PieMessage brings iMessage support to Android


One of the more popular apps in the iOS world is iMessage, Apple’s proprietary messaging platform. Although Apple has very recently started to look at expanding support for their apps outside of iOS, iMessage is unlikely to be close to the top of the list as it can be very effective at keeping people locked into Apple’s ecosystem. If you are an Android user and have a spare computer lying around running OS X that can function as a server, a new open source project called PieMessage may bring iMessage support to your Android device. Read more

Best USB Type-C chargers for the LG G5


With the first batch of 2016’s flagship devices from the major smartphone manufacturers finally getting into the hands of buyers, there are good odds that many of them will be looking for some accessories. A common item many people invest in is an additional charger for their device to keep in their car or at the office or to tuck away in their computer bag for unexpected low charge situations. If you recently invested in the LG G5, even with the swappable battery, you may find yourself in the market for a new charger since LG switched to USB Type-C for their USB/charging port on the device rendering standard microUSB cables a thing of the past. Read more

Hulu has eyes set on new cable-style service


For the cord-cutters of the world, one of the big challenges has been getting around limitations on shows broadcast via traditional outlets and popular cable TV channels. Even when services like Netflix and Hulu were able to get access to some of this traditional programming, they often had to do so via a delay and sometimes through extra charges. Sources familiar with what Hulu has in the works indicate the online platform is planning to roll-out a new streaming service that would provide feeds of broadcast and cable TV channels placing them in competition with pay-TV providers and some other new entrants to the market on the digital, streaming side. Read more

Verizon adds new markets to XLTE coverage


There was a time when the major U.S. carriers were issuing press releases on a regular basis to announce the addition of new markets to the list of areas covered by their high speed data infrastructure. As the market matured and these major projects concluded, the pace of these announcements waned. Leave it to Verizon to keep plugging away at the pockets of the country that still need coverage as shown in their latest press release announcing the addition of thirteen new markets to their XLTE network. Read more

Moto India starts Twitter campaign for new phone release


Lenovo’s marketing arm in India has launched a new Twitter campaign via the Moto India account that is teasing a new smartphone coming to the market. The Moto India team does not help too much with clues to which device this might be. However, some recent leaks show the new Moto G and being a budget phone that would fit right in to the Indian market, odds seem to favor that device. Read more

LeEco cuts ribbon on new U.S. headquarters facility in Silicon Valley


In recent years the smartphone market has seen several Chinese manufacturers rise to prominence along with a corresponding increase in name recognition. No doubt, company names like Huawei and Xiaomi are now fairly well-known. One that many people may not be so familiar with is LeEco, but you may want to pay attention to the company. Formerly known as LeTV, the rebranded company is moving quickly into a variety of tech related markets, including smartphones, and is now opening a U.S.-based headquarters facility. Read more

Home button scratches reveal chink in the armor of Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge devices


After years of complaints from buyers that Samsung needed to step things up in their competition with Apple by incorporating a more premium construction, the company finally made the change to metal and glass construction for their smartphones. The use of these materials seems to invoke a better sense of using a high end device on the part of users. Another benefit one would expect is a reduction in the propensity for devices to suffer from “wear and tear” since metal and glass are less prone to damage than what plastic or other materials may suffer. However, new reports indicate Samsung may have missed a beat with their latest devices as the home buttons, which double as fingerprint scanners, appear to be prone to scratching. Read more

YouTube plans changes to Content ID to keep money flowing during disputes


Earlier this year, YouTube started to take significant flak in the form of a protest called “Where’s The Fair Use?” The movement started in response to what critics say is a broken copyright challenge system implemented by YouTube called Content ID that fails to recognize legitimate uses of copyright material. YouTube finally acknowledged that they indeed had a problem on their hands and promised to work on addressing the issues. A new step has been taken in that process with YouTube’s announcement that they are going to modify their systems so that revenues will continue to accrue while videos are in the dispute process. Read more

The New York Times and Google Cardboard partner for another batch of device shipments

new york times virtual reality

Last fall The New York Times and Google partnered to distribute Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers to subscribers so they could view a new virtual reality film called The Displaced. With a new title – Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart – ready to rollout on The New York Times web site and with the success of the previous partnership, the company decided to take another go at distributing Cardboard devices. 300,000 devices will be distributed to the NYT’s “most loyal digital subscribers.” Read more

Osterloh surfaces in new leadership role with Google


In the continuing moves by Lenovo to shed the Motorola name from their branding portfolio, we saw the company part ways with president Rick Osterloh last month. Fans of the former president of Motorola will be pleased by news that Google brought Osterloh back into the fold to head up a new division managing hardware lines. Read more