Gameloft releases Modern Combat 5 trailer, pirates release the full game a little early

Modern Combat 5 will be available on July 24th, and Gameloft released an exciting trailer to wet your appetite. Interestingly enough, the game is already available thanks to underground pirating. I am not condoning the pirating, but it appears Gameloft released the game a little early to a few people as part of a contest […]

Italian Antitrust Authority investigating Google, Apple, Gameloft, and Amazon over in-app purchases

Everybody deals with those pesky in-app purchases from time to time, especially in mobile games. The in-app purchases help developers make money by luring potential customers in with a free (and often very limited) game, then hitting them with a paywall a few hours in. Sometimes levels are locked if you don’t pay for them, […]

Gameloft shows MediaTek’s octa-core CPU’s advantages in new video

Gameloft has released a new video to show off the advantages of MediaTek’s new MT6592 processor, specifically for their Modern Combat 5 game. The video compares MediaTek’s octa-core processor with a quad-core one. Soft particles and depth of field are demonstrated so when the foreground is focused on, the background blurs. Lighting is enhanced much […]

Gameloft releases GT Racing 2 onto Google Play

Gameloft has released their latest game onto the Play Store, GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience. It promises to deliver the most detailed and realistic racing experience on an Android device, whether in single player or multiplayer. It features 67 licensed cars across 13 tracks, 1,400 events to take part in and 28 new […]