New Moto Z devices to get security updates, schedule unclear


After a report surfaced indicating the new Moto Z and Moto Z Force may not be getting regular security updates for Android, the company has issued a statement confirming the device will be getting the security patches. Part of the confusion may have stemmed from the fact that devices shipping early to some reviewers are only updated through the May patch and even the units that will be hitting consumer hands initially will be at that same patch level. However, Motorola indicates they do have plans to issue the June and July Android security patches soon after the official July 28th launch. Read more

New BlackBerry Hamburg device spotted in FCC database with TCL as manufacturer


Earlier this week we reported on rumors concerning a new hardware device coming soon from BlackBerry. Those rumors were bolstered by comments from BlackBerry officials who indicated more information about handsets would be shared soon and that the company still considers handsets to be a key part of their business. A new entry in the FCC database reveals the company does indeed have a device, named the BlackBerry Hamburg although the market name may be different, poised to hit the market. Read more

[Video] Unboxing the Moto Z and Moto Z Force DROID Edition


With new versions of what will be their flagship line of devices for 2016, Lenovo decided to go in a different design direction with the Moto Z series of smartphones compared to the previous Moto X devices. The question everyone is waiting to have answered is whether this move will pay off for Lenovo and they can remain as a competitor in the top-tier device market. TalkAndroid’s own Jared Peters managed to get a couple of the Verizon-exclusive-for-now devices, the Moto Z DROID Edition and the Moto Z Force DROID Edition for an unboxing and some initial impressions. Keep reading to see what Jared thought about the devices. Read more

Amazon Prime version of Moto G4 comes with locked bootloader


The Moto G4 is already a device that targets budget-conscious buyers as soon as it ships out of Lenovo’s production facilities. For buyers looking to squeeze even more of a deal out of their purchases, Motorola struck a deal with Amazon to make a variant available through the retailer at an even greater discount at the expense of buyers putting up with advertising and Amazon content and apps. To help ensure that relationship stays the same, it appears Motorola locked the bootloader. Read more

Google smartwatch rendered recreations surface


A few days ago we reported on a new initiative within Google to launch two Android Wear smartwatches before the end of the year with good odds they could be announced with Google’s new Nexus smartphones. Now an unnamed source has provided descriptions of the devices with sufficient detail to allow renders of the smartwatches to be generated giving us an idea of what the devices may look like when released. Read more

[Video] Unboxing the Moto G4 and G4 Plus


Verizon and Lenovo will be holding an event later this week when they are expected to announce pricing and release details for the Moto Z DROID Edition and the Moto Z Force DROID Edition. Buyers looking for the latest flagship from Lenovo will no doubt be interested in those details despite the disappointment that the version for other carriers is still some time off. Other consumers interested in Lenovo’s mid-tier phones are in a better position as the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus will be available for order starting on Monday. Here at TalkAndroid, our own Justin Herrick received each of the new phones and put together an unboxing video so folks placing their order have a better idea of what to expect when they receive their new phone. Read more

Google acquires image recognition firm Moodstocks


In joint announcements by Moodstocks and Google’s French office, the search giant will be acquiring Moodstocks in a deal to obtain the company’s visual recognition technology. Moodstocks has been working to develop “on-device image recognition,” or using a smartphone’s camera as a sensor analyzing the physical around, since 2012. More recently they have been working on object recognition and deep learning approaches to make the system work even better. That should fit in nicely with Google’s own efforts to make greater use of machine learning. Read more

T-Mobile’s Legere lights up Twitter after Verizon’s big announcement


Earlier today Verizon made it official that the company was changing their data plans once again. According to the carrier, which rides the strength and breadth of its network despite the cost for customers, Verizon is increasing data much more than they are increasing their cost and introducing several new features. In an entirely not unexpected move, T-Mobile’s John Legere is lambasting Verizon for copying the Uncarrier, doing a bad job of it, and continuing to treat their customers poorly. Read more

Enjoy Independence Day with four free months of Google Play Music


If you have been on the fence about the Google Play Music Unlimited subscription service, Google is hoping a special promotion connected to the July 4th holiday in the U.S. may be just the incentive you need. Just for U.S. customers who would be a new Unlimited subscriber, Google is offering four months of free access to Play Music Unlimited before consumers would have to start to pay $9.99 per month to continue access. Read more