HTC One (M8) Review: The Rolex of smartphones

by Robert Nazarian on
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Last year, the HTC One (M7) received a ton of praise from just about every media outlet including yours truly. It was simply the best phone on the planet at that time, but as great as it was, HTC watched Samsung and Apple continue to dominate the smartphone market share. HTC still believes that it’s quality that sells phones and that eventually consumers will catch on. They are hoping that internet sites such as this site will continue with the praise, and those that opted for the Galaxy S 4 last year, will finally see the light. There is no denying the beauty of last year’s HTC One and this year’s HTC One (M8), but as the saying goes, “beauty is only skin deep.” There is a lot more to a phone than just the outside, especially for those that plan on slapping a case on it. Last year, Motorola proved that it’s the user experience that is the most important. Hell, even Apple proved that years before. Let’s face it, if you’re a geek like myself, you will love the HTC One (M8), but what about the mainstream audience? Is it finally time for them to wake up and smell the coffee, dump their Samsung Galaxy phone (or iPhone), and join the HTC parade? Well hit the break to get started.

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HTC releases duo-camera SDK for developers

by Jared Peters on
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HTC has released their SDK for the duo-cameras on the HTC One (M8) for developers to take advantage of. The SDK contains plenty of APIs, libraries, and samples for reference, so it shouldn’t take long for a developer to work that into an app.

To download the SDK, you’ll have to create an HTC Dev account, but after that, it’s free to use. Now that it’s available for everyone, we just have to wait and see how many apps take advantage of the unique features that HTC’s camera offers over the competition.

source: HTC Dev

HTC One (M7) will receive Sense 6.0 next month

by Aditya Thawardas on
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HTC_One_Back_Slanted_Camera_Lens_HTC_Logo_TAThe next version of the HTC One (M8) was just released, but jealous owners of the previous version (M7) have something to be excited about. The company announced today that will push out an update to the original HTC One (M7) that’ll include Sense 6, the same user interface that’s running on HTC’s newer One (M8). HTC executive Jason Mackenzie confirmed that the update will make its way to devices by the end of May.

There are a lot of new features in Sense 6.0, but its unclear which ones will be compatible for last year’s device. Surely the UI will receive a pretty big improvement, and apps like BlinkFeed and the camera will be updated, but all of the gestures are probably unlikely to make its way to the One (M7).

Source: @JasonMacHTC


HTC One M8 Mini May release rumored again

by Jack Holt on
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With HTC’s One M8 out and available for purchase, it would only be a matter of time before we started hearing more regarding the smaller cousin to this year’s (so far) most beautiful handset. The HTC One M8 Mini is currently rumored to be releasing in May. A second rumor has leaked all but confirming the first rumor.

According to Taiwan’s ePrice, the M8 Mini is set to go on sale in Taiwan in May which correlates with UK rumor from March. There’s no official confirmation of specs but according to rumor, the device will pack a 4.5-inch screen with a 720p resolution. It will also feature 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage (expandable via micro SD), a 13MP rear camera (no dual-camera as its exclusive to the M8 flagship), a Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor and will have Android 4.4.2 with HTC Sense 6. It will also have the mostly aluminum body it’s larger cousin has.

HTC looks to make this a mid-tier device so it may come with a mid-tier price. We’ll know more next month. Stay tuned!

source: Taiwan ePrice
via: G for Games

HTC could be working on a cheaper One (M8) constructed with plastic

by Justin Herrick on
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It looks like HTC is working very hard on releasing a variety of devices this year. A new report out today claims that HTC is planning to release the One (M8) in plastic. While the internal specifications and overall design would be the same as the aluminum One (M8), the plastic model would undoubtedly be cheaper. The reason for this is that the HTC One (M8) costs almost $900 in China and having a plastic model would bring that number down to about $483.

Source: TMT Post
Via: G 4 Games

John Legere receives HTC One (M8) with 24K gold finish as a gift

by Christian de Looper on
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The CEO of T-Mobile received a gift from HTC America yesterday. Nothing too flash, just a new HTC One (M8) with a 24 carot gold finish. Of course, the device was promptly shown off on Twitter.

That’s not all though. As if all that gold wasn’t enough, Mr. Legere then received a gold Samsung Galaxy S5, which was also shown off on Twitter! It certainly must be nice to be getting all that gold!

Source: @JohnLegere (HTC One) and @JohnLegere (Galaxy S5)

HTC One (M8) in Glamour Red said to be heading to Verizon

by Justin Herrick on
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At Verizon, the HTC One (M8) is only available in Gunmental Gray and Glacial Silver. Along with these colors, Verizon gained exclusivity from HTC by releasing the One (M8) on the same day it was announced. And it now looks like Verizon will be getting another exclusive. This time, another color.

On Twitter, @evleaks let the cat out of the bag by saying the HTC One (M8) on Verizon will soon be available in Glamour Red. When? We do not know. But we have heard about other red variants of the One (M8). The Stealth Red variant was recently delayed, so will Glamour Red hit a speed bump as well? Cannot be sure just yet. » Read the rest

HTC training material shows why the One (M8) is better than the Galaxy S5

by Christian de Looper on
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Training material from HTC that was sent to thousands of retail sales reps has been revealed, and title of the document makes clear the message that HTC wanted to send. The title reads “Why the HTC One (M8) is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5″.

According to HTC, there’s 5 things that make the all new One a better device, including things like the metal body, BoomSound speakers, duo camera, HTC Advantage, and Motion Launch Gestures.

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More carriers add HTC One (M8) to retail locations starting today

by Jeff Causey on
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When HTC announced the HTC One (M8) they also announced their latest flagship device would be available around the globe with more than 230 operators signed up to carry the smartphone. That far-ranging availability did not stop HTC from creating some initial scarcity for the phone by giving Verizon exclusive rights to carry the HTC One (M8) in their retail locations starting on the day of the announcement. In the U.S., if you were not a Verizon customer, you could still order the HTC One (M8) on-line and get it shipped to you. Customers with AT&T or Sprint now have the ability to get their hands on the device prior to making their purchase as Verizon’s exclusivity period draws to a close and these carriers have the device available in retail locations. T-Mobile is scheduled to have HTC’s newest device available starting tomorrow at their retail stores.

According to HTC’s original announcement, several other retail outlets should have the HTC One (M8) available for customers to try their hands on starting today, notably Best Buy. Not surprisingly, HTC is getting the HTC One (M8) onto retail sales floors just in time to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S 5 which will start selling tomorrow.

How to create perfect Video Highlights on the HTC One (M8)

by Robert Nazarian on
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Video Highlights is probably the coolest application that any Android manufacturer has ever come up with, at least in my humble opinion. HTC doesn’t promote it enough. Video Highlights first debuted with Sense 5 on the HTC One (M7), and has really matured with Sense 6 and the All New HTC One (M8).

If you’re not familiar with HTC’s Video Highlights feature, it will automatically produce a professionally looking video of various images, Zoes, and other videos. You can select content from certain events, locations, albums, dates, or even your starred favorites. Just take a look at the results from my vacation last year.

There are twelve themes to choose from that include their own unique effects and music. You can even use your own music files. Most videos will be 30 seconds in length, which is perfect for most events, but if you have a lot of content from your family vacation, you can extend it if you use your own music.

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