AT&T LG G5 update to Nougat now available


Add another device to the list of Android 7.0 Nougat smartphones as AT&T has released the update for the LG G5. Owners of the device will have to be content with just getting Android 7.0 and not Android 7.1, but they will get the bulk of the improvements that Google makes available via Nougat. The release comes on the heels of AT&T starting to update the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge with Android 7.0 Nougat.

[Video] Unboxing the LG Watch Style

Google recently launched, after a bit of a delay, Android Wear 2.0. In conjunction with the launch of the next generation of their smartwatch optimized operating system, Google also announced the launch of two new smartwatches that will be the first to come equipped with Android Wear 2.0. Retaining branding from their manufacturer, consumers will be able to buy either the LG Watch Sport or the LG Watch Style. In a new video, Justin Herrick gives us a look at unboxing the LG Watch Style.

Check out the video after the break.

Google to launch RCS in Europe and Asia with help from Telenor

Google announced late last week that they are upgrading the text messaging service available to Android users in Europe and Asia through the addition of RCS service to users on the Telenor network. RCS stands for Rich Communications Services and is widely considered an upgrade to the traditional SMS platform that has powered text messaging for years. Through the partnership with Telenor, over 214 million users in European and Asian countries on the Telenor network will get access to features available via RCS.

Unboxing the Google Chromecast Ultra

Last fall amidst the release of several products, one that Google revealed was their latest version of a Chromecast, the Chromecast Ultra. The Chromecast Ultra adds a couple new features to the second generation Chromecast including support for 4K video streams as well as HDR video support. This puts the Chromecast Ultra in position to handle just about any video stream a user might send its way.

New report says Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to get a stylus

As we get closer to MWC 2017, at least one device we are starting to feel confident will be making an appearance is a new tablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab S3. The invite for Samsung’s press event at MWC 2017 seems to hint at a tablet being revealed. A couple weeks ago specifications leaked for the alleged Galaxy Tab S3. A new report suggests Samsung is going to give the tablet a stylus albeit one that has to be kept up with manually.

Google has taken down over 2 Billion URLs and 1 Million sites for copyright infringement

Over the years, Google received a lot of press concerning ongoing acrimony between the search giant and European regulators trying to enforce the EU’s right to be forgotten. However, that is not the only area where Google is engaged in ongoing activity to review sites for possible infringement. Another big area is in copyright infringement where Google’s latest transparency report shows they have now taken down over 2 Billion individual URLs location on over 1 Million web sites since 2011.

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 gets update to Android 7.0 Nougat

While smartphone users continue to monitor manufacturers and carriers in anticipation of an update for their devices, some tablet owners can now rejoice that they are getting Android 7.0 Nougat. Those owners would be the ones who have an NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1. NVIDIA released the update today, so users should start to see it as being available for their tablets. Besides all of the improvements to the base Android operating system that come with Nougat, NVIDIA included some other additions as well.

Long-awaited oft-rumored foldable Samsung smartphone could attend MWC 2017

For several years now we have seen a wide variety of proposed solutions for foldable smartphones from different manufacturers. One of the main contributors in the field has been Samsung which has a very active group of researchers in their display division. As Samsung moves closer to make a foldable smartphone a reality, ETNews from Korea is reporting the company will have some prototypes on hand at MWC 2017.

LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style, first Android Wear 2.0 devices, to be released on Feb. 10

Google announced today the launch of the first two smartwatch devices to be powered by Android Wear 2.0. Not taking up the branding mantle themselves, Google is making the new devices available as LG branded smartwatches – the LG Watch Sport and the LG Watch Style. The choices hit two different parts of the market spectrum, but both will be available starting this Friday.

YouTube launches live streaming for mobile with monetizing Super Chat feature

Live streaming is certainly not a new feature for social media platforms and even YouTube has provided some live streaming options for certain users for several years. The scope of availability expands today as YouTube announced the addition of a live streaming option to the mobile YouTube app. Google and YouTube say they think their option for live streaming will be effective after tweaking it based on feedback from testers over the past several months. Possibly more important for YouTube creators, a new feature will be available to help them monetize their live streams.

Google Maps making it a little easier to find your way

Google has announced a round of updates that will start rolling out to Google Maps on Android that are designed to enhance the user interface, making it a little quicker and easier for users to access useful information. The data to be accessed via the new update is information already available in the app – Google is just trying to make it a little bit easier for users to get to it with a minimal number of taps of the screen. When users open the new, updated app, they will notice three new tabs at the bottom of the screen. The tabs are intended to provide quick access to real-time information regarding nearby places to eat, commute information, or public transportation schedules.

Wallpaper and ringtones for Moto G5 Plus available

Later this month at MWC 2017 in Spain, one pair of devices that will draw some attention will be new entries from Lenovo in their Moto line of devices, the Moto G5 and the Moto G5 Plus. Both devices will target the mid-range buyer with the Moto G5, possibly marketed as the Moto G5 Play, being a less powerful variant. If you are a fan of all things Moto or just want to check out something a little bit different, a couple ringtones and a wallpaper from the Moto G5 Plus have surfaced and can be loaded up on your existing device now.

Benchmark cheating resurfaces with OnePlus and Meizu caught in the crosshairs

A few years ago a wave of cheating on benchmarks rolled through the smartphone community thanks to almost all manufacturers trying to obtain top marks on benchmarking tools. As the extent of the cheating was revealed and users became increasingly disillusioned with claims by manufacturers, the companies engaging in the cheating eventually figured out their actions were not worth the customer backlash they were creating. Unfortunately, some recent testing suggests this ugly trend may once again be rearing its head.

Twitter to retry efforts to control harassment on social platform

This is a story we have heard before from Twitter, so the only question that remains is whether they can succeed. Similar to previous attempts, several Twitter execs announced this evening that the social platform would begin rolling out new measures this week to try to better control and eliminate harassment and abuse directed at users on the system. The charge was led by Ed Ho, Twitter’s VP of Engineering, who acknowledged Twitter “didn’t move fast enough last year” in trying to implement changes.