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I am very happy with my Samsung Galaxy but not at all happy with the pile of rubbish that is New PC Studio. How on earth are you supposed to get music onto the phone?

I've tried everything, New PC Studio will only recognise my phone as two USB mass storage devices (Android and Android(1)) i.e. I don't get the phone icon on the right hand side, just two USB icons. Also the EasyStart doesn't seem to have the import music option.

It really shouldn't be this difficult to put some music files on the phone. I've tried dragging and dropping into the root directory of my SD card but when I use the Music app nothing comes up...

ARRRRRGH, can anyone help me, before I throw my lovely Galaxy at the wall!!!
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Forget PC studio, it doesnt work to transfer stuff.

Turn on USB debugging (settings -> aplications -> development -> USB debugging)
Windows will install the drivers, and there will be one left it cant find the driver for - this is the adb debug interface, ignore it.

If it cant find the drivers for anything point it to the USB drivers directory in c:\program files\samsung\pc studio.

To get music on your phone plug in the cable, you'll hear the ding and the notification at the top.

Drag the notification bar down, and click on the USB mounted, then 'mount'. Now you can access one of the two DRIVES that appear on your computer (one is the internal 8gb, the other is the external sd card if u have one).

Make a folder on there called whatever you want, 'music' seems sensible, and drag your music into it.

Unplug the cable (or go to the notification and unmount). Start the music player, and it'll search your phone for music.
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