Developer demos home automation using DroidKC and Android Wear


In the midst of all the Android Wear hype, one developer has taken Android Wear and demoed a home automation system using it. Not only that, but he’s done it using apps that are already available on the Google Play Store.

A video of the demo shows Doug Gregory, who seems to be associated with DKC Automation, using “OK Google” hotwords along with phrases like “turn off the lamp.” The video also shows a card on the Samsung Gear Live displaying information about the current status of the home. Hit the break to watch the video!

Verizon Prepaid to get 4G LTE on July 17


It looks as though Verizon Prepaid will finally be able take advantage of the carriers 4G LTE network, starting on July 17. This is good news for Verizon users, who may have been frustrated that the company has been lagging behind in prepaid data speeds.

Verizon’s ALLSET plan, which includes 500MB of data, will get 4G LTE access and users can add what the company calls BRIDGE DATA to the plan, at 500MB for $5, or 3GB for $20. We are not sure yet whether or not the 4G LTE access will be full or throttled, or if BRIDGE data pricing will change.

Source: Droid-Life

Clear Notification button created for Android L by Koush


Android L is now available to Nexus owners to download in beta, however, because of the fact that it’s still in beta, it is a little buggy. There are a number of issues with the software in its current form. Luckily Koush has developed a solution to one of those problems.

The new notification system in Android L is nice, but it lacks a way to clear all notifications, and instead users have to clear them one by one. That solution has now been fixed. But not by Google.

Developer Koush has created the fix, an app that adds a Clear Notification button. It looks great, is simple, and works perfectly!

Source: +Koushik Dutta

T-Mobile to “double down” to refund customers charged for premium SMS


T-Mobile has been the center of attention all week after the company was accused of “cramming,” or charging customers for premium content, hiding the charges, and making a profit.

Back in November, T-Mobile actually committed to never charging customers for premium SMS features again, and in June, launched a program for customers to get their money back. Despite this, in a blog post, John Legere has accused the FTC of “sensationalizing their story and their news at the expense of T-Mobile’s reputation.” Not only that, but the blog post shows that the company will be making an extra effort to refund customers.

Source: T-Mobile

Sprint to release LG G3 on July 18


The LG G3 is making its way around the world, and being released in the US is a top priority. Today it was announced that the device would be available from Sprint starting on July 18th, or for pre-order starting in July 11th.

We don’t yet know how much the device will cost on Sprint, but we do know that users will be able to get it for a $0 down payment, and $25 monthly payments for two years. Not only that, but if you purchase the G3 between July 11 and July 24, you’ll get a $150 cash reward card. Or, if you purchase is between July 24 and August 14, you’ll get a $100 reward card.

Source: Sprint

Google to rename Google Play All Access to “Google Play unlimited music subscription”


According to a new Google support page that may have been updated a little too early, Google Play All Access might be getting a rebrand, soon being known as “Google Play unlimited music subscription.”

The support page in question is for the Nexus 7 that currently offers Google Play Music All Access. The text on the page reads as follows:

Ouya 12-month all access pass goes live, then sells out


Ouya has launched an “all access” pass which can be purchased for $59.99, granting the user access to every game in the Ouya library for an entire year. It is, however, only being tested, so it may not be available for very long.

While the pass currently shows up as sold out, a new batch should be available soon. To check and see if you can buy the pass for yourself, simply head to the Ouya website.

Source: Droid Gamers

Google Docs and Sheets for Android get biggest update since their release

google_docs_update google_sheets_updateToday both Google Docs and Google Sheets for Android got the biggest update since their release. The updates add support for Android L, a refreshed user interface, and more. These updates essentially represent the merging of QuickOffice and Google Docs.

Apart from the refreshed UI and the Android L support, the apps now have a completely new editing interface, and now allow users to create and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files. Google Sheets also now adds full support for formulas, which now do not have to be manually entered. Instead, there’s now a list of formulas to choose from.

Source: Android Police (Google Docs), Android Police (Google Sheets)


‘Buy Now’ buttons appear in tweets, suggesting Twitter Shopping is on its way


It looks as though Twitter Shopping is finally about to make an appearance. Some users have been reporting that they’ve seen “Buy Now” buttons in tweets, mostly in the Twitter mobile app.

The products that are being shared with the “Buy Now” buttons come from a shopping app called Fancy. Fancy originally pitched the idea to Twitter back in January, but Twitter didn’t do anything about it. Until now, it seems.

Moto X+1 specs leaked by Brazilian website


We’ve seen a couple leaks related to the Motorola Moto X+1, but nothing too substantial. Until now, that is. A Brazilian website may have just leaked the specs of the upcoming device. The Logos bookstore is in the process of creating a pre-order page for the device.

This is the same bookstore that leaked the Moto E two days before it was officially launched, so that gives this site a little more credibility. According to the website, the Moto X+1 will include a 5.2-inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920. The device will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor, with 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and a MicroSD card slot for those who want to expand. Furthermore, the device will include a 12MP rear-facing camera, and a 5MP front-facing one.

Source: Livraria Logos
Via: PhoneArena

Images of Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact leaked


Sony has been releasing a new flagship device every six months now, and it seems as though an image has been leaked of their next flagship device. The leaked images show what is allegedly the upcoming Sony Xperia Z3 and the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.

According to the images, there will be some similarities between the Xperia Z3 and the Xperia T, but it seems that the Z3 will have a metal frame. Rumors suggest that Sony will be using the Snapdragon 801 for both the Z3 and the Z3 Compact, and they will be waiting for Xperia Z4 to use the Snapdragon 810.

Source: Esato
Via: PhoneArena

Google to improve Voice voicemail transcription, wants users help


Users of Google Voice will know that their voicemail transcription can sometimes be a little hit and miss. Lucky for us though, Google is well aware of the fact that it can be improved, and are launching a new initiative to make it better. But, they need your help.

When users log in to their Google Voice account, they will now be asked if they want to anonymously share their voicemail messages to help improve the service. According to Google, voicemail messages will be analyzed by an automated system, and NOT heard by real people. Users will also have the option to change whether or not they share their messages at any time.

Source: +Alex Wiesen

Moto 360 to be in Moto Maker and launched with Moto X+1


It is expected that the Moto 360 will launch alongside the Moto X+1 later this summer, but more interestingly, according to recent rumors the Moto 360 will be included in Moto Maker.

As of right now, it is a little unclear as to what options the Moto 360 will have in the Moto Maker, but it is likely that users will be able to change the wristband. Motorola has stated that they want to offer a leather wristband, a metal one, and a sporty rubber one. Despite this, production of the metal wristband may be delayed, as Motorola only had the leather one to show at Google I/O.

Source: PhoneArena

Android ‘L’ to add improved real-time audio processing


When Android ‘L’ was previewed at Google I/O, the main focus was on the user interface and changes that were coming to it. Despite this, Android ‘L’ will have a number of changes under the hood too.

One thing that Android has had a lot of trouble with over the years is real-time audio processing. Companies have been able to make great audio devices for iOS devices, but this isn’t as true for Android ones.