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Skinomi: Protection for Perfection for HTC Evo 4G

So you have a brand spanking new HTC Evo 4G with its beautiful 4.3" touch screen!
You would hate to see that thing of beauty get all scratched up, right? I know I will end up crying if I ever see a scratch of any sort on mine.

So to help prevent anything like this occurring on your new HTC Evo, we look to a nice screen protector.
There are many to choose from, but today we will be taking a look at the Skinomi screen protector for the HTC Evo 4G.

The product Skinomi makes comes in a pretty cool looking box.
When I first got the item, I was a bit confused why the box was so big, as I was just expecting a small sleeve with a clear bag, with my Screen protector in it.

Review: Skinomi Screen Protector-evonproduct.jpg

Opening the box we discover that Skinomi has included a bottle sprayer that is filled with a nice magical liquid to aid us in the installation of the Screen protector.

Review: Skinomi Screen Protector-boxopen.jpg

Here is a close-up of the magic liquid.

Review: Skinomi Screen Protector-magicliquid.jpg

Now let’s take a look at everything that is Included in the box:

Review: Skinomi Screen Protector-protector.jpg

As you can see we have our spray bottle, screen protector and a squeegee.
If you take a look at the picture and look at the screen protector, you can see how it’s shaped up at the top-right.
They cut out the screen protector so that it will not go over the camera on the front of the HTC Evo.
This is a good thing though, as putting a screen protector or any kind of covering on the lens of the camera will cause you to have hazy or blurry photos.


The install was fairly simple, though I have installed many vinyl decals on cars and windows and putting this screen protector on is the same concept.

Using the spray bottle provided, spray the front of the screen protector.
You will also want to get your fingertips on both hands wet as well, as this will keep the screen protector from sticking to your fingers.
As you pull the screen protector apart from the white backing, spray the liquid on to the back (sticky) side of the screen protector.

Doing this will allow you to move the screen protector around on your HTC Evo without it getting stuck on the screen, which could cause stretching or tearing of the screen protector.

Once you get the screen protector centered in the correct position, go ahead and put a bit of pressure in the center of the screen with your finger and then use the Squeegee provided to Squeegee out the air bubble's and liquid from in between the screen protector and your HTC Evo.

There is a good chance the screen will look a bit grainy and you may still have a few small bubbles you cannot get out.
Skinomi's instructions say they will go away after a few days.

You are also not supposed to use the HTC Evo's Screen after the install for 12 to 24 Hours.

This photo below is what my HTC Evo looked like before and after the Squeegee.

Review: Skinomi Screen Protector-skinomi-.jpg

Review: Skinomi Screen Protector-skinomi-squigeed.jpg

Review: Skinomi Screen Protector-cleaned-evo.jpg

I did take a cloth and made a circular motion over the screen to see if I could get any of that haze out/off the Screen.


I picked this item up at the store, as it was $9.95 with Free Shipping. The item also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. This is really nice in case sometime in the future the screen starts to peel back due to taking it in and out of pockets and cases.
Installation of the item was very quick and painless and took no longer then five minutes to do.
One of my concerns right now with the item though, is that when I hold it a certain way, it looks a bit "hazy". I guess a good way to describe what I am seeing would be to compare the screen to those new 3D glasses you get when you go see a movie in a theater now. When you look through them it has that weird lighting effect, where you sort of see different colors. (Only at certain angles though.)

Skinomi directions said "Micro-bubbles, streaks and imperfections will go away after a few days".

Three days after my install of the screen I have noticed that it is not as "hazy" looking as it once was the day I had it installed, though it still has a bit of that “3D glasses effect” I explained above.
The only other thing I do not care for is that the screen now feels a bit "sticky".
When I am trying to use the "pinch to zoom" feature, I sort of feel like my fingers are getting hung up or snagging just a bit though. Using the phone more and more since the install, I am noticing I do not notice it as much anymore, but it just does not have that same feel as playing on the unprotected screen.

What can you do though, right? You either have to deal with minor issues or possibly end up with a nice little scratch on your beautiful screen!
I also noticed that I am not seeing my fingerprints on my screen after usage either, though I did not read anywhere that this was a smudge-proof screen.
I do not plan on taking it off though, unless I end up coming across a review that gives a screen protector a ten out of ten.
For me personally, all of the pros out-weighed the cons.
The item works very well for what I use my HTC Evo for, without any major or real complaints.

I would give the item an eight out of ten rating. 8/10.


Good price + lifetime replacement guarantee
Item does what it is supposed to do
The install is quick and easy
Screen protector seems to be smudge-proof


Screen protector makes the Screen look "hazy".
Screen protector is a bit "sticky"

Overall: A very nice item to get for your HTC Evo, to keep the screen looking great!

Note: I ended up getting a scratch on the Protector itself last weekend. I emailed Skinomi's website and they did in fact replace my Protector Free of Charge. They told me they would normally charge shipping, but since this happen so recent to me getting my item they replaced it with free shipping.
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