Galaxy S 6 headphones get a leak of their own


As we move ever closer to the Galaxy S 6 and S 6 Edge announcement on Sunday, leaks are coming out of the wood work. Today we’re seeing the new packaged headphones that come with the next generation flagship. The earbuds, almost iPhone-esque — but then again what earbuds aren’t — show off a typical earbud design complete with volume control and microphone.

We’re not sure if they have influence from the partnership with Sennheiser nor if each device will feature the same headphones but we’re a few days away from knowing for sure. We have a gallery after the break. Enjoy.

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Intel teases new Atom processors with a new naming scheme

IntelTo bring the Atom processor line inline with the popular Core i# processors, Intel is introducing a new naming scheme along with a new generation of Atom processors. Much like an i3 being OK, an i5 being better and an i7 being the best, the Atom will sport an x3, x5 or x7 moniker, respectively and performance will get better with each respective numerator. But that’s not it.

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Turn your G Watch R into a make-shift G Watch Urbane with a Dremel tool

GWatchUrbaneDIYEarlier this week, LG took the wraps off the G Watch Urbane. It’s an Android Wear watch poised to take on the Apple iWatch that offers a premium watch for those who aren’t impressed with the current crop of watches. As it stands, there isn’t word on pricing and availability but we’re sure to find that out next week at MWC. Even so, there are some that don’t want to wait for watch. Enter the do-it-yourselfers.

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DirecTV customers can now stream live sports via WatchESPN and use other Disney streaming apps


As we learned in late December, DirecTV and Disney were working on a streaming agreement. Well, DirecTV customers will cry finally as the satellite company and Disney have announced that DirecTV customers will finally be able to use Disney steaming apps and live stream sports via WatchESPN. Disney channels include Watch Disney, Watch Disney Junior and Watch ABC.

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