Sprint announces “All-In” pricing with video jabs at competitors


Sprint announced today their own step to take a swing at changing how the wireless carrier industry operates. Promising to help end customer confusion over pricing plans for cell phone service, Sprint’s new “All-In” pricing provides a simple, clear, straightforward price for customers. The All-In Wireless plan will run $80 per month for unlimited talk, text and high-speed data and includes the price of a wireless smartphone. Read more

Net neutrality and no roaming charges headed to Europe


Culminating a long, three-year process, European lawmakers engaged in a marathon negotiating session that wrapped up at 2 am last night in an effort to institute new rules regarding net neutrality and roaming fees for members of the European Union. The result of the negotiations is a set of “net neutrality” rules for the EU and a process to phase out roaming charges by June 2017. Read more

Meizu officially launches the MX5 smartphone


Meizu has officially launched the Meizu MX5 smartphone today, bringing a full metal body to their flagship device. Meizu continues with MediaTek providing the computing power for their smartphone with the MX5 getting the Helio X10 chip and it gets 3GB of memory. What is different this year is the change from an LCD display used in last year’s MX4 to a new Samsung AMOLED display. In a curious twist, while the screen may have a little more “pop” now, it actually has a lower resolution as it moves up to 5.5-inches in size, but only runs at 1080p resolution. Read more

Federal Railroad Administration to partner with Google on grade-crossing data


The Federal Railroad Administration and Google are entering into a new partnership to help make the roads just a little safer. As part of a project between the two organizations, Google will include grade crossing data in their Google Maps platform for all rail crossings in the country. More importantly, Google plans to add in audio and visual alerts for drivers using the navigation feature available on their smartphones. Read more

Supreme Court inaction is good news for Oracle in case against Google


Since 2010 a lawsuit between Oracle and Google has been wending its way through the court system as the two tech giants battle it out to determine whether Google will have to pay Oracle for the use of Java code in the Android operating system. The latest stop was the Supreme Court where Google hoped the justices would hear an appeal concerning the ability of APIs to be copyrighted. The justices declined to take action to overturn a May 2014 appeals court ruling that favored Oracle. Read more

Cloud Source Repositories by Google to compete against GitHub


For most computer users, developers and all the work they do to write code for apps is invisible, so it should be no surprise that a new tool from Google designed for developers is flying under the radar. The tool is a new code repository call Cloud Source Repositories and is a move by Google to get into the source code repository hosting market where they will be competing against companies like GitHub, Atlassian, Microsoft and Amazon. Read more

Only version of CyanogenMod 12 snapshots, final version of CM11 now rolling out


With Google announcing Android M coming later this year, the ROM developers at Cyanogen have their sights focused on the next version of Android as the basis for their own ROM. Given the time taken to develop CyanogenMod 12 based on Android 5.0 Lollipop and Google already releasing Android 5.1, the snapshot release rolling out now will be the only CM 12 stable version based on the 5.0 Lollipop codebase. Read more

[APK Download] New version of Google Drive supports batch download, send, share interface improvements


Google appears to be ready to drop a new version of Google Drive for Android devices taking the app to version 2.2.233 that includes a few features that users will likely appreciate. In recent updates Google has added support for features like drag and drop support for files and Chromecast support. These latest enhancements may not garner headlines like those changes, but they will make the app a lot easier to use for many people. The new Google Drive app has revised the menu when multiple files are selected to make it easy to download or share them. The update also improves the process used to share a file with collaborators. Read more

OnePlus 2 launch to push the envelope with VR event


OnePlus has announced that they plan to push the envelope a bit, consistent with their goal of being on the cutting-edge of technology, by holding the OnePlus 2 launch event as a virtual reality event. The launch is scheduled to take place on July 27th at 7:00 pm PT and when it starts, viewers can fire up a special OnePlus Cardboard headset¬†to get an insider’s view of the launch. Read more