Latest update to Google Phone app might be the root of Bluetooth issues

If you’re using a device that relies on Google’s stock Phone application that’s updated via the Play Store, you might have noticed some issues that started earlier this month that mess with your ability to make calls over Bluetooth. If you’ve run into that problem, well, the good news is that you’re not alone. Tons of other people have hit the snag, too, and everyone’s pretty sure it’s Google’s fault.

HTC will shift their focus to premium phones in 2017

If you ask anyone that’s in the mobile industry what HTC’s biggest problem is, you’ll probably find a common theme: lack of focus. HTC makes some incredibly nice smartphones (that may or may not be overpriced) but they release twelve different versions of those phones on top of dozes more budget-friendly and mid-range devices every year. For a company like Samsung that has the cash flow to manage all of that, it’s one thing, but HTC is very clearly not in that situation.

Linc is a Moto Mod that turns your phone into a walkie talkie

Walkie talkies are definitely a little dated compared to a new smartphone, but there’s no denying they had some very useful situations where a smartphone just isn’t as good. When you’re out hiking, for example, you need to be able to just push and talk to someone and not have to worry about dialing a phone number. That’s where Linc comes in. 

Google lost employees in autonomous car project by paying way too much

Google has made waves with their self-driving car project, but ironically, too much progress at the start might have caused their current talent drought in trying to compete with other companies.

Anytime you’re dealing with brand new technology, you’re going to see some employees jumping back and forth between big companies trying to carve out the market, and there will be some employees who leave to start up their own versions of that particular business. But what you don’t usually see is a company grossly overpaying their employees so much that they have the financial stability to go do whatever they want.