Twitter buys up Cover, the contextually aware lock screen replacement

by Jared Peters on
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Remember that contextually aware lock screen from a few months ago, Cover? The app hasn’t made any waves lately, but that didn’t stop Twitter from scooping up the app and its developers.

Twitter is generally pretty platform agnostic, so it’s interesting that they were willing to acquire a startup that only applies to the Android side of the fence. Of course, there’s always that chance that Twitter only bought Cover for some interesting technology or the developers, especially since Cover plans to stay available in the Play Store for the foreseeable future. » Read the rest

Twitter enhances photo features on mobile client

by Aditya Thawardas on
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Twitter-for-Android-Receives-Bug-Fix-UpdateGoogle+ probably has the most advanced image tools of the social networks, but Twitter is trying to catch up. Twitter announced new photo features today that include photo tagging and the ability to upload up to four images per tweet.

You will be able to tag up to ten people in each photo with Twitter usernames, without wasting any of the 140-character limit. Tagged users will receive a notification just like a mention. For the second new feature, users will be able to upload up to four images per tweet, compared to the original one that was allowed. The pictures will be turned into a collage, or album of sorts which can be viewed on mobile, desktop, and embedded clients.

The features are going to first roll out on iOS, but we’ll see them on Android soon.

Source: Twitter Blog


HTC UK teases launch of the All New HTC One on Twitter

by Jack Holt on
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We’re less than two weeks away from an announcement for the all new HTC One. As such, HTC is teasing the hell out of us on its UK Twitter account. With t-minus 11 days in counting we can expect that this teasing will continue to ramp up prior to the announcement of the M8. With a Verizon branded All New One making its way to eBay, and a leak involving a sales guide for the device, there’s not much left to know about the device.

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Talon for Twitter gets updated to version 2.0 with several new fixes and features

by Jared Peters on
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Talon for Twitter is seeing a pretty big update today that brings it up to version 2.0, and like the app’s other updates, this one does more than just fix bugs. The changelog for this version includes UI tweaks, new features, and a brand new widget for the users that have been requesting it.

In the UI for Talon, you’ll now see a floating compose button on the side of the app, instead of in the action bar. This compose button appears whenever you stop scrolling through your timeline and makes it easier to quickly start writing out tweets. While composing tweets, you’ll also be able to tweet to multiple accounts, a feature that’s been absent before now. The entire timeline UI has been cleaned up a bit, too, and it just looks much cleaner than it did before. » Read the rest

9 top Twitter apps for Android [March 2014]

by Christian de Looper on
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For users of Twitter on Android, there are a number of options and each one a little different than the others. Many people automatically assume that the best Twitter app is the one made by Twitter itself, but that’s not always the case. For some people, it may be appropriate to get a third party app instead. Here is a list of some of the best Twitter apps available. Head on past the break to get started.

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HTC teases repair service on Twitter

by Christian de Looper on


HTC today posted a picture of two broken HTC phones in the shape of a heart, with the caption “if only broken hearts were this easy to fix.” Many are speculating that this signals a device repair service for HTC. HTC also mentioned that more information would be released on February 18, which is this coming Tuesday.

Source: @HTC

Talon for Twitter updated to version 1.3, includes a huge list of new features

by Alihassan Mahdi on


Talon for twitter was released a few weeks ago and already secured its spot as the best Twitter client on the Google Play Store. It’s a great new app and within a short span of time, developer Klinker Apps has just released version 1.3 which includes a huge list of new features.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Talon app before, it’s a Twitter client that has been designed with Android KitKat in mind. It includes a beautiful card-style user interface, neat animations, Google+-like profile pictures and more. In short, the app allows you to do everything you ever wanted to do right from a Twitter app.

Check out the huge list of new features right after the break. » Read the rest

Image of the HTC M8 (One 2) surfaces on Twitter, shows dual camera

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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The HTC M8 or One 2 is grabbing quite the attention. We previously heard rumors about the on-screen buttons, color options, twin UltraPixel camera and a possible March launch.

Today, a picture of the HTC M8 aka One 2 has surfaced on Twitter that appears to be the rear panel of the phone. The picture posted by a Twitter user going by the name @HTCFamily_RU shows the twin cameras and a dual LED flash on the back of the phone. This means that the fingerprint sensor, if there is one one, won’t be on the back of the phone. No other details about the phone was leaked. » Read the rest

Twitter updates app with better photo editing, news feed features

by Jeff Causey on
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Twitter has issued an update to the official app today to make it a little easier for users to share and “tag” photos as well as find out what the latest news is. For photos, as a user is editing an image to get it ready for posting, the app will remind you to @ mention people and places related to the photo. Twitter says it is not easier to @ mention people when tweeting a photo. Other photo editing improvements include better photo cropping and image rotation features.

The latest news content feature is supposed to only surface when a user is caught up with the tweets from people they are following. If a user pulls down to refresh and there are no new tweets from those they follow, Twitter will serve up news stories based on what is currently trending and popular on Twitter at that time.

If you want to try the official Twitter app or need to grab the update, just use on of the download links below.

QR Code generator

Google Play Download Link

Talon released in the Play Store, a Twitter app from the makers of Sliding Messaging

by Justin Herrick on
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Luke Klinker of Klinker Apps has released a brand new Twitter app in the Play Store — Talon for Twitter. The developer, who also created the popular Sliding Messaging app, designed Talon to take advantage of Android 4.4 KitKat’s design. Present in the app is the full screen layout that apps like Google Now use in Android 4.4; however, devices running Android 4.3 and lower can not take advantage of this.

Aside from the usual Twitter features, Talon has an interesting one called Talon Pull. It runs in your notification drawer and collects information regarding how many tweets, mentions, and interactions you have missed. If you are worried about this damaging your battery life, don’t. After a few hours of use, I can tell you that it does not seem to have any effect on battery life (and I’m using a Galaxy Nexus). In addition to collecting this information, it also has a popup button that displays your timeline from whatever app you are in.

The app is very clean and features light, dark, and black themes in addition to add-on themes being available. Twitter has a 100,000 user limit for third-party apps, so download it soon before it gets filled. Hit the break for a gallery and download links. » Read the rest