Instagram adding multi-account support to Android app


Instagram users who need to manage multiple accounts will be happy to hear that the social network platform is finally adding the ability to switch between multiple accounts without first logging out. The update is included in a new version, number 7.12.0 that is starting to rollout to some users, although the new feature is not showing up for everyone with this update, so a server side change may also be necessary. Read more

LG preparing to start production of Nuclun 2 processor


Earlier this month reports surfaced that some chip design firms had orders in the works from unspecified Asian based manufacturers, prompting speculation that Sony or LG may be working on their own in-house chips to use in smartphones. Yesterday, industry sources reported that LG is moving to “pilot production” of a new ARM-based, 64-bit octa-core processor called the Nuclun 2 in conjunction with Intel and TSMC. Read more

FCC filing suggests Google expanding Project Loon in U.S.


Although Google’s Project Loon is being developed as a way to bring Internet access to underserved markets around the world, Google is still deploying the technology in mature markets like the U.S. Thus far Google has limited Project Loon’s presence in the U.S. to testing, but a new filing seeking to expand authorization from the FCC suggests Google may have some larger plans in the works. Read more

Google sheds some light on EU’s requirement to keep some info out of the light


Back in 2014, the European Union’s courts decided individuals covered by their jurisdiction had a right to not have some information about them show up in search results, the so-called “right to be forgotten.” Although action to protect individuals exercising this right applies to all search engines, by virtue of its size and having been a party to the original complaint, Google has been the primary recipient of attention regarding how this right will actually be implemented. To help the public understand the impact of the decision, Google has released a transparency report on search removals. Read more

O2 joins the ad-blocking snowball


The virtual snowball of carriers exploring the blocking of ads continues to expand with another U.K. carrier, O2, revealing that they are in the “well advanced” stages of addressing the issue. This comes on the heels of EE announcing they were looking at blocking ads at the network level or otherwise enabling their customers to better control the delivery of ads to their mobile devices. The carriers appear to be responding to reports that 10 – 50% of wireless data is being used up on advertising. This not only negatively impacts the user experience, it is putting considerable strain on the network infrastructure. Read more

Google updates ramp up of AMP


Back in October, Google announced the launch of a new initiative called the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. AMP is an effort to speed up the delivery of web content through an open framework. In an update posted this week, Google indicated they are on track to start sharing AMP pages via Google Search in early 2016. The AMP team also shared some information on the partners they are bringing on board and some of the challenges they are addressing. Read more

Yahoo Mail tests anti-ad-blocker tool


In the ongoing battle between consumers, service providers and advertisers, some Yahoo Mail users found themselves in the middle of the crosshairs in a recent test of a new technology. According to reports, Yahoo Mail is blocking users accessing the system with Chrome or Firefox if they are also running ad-blocking extensions. A Yahoo spokesperson has confirmed that the company is testing this feature on some U.S. accounts. Read more