Google may not be giving up on Android TV just yet, refreshed Nexus Player may be in store


The majority of us here at Talk Android believe that Android TV has seen its better days, and Google Cast will seemingly take over. Google doesn’t seem committed to Android TV like they were when the first introduced the platform. With that said, along with the recent removing of the Nexus Player from the Google Store, many of us thought the end for the Android TV platform was near. However, a new report caught us by surprise suggesting the release of a successor to the Nexus Player we all know.

Google Now may soon have ‘character’ with a backstory


Not long ago, Google changed the voice tone of its Google Search assistant. At Google I/O, the tech giant announced ‘Google Assistant,’ which will soon answer one’s follow-up questions, be able to play mini games, and provide users with more accurate and detailed information. A new report from yesterday suggests Google Now will soon have ‘character,’ meaning it will have a personality and a background story.