You can play some card games right from Google Search

google tic tac toe

Google is no stranger to adding Easter eggs and weird features to Search. Do a quick Google search for “recursion,” “do a barrel roll,” or “Google in 1998” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Sometimes, they add useful functions, like medical conditions and symptoms or shopping lists, and sometimes we get things that are somewhere in the middle. This update lands somewhere in the middle. Read more

WhatsApp will begin coordinating with Facebook and sharing your phone number

WhatsApp_Logo_TA (2)

WhatsApp is updating their privacy policy, marking the first time they’ve done so in the past four years. The new policy will help lay the groundwork for the future of WhatsApp, but it also brings some inevitable Facebook integration after Facebook scooped up the messaging platform for nearly $20 billion. It also outlines some end-to-end encryption stuff, which is a big plus. Read more

Xiaomi wants to tackle the US market “in the near future”


We might finally see Xiaomi take a legitimate stab at the US market, according to Hugo Barra. He’s talked about the US smartphone market before, citing that subsidized flagship phones make it very difficult for a mid-range brand like Xiaomi to compete. It’s a sensible reason, but with the rise of device payment plans and the death of two-year contracts, things might have shifted in Xiaomi’s favor. Read more

6 GB Galaxy Note 7 tipped for August 26th launch, but only for China

6 GB galaxy note 7 invite

There was a tiny bit of disappointment when Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 with only 4 GB of RAM. Some early rumors flip-flopped on RAM, so many of us were expecting 6 GB to be standard in the device, but at launch Samsung confirmed you’d only have a 4 GB option. That’s still plenty for most people, but phones with that much RAM do exist and Samsung likes to be on the cutting edge of things. Read more