ZTE agrees to pre-install APUS Booster+ on new smartphones


ZTE may not be a brand name you hear referred to often amongst U.S. consumers, but they definitely found their spot in the U.S. market by target low- and mid-tier buyers and becoming a big supplier for pre-paid cellular service providers. These moves have ZTE positioned as the fourth largest smartphone supplier in the U.S. With their devices in the hands of so many users, the company decided to take action to try to keep those buyers happy with their decision by taking steps to ensure smartphones continue to run in a snappy manner. To accomplish that goal, ZTE has partnered with APUS to install APUS Booster+ on new devices starting with the recently announced ZTE Blade V8 Pro.

OPPO Find 9 images, specs leak in return to flagship segment


OPPO is believed to have a new smartphone coming this year that will mark a return to the flagship segment of the market for the manufacturer. The new OPPO Find 9 also appears to continue a trend we are starting to see of manufacturers releasing bezel-less devices based on a leaked image that has surfaced. Along with information about the hardware to be included in two variants of the OPPO Find 9, tipsters also discovered OPPO may be making a change to the operating system they use on their devices.

Early case concepts may serve as tip-offs to Samsung Galaxy S8 design


The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 may still be 2.5 to 3 months away, but component manufacturers are not the only ones trying to ramp up production. Accessory makers are also trying to get things going in hopes of capitalizing on the market created by buyers of the new device. One subset of accessories may be of note for us – case makers. We look to these companies for clues about the upcoming devices since they have early access to dimensions and specifications and they like to produce renders of the their cases on the new device.

Lyft revenues improve in 2016, but company still operating at a loss


Companies like Lyft and Uber are still younglings in the business world, so it should be no surprise to see losses racking up while they try to establish themselves and prove their idea makes sense. That is certainly the case for Lyft which is not projecting profit until 2018. Until then, Lyft hopes to continue to show things are headed in the right direction and that seems to be the case for 2016.

A wish list from LG in new teaser video for LG G6


Likely timed specifically up against HTC’s announcements of new devices today, LG released a new teaser video for the forthcoming LG G6. We previously reported on a move by LG to get away from the modular design of last year’s LG G5 for their new device. Replacing that will be increased focus on aesthetics and usability. To help drive home this point, LG’s new teaser video covers a wish list of what consumers are believed to be interested in when shopping for a smartphone.

HTC U Play specifications


Earlier today HTC launched their new U line of devices, which currently consists of two smartphones. Heading the field for HTC is the HTC U Ultra which appears to be their new flagship device. The other smartphone is the HTC U Play, a smaller, less powerful device that appears to be positioned below flagship level phones, but perhaps ahead of the typical mid-tier phone. With the right pricing, the HTC U Play could be an attractive target for buyers.

If you are willing to give up a little horsepower and oomph in order to save a few bucks, you can check out the full set of specs for the HTC U Play after the break to help you decide whether it may be the right device for you.

Google dials up February release date for Android Wear 2.0


After some hiccups during the latter half of 2016, Google appears to be on the verge of releasing Android Wear 2.0 and resuming the push to get Android powered devices onto the wrists of consumers. The last update to Android Wear 2.0 came in December when Developer Preview 4 was released. At that time, Google indicated a Developer Preview 5 was the next step. However, it now looks like Google may skip that and go straight for the official release. At least, that is the message being shared with app developers.

Huawei P10 may appear at MWC 2017?


CES 2017 recently wrapped up with some nice smartphones being announced, but no major flagship phone announcements. Tomorrow we are expecting something from HTC although it is unclear whether they will announce a flagship level device. Much later than normal, Samsung plans to announce the Galaxy S8, likely delayed while the company takes their time to make sure everything is just right after the Galaxy Note 7 failure to launch. In between, that leaves MWC 2017 for companies hoping to make a splash. TalkAndroid will be in Spain to bring you coverage and one of the companies that will have a major announcement is Huawei.

Leaked images show secondary display for HTC U Ultra


HTC is preparing to hold an event this Thursday to reveal “U” which appears to be the rumored HTC U Ultra smartphone. HTC has released teasers or been the subject of leaks regarding a whole host of smartphones to be released in 2017, so it is unclear which one exactly may be the focus of this week’s event. The latest leak involves some images that purport to show a secondary display on the HTC U Ultra along with some other details and colors for the device.

Videos exist, but is there an HTC Ocean?


A few short years ago, smartphone manufacturers found themselves in a bind when new product announcements were around the corner and all the details got leaked. This would often dull the excitement of the actual launch events. Since then, companies have become much more adept at managing leaks in a strategic manner. In the case of HTC, one of the moves they employ on occasion is the creation of “fake news” to throw off those hoping to scoop the release of a new device. That could be going on with HTC in regards to their 2017 lineup. A new video surfaced for the HTC Ocean despite that device apparently not being in production, at least by that name.

Samsung expands market for Gear smartwatches via iOS compatability


It took Samsung quite a while, but Samsung has finally released an iOS app that enables users to connect some of their smartwatches with their Apple smartphone. The new iOS app will work with the Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches. There are some reports that it will work with the Gear Fit 2 activity tracker as well, although users on iTunes indicate that device is not supported. Prior to the release of this iOS app, the devices could only be paired with Android powered smartphones.

Alcatel tries to move up in the market with A3 XL


At CES 2017, Alcatel announced a new smartphone (which they rather unfortunately refer to as a “phablet”) that represents an  attempt to try to move up into a more premium part of the market. The hardware included in the device suggests that Alcatel really just plans to take a tiny step up within the budget phone category. Alcatel says the A3 XL represents their initial offering in a new line of “A” series devices that will focus more on a premium offering for consumers.

PGA Tour expanding live stream offerings on Twitter


The PGA Tour announced an expansion of the live streaming made available via Twitter and emphasized that Twitter is the exclusive platform for free online streaming of PGA Tour events. The expansion comes after a successful experiment during the 2016 FedExCup Playoffs. The PGA Tour will be making over 70 hours of live coverage, including some competition, spanning 31 tour events available during the rest of the year.

Samsung to report on causes of Galaxy Note 7 meltdown this month


One of the big stories of 2016 was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The product generated a lot of heat for Samsung, but not in a good way after batteries in the device started to explode or catch on fire. Eventually Samsung ended up halting production and trying to recall all of the units that had shipped around the world, going so far as to issue an update that would brick units not returned. According to a Korean newspaper and comments made by Samsung at CES 2017, the company is expected to release a report this month explaining what the source of the problem was.