The Oppo N3 will have a new cooling system

oppo-n3-coolingNow that the Oppo N3 has been teased and leaked, we’re starting to find out a little more information regarding the new flagship device.One thing that still plagues smartphones and mobile phones is the fact that, on occasion, they get a wee bit toasty. Throw in the problems with lower performance and a decrease in the lifespan of the device and it becomes an issue. Enter Oppo.

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Samsung Galaxy A5 (SM-A500F) leaked in photos

SM-A500-GALAXY-A5-3After the Galaxy Alpha debuted, it came to light that there would be a slew of similarly designed A series devices. After Samsung finally added metal to its plastic little world, people were paying more attention to the Korean company and hoped it would add metal to more of its devices. Well the folks at SamMobile got a peak at the next device in the A series line and it looks like the device is made up of a completely different type of material entirely.

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Real time strategy game Star Wars: Commander now available for Android

StarWarsCommanderAndroidThe popular iOS real time strategy game Star Wars: Commander that was released at the end of last month and has received a plethora of high ratings is now available for Android. Players will be able to choose between the Empire and the Rebellion. From there they can build bases, train troops, upgrade units and play with friends. The game offers an all-new story and is available in multiple languages.

As if this needs to be said, but the game offers in-app purchases. It requires Android 2.3.3 and up and we have a gallery, trailer, download link and QR code for you after the break. Enjoy!

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Oppo teases announcement of the N3

OppoN3TeaseOppo took to its Facebook page this morning to share an image with fans teasing the N3. The image suggests that the announcement will be made in Singapore in October. The folks at GSM Arena also received a possible image of the device showing off the unique design the N series is famous for (below). Just like the N1, the camera on the smartphone will rotate meaning those who into taking selfies will be able to use the full-quality rear shooter for that.

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LG announces the 3G only G3 Stylus

LGG3StylusIn early August, an LG made smartphone with a stylus surfaced and was said to be coming out to be pitted against the venerable Galaxy Note 4. Later reports suggested that the device would actually be a smartphone for the budget friendly market and would not compete with the Note 4. It then debuted at IFA this year in Berlin showing off some very modest specs. Well, fast forward almost two weeks and the modest G3 Stylus is finally official. 
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Students with .edu email get $50 off new Moto X

Moto_X_2014_Event_01_TAIf you’re a student in need of a new phone you should check out the deal Motorola is offering students with a valid .edu address. The company is offering $50 off the new Moto X for those with working (you receive email there still) edu addresses allowing you to get the $499 off-contract device for $449. For that price you’ll get the 5.2-inch SAMOLED 1080p, Snapdragon 801 and 13MP camera wrapped in a nice, easy-to-hold body. While $50 may not seem like much, that money saved can be used to buy whatever it is college kids drink. That’s not the only news the Moto X is making.

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HTC to build a waterproof sports camera to rival GoPro

HTC_One_Max_Back_HTC_Logo_02_TALooking to add another revenue stream to combat the losses its faced, HTC appears to be working on a waterproof sports camera that will rival those of GoPro. According to an inside source, the camera will feature a 16MP ultra wide-angle lens and it will also connect directly to Android and iOS devices. The camera is said to be tube-shaped and will feature Bluetooth and WiFi. HTC is also said to be toying with the idea of releasing an Android and iOS app to support the camera.

The inside source pegs the Oct. 8 “double exposure” event as the likely place that this and a selfie-oriented smartphone will be announced. While some hopefuls are looking for the yes-it-is, no-it’s-not HTC smartwatch to make an appearance, that won’t likely happen until sometime in 2015.

source: Bloomberg

New video details new software features of the Xperia Z3

xperia-z3-white-1240x840-Sony_Mobile_websiteIn a new video today, the new software features of Sony’s newest flagship, the Xperia Z3, are detailed. Showing that while the Z3 may not be that different to the Z2 hardware wise, the software aspects of the device may be worth springing for an upgrade. Some of the features showcased include Bluetooth device unlocking, Ultra STAMINA Mode (for a week’s worth of battery),and smartscreen rotation. If you have a little over a minute to spare, we have the video for you after the break. Enjoy!

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OneDrive now supports files up to 10 GB

Microsoft OneDrive logoIf you’re a user of OneDrive you’ll be happy to know that the cloud storage service now supports files up to 10GB. Users will be able to upload these large files via the apps for Windows, Mac, the web site and all OneDrive mobile apps. According to Microsoft this feature is the highest requested feature. Business users will have to wait as the company works to bring support. But if you’re an Office 365 user with that one terabyte of storage burning a hole in your cloud storage wallet, then you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to fill up that space faster. Enjoy.

source: Microsoft