Korea to Receive New Version of the Samsung Galaxy S III

As you know, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy 3 III internationally with model number GT-I9300 and a quad-core Samsung Exynos chip with 1GB RAM. The U.S. variants get an upgraded 2GB of RAM, but the processor gets swapped out for the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 because of LTE and AWS compatibility.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could combine the two phones? Korea is expected to get a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S III in July that does just that. It packs the same Exynos quad-processor and 2GB of RAM. Other than being a little thicker (9.0mm as opposed to 8.6mm), the rest of the specs will be the same. Looks like they just one-upped the LG Optimus LTE 2.

source: Phone Arena

Chameleon Homescreen Closes Kickstarter Project Only to Open New One Next Week

The folks from the Chameleon tablet project have posted an unfortunate message on their Kickstarter page explaining that the project’s funding process has to start over again. The Kickstarter project was doing well obtaining financial backing until it ran in to an issue with Amazon Payments. The account Teknision Inc. was using actually belonged to an employee and that employee is no longer with the company. Kickstarter only uses Amazon’s payment service and now cannot accept any of the money pledged for this project. Since they are not allowed to switch accounts midstream, the only option available is to recreate the project and start over again. None of the funds pledged to date can be accepted and would have to be pledged again to the newly created project. No one who pledged funds to the current project will be charged.

Chameleon claims that the new Kickstarter project will be up next week and will offer to include the wallpaper pack beginning at the $5 donation level to compensate for the inconvenience this situation has caused its funders. They have reached out to Talk Android letting us know that those who pledged should be receiving email updates and will be notified when the new project is live. They are encouraging folks to resubmit their pledge to help the project move forward… again.

The Chameleon tablet is setting out to make your home screen display change according to where you are and what you are doing. Check out this Kickstarter project using the link below.

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Sprint Plans to Launch Its Own Mobile Wallet

To date Sprint has been the only carrier to pre-load Google Wallet on its devices. Now it would appear that Sprint will be offering its own wallet referred to as “Touch”. More importantly, since both wallets need access to the secure element, Sprint will most likely not be able to support both services. Sources have told NFC Times that Sprint is currently busy working with banks and service providers to launch its Touch wallet as an alternative to both the Google Wallet and the upcoming Isis system from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Sprint’s Touch will allow the carrier to have complete control over partners, security measures, API distribution, and development. Sprint is said to have hired NFC software and systems provider Sequent Software to manage the secure elements.

Google is believed to be working on Google Wallet 2.0 to focus more on cloud-based payments among other things. The recent acquisition of TxVia should give Google the help it needs to push adoption. However, without any carriers onboard it may be a futile effort. Perhaps we will find out more when Google I/O takes place later this month.

source: NFC Times

Lamborghini Unveils Luxury Android Phone and Tablet

Lamborghini has unveiled three own-branded phones and one own-branded tablet in Russia. That’s right. The Italian sports car manufacturer will produce these luxury devices. What’s more interesting is that the tablet and one of the handsets will run on Android.

The Lamborghini TL700 Android handset runs on Android 2.3 and features:

  • 3.7 inch WVGA sapphire crystal display
  • Qualcomm processor of unknown speed
  • 5MP rear camera
  • VGA front-facing camera
  • 4GB of internal memory
  • 1,400 mAh battery
The case is made of expensive materials as you might expect, including gold and crocodile skin. The TL700 will run about $2,750.

Sony Brings ICS to the Xperia Mini Pro

We reported back in March of this year about the revised update schedule for Sony Xperia handsets. In some instances there were some serious delays which probably resulted in some unhappy owners out there. Holding true to their schedule of updating the Xperia Mini Pro at the end of May or early June, the ICS update is now officially available for download.

Sony is setting itself apart by keeping their word and rolling out the updates to Xperia handsets globally. No failure to deliver in this instance. There were some concerns that devices such as the Mini Pro would not even be considered to receive the upgrade, but Sony surprised everyone by finally making it available for download. In order to access the update you must have the proprietary PC Companion software installed, but then it’s ICS all the way, and some very happy owners indeed. To grab the update for yourself head to the source link below.

source: Sony
via: Engadget

Oracle Slapped with Google’s Legal Fees


Oracle has received another slap in the face as a result of its fight with Google over Java and Android. Judge William Alsup set as one of the conditions for filing the case against Google, that Oracle had to pay Google’s legal fees if they lost.  This was intended as a deterrent to avoid wasting the court’s time.

It looks like this was forward thinking on the part of the judge since Oracle lost the case and is now strapped with paying what is believed to be upwards of $300,000, the result of being dragged through the courts multiple times.

source: DocStoc