Carphone Warehouse tests the Xperia Z3′s waterproof rating by doing an underwater unboxing video

The Sony Xperia Z3 is a device with a ton of cool features, but one of the biggest selling points is its unusually high dust and waterproof ratings, normally found in the more rugged-looking Kyocera and Casio Android devices. The Z3 is IP65/68 certified which means it can go as far as five feet deep for up to an hour with no damage to the device.

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HTC’s upcoming GoPro competitor may have a 16MP sensor and a Super Wide Angle Lens


We’ve reported on HTC‘s upcoming GoPro competitor multiple times but all we’ve had to go by were a couple photos and a possible release date. Luckily that seems to have changed today thanks to Taiwanese site EPrice. According to them, HTC’s upcoming mini-parascope camera will have a 16MP sensor, slow-motion video recording, underwater recording capabilities and a 170-degree Super Wide Angle Lens.

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Conan takes a jab at #bendgate controversy with hilarious new sketch


Apple’s #bendgate controversy has brought us endless laughs from other manufacturers and websites looking to have some fun at Apple’s expense. Well it looks like the #bendgate jokes have just begun with Conan O’Brien joining in the fun with a sketch on last night’s show. The sketch offers suggestions for iPhone 6 users suffering from “flaccid phone”. Hit the break for the video.
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Amazon drops the “Kindle” moniker from their Android-powered tablets


With the launch of the newest models of their flagship tablets, Amazon has dropped the “Kindle” moniker from the names of their Android-powered tablets. New and future models of the tablets will simply be called the Fire HD and Fire HDX. According to Amazon, the company changed the name to separate the brands and to make sure consumers know the difference between the products.
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Chrome APK Packager creates Chrome-friendly packages directly from your Android device


As you may recall, it is now possible to run any Android application from inside the Chrome browser thanks to a project called ARChon.  Previously this was only officially compatible with four apps, other apps had to be converted using a JavaScript script, but the process was more than most people would be comfortable with. Thankfully, the process has become a whole lot easier thanks to a new app by XDA user bpear96 that converts the apps with ease from the comfort of your Android device. Once the package is converted simply transfer it to your computer and open it inside the Chrome browser.
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AT&T GoPhone launches Wireless Home & Internet plans


The prepaid market has gotten quite competitive over the past couple of years with prices dropping and carriers adding new services to their prepaid offerings. AT&T’s popular GoPhone service is not immune to the competition and have added a couple of new plans to keep up with the ever-changing market, this time for your home phone and internet needs. With the purchase of a Wireless Home Phone & Internet device (they’re calling it the “Home Base”) and a home phone, GoPhone customers can enjoy unlimited nationwide calling and either 5GB or 10GB of data per month for $60 or $80 respectively.
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Meizu MX4 Pro could launch as early as October 26th

Meizu’s newest flagship, the MX4, has already sold almost 8 million units with no sign of slowing down, so it makes sense that Meizu are planning to release variants of its most popular device to date. One such variant, the MX4 Pro, has already been in the rumor mill for a while. We previously reported that the MX4 Pro could have up to 4GB of RAM (this no longer seems to be the case) and today we have a little bit more information regarding the Pro’s specs and release date.

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LG announces Wine Smart Android-powered clamshell phone for the Korean market


LG has had its fair share of strange and daring devices over the years, but for their newest phone, the Wine Smart, the Korean manufacturer have gone down a more nostalgic path. The Wine Smart is an entry level Android phone running 4.4 KitKat, in a clamshell form factor. While Samsung has released similar devices, this one is aimed specifically at handicapped or elderly users, meant to be easy to use but far more powerful than the feature phones that typically use this form factor. Hit the break for a quick teaser video from LG.

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Second wave of Android One devices coming as early as December


The breakout success of Google’s Android One program has prompted manufacturers like Karbonn, Intex and Spice to move forward with a second wave of budget devices, launching as early as December. The initial Android One devices launched last week with prices as low as $105, and these will likely be priced similarly. Karbonn is expected to be first to market with their next device.

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The Nexus 9 will be made by HTC and will feature Tegra’s K1 processor


As rumored in previous weeks, HTC will be stepping back into the tablet (and Nexus) game with the Nexus 9, the company’s first tablet since 2011 and first Nexus device since the Nexus One in 2010. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tablet is the product of endless collaboration between Google and HTC, with the latter’s engineers flying back and forth between headquarters constantly.
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