Radio Shack announces $149.99 price for Motorola Atrix 4G sans rebate

If you are looking to pick up a Motorola Atrix 4G when it comes out, you might want to get over to the Shack,  Radio Shack that is.  They just announced their pricing on this beast of a phone at a sweet $149.99.  That’s $50 bones less then what AT&T will be offering it at, and you don’t have to play the rebate waiting game!  They also will have the Motorola lapdock for $329.99 if you pick up the bundle deal.  Still a bit too rich for my blood, as the phone is the brain afterall anyways.

First they push up the release date to February 22nd, and now we find lower prices.  Hopefully this price war continues for all  high-end Android phones.  If you have your eye on the Motorola Atrix 4G, things are looking up!  Time to Google Map all the nearest Radio Shacks near my house.

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LG’s silly Optimus 3D advertising video is a little over the top

Ok, if the glasses-free 3D on LG’s Optimus 3D really looks like it does in this commercial, I’m getting 5 of them, but something tells me this is a bit of a stretch – pun intended.  I especially like the way they portray take that some things are just too complicated to figure out from watching it in 2D – like learning certain yoga poses.

Because you know, if you can’t figure it out on your flat 42″ 2D screen, it’s obviously easier to figure out on a 3D 4.3″ smartphone screen.  If anything, it was pretty comical, and maybe one day we will have a phone capable of this type of technology, but until then I’m quite content with checking out the girls doing yoga poses at my gym in Real-D.

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Android tablets built into Indian buses

Lookout dub rolling Escalades and high class airliner planes cause it looks like buses are going to be the new mode of transportation to have integrated screens in their headrests.  And not just any screen, but an Android tablet screen!  That’s right, buses in India are now sporting 7″ touch screens that run their own customized Android interface that allows users to login and do the normal things you would do on an Android tablet, such as view maps, watch video, listen to music, or log into your bank account (although I highly discourage the latter).  What’s nice is that it’s a free service, and I’ll give you 1 guess how it’s all possible…  by serving your advertising!

Still, this is a nice addition to your morning commute should you use the bus, and as long as people don’t hack them out of the headrests or hack the system itself, I can see this as a great use of Android in the future for public transportation.  Hit the jump to see some additional video footage of it in action. Read more

Broadcom announces BCM21850, a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 clocked at 1.1GHz

If you  have ever built a computer or happen to work in IT, Broadcom should be a name familiar to you.  They are well known of their WiFi  and bluetooth chips, but they also have a few new chips coming to the mobile market game.  The most anticipated one is their BCM21850.  Aside from being another dual-core processor, it is also built on the 40nm process, which makes it smaller and more power efficient then the competitor chips out there built on the 45nm process.  Here are the rest of the specs on this chip: Read more

LG G-Slate video shows off hardware and 3D

If you are itching for more details on the upcoming LG G-Slate on T-Mobile, there’s a short video out there showing off the externals of the Android tablet, as well as its 3D capabilities.  While we are impressed with the specs, and snazzy external styling (love that kickstand!), we aren’t sure the 3D video recording capability will be the must have feature of this device.  It’s a bit gimmicky at best, but at least you can still disable it and shoot regular pictures and video.  Check out the video after the break and tell us what you think. Read more

Samsung Fascinate gets Froyo the XDA developers way

It’s Unofficial – the Samsung Fascinate is finally running Froyo, albeit from the bright minds over at XDA-Developers.  User “punk.kaos” managed to compile together the latest leaked Froyo ROM (DL30) for the Fascinate and has it available for download.  It’s pre-rooted, and has all the normal Verizon/Samsung bloatware included so you can get the full experience of removing it as soon as the system loads!

Keep in mind that installing your own ROM can brick your phone if done improperly, so tinker at your own risk – especially since this dev is offering absolutely no support (or even requests for that matter) – so mod with caution!  Head on over to the xda-developers forum to grab it and let us know how it works out for you in the comments!

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Google App Market to bring in-app pay system, carrier billing, improved user discovery, and more

The battle between mobile OS app stores has been an on-going saga since their inception.  While Android has managed to bring in the developers, providing a nice open-source platform to work with, the amount of quality apps and purchased apps, haven’t brought in as much profit as Google expected.

In a recent Q&A with Google’s Android Platform Manager Eric Chu at the Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco, there were quite a few changes announced to help clean up and improve the Android Market.  Hit the jump to see the run-down of what they will be working on in 2011:

Samsung Galaxy Tab getting another price cut on Jan 26th

That’s right folks, T-Mobile is dropping the Samsung Galaxy Tab price yet again!  This time, by another 50 buckaroos.  That brings down the cost of the popular Android tablet to $250 after a $50 mail-in rebate.  Of course this will require a 2-year contract, but now we are getting down to that impulse buy range.

Now here’s the question – can you hold off the splurge and wait for the new tablets to hit the market, or has T-Mobile finally hit the sweet spot?  If anything, we hope this trend continues with other Android tablets, as we will soon be flooded with touch-screen galore in the upcoming months and beyond.

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Barnes & Noble phasing out the Nook 3G

If you had your eyes set on the Nook 3G, then you better get that credit card out cause it looks like Barnes & Noble is stopping production on the ebook reader – according to Engadget.  This isn’t surprising, as most e-readers allow you to download your reading material while you are on wifi, and read the content offline at a later time.

This surely makes the wifi version of the Nook the more appealing, and a cheaper option to buyers.  Especially since you can pick up a hotspot damn near everywhere these days.  Oh yea, let’s not forget about the Nook Color, for my Android hacking brethren and overclocking cousins.

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White Samsung Nexus S gets outted in Germany

German blog site BestBoyz looks to have a  few snapshots of the Samsung Nexus S in a pristine white shell.  Ok, it might not be full on white, but I’m sure you’d still fool those Apple fan boys when you hold up that curved glass screen as you chit chat with your bff Stacey.  The source also states that these will be shipping with Super AMOLED screens, and not the Super Clear LCD displays rumored before.

While it might not be the completely albino Android you were looking for, it’s still nice to have options.  With all these removable battery covers I’m surprised we don’t see more colors from 3rd-party manufacturers.

thanks to our tipster!

[via BestBoyz]