AT&T To Launch New Program Dubbed “Sponsored Data”

Mobile Data Plan Usage

In an effort to keep up with the industry’s competition and stay fresh on the mobile scene, AT&T is offering a brand new program that will allow companies to only pay for the mobile data used by specific companies’ enterprise applications not counting against their own mobile data plan cap. Without a doubt a pretty bold move by the company. AT&T has dubbed the new toll-free calling for mobile data “Sponsored Data” and companies will now be able to promote their applications and services to businesses interested in only recieving data charges by the carrier for a specific application not by total data used by the user.  If AT&T and its on-board partners can market this product well it could mean huge gains and big success. However, there are some skeptics keeping a watchful eye on the new venture. Eddie Hold, an NPD Group analyst had this to say regarding the bold move:  

LG G Flex Confirmed For T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T? (Video)

LG G Flex_1

Who would have thunk it? The LG G Flex appears to be gaining more traction than we initially thought it would. Due out in Europe this December, it appears that US carriers T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T may be getting on the flex train too. Of course, Verizon is nowhere to be found since they either tend to announce a device much later than other carriers as to be fashionably late or something, or they may not even bother carrying the handset at all, which is more likely given their track record. Our trusty boy over at @evleaks is claiming that this is a “confirmed” deal and we can definitely expect the three out of four carriers to take on the new curved smartphone.

And with @evleaks’s pretty accurate track record we have no problem believing this is most likely going to happen. And while we’re not ultimately sure how well the device will do, both over seas and in the U.S., our curiosity is still certainly piqued. Most are touting that the device is a “gimmick” and still officially in an experimental phase but we have confidence in LG as they’ve managed to deliver with their Nexus series devices for Google as well as their Optimus lineup. As always, only time will tell and will determine whether the new technology will trend well and take off or go the way of 3D on smartphones.  

Best Buy Outs November 15th Release of the HTC One Max on Sprint


For those patiently waiting on Sprint’s version of the HTC One Max, we’ve got some good news for you. After seeing the device pass through the FCC in late October the only question left was when? Thanks to our friends over at Best Buy, their site revealed the device should be available for purchase on November 15th. In addition, to further corroborate this, Sprint’s website lists the HTC One Max’s initial software release as being on Nov 15th. Crazy coincidence or clever timing? So hang in there Sprint fans, it’s coming, and stay tuned because we’ll be announcing it as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, check out these other posts on the giant phablet to keep you busy and feel free to let us know what you think of the monster device in the comments below.   

Verizon To Launch Its Very Own Branded 7-Inch Android Tablet, “Ellipsis 7”

Ellipsis 7_2

It would appear that Verizon is looking to claim its small stake in the affordable tablet market with its new announcement of the “Ellipsis 7“. The Ellipsis 7 tab is the company’s new device hoping to compete with popular small tabs such as Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX. Specs include a 7-inch 1280 x 800 IPS display, 1GB of RAM, 8 gig’s of on-board storage and a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU from an unknown manufacturer. The device will be sold as the company’s very own tablet and first in the line of “Ellipsis” devices. It will also sport LTE connectivity and a front facing camera for video chats. It’s been also said the device will be running an OS version close to stock Jelly Bean and confirmed to hit stores on November 7th for $249.99 with no contract.

Only time will tell whether or not the tab can quickly gain ground over Apple and Samsung products, though it’s highly unlikely. Big Red will also include its RedBox Instant streaming service with the package to sweeten the pot a little. We’re sure, being the “first in the Ellipsis family…’ we’ll see another device between 8-10-inches assuming the 7-inch device does well. Do you think this device has what it takes to compete in the already crowded tablet market? Check out Verizon’s page via the source link for more details on the product and if you happen to snatch one up on opening day let us know what you think in the comments below.  

Sprint Bound HTC One Max Revealed By FCC (Model OP3P700)

HTC One Max Sprint

Looks like AT&T won’t be the only carrier getting some One Max love as a recent filing over at the good ol’ FCC shows bands and nomenclature revealing what appears to be a Sprint bound model. A 6-inch 1080p device with model number “OP3P700” stood out showing the following bands; 25 (1900 mhz), 26 (850 mhz) and 41 (2500 mhz formerly Clearwire).

As of now, pricing (off and on-contract) is obviously unclear but stay tuned as we’ll certainly find out and report back. Hopefully there’s no indication of a too hefty price tag as we’ve already seen this bad boy listed at £600 ($952) in the UK (off-contract). However, we’re sure it will most likely be close to that. So, if you’re due for an upgrade in the near future and you’re into heavy ass handsets, this might be a viable option for you. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

source: FCC

via: Engadget

Nexus 7 With LTE and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for $0 Down Coming To T-Mobile


T-Mobile continues to make waves in the industry by undercutting its competition with great deals. And while most “great deals” don’t include high-end devices, T-Mobile appears to be doing away with that, extending most of their deals to super devices like the Galaxy S 4 and GS Note III. To continue the momentum,, Magenta is set to offer the Nexus 7 with LTE (2013) and the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with the low low price of $0 down. Sure beats the typical $99/$199 down doesn’t it?

The announcement was made on the heels of their “Unleash the tablet” campaign, in which the company announced they’re offering 200 mb’s of free data per month on all tablet data plans. Your options, should you opt for the N7, would be a 24-month payment plan at $16/mo and for the Tab 2 10.1, $19/mo for 24 months as well. In addition to these data offerings, T-Mobile is also including options such as boosting up to 500 mbs on a one-day pass at only $5 or a whopping 1GB weekly pass for $10. And if you tap a hair over that you’ll just be throttled, so no fear of overage charges. You can snatch the Tab 2 10.1 up now as it’s already available however, the N7 won’t be ready for consumers until Nov 20th. Hit the break for the full presser and if you have any thoughts feel free to leave them in the comments below.  

Are You On A T-Mobile Grandfathered Rate Plan? You Could Be “Moved” To Simple Choice Soon

T-Mobile Rate Plan Change_TalkAndroid

Well, looks like Magenta will continue to shake things up in the industry. Following their numerous UNcarrier announcements and three phase plan, of which late they made the entire world your network, they’ll likely begin to retire those who are still lingering on old legacy rate plans. If you thought you were going to piggy back off that pretty grandfathered plan you were on, consider this reply from a T-Mo rep to one of their customers posted over at Howard Forums.  A T-Mobile spokesperson revealed the potential move via the following comment below:

Maintaining thousands of rate plans is the norm in the industry, but we think it creates unnecessary complexity. Simple is better, which is why we’re reducing the number of older plans in our systems. We’re giving customers on these plans the opportunity to choose a plan that best meets their needs. For the vast majority, their plan will provide similar or better features at a comparable price.    


DROID Bionic Update 5.9.905 Passes With Flying Colors, On Its Way To The Masses

For those of you literally scouring the web for any and every bit of DROID Bionic news you can find, here’s a big tidbit for you.  With the previous soak tests now complete, update 5.9.905 is well underway to a DROID Bionic near you.  You should be receiving the update via OTA shortly so keep checking.  Compared to other updates, it’s a rather small one however, it will address a number of bugs such as the LTE data issues most have been experiencing.  Remember, to check for an update go to Settings–>About phone–>System updates.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the update in the comments below.

source: Droid Life




ICS Test Build Revealed For Droid Bionic, Real Deal On Its Way?


For those of you who actually shelled out for a Droid Bionic, which was a little late to the game after its original announcement, you’ll be happy to know that some signs of an ICS build have surfaced.  Over the weekend it was reported that an ICS test build made its way onto the Cheesecake application which searches Motorola hosted servers for public files often revealing early builds for their devices.  Only armed with the knowledge that the device was supposed to recive ICS sometime in Q3, there have been no previous news or hints at the anticipated update.  As of now, the build is un-flashable as it’s just an engineer’s build.  But, this could be a hint and a sign of great things to come for Bionic owners.  Hang in there folks and stay tuned.  Otherwise, you’ll have to download a custom ICS ROM until the real deal gets here.

source: XDA








Sprint Adds Music, Books And Movies To Carrier Billing Option

If you’re on Sprint and you’ve been feeling left out as far as having the option to use carrier billing when purchasing Play Store items other than apps, welcome to the circle.  Sprint is now offering you the ability to use carrier billing instead of entering in your credit card information, adding music, books and even movies to the mix.  Just another easy way for the consumer to pay for rich media content.  We’ll take it.  If you’re a Sprint customer, enjoy.  Feel free to let us know if you prefer carrier billing over standard methods of payment for your Play Store entertainment.

source: Google+


AT&T’s HTC One X Out Of Stock Online For The Time Being

Well, what did you expect would happen with one of the most popular devices of all time?  The HTC One X is officially “Out of stock” over on AT&T’s website for the time being and that goes for both colors.  No word yet on how long that will be for or if there is a fresh shipment on its way, but we’re confident there is.  For now, you’ll have to do things the old fashioned way by heading into your local AT&T outlet and purchasing it face to face with a sales rep.  Don’t be afraid, you can do it :) If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out our initial hands-on and our in depth review of the device and let us know what you think in the comments below.

source: AT&T 1,2

AT&T Points The Finger At Google When Asked About Timely Android Updates

When AT&T was asked why the carrier took so long to respond to Android updates on their smartphones, CEO Randall Stephenson responded with “Google determines what platform gets the newest releases and when. A lot of times, that’s a negotiated arrangement and that’s something we work at hard.”  This seems to imply that Google had the bigger hand as far as when a current update is pushed to devices.  Naturally, this caused the search giant to be somewhat confused.  And while we could naturally see why an update might take some time to reach carrier devices with different technologies, skins and other variables, we’re thinking AT&T is  just looking to pass the buck here.  With expected confusion, Google’s spokesperson responded with the following:

“frankly we don’t understand what he is referring to”

So, it doesn’t appear that the answer was ultimately answered here but rather deflected and passed on to Google’s court.  We’ll see if someone from AT&T’s camp can clear the matter up for us and get the ball rolling on some of these devices still running Froyo.

source: Pocket Now


Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S III Revealed To Also Sport A Dual-Core Processor And 16GB Of Storage

News of various US variants of the Galaxy S III continue to trickle down the pipeline as we’ve now gathered news regarding Sprint’s version of the GSIII.  The folks over at Pocket Now managed to get their hands on the device’s user agent profile and discovered that along with LTE radios there will also be a Qualcomm dual-core Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 on-board.  And while we were all hoping for the quad-core Exynos 4 SoC, this will have to do I suppose.  The profile also revealed the device will hold the initial 16GB of storage which is the lowest available on the device, as there will be a 32GB and even a 64GB variant (via SD slot for Sprint’s model.  And lastly, as expected, the device will run Android 4.0.4 ICS upon launch date.  So, as far as Sprint customers go, the hardest choice to make will be, does one wait for the iPhone 5 or do you snatch the GSIII up and remain married to it for the next two years?  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

source: PocketNow

Virgin Mobile Announces HTC Evo V 4G For May 31st At $299.99


Before you run off thinking this is a re-branded HTC One X or HTC Evo 4G LTE, hold your horses, it’s not.  The device is more of an Evo 3D with some slight modifications to accommodate Virgin’s network.  This will be marked as Virgin Mobile’s first “4G” device to hit the carrier.  The company is offering a $35 plan with unlimited data and 300 minutes of talk time.  The hardware offers a 4.3-inch qHD (960 x 540) display, a 3D camera on the backside, a 1.3 mp front facing camera, a 5 meg camera on the backside as a point-and-shoot, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage.  So what’s going to make this device stand out from the rest? Consider the fact that the device will launch with ICS 4.0 on-board and that just might be enough for some people.  However, note that it will not house the latest version of Sense UI, 4.0 as seen on the One family of devices but rather 3.6.  If you’re on Virgin’s network and have been wanting a “big boy” phone for some time, this might be as close as you’re going to get to one for now.  The device is slated for a May 31st launch and will go for $299.99 on contract. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

source: Virgin Mobile