[APK Download] – Inbox by Gmail gets a slew of features in newest update, now open to everyone


It’s I/O keynote day today and Android enthusiasts see it as an Android Christmas in May. With good reason, too, as we have seen a number of updates for apps, new releases for apps like the Photos app, Android M, as well as a number of other things yet to be discovered. Given it’s I/O day, Inbox by Gmail is getting a number of updates that make the app even more useful.

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Google Photos is coming, complete with unlimited storage


Updated: Updated with a link to the official blog announcement and preview video.

During Google’s I/O 2015 keynote, the company announced a bevy of new and exciting items. One such item is the previously rumored separation of Photos from Google+, moving it out from under the social app thumb and out into its own app. With it, there’s a promise on a number of features that will make any photo enthusiast happy.

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Man who put Windows 95 on Android Wear ups ante by doing the same with 1987’s Apple Macintosh II


Who needs an Apple Watch when you can rock Apple’s Macintosh II OS from 1987? While it may seem like an impossibility, the man behind putting Windows 95 on Android Wear is at it again, this time, with the Apple OS. That’s right Corbin Davenport, put the 1987 OS on a Samsung Gear Live and while it may be quite tiny on the small screen, it’s fully functional.

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New ‘blow your socks off’ wearables coming to I/O 2015


From what we’re seeing so far, it appears that I/O 2015 is shaping up to be a good time. Not only will we see the announcement of Android M, but it looks like Google will be showcasing something else as well. That’s right, coming from Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division, will be new wearables that are geared to “blow your socks off.”

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