Huawei home cooking mobile OS as contingency


Major smartphone manufacturers have no problem putting their own “skin” on top of Android when releasing new devices. In a new development, Huawei appears to be working on something that is more than just skin deep for their future devices. Sources report the Chinese company is working on their own mobile operating system as a hedge against Google possibly changing the terms and conditions for the use of the Android operating system. Read more

Ultimate Ears adds Google Now to create smart speakers


Ultimate Ears has announced a unique new addition to their UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth speakers. The latest firmware update for these devices adds a new push-to-talk feature that can trigger Google Now, or Siri, directly from the speakers. The concept is to make it so that users can “say it to play it” in order to quickly access and launch their favorite tunes. Read more

Dive right in with new Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition


It has taken a while for the partnership to finally make a splash, but the combination of Misfit and Speedo is yielding results with the new Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition powered by Speedo. The combined expertise of the two companies to produce a swimmer-oriented activity tracker was first announced last fall and the new device is finally being released, just in time for all your summertime swimming activities. Read more

LeEco launch in U.S. to happen this fall with video streaming service in tow


LeEco has been slowly but surely putting the pieces in place to make an attempt at becoming a major player in the U.S. smartphone market following their successes overseas, notably in the Chinese market. Earlier this year the company opened a new U.S. headquarters facility and started hiring a U.S.-based workforce. However, at the time no timetable had been established. Sources are now saying LeEco hopes to start sales this fall of not just smartphones, but a new video streaming service as well. Read more

Facebook videos may join T-Mobile’s Binge On


During the past year, Facebook has been working to get users to view more videos on their social platform. One of the roadblocks to that is a measure Facebook had to implement when they rolled out auto-play for videos to only do that when on Wi-Fi unless a user opts in to see all videos even on cellular connections. This was done to address concerns about the impact on data usage. To help get around this, Facebook is working to have the videos not count against data caps, at least on T-Mobile thanks to that carrier’s Binge On feature. Read more

Android N 4th Developer Preview released with final SDK, APIs


Google’s Dave Burke, VP of Engineering, posted on the Android Developers Blog that the 4th Developer Preview of Android N has been released. Users who already enrolled their devices in the Beta program should be receiving a notice to update to this latest version. This sounds like the final preview that will be released as Google has finalized a couple key components of Android N in preparation for the official release. Read more

LG announces four new LG X series smartphones

LG_X-series_X Cam_X Screen_official_image

LG released an announcement today indicating four new models will be joining the LG X series of smartphones later this month. Rather than targeting buyers along a spectrum based on budget, LG is customizing each of the four devices to meet specific needs of buyers. The new models will join the existing LG X cam and LG X screen models to expand the X series lineup of devices. Read more

Facebook Messenger on Android gets SMS support


After rumors surfaced over the last few days indicating Apple may release a version of iMessage for Android, a move that did not materialize during WWDC 2016, another company has jumped into the mix in a move to become your “go to” messaging app on Android devices. That company is none other than Facebook which announced today that their latest Messenger for Android update includes support for SMS. Read more