Fitbit is eyeing a Pebble acquisition

pebble 4.0

Company acquisitions are pretty common, especially in the tech sector, and they can happen for all sorts of reasons. The bigger company wants the talent, like many of Google’s purchases, or they want to bring the platform under their own management, like Facebook’s Instagram and WhatsApp buyout. Sometimes the smaller company’s features and technology simply gets folded into another product, like Songza into Google Play Music. Read more

QardioBase and QardioArm review


Qardio is a fitness tracking service that tracks your blood pressure and weight to give you a better understanding of your health with their connected devices, the QardioArm and QardioBase. It’s slightly different than the usual fitness tracking that covers your steps, heart rate, and sleep, but it’s no less important. Read more

Amazon sold a record number of Fire and Echo devices over the weekend


Black Friday (and Cyber Monday, by extension) is always a huge opportunity for retailers to break records. Amazon did just that and has reportedly sold a huge amount of Echo and Fire devices to customers.

That’s great news for short-term Amazon, but also huge in that it creates many more potential customers for Amazon’s storefront and digital services.  Read more