11.6-inch, Intel i5 hybrid Android Tab Book from LG announced

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Tablet/notebook hybrids seem to be a thing now. Windows devices have been doing this for a little while and it appears that it’s now Android’s turn to do so, although we did see one or two of these make their debut at CES. It’s LG’s turn this time as they announced a new tablet/laptop hybrid that comes with a 11.6-inch IPS (full-HD) touchscreen display with 10-point touch controls. It also comes with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. You’ll also notice a giant Android home button at the bottom of the tablet.

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Latest Maps update allows you to take tour of London in 3D

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london3dIn Google’s latest update for Maps users of both the mapping app and Google Earth will be able to take a 3D tour of London. In the 3D map you’ll be able to take a virtual tour of the Thames, and other landmarks from the city. London is just one of five cities that appears in 3D in Maps. Others include Birmingham, Leeds, Reading and Stoke on Trent. Of course, the 3D aspect isn’t just exclusive to the tourist portions of the English City and 3D imagery has extended to cover the entire city.

So if you’re in an exploring mood, head here to get started. Of course it should be noted that a decent Internet connection is a must.

source: Engadget

Amazon has ebook subscription in the works

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KindleUnlimitedIt was only a matter of time before Amazon created an unlimited ebook subscription service and to be honest, I’m surprised it took this long. Anyway, Amazon is looking at introducing “kindle unlimited.” An ebook service offering over 600,000 titles on top of thousands of audiobooks on any device that supports Kindle, the service will cost you $9.99 a month.

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Galaxy S 4 Active battles lawnmower, comes out scathed but working

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galaxy-s4-active-4If you’re the proud owner of a Galaxy S 4 Active you’ll be happy to know that if it ever meets up with a moving lawnmower, it will come out the other end still working, at least, according to a lucky reddit user. However, even though it survived the beating the lawnmower gave it, it came out far from unscathed. As you can see the screen is decently shattered up top, but even so, the device is still in working condition. According to the redditer the phone, that was playing music at the time, never missed a beat and was still fully functional.

So if you’re sitting there wondering if your Active will still work after coming face-to-face with a lawnmower blade, wonder no more. Although, we don’t recommend you try this at home.

source: reddit
via: Sam Mobile

LG G3 ‘Prime’ with Snapdragon 805 gets leaked in Korean mall ad

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Even with the awesomely specced LG G3 not in stores yet and has just hit pre-order status on every major US carrier, people are already moving on to bigger and “better” things. According to a leaked flyer from a mall in Korea, an upgraded version of the yet-to-be released beast of a device is on the way. This new phone, that some are dubbing the LG G3 Prime, looks to be packing a Snapdragon 805 and Cat.6 LTE-A capabilities and it’s up for pre-order in Korea. Whether or not it comes this way is anyone’s guess, but if you’re wanting to wait for an upgraded G3 to the current spec-boasting model, then you’re probably going to have to wait just a bit longer.

source: LG Best Mall – Korea
via: G for Games

Did the Galaxy F just pass Bluetooth certification?

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With the amount of leaks we’ve seen so far regarding the premium Samsung device, the Galaxy F, you’d think it’d be announced already. The newest of leaked information might bring us a step closer to that reality. According to information online, the Galaxy F just passed through Bluetooth certification. There is a debate though suggesting that this could be the European variant Galaxy S5 LTE-A. However if it is actually the Galaxy F, then we’re on the downhill slide toward a release date.

Rumors have the deviced pegged as going on sale this fall, coinciding with the release of the Note 4. Of course — as I always seem to have to write — time will tell.

source: Bluetooth
via: G for Games

evleaks confirms Verizon offering of prepaid 4G LTE starting on July 17

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On Thursday, July 3, a rumor broke suggesting that Verizon prepaid would be getting 4G LTE treatment. A leak by evleaks all but confirms the service along with the target date of Thursday, July 17, of course, he’s been wrong before. Even so, this should be a welcome speed boost for those who use the service.

What you’ll get with the prepaid service is unlimited talk and text with 500MB of data for $45. You can choose to add 1GB or 3GB for an additional $10 or $20 respectively. The kicker — according to the leakster — is the service will work with any LTE capable phone. So if you have a spare LTE phone and you’re looking to start a line for your teenager, or if you despise contracts, this may be the route to go.

source: evleaks

Google adds ‘Occasionally’ reminder option to Google Now

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Google_Now_Launcher_Large_IconSometimes you need to be reminded of things. Usually its something that requires a daily or predestined amount of time. However, that leaves out the reminders that require only the occasional notice. For those frustrated by this lack of notification, Google’s taken notice. At some point, the search giant added the ability for Google Now to occasionally remind us of an event. » Read the rest

This could be Sony’s selfie phone

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In what appears to be the furthering of a trend that needs to die, Sony could potentially debut its own selfie-centered phone tomorrow. Like the rumored HTC Eye that’s entered AT&T’s test phase process, the device will put you in focus via the front facing camera. There really isn’t any information on the device but the date on the tweet shows July 8, 2014, with a hashtag of tomorrow, so we won’t have to wait long. One aspect that’s rumored is the front camera will have its own flash, something unheard of on smartphones.

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Runtastic and RunKeeper get Android Wear support

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For the jogging/running types out there, Android Wear devices just got a bit more awesome. Both RunKeeper and Runtastic have added Android Wear support. Runtastic was at Google I/O this year so we knew it would only be a matter of time before we saw support in the app. According to the change log, you’ll be able to:

  • Challenge a Run: Compete against yourself by challenging past activity results
  • Runtastic Training Plans are available on Android for the first time! Select your professionally-designed plan today to make progress and reach your goals.
  • Enjoy music with Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud & more, directly within the Runtastic app

As far as Android Wear support goes you’ll be able to:  » Read the rest