Rhapsody gets an interface overhaul


Rhapsody has announced an overhaul of the interface for their music player that affects both the mini-player and the full screen experience. The update focusesĀ on simplifying the interface to make it easier for users to control the app. Users will find that they can favorite tracks in the mini-player, swipe to change tracks, and colors and styling will update to match albums being played. Read more

Motorola launches new Moto G today


Alongside the Moto X Style, Motorola announced the new version of their most popular smartphone, the Moto G. The new Moto G will come equipped with a 5.0-inch HD display, a Snapdragon 410 processor and either 1 or 2GB of RAM. The Moto G gets a 13MP rear-facing camera with a 5MP front-facing unit. For power, the Moto G comes equipped with a 2,470 mAh battery. Read more

Qualcomm announces wireless charging for metal case devices


Qualcomm has announced a breakthrough in wireless charging technology that could have a big impact on the market. Qualcomm has figured out a solution to wirelessly charge devices that have metal exteriors and frames. Qualcomm WiPower technology is compliant with the Rezence standard and the company is making a full suite of reference designs available starting today to WiPower licensees. Read more

Samsung refining marketing strategy for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy Note 5


According to new reports coming out of Korea, Samsung is refining their marketing strategy relative to the release of a couple new smartphones taking place in August. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are both large screen smartphones slated for release in mid-August. Samsung is in the process of finalizing how they plan to market two flagship-class smartphones simultaneously and determining what resources will be applied. Read more

Luxe valet service launches in Boston


Joining current cities San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and New York City, the Luxe valet service is now available in the Boston area. Luxe offers commuters an option to valet park their vehicles at secure locations so that drivers do not have to deal with the frustration of finding parking themselves when visiting urban centers. Luxe also announced they plan to expand into the Washington, D.C., Austin and Philadelphia areas later this year. Read more

Yelp CEO takes Google to task over mobile app ad issue


Earlier this week Google announced the results of a study they conducted on ads that appear on your screen while using one app trying to get you to buy some other app, ads known as “interstitials.” Most users see them as annoying, a finding confirmed by the Google study. However, Google also found they were highly ineffective and has decided to retire them while asking others to follow suit. This announcement has brought a rebuke from Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman who says Google is being hypocritical and may be trying to flex some monopolistic tendencies. Read more