Motorola Releases Three New Moto X Commercials

Motorola’s latest flagship, the Moto X is a marvelous improvement over an already spectacular device. To highlight the specific differences that make the new Moto X shine, Motorola published three new commercials showing how convenient Moto Voice is, how safe Moto Assist is, and how stunning the much-needed camera upgrade can be. So sit back, […]

Moto Voice adds support for last year’s Motorola devices

When the Moto X (2014) launched, Touchless Control was replaced by Moto Voice. It was a way to rebrand with improvements and new features coinciding with the launch of the new flagship device. Today, Motorola is update Moto Voice to support last year’s range of devices. This means that Moto Voice now supports the Moto […]

Motorola Moto X (2014), Moto Hint, Turbo Charger pre-orders open September 16 as the Moto 360 returns

On September 16, the floodgates will open at Motorola. The company’s full range of 2014 devices will up for pre-order. This includes the Moto X (2014), Moto Hint, and Motorola Turbo Charger. The aforementioned devices have yet to be given a release date. For the Moto X, the AT&T version and the Pure Edition will […]