New and updated Galaxy S 5 TouchWiz apps now available for download

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We are about a month away from the Galaxy S 5 launch, which will not only bring updated versions for most TouchWiz apps, but it will also bring a few brand new apps. Many of these apps leaked and are available to download right now. They include S Note, WatchON, S Health, S Translator, the calculator, and Gear Manager.

The only caveat, and a major one, is that you need a Samsung device running Android 4.4.2. Plus, some of the apps need to have the previous version uninstalled, which requires root. And of course, the Galaxy Fit won’t do much for you unless you have a Galaxy Fit, but you can at least see the UI.

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source: SamMobile

Samsung will commit half of its R&D to improving TouchWiz

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Samsung_Galaxy_S_4_Main_TASamsung just admitted what everyone already knew…TouchWiz needs a lot of work. Samsung vice chairman & CEO Kwon Oh-hyun said that the software isn’t as good as their hardware. He even compared the relationship between the two to the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox lead the pack in batting, but their pitching was average. For Samsung, “batting” is hardware and “pitching” is software. The Red Sox were still able to win the World Series and Samsung has proven to be very successful at selling smartphones.

So the software issues haven’t slowed Samsung down, but they want to fix things before it does. The only way to fix it is to spend a little money. Kwon says that half of the Research and Development workforce will focus on improving the software. Samsung is spending roughly $12 billion annually in R&D, so this indicates they are serious.

Of course they could save a slew of money and just opt for stock Android (or at least something close to it). Wishful thinking.

source: TheVerge

Thanks to ‘adjustment problems with TouchWiz’ the Samsung Galaxy S II won’t see Android 4.2 afterall

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Well we have some Debbie Downer news for Galaxy S II owners today. It looks like the GS2 won’t get the Android 4.2.2 update afterall. It was originally going to get the update, but “due to adjustment problems in the TouchWiz interface,” it isn’t going to happen. I know this might be a disappointment for many of you, but when you consider that the GS2 is already two years old, it’s not a shocker. It’s very rare to see updates on devices with that kind of age. Thankfully, it received two major updates, and that is darn good in the Android world. Now if you are lucky to have a Galaxy S II Plus, it looks like you might be enjoying Android 4.2.2 in the near future.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 initial setup and changes to TouchWiz

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When you first turn on any Android phone, there are always a few things to set up like your Gmail account and location settings. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is a little different since there are so many new features with the latest version of TouchWiz. To help users, Samsung added a quick settings menu that will appear during your initial setup of the device. This is where you will be able to turn on or off specific things like Air View, Air Gesture, Smart Scrolling, and so on. You will also have the opportunity to learn about each feature as well.

This video guide we will show you the initial setup process as well as tell you about the major changes with TouchWiz. Most of what you have been used to in the past will be the same, but Samsung added some enhancements like an improved power toggle menu, a newer look to the settings menu, a brand new sidebar for multitasking, and a new quick launch menu as part of the stock Browser. We won’t get into the major software features in this guide, just the changes to the TouchWiz user interface for now. Don’t worry, we have plenty of guides planned, so keep an eye out. Hit the break for the full video walkthrough. » Read the rest

Android 4.1.2 Update For Samsung Galaxy Note Speculated To Feature TouchWiz Nature UI And Multi-Window, Video Surfaces Adding Further Speculation

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As original Galaxy Note owners eagerly await the possible arrival of Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on their devices, we are now beginning to see signs of which custom features will be found in the update. Similar to the Galaxy Note II smartphone and the incoming Android 4.1.2 update due to for the Galaxy S III next month, the original Galaxy Note will include the awesome TouchWiz Nature UI and the multi-window feature, allowing for true multitasking and the ability to use multiple apps at once on the Galaxy Note.

To corroborate this news is the surfacing of not one, but two preliminary Jelly Bean builds being spotted in the wild for the Galaxy Note. The first build has a firmware version of N7000XXLS3 and is currently being tested at Samsung bringing not only the TouchWiz Nature UI and multi-window feature; the second build has a firmware version of N7000XXLS7 which not only highlights the same mentioned custom Sammy features, but actually has video footage of those features in action. Of course Sammy has stayed mum on whether or not this evidence is actually factual or not, but considering these builds are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before— we’re willing to bet that these are not only authentic— but that we’ll likely see the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 updates announced for the Galaxy Note sooner than later.


source: SamMobile 1 | SamMobile 2 | YouTube

New vulnerability found in Samsung devices, TouchWiz to blame

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Today a rather catastrophic exploit was found in Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. The new hack allows websites to run a USSD code commanding the device to wipe itself back to factory state, and possibly even damage the SIM card. This means that just by simply visiting a infected website could remove all your pictures, contacts, apps and most importantly: your high score on Temple Run.

Luckily this piece of malicious code will only interface with the TouchWiz interface, so if you’re running CyanogenMod or any other custom ROMs, you’re most likely safe. The current list of affected device include the aforementioned Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S Advance.

Source: SmartDroid

Verizon Wireless Galaxy S III gets a ported TouchWiz Jelly Bean ROM

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With the Jelly Bean update launching soon for the international Samsung Galaxy S III, it’s created envy for U.S. users. Thankfully XDA member remf4i posted a ported version for the Verizon version. It’s actually from a T-Mobile build, and it’s called ToUcHmYbEaNs RoM.

Of course with any ported ROM, there are always issues. For now the GPS is not showing directions and when setting the wallpaper by holding the homecreen, it force closes the gallery. However, you can set it by going directly into the gallery. We’ve seen a lot worse.

Just hit the source link below to get started.

source: xda


Samsung Galaxy S III Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update Brings New and Innovative TouchWiz Features

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Just as the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich brought along new features to its users, including The “Premium Suite” of applications (for the Galaxy Note), the Samsung Galaxy S III Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update brings new TouchWiz applications and features. As we reported previously, the Jelly Bean update (not the final) already leaked, and the folks over at AndroidCentral put a list together of all the enhancements. Hit the break for the complete rundown.

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Android 4.1 TouchWiz Jelly Bean spotted running on Samsung Galaxy S III (i9300) [Video]

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Back in July, we reported that we should all expect Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to hit the Samsung Galaxy S III sometime in Q4. It looks like Samsung is very well on that track as a leaked version of a TouchWiz based Jelly Bean ROM (XADLG4) has been spotted running on a Galaxy S III (i9300). As you can see in the video below, you’re greeted with the standard Jelly Bean intro and you soon see all of Jelly Bean’s goodness paired with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. Some notable things that I liked seeing were the presence of notification toggles in the new Jelly Bean style notification shade, as well as Google Now. I can only hope that Samsung got rid of that horrid S-Voice app in Jelly Bean now that Google Now is present.

So far there’s no word as to when this will be available to the masses, but we’re hoping it’ll be sooner than later. As for Androids beloved rooted users, this leaked ROM has yet to hit XDA, but I have no doubt that someone will get their hands on this ROM and upload it on XDA in no time. As soon as that happens, we’ll be sure to inform you.

What do you all think of Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S III thus far?

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Apple shows further evidence that TouchWiz was inspired by iOS

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On Monday Apple showed an email that proved that the iPhone caused a “crisis of design” for Samsung and they showed a decent amount of evidence that Samsung’s icon designs were influenced by iOS. Apple wasn’t finished as yesterday they showed the jury a 132-page internal document from 2010 that shows that Samsung was definitely trying to design icons that resembled iOS and not only that, was trying to make the whole UI experience (TouchWiz) resemble it.

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