Qualcomm details how its Snapdragon processors help your phone take low-light photos

qualcomm_snapdragon_820Smartphone cameras have been rapidly improving over the past few years, and just in the previous few months we’ve seen some OEMs try to tackle the issue of low-light photos on their devices. Dealing with poor lighting has always been something smartphone cameras have struggled with, but thanks to some new hardware from partners like Qualcomm, it’s improving dramatically every year. Read more

US Cellular now offering Samsung’s budget-friendly Galaxy Tab E

samsung_galaxy_tab_e_verizonUS Cellular has added a new tablet to its lineup, bringing Samsung’s wallet-friendly Galaxy Tab E to the mix. The 16 GB tablet offers plenty of bells and whistles for someone looking for a lightweight device to watch movies and browse the internet on, with some of Samsung’s fancy camera modes and the popular Kids Mode. It offers expandable memory and a 5,000 mAh battery, so it’s a decent option for a binge watching machine, especially if you don’t want to splurge on some of the high end devices. Read more

The next New York Times virtual reality film will release on December 13th

new york times virtual realityAfter the success of the New York Times’ first virtual reality film experiment, the magazine is prepping its second film for release on December 13th of this year. The new film will work just like The Displaced did with Google’s Cardboard partnership, so you’ll be able to check the film out through the NYTVR app just like before. Read more

YouTube backing content creators by paying fees against copyright takedowns

youtube_live_logoWe’ve all seen cases of YouTube videos getting taken down over copyright claims, and sometimes those claims are a little outlandish and unfair to the content creator. Obviously YouTube doesn’t condone piracy, but sometimes those claims can take down perfectly legitimate, fair use cases of content. That kind of thing hurts YouTube more than it helps, so the site is planning on backing up some of its content creators if they happen to face any legal action over these copyright takedowns. Read more