Chinese manufacturer BBK to release Vivo X3, the world’s thinnest smartphone

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Chinese phone manufacturer BBK is plotting to dethrone Huawei as the king of slim smartphones. Their newest offering, the Vivo X3, is the first smartphone thinner than 6mm (0.236 inches) making it slimmer than an iPod Touch 5th Gen and Huewai’s record-holder, the Ascend P6, which measures at 6.18mm.

BBK, while not a wildly popular brand, release extremely solid, cutting-edge phones with an emphasis on high-fidelity sound. Expected to launch in China sometime in August, we still know very little about BBK’s ultra-thin device, although we can assume that it will have a low-capacity battery and will be more expensive than your average Chinese smartphone. Let us know what you think in the comments and hit the break for more pictures of the Vivo X3 next to other smartphones.

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ZTE U988S images leak, could be world’s first Tegra 4-powered handset


A little while ago a ZTE phone with a 1.8 GHz Tegra 4 processor made its way through AnTuTu benchmarks. Today, that device has shown its face in the form of the ZTE U988S, and when launched, it will be the first handset available that is powered by Tegra’s new beast of a processor.


On top of having that 1.8 GHz Tegra 4, the U988S also packs 2 GB of RAM and a microSD card slot under the hood, a 5″ Full HD 1080p display with a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera on the outside. At around 9-millimeters thick, ZTE’s new device is rather slim. No word on an official name for the phone, but it is reported as running Android 4.2.1.


Source: Phone Arena

HTC One “Google Edition” passes Bluetooth SIG again, this time with Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0 LE

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HTC’s flagship device, the HTC One, has made its way through Bluetooth SIG again, this time its the “Google Edition” and its running Android 4.3. As we can tell from the model number (PN071) this is a stock device available exclusively from the Google Play Store.

As to why this phone is going through Bluetooth SIG again, its likely related to Android 4.3′s inclusion of the exciting new Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy), which allows phones to sync with everything from your Bluetooth headset to heart monitors and the like. Bluetooth 4.0 LE is also said to be far more efficient on battery life.

Are any of our readers planning on snagging a “Google Edition” HTC One, or does this news just get you more excited to get your hands on Android 4.3. Let us know in the comments!

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Source: Bluetooth

Widgets Everywhere is a new app that allows you to access your widgets on top of any application

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Developers have been getting more and more creative with how they look at widgets, constantly thinking up new functions and designs. A couple months back we told you about a slick new app called Overlays that brings widgets front-and-center no matter what application you are running. An excellent idea, Overlays is only available for Android 4.0 and above. Thanks to XDA Senior Member sak-venom1997, an alternative to Overlays called Widgets Everywhere has been released.

Currently in public beta version 2.32, Widgets Everywhere is a very useful application with some innovative features. Incorporating  XDA Senior Member pingpongboss’s StandOut libraries, users are able to float and move widgets over any running application using pinch-to-zoom gestures to resize. Widgets can overlap each other, and users can float as many widgets as they can fit on their screen.

Planned features for the future include a custom widget-picker, independent of Android’s built-in tool and enhanced resizing options. Widgets Everywhere is compatible with any device running Android 2.1 or newer and is ad-free and free to download at the link below.

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Source: Original XDA Thread

Samsung planning to build five new Research & Development centers in South Korea

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According to The Korea Times, Samsung is planning a very big expansion to their Research and Development division, building five new centers in South Korea. Each center will focus on different aspects of R&D including one for maximizing creativity, one for study and one for development of materials and components.

The Samsung official that spoke to The Korea Times went on to say that heated competition in the market influences decisions like these. One of the buildings is the R5 building, a playground for developing smart devices. Another one, on track to open about a year from now, is said to be “cutting-edge” and will employ 10,000 designers, developers and strategists. Two other buildings will focus on flat-screen and chipset research.

A researcher for Samsung went on the record to say, “R&D may not generate tangible results in the short term. But the key point is that Samsung can’t survive, if it fails to develop products that can give value to customers. Much of the remarkable progress in fields such as mobile computing and medicine has been possible thanks to the advancement of information technology backed increased spending on research.” Samsung clearly shares that belief as a company, increasing their research spending from 10.3 trillion won to 11.9 trillion won in 2012.

Source: Slashgear

Study by European analyst group shows that the iPhone 5 is “the most hated” phone on the market

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The analysts at We Are Social scanned data from Twitter, blogs, forums and other nooks and crannies of the internet following the launch of the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S4, the BlackBerry Z10, and the Nokia Lumia 920, and what they found is very interesting. According to their study, Apple’s iPhone 5 is “the most hated handset” on the market, being criticized in one out of every five posts. To make things a little more awesome, the Galaxy S 4 is the “most loved”  receiving only 11% of the complaints.

Reported issues with the iPhone 5 included common complaints like the new Lightning connector forcing users of old iPhones to buy an adapter to use their accessories, and the uselessness of Apple Maps. Some users also complained about photos from the iPhone 5 having a “purple discoloration”.

Interestingly, 56% of discussions about the S 4 were about its new eye-tracking features, earning it the “most ‘wow’ factor” title. Even with Apple’s new spot as “most hated”, they still boast the best brand appeal.

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Source: Daily Mail

Ferrari-branded Motorola phone makes its rounds on the internet, possibly highly customized Moto X Phone?

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The second half of 2013 is big for the Google-owned Motorola, who’ve already announced the super-customizable Moto X phone and have a couple other phones making their rounds on the internet in the form of FCC leaks and rumors. And on the subject of photos, the newest Motorola teaser has arrived in the form of an image of what appears to be a Ferrari edition Moto X, with a very cool Kevlar back.

Engraved on the back above the Ferrari logo are the words, “Elite Partners, New Orleans 2013″ which presumably has something to do with the 2nd edition of the CCR/Ferrari French Quarter Classic taking place in New Orleans later this year. Whether or not it will be made available to the public is unknown, as is any information on what new features this edition may have.

If this is the Moto X, then the photo above is not only a testament to its customizability, but hopefully a sign of things to come. Personally, I’d love to see more phones designed under these partnerships. Let us know in the comments what you think!

Source: G For Games

XDA user Schoolsux introduces TrulyClean script to remove bloatware from the Galaxy S 4

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If you own a rooted Galaxy S 4 and you’ve decided to stick to the stock ROM, then you are without a doubt tired of the dozens of useless apps cluttering your drawer. Lucky for you, XDA Senior Member schoolsux, has developed the TrulyClean script that safely removes over 98 apps that aren’t crucial to the system. Not only does this method save a lot of time and energy, it will also bring you a noticeable boost in performance, and free up about 600-megabytes of storage.

TrulyClean removes everything from S Voice and Samsung Hub to more standard Google apps such as Gmail and Google+. While the standard script removes the stock browser, there is an alternate version that leaves it intact. Their is also a simple tutorial on editing the script to keep certain apps.

For anyone who has spent a minute in recovery mode, the TrulyClean script is very easy to install as it comes in a prepackaged flashable .zip folder. The developer recommends doing a full wipe before flashing, but its not a requirement. Just make sure to secure any vital data via your preferred backup method.

TrulyClean is available at the source below and is compatible with the i9500 and i9505 S 4. Happy flashing!

Source: XDA Developers


Parkersburg, West Virginia is Verizon’s 500th LTE market

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Verizon’s LTE market has officially hit its 500th stop in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Parkersburg is the third largest city in West Virginia with a population of 31,000 people.

Parkersburg marks a milestone that Verizon’s 4G LTE network build out is basically complete, with their LTE network covering over 99% of their 3G network. Available to 298 million people nationwide, more than 95% of the population has access to Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

To celebrate the milestone, Verizon held a city-wide scavenger hunt and donated $50,000 in grants to local domestic violence prevention agencies. Afterwards guests at the event were treated to a seminar on what 4G LTE means to residents, hosted by Verizon Region President Mark Frazier and local elected official Sen. David Nohe.

Source: Verizon Wireless