Motorola Teases New Device To Be Revealed Friday

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Motorola has posted a teaser on its Facebook site indicating a new device coming Friday. Motorola will give one hint each day until the reveal, all we know now is that it’s a 4g LTE device.

Is this the Droid RAZR HD we’ve been waiting for?  We hope so. Another possibility is a 4g LTE version of the Photon for Sprint, but that seems less likely.

Either way, we’ll be sure to share whatever Motorola ends up revealing.


source: Facebook

Droid 4 ICS Soak Test Starting Soon?

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Droid Life is reporting that a new software soak test is imminent for the Droid 4, which is assumed to be an ICS test build.

It looks like notifications will be sent out via the Motorola Feedback Network, so make sure you opt-in to be among the first to receive the update.

We’ll let you know when we find out exactly what’s in the update.

source: Droid Life

Real Racing 3 Trailer is Out, and It Looks Good

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Racing fans should take a look at this video, EA and FireMonkeys Studio have put up a pre-alpha trailer for the upcoming Real racing 3, and the visuals look fantastic.

They haven’t actually announced it for Android yet, but since both Real Racing and Real Racing 2 have made their way to Android, it’s a safe bet that Real Racing 3 will be as well. Video after the break. » Read the rest

More Sony Xperia Photos SL Surface

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 Also yesterday we found out about the additional color choices that will be available for the upcoming Sony Xperia SL.  Today, we’ve got some more photos of the silver version.

The phone features an overclocked processor (from 1.5 ghz to 1.7 ghz), but most of the specs look unchanged from the slightly older but still good-looking Xperia S.  More pics after the break.

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More Motorola Droid RAZR HD Photos Surface

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Yesterday we showed you some leaked photos of the Droid RAZR HD, and today we’ve got a couple more.  You can see more clearly the texture on the back, which is slightly different than what we saw yesterday.

More important than the fancy carbon-fiber-esque look, is the fact that there’s a nice big Verizon LTE logo there.  One more screenshot below as well, showing the Android version that the HD is sporting.

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More Sony Xperia SL Colors Leak

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It seems the as yet announced Sony Xperia SL is going to be available in more than just the blue and pink colors that we’ve seen so far ( a good thing, to be sure).  Photos have surfaced showing the phone sporting black, grey and white paint schemes.  Photos and more info after the break. » Read the rest

Apple, Samsung Trade Jabs Over Galaxy Nexus

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An update from the never ending Samsung vs. Apple saga….

Samsung has won its request to expedite its appeal of the preliminary injunction that Apple won against the Galaxy Nexus.  Samsung needs to file a brief with the court, then Apple has until the end of the month to respond.

In its initial complaint, Apple accused Samsung of harming manufacturers other than Apple with their alleged patent violation, something the courts won’t even consider anyway.  Apple also this week decided to start contacting (read: threatening) vendors to stop selling the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The good news is that Sprint and Google were both allowed amicus briefs, which allow them to argue on behalf, and with, Samsung.  Apple also had a problem with that, saying that Google was not in fact a neutral third-party.

All of this isn’t expected to see the inside of a courtroom until 2014, at which point it seems the Galaxy Nexus would have already been long replaced anyway.

source: Electronista