Madfinger releases new screenshots for Dead Trigger 2

by Jeff Causey on
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Already late in delivery, Madfinger Games has released some new screenshots for Dead Trigger 2, the sequel to their popular zombie-killing title Dead Trigger. They have also promised to announce the release date on September 19, 2013. In addition to the screenshots, to help keep people at bay while they wait for the title to be available on Android devices, Madfinger has also announced some more details about improvements in this newest iteration of the Dead Trigger series: » Read the rest

Madfinger Games’ Shadowgun: Deadzone reemerges, set to launch as free to play with online multiplayer mode

by Colton Kaiser on
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Madfinger Games has consistently developed quality mobile titles, including popular games like Shadowgun and Dead Trigger. Today, the studio has released an official teaser video for its long-rumored Shadowgun: Deadzone game for Android. For those of you that don’t remember, the developers from the studio showed off the title at CES last January, but have since been quiet regarding its impending release. In addition to the video, the company also posted a teaser image on its Facebook page, detailing the different characters. At this point, what’s been changed is mostly unknown, though the game will be free to play and offer an online multiplayer mode. In the meantime, check out the full video below.

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Source: Madfinger Games (Facebook)

Madfinger to Reward Folks who Paid for Dead Trigger, New Content Coming Soon

by Stacy Bruce on
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Where you one of the many who paid for Madfinger’s Dead Trigger before they decided to make the game free a few days ago? I bet your pissed, huh? Well, you’re not alone my friends and Madfinger wants to make it up to you by giving you some new and exclusive content. The new add-on will come within the next update and will be given out to early adopters only, the ones who paid $.99 for the game. No word on what the update will include or when it will be pushed out, but it’s sure nice to know that Madfinger wants to make things right. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a new “high roller” level or something. :-) We’ll keep you posted.

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Madfinger’s Dead Trigger now free on Google Play due to piracy

by Macky Evangelista on
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When the mobile game company Madfinger lowered their newest game Dead Trigger from $1.00 to free, there was a small sense of outrage within the Android community. While it didn’t bother me since it was just a buck for such an exceptional game, I can see why it would bother some early adopters to see the game become free in such a short amount of time.

Today, Madfinger released an official statement regarding the price drop via their Facebook page and fingers the blame on Androids ongoing app piracy problem as the reasoning for this sudden move. Here’s their official statement after the break: » Read the rest

Madfinger’s Dead Trigger now Officially Available on Google Play [Video]

by Macky Evangelista on
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A couple of days ago we mentioned that Dead Trigger would be available on the Google Play store beginning July 2nd. Due to last minute bug fixes, the game was delayed by one day and is now officially available for purchase on the Google Play store for a very, very low price of $0.99. This is a steal for such a great game so grab it while the sale is still going on!

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MADFINGER Games announces Dead Trigger, A zombie-themed first person shooter [Video]

by Robert Nazarian on
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MADFINGER Games, makers of the very popular Shadowgun, just announced their upcoming title called Dead Trigger. It’s a first person shooter and zombies are involved so we’re already excited. The storyline is that the world has collapsed due to a strange infection that turns regular people into zombies. You guessed it, you need to take the zombies down with your collection of weapons.

Dead Trigger will be compatible with many devices, but they will release a NVIDIA Tegra 3 version which promises to be console quality. It also supports game controllers so you can connect your device via HDMI to your big screen and play it like it was an Xbox 360 or a PS3. MADFINGER games was able to maximize what the Tegra 3 offers by adding ragdoll physics, volumetric fog, specular lighting, and enhanced fluid and water. You won’t find anything like this in the standard version.

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Wikipad cuts $50 off its Android gaming tablet, drops to $199

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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Wikipad 7, a 7-inch Android gaming tablet, received a price discount of $50 in the U.S bringing the cost from $249 down to $199. The gaming tablet comes pre-installed with popular titles such as Shadowgun: Deadzone and Dead Trigger 2. Other territories will soon announce a similar discount later.

In addition, the company has also unveiled a new game control mapping tool that will boost your gaming experience. The tool will allow you to map the touchscreen game controls to the controller. The 7-inch Android 4.2 tablet can also be detached from the controller making it suitable for non-gaming purposes as well.

Read the full press release after the break. » Read the rest

Dead Trigger 2 receives massive update

by Aditya Thawardas on

dead_trigger_2The popular mobile game, Dead Trigger 2, has an update that adds tons of new content and changes some of the rules of engagement. Among the changes are nine new environments, new weapons, and the ability to create a list of friends to compete with.

The full list of features:

  • New Weapons: Get your hands on 3 new weapons – FN2000, Spagin and the mighty Minigun!
  • Friends: Make a list of friends in Dead Trigger 2! Compare your stats, hype your friends up, or have a chat in between zombie destruction!
  • New Warfare: Infection is an equal opportunity employer… So let’s get to work! Death knows no boundaries. It’s high time to fight for humanity in Europe!
  • Environments: Resistance intel has revealed 9 new environments! Fight your way through the city streets, countryside, warehouses, factories and many more!
  • Auto-heal: Bored of classic Bandages? The new Auto-heal gadget will keep you in shape all the time.
  • Permanent Money Booster: Get this booster and double your mission income. For how long? FOREVER!
  • New Production: Resistance now allows you to upgrade your Hideout up to level 9.
  • Warfare Tweaks: From now on, rewards are awarded in relation to score, not kills. So go set your sights for some new and difficult tasks!

You can download the updated version via the link past the break.

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Wikipad Announces Gamevice, a Detachable Controller for Android Devices

by Jack Holt on


If you’re a fan of gaming on your mobile device but find onscreen controllers to be a bit lacking, then we have news for you. The company behind the Wikipad, with the same name, has announced today a detachable gaming controller making gaming on the go, both compact and convenient. The controller comes with the standard 2xAnalog Stick, X, Y, A, B, L1/L2, R1/R2 and d-pad configuration. What we don’t know is when and where it will launch or for how much. However, Wikipad will have its newest toy out to play with at CES.

Unrelated to the new controller Wikipad has also announced an Android 4.2 OTA for the Wikipad. Included in that are six new games that take advantage of the new update. They are:

  • Shadowgun – Madfinger Games
  • Reckless Racing 1 - Polarbit
  • Raging Thunder 2 – Polarbit
  • Sprinkle – Medicore
  • Granny Smith - Medicore
  • Zen Pin HD – Zen Studios

So if you own the tablet be sure to check and see if you have the update waiting for you. While you’re at it, be sure to check out our full CES coverage for this year. We have the presser for you after the break.

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Dead Trigger 2 gets a holiday update with new weapons, environments, and game modes

by Jared Peters on
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Like last year, Madfinger is bringing a holiday update to their popular zombie-killing mobile game, Dead Trigger 2. This year’s update includes a handful of extra content, including four new weapons, a new environment to play around in, new story and challenge missions, and a bunch of Christmas themed elements to get you in the holiday spirit.

Some of the new weapons are melee weapons that include the Big Hammer, Butterfly Sword, and the classic, a Machete. You’ll now be able to fight zombie hordes in China and access a bunch of new challenges and story missions, just in case you were running out. Madfinger is also bringing Google Play Achievements to the title. There are also some Christmas presents strewn throughout the game right now, but Madfinger isn’t saying exactly what they’ll do. If you’re an avid Dead Trigger fan, you may want to stock up on those for when they do get an actual purpose in the game. » Read the rest