Google announces People API, moves further away from Google+

samsung_galaxy_s6_edge_plus_contacts_TAGoogle has announced a new People API for Android to help apps gather information from your contacts list, which is meant to eventually replace the current Contacts API and move away from using Google+ to glean connections about a user. This is an interesting move compared to Google’s direction just a few years ago when the company was bent on forcing everything through the social media portion of their services, and really shows that Google has changed focus from Google+ back to multiple services, like Photos and Hangouts. Read more

OnePlus X review: OnePlus almost made a perfect phone


The OnePlus X is the smallest, most affordable handset in the company’s lineup. It’s not quite as big as the OnePlus One or OnePlus 2, and its hardware isn’t competing at the absolute high-end of the market, but it stands on its own with a unique design, smaller frame, and a more affordable price tag, if that was even possible for OnePlus.

This has created a unique lineup of devices for OnePlus, and helps to round out their portfolio for someone potentially buying a smartphone. The OnePlus 2 couldn’t quite keep the extremely low price point of its predecessor, but the OnePlus X matched that price and then some. Now for anyone looking for a low-priced, premium device, the OnePlus X fills that need. For someone that wants to spend a little more to get extremely high-end hardware without compromise, they’ll have the OnePlus 2 and can still save some money compared to current flagship phones from other OEMs.

The OnePlus X clearly isn’t aimed at someone that wants the latest and greatest, but for someone that wants a phone that’s an incredible value for the money. Let’s see if OnePlus managed to do that with their compact flagship. Read more

Andy Rubin wants to return to help revolutionize artificial intelligence

Andy-Rubin-01Andy Rubin is probably best known for helping to co-start Android as we know it, despite leaving Android back in March 2013. He stayed on helping Google, but has since been considering jumping back into the mobile tech industry to try and shake things up once again, and he might potentially be doing that with artificial intelligence and dashcams.  Read more

New watch strap will bring contactless payments to Pebble smartwatches

pebble time gray back TAOne of Pebble’s first unique features advertised with the Pebble Time was that it would support third-party bands that brought extra functionality to the watch. A new Kickstarter from Fit Pay Inc. has sprung up that plans on offering a mobile payment solution for Pebble watches with a device called Pagaré. It uses NFC to replicate what we’ve seen in Apple’s Apple Watch and what’s eventually going to come to Samsung’s Gear S2. Read more

Twitter’s timeline isn’t actually changing very much

motorola_moto_x_pure_edition_twitter_profile_TAWorried about Twitter making your timeline more like Facebook? Turns out, things aren’t going to be so bad. While we had originally heard that things would shift to an algorithmic timeline and away from a chronological timeline, Twitter is actually probably just going to be expanding on the “while you were away” feature, which most of us have probably already seen. Read more