this, here’s an official statement from a Verizon representative regarding this issue:

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FlightTrack 5 hits the Google Play Store


FlightTrack 5 has been released into the Google Play Store and aims to make your traveling life easier. FlightTrack isn’t new to the game as this new version is a complete UI overhaul of its previous counterpart. This app does what the name says as it tracks flights and offers real time alerts if anything were to change within the flight schedules. Not only can you keep tabs of your own flights, but other travelers as well.

FlightTrack 5 is compatible with 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide providing a map of the terminal that you are in so that you can easily navigate to your desired gate. For more information, check out the QR code and link after the break! Also, check out the gallery of screenshots as to what the app looks like. You can your copy of FlightTrack 5 right now for $2.99 as the price will hike up to $4.99 once this month ends.

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Google opens up Glass Explorer sign up page to the US public


Still itching to get your hands on Google Glass? Google has launched a sign up page for the Glass Explorer program although sadly it’s only for US residents. There is also no timetable given as to when you’ll be contacted back if you’ve been chosen. Keep in mind that Google mainly wants these devices to go to developers, thus it’ll probably still cost you around $1500 if chosen.

Either way, Google Glass still seems to be something Google has very high hopes for. Let us know if you’ve signed up!

source: Glass Explorer Program

Video shows off LG Flex’s “self-healing” back plate


Now this is certainly a first for me. LG released a video showcasing the “healing” properties of their new LG Flex device. Shown in the video are two backplates being continuously scratched, the left one being a normal back plate and the right one featuring LG’s new technology. You can see that even after scratching it, it heals itself moments later. LG has yet to explain exactly as to how this technology works, but they did say that this only works on regular “wear and tear” scratches, not big gashes that one would get by huge drops and such.

What do you guys think about it? Personally, I think it’s great as it’s the little scratches that tend to magically appear on my phone that mostly bugs me. Either way, I’m looking forward learning more about this new technology. Check out the video after the break!

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