Google Launches New HTML5 Version of Gmail only for Arabic Phones

Google recently launched a new HTML5 Version of Gmail that runs in the browser. This would seem convenient, except for one simple issue: the web page is only viewable if your entire phone is in Arabic. Recently, Google announced that Gmail’s new HTML5  web interface runs a user interface entirely in Arabic. Also, the HTML5 web page is not for everyone, as it only works for phones or tablets running the Android OS version 2.2.1 or higher with Arabic as their default language. has tried to get a glimpse of it. However, Google does not set their settings based off of Gmail, but the phone itself. It seems that the only way to check it out is to flash an Arabic ROM to your phone and then take advantage of the new 44 language support by Google.

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LG Optimus 2X Costs as much as 4 HTC Evo 4G’s in Sweden

With every new release, we can safely expect the price of each and every phone to (somewhat) accurately cover the amount of hardware and software it encompasses. The Swedish release of the LG Optimus 2X has gone to far. The recent release of the phone on a Swedish website  is being sold for a whopping – hold onto your chairs – 4999 kronor ($731).  Can you believe it? The LG Optimus 2X is currently the price of six HTC Evo 4G’s from Sprint.

However, if you were planning on getting this with a subsidy, the price is dropped to 3099KR ($453.16). So it is a little more affordable, but it is a matter of personal opinion. So if you think this phone is the phone for you, happy shopping!

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Cyanogen cooks up some Gingerbread

Twitter is the way to be informed. Any of us awake at three this morning would have read a tweet by the infamous @Cyanogen and his successful porting of Gingerbread to his T- Mobile G2. Curious to read his exact words? Read no further:

If that wasn’t news enough, paired with the

I think it is safe to say that, by the end of the week, many devices will be cleared to flash their own version of Gingerbread. Make sure to support your local and favorite developers by purchases or donations. Remember, Android is kept alive by the passion of the community.

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Samsung Galaxy S gets Gingerbread, straight from the Nexus S

Since the hardware configurations of the Galaxy S and the Nexus S were so similar, it was only a matter of time before the famed Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS was ported to the Samsung Galaxy S. Well, the wait is no longer necessary. XDA forums member supercurio got the first semi- port version working less then 48 hours after the push of Gingerbread to AOSP.

While there are still bugs to iron out, like the absence of Wi-Fi and GPS, this is good news for Galaxy S owners. Check the videos after the break.

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Touiteur is Under Fire From Twitter to Change Name

The popular Android Twitter application Touiteur is under fire from Twitter. Twitter claims that Touiteur needs to change its name due to its similarity to Twitter. The claimed similarity is that Touiteur is just another way to spell Twitter. I personally don’t believe this. However, this is good news for the Touiteur public.

LevelUp Studio, the developer of Touiteur, is turning to its public to pick the application’s new name. Currently, Plume and CuiCui are in the lead, but if you think you can do better head over to the voting page to make Touiteur a part of you .